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Pitching a Debut Album, alternatively...


Create awareness with key influencers - those leading conversations in social media and itunes


This alternative punk-rock band chose to create a physical footprint to their publicity efforts, loading a three panel PR style portfolio with a disc, collateral and touring information. In the context of facebook, itunes, youtube, twitter and more - an actual physical piece presents as thoughtful and unique. This PR kit is decorated in 5 color pantone spot, full bleed, full location, and uses a sophisticated cord black base.

GalleryBoard Item#

Item above is: E-11 R-28 Portolio. Decorated in five pantone colors with inlaid cuts for collateral and media.

Gift Boxes -- Binders -- Portfolios - Press Kits 400+ Ready-Made Styles - Printed/Cut to Order - 100% Recycled Content - Made in USA

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Band Publicity - GalleryBoard Portfolio  
Band Publicity - GalleryBoard Portfolio  

Item E-11 R-28 creates a rockin' media kit for a high energy band. Graphics rock it out, totally. GalleryBoard Packaging, made in the USA.