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Smart Prospecting by Smart Financial Services


Explain tuition management program to prospective Private School clients.


This slim footprint 1” ring binder has a pocket for collateral and holds sample invoicing & enrollment collateral. Organized and efficient, a new prospect can see at a glance the how-to’s and benefits of the financial services program offered by Smart Tuition.

GalleryBoard Item#

Item above is: 50-51-1 GalleryBoard Packaging Ring Binder Decorated in three spots colors on Tecno White GalleryBoard, featuring nickel 1” ring and White snap.

Gift Boxes -- Binders -- Portfolios - Press Kits 400+ Ready-Made Styles - Printed/Cut to Order - 100% Recycled Content - Made in USA

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Smart Prospecting - GalleryBoard Packaging Binder  
Smart Prospecting - GalleryBoard Packaging Binder  

Item 50-51-1 Binder creates a smart prospecting kit -- it's packed with collateral, contact information and makes it easy to get buy-in. Ga...