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Confused What if the world ended today? What if it was only one person? A person you loved. Wouldn''t you be sad? What if it wasn't someone you knew? You wouldn't be sad. You would tell them to get over it, it'll be okay. I think that is rude. You would feel the same way they do. You would be crushed. ~AM Where Am I? Where do I belong? It's like I'm with one world and then blink and I'm in another. It changes so fast. It's like I'm a computer. If you press to many buttons I'll freeze or crash. ~AM

What's The Point? What's the point in judging? In having groups or levels? Because when some little goodie-twoshoes makes a level or group, they choose where it goes in the system of levels and groups. When that person does that, others follow and make a level. And when everyone makes a level, people are left out. They don't have everything it takes to be there and they're scared to make one, because they don't think people will want to be in them. I believe they should take that step. Make themselves a group because there is others who need to be in a level. They just need a leader. You could be that leader. ~AM

Confused-Where Am I?-What's The Point  

3 of my thoughts. Confused I didn't know what to name it so I got confused on what to name it. Hint the title. Where Am I? i wrote when I wa...

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