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THE PLATFORM The Allie Way is a lifestyle platform providing original content produced by Allie Merrick in the following categories: wine, food, film, fashion, art, music, beauty & travel. Viewers are invited to live vicariously through Allie’s lens as she explores new places & products with engaging experiences.

The Allie Way is a mobile friendly site where all content is published and social media feeds are channeled. In addition to the website, an online publication entitled ‘AWESOMESAUCE’ is produced with interactive links to additional content and sponsored material.

THE PRODUCER Allie Merrick is a social entrepreneur. As a content producer & campaign developer, she publishes original material in the form of integrated blog posts, photos and videos. Making her mark as an online personality in the wine industry via My Wine Words (an online video series where wine is defined in words of her own), she now works in a variety of verticals providing brands with an engaging voice and eclectic visuals to have their story seen and heard.






THE PROGRAM To provide brands with effective and engaging exposure via The Allie Way, a BRAND AMBASSADOR PROGRAM has been developed. An exclusive and limited group of brands will be featured and represented by Allie Merrick across a number of channels. A one year agreement will provide consistent and ongoing exposure with a number of opportunities at one fixed rate.

MONTHLY BLOG POSTS QTY: 12 POSTS DESCRIPTION: Allie will post about your brand in words and ways of her own. If you prefer, however, you may provide the prompts/directives for her to follow.

MONTHLY FULL PAGE ADS QTY: 12 ADS DESCRIPTION: The official online publication for The Allie Way, ‘Awesomesauce’, will be published monthly beginning March 2014. Each month, you will receive a full page ad with interactive links to your website.

WEEKLY POSTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA QTY: 52 POSTS DESCRIPTION: Allie will post about your brand on both Facebook and Twitter once every week with links to your website.

PERMANENT POSITION ON HOMEPAGE QTY: 12 MONTHS DESCRIPTION: You may choose to have your logo or an online ad placed on The Allie Way homepage with a link to your website.

$6,000 12 months of exposure and representation by Allie Merrick will cost $500/month. In addition, Allie will be open to representing your brand at engagements of your choosing (depending on availability) at a negotiated rate.

THE OPPORTUNITY A number of opportunities have recently been offered to Allie, who will have the ability to collateralize the exposure to include and benefit the brands she represents. Last week she was named the ‘Official Wine Correspondent for the Cannes Fashion Festival, where she will be covering the event this May in France. While there, she will also be filming & photographing at one of the largest and most famous events in the world, the Cannes International Film Festival (second only to the Olympics).

In 2015, the following events are a few of the many being considered for coverage via The Allie Way: Cinco de Mayo Puebla, Mexico May 2015 Bastille Day Paris, France July 2015 Australian Surf Festival Coffs Harbour, Australia August 2015 Galway Oyster Festival Galway, Ireland September 2015

In addition, Allie is currently working with Two River Pictures in New York on a tv show concept that is being pitched to the major networks. (Unfortunately, due to contractual agreements, details can not be disclosed at this time.) As Allie Merrick’s position as in the marketplace continues initial brands represented by will have the first opportunity in new options for exposure.

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The Allie Way Brand Ambassador Program

The Allie Way Brand Ambassador Program