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The aim of the course is to provide participants with the appropriate knowledge of the hazards, risks and dangers when working with Asbestos.


Legislation and Regulations What is Asbestos Types of Materials containing Asbestos Health risks of Asbestos The operations which could result in asbestos exposure • How Asbestos fibres are released • Dealing with discovered Asbestos.

CERTIFICATION & ASSESSMENT: Delegates who successfully complete the course will receive a Holland Certificate in Asbestos Awareness. To be successful delegates must pass: • Written Assessment

LEARNING OUTCOMES: • Explain the legal requirements of working with Asbestos • Explain the uses of Asbestos and where it may be used/found • Explain the health risks associated with Asbestos • List the employer’s responsibilities in managing Asbestos. • Additional Information: This course does not qualify participants to remove asbestos which is a role for a specialist contractor.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Anyone working in the construction, facilities management, maintenance sectors who may come into contact with asbestos.

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Allied Training, Course Brochure  

Allied Training, Course Brochure