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There is a legal requirement E.C. Regulation 852/2004 that all food handlers are trained commensurate to their duties. This brand new accredited EHOA Primary Course in Food Hygiene takes into account all of the recent changes and requirements in food safety legislation and standards. The course updates all existing materials and focuses on the requirement under E.C Regulation 852/2004 (Hygiene of Foodstuffs). The Food Safety Authority and Department of Food and Children have provided assistance in the development of the course and DVD.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: In the E.C. Regulation No. 852/2004 food handlers are required to be supervised and instructed and/or trained in hygiene matters. The aim of this EHOA Primary Course in Food Hygiene is to provide staff with adequate training in the basic principles of food hygiene. This course is fully recognised by your Environmental Health Officer.

COURSE PROGRAMME: • Introduction to Food Hygiene. • Food Contamination and Cross Contamination. • Food Delivery and Storage. • Food Preparation, Cooking and Service. • Personal Hygiene & Cleaning. • Layout and Design of a Food Premises. • An Introduction to Food Safety Management.

OTHER INFORMATION: You do not have to complete the online course in one sitting and you can also break it into small chunks if you wish. Should you have to leave the course unexpectedly, it will remember where you were the last time you left it. How long it takes you to complete the online course in Food Hygiene Essentials really depends on you but 2 hours is a good guideline.


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Allied Training, Course Brochure  

Allied Training, Course Brochure