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What We Do Allied Reliability’s Phased Approach to a Successful Reliability Initiative Gives Companies Opportunity to Phase in Improved Reliability Assurance and Higher Return On Investment. Our approach allows our customers to engage

Cause Failure Analysis identified facility

their Reliability initiative in manageable and

Knowing where they stand compared to

measurable phases that result in a “shared

Best Practice standards and understanding

vision” for all involved:

where the gaps are in their overall production

• Determine where the customer currently is

efficiency allows us to then take these tools and

• Develop an appropriate plan to

drill down to find and eliminate the root causes

get our customers where they want to be

of both process and equipment

• Execute the plan

related problems.

• Continue to measure, evaluate and improve

Allied Reliability helps determine what the

This logical progression allows our customers to

customer’s Return On Asset Reliability (ROAR™)

understand their Reliability needs before they

will be when they attain Best Practice standards

begin; measure and evaluate their program as

by showing them what less-than-best-practices

it’s implemented; then monitor and improve

are costing in production and efficiency

it going forward giving total control and

compared to the overall gains in profitability

understanding of each phase to the customer.

that will be achieved with their Reliability initiative.

Phase 1 - Current State Analysis Using state of the art Reliability Engineering

Phase 2 - Path Forward Action Plan

tools such as Weibull Analysis, Availability

After a successful analysis is completed to

Simulation and Modeling at a high level,

determine the current state of operations, Allied

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis and Root

Reliability helps our customers identify and

develop targets and degree of improvement that

During implementation, ROARTM benefits

makes the most sense for each situation.

tracking is initiated so an accurate assessment

We help to evaluate which gaps between current

can be used to determine if the expected results

practice and best practice need to be closed to

are being achieved, again utilizing state of the art

create a shared vision that will unite and drive the

reliability engineering tools, best practices and

production culture in our customer’s business.

benchmarking data.

Allied Reliability will then provide an anticipated ROARTM project outlining the likely financial

Phase 4 - Sustainability

results our customers can expect when this new

Allied Reliability offers a variety of services,

shared vision is attained.

training and auditing that will ensure not only the initial success of every Reliability effort but

Phase 3 - Implementation

the long term evolving needs as well.

With the goal of closing the gap between current

Sustainability not only means maintaining the

practice and Best Practice, Allied Reliability

original improvements and results, but also the

physically works to implement the items that

continuous improvement of them which often

were developed in the Phase 2 Path Forward

means creating a new shared vision to reflect the

Action Plan.

improved state of operations.

Condition Based Monitoring According to an independent benchmark study performed by the Aberdeen Group, Best-In Class Performers show 26% higher Return on Invested Capital, 15% higher Asset Utilization, and 40% Lower Maintenance Cost than that of Average Performers. A benchmark study by the Aberdeen Group

is linked to lower maintenance costs, while

supports the findings of prior benchmarking

more time-based Preventive Maintenance

indicating: “Best-In-Class Performers will have

(PM) activity is linked to higher costs. When

45-55% of their total labor hours driven by

considering Return On Asset Reliability

Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) inspections

(ROAR™), maintenance cost savings only

and the elimination of defects identified

account for 15-30% of the total opportunity

through CBM activities”.

for savings. To achieve Best-In-Class results, a

A robust CBM process is critical for enabling the

“Failure Modes Driven” maintenance strategy

Proactive Workflow Model. Without a thorough

is paramount because the overwhelming

understanding of the defects present in a

majority of failure modes are not linked to time.

facility, it is virtually impossible to effectively

A sound “Failure Modes Driven” Maintenance

plan and schedule work.

Strategy will build only PM inspection tasks when a suitable CBM task is either technically

Returns On Asset Reliability Come From

unfeasible or economically impractical.

4 Primary Sources:

The mapping of failure modes to the

• Reduction in Maintenance Costs

appropriate inspection becomes the

• Lower Inventory Requirements

foundation for Asset Health Management. A

• Lower Energy Consumption

true understanding of the health of a facility’s

• Higher Productivity (Asset Utilization)

mechanical, electrical, and stationary assets is

Allied Reliability has studied the practices

only possible when all of the likely failures

of over 1,000 diverse worldwide locations

are anticipated on a significant percentage

confirming prior findings that increased CBM

of those assets.

Inspired Training Allied Reliability’s training offering was born out of the realization that our customers and industry as a whole needed a better understanding of failure mode driven inspections, the financial impact of their successful delivery and more importantly, how to work together to produce even greater results. The Allied Reliability Asset Health Assurance

competitive industrial environment. The

Workshop Training & Tools Series was designed

Reliability Engineering Series includes core

to educate managers and engineers about the

course content that every reliability engineer

most common PdM technologies advantages

can apply at their plant location. Additional

and limitations. The workshop consists of

courses are available that offer in-depth

four (4) three-day classes that include in-class

supplementary content for advanced learning.

exercises as well as take-away exercises that

Additional courses include Developing

apply what is learned in the classroom to the

Effective Work Procedures, RCMBlitz tm, RE

participant’s equipment at their plant.

Fundamentals and Transformational Analytics

In late 2006 Allied Reliability began

tm. For a complete 2009 training schedule

development of our Reliability Engineering

go to:

training program to provide the knowledge and


skills needed for Reliability Engineers in today’s


Return on Asset Reliability (ROAR™) ROAR™ provides a new approach to measuring

the entire asset base. By utilizing a Life Cycle

the return on a capital investment in assets.

Cost Analysis methodology ROAR™ is able to

Simply put, ROAR™ is an innovative method

provide insight into how capital investment

of measuring the success of investments in

decisions impact overall returns. In doing so,

plant reliability. Unlike traditional methods of

it is able to demonstrate the true and outsized

measurement, ROAR™ recognizes that capital

returns obtained from reallocating capital from

investments in assets are not made in a bubble;

investments into new assets and refocusing it

each capital decision has an impact across

on an investment in a total reliability offering.

What Would You Do With More Free Time? Reasearch shows that to our customers, the Allied Reliability brand means more free time. Because we improve the reliability of their plants, customers can spend less time worrying about breakdowns and problems.

Who We Are We Are Experience Allied Reliability is one of the largest consulting,

Experience by Technology Area

engineering, and service firms focused on


# of Years 22

predictive and preventive maintenance.



In addition to reliability engineering and



consulting, our services group provides PdM

Oil Analysis


technical services to over 200 plants and

Safety, Other PdM


facilities in facilities in North America, Europe,



Australasia and Latin America.





We Are People With over 800 years of combined experience in multiple industry verticals and technology areas, Allied Reliability, Inc. has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in developing and managing predictive maintenance and condition monitoring programs.

Experience by Industry Vertical

# of Years



Army, Navy, Coast Guard






Craft Skills*


Food Processing


Petrochemical, Oil & Refining


Experience by Industry Vertical

# of Years

Allied Reliability employees also hold over



195 certfications in Vibration, Ultrasonics,

Power Gen and Utilities


Infrared Thermography, Motor Current



Analysis, Oil Analysis, Lubrication And Non-



Destructive Testing. Allied Reliability also has

Public Works


the most Certified Maintenance and Reliability

Pulp & Paper


Professionals (CMRP) of any service organization

Steel and Primary Metals


with over 20 CMRPs. The CMRP exam is

Tire & Rubber


organized by the Certifying Organization of

Water Treatment


the Society for Maintenance and Reliability



Professionals, To learn more about the CMRP certification. Go to:

*Mechanic, Welding, Farming, Tools, Motor Repair **Medical, Instrumentation, etc

Unique Value Proposition

Allied Reliability helps companies build wealth and competitive advantage through world-class reliability across a global manufacturing network.

Career Development In addition to the experience you’ll gain working with some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the reliability industry, we fully support and encourage all employees to enhance their own knowledge and skills through

When a position becomes available within Allied Reliability we look internally first for candidates so that our employees have the first opportunity for career growth and advancement.

Compensation and Benefits

training and courses provided by Allied’s internal

Allied Reliability offers competitive

training series, professional organizations like

compensation packages and a full benefits

the Society for Maintenance and Reliability

package including medical, dental, life, disability,

Professionals (SMRP), and from other well

and 401K all available upon date of hire.

respected companies in the industry. We make long-term commitments to each of our employees, empowering them to be leaders in


their area of responsibility and providing them

Allied Reliability offers relocation packages and

with the opportunities and tools that will enable

works directly with individuals to make the

them to reach their full potential.

relocation process as smooth as possible.

TEAM Environment At Allied Reliability, we put considerable

and maintain a team working environment.

emphasis on hiring, retaining, and developing

This environment provides the support and

the right people for the right position. We

mentoring needed for everyone on our team

want you to be successful and feel great about

from our administrative staff to technicians

the work that you do so we strive to create

and consultants.

Who We Are Looking For Allied Reliability, Inc. is looking for apprentices,

for you. We have full time positions available

technicians, program managers, analysts,

throughout the United States. If you are highly

consultants, and subject matter experts within

motivated with a desire to succeed and ready

the reliability and engineering fields. If you

to work in a team environment then consider

have experience in mechanical and electrical

a career with Allied Reliability, Inc. Visit our

maintenance with a desire to learn we have

website at to view a

apprenticeship programs that may be just right

list of current openings.

Testimonials Ricky Smith

Amy Campbell

Senior Technical Advisor,

Business Development

Charleston, SC

Coordinator/Customer Relations,

“I spent 23 years active duty

Charleston, SC

and reserve in the Army.

“Allied Reliability has

Allied Reliability appreciates

allowed me to grow in my

my service and the skills and

professional career and the

knowledge I acquired from that journey. The

ability to provide a better quality of life for

quality of the people and their reputations in

myself and my daughter. This company is

the industry are tremendous, and it is great to

family oriented and as a single mom, that’s

be part of a team of talented professionals as

really been huge for me. I’m very passionate

passionate about Reliability and Maintenance

about my work and need to find it valuable

as I am. Internal training and mentoring is

and my peers feel the same way. For me, it’s

important here and I love being a part of that.

easy to get behind the Allied Reliability vision

I can recommend Allied Reliability to anyone

because of the quality of the people who

looking for a stable, solid career within this

work here.”


David Hamilton Program Manager, Cedar Rapids, IA

“Webster’s Dictionary states the definition “Opportunity” as “A good chance to advance oneself”. For me I define “Opportunity” as Allied Reliability!”

Does Allied Reliability, Inc. Sound Right for You? Send your resume to or fax to (812) 346-3292. Please visit our website at for a current list of openings. We look forward to hearing from you.

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