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I admit to being a major fan of whimsical clocks, and cuckoo clocks fit that bill more than any other. You can discover all kinds of cuckoo clocks, also this is a gift that mother will adore and cherish for years to come. Not just that but they're an excellent investment since they hold their value very well and often increase in value through recent years. If you're stuck trying to figure out a great Christmas gift for mother this year, consider a cuckoo clock! Some could believe all clocks need to run on batteries but that's simply not true. A real handmade, hand-carved cuckoo clock does not use batteries but instead uses weights (they're usually in the form of a pine cone) which hang below the clock. These need to be wound every certain amount of time. For one-day clocks that are daily (these clocks are somewhat cheaper) and for 7-day clocks you won't have to wind them so often, just once per week. Lately I have seen many adorable cuckoo-type clocks on the marketplace which use batteries. When there aren't "true" cuckoo clocks they're oftentimes very cute and would also make a nice Christmas gift.

Just how much will I want to invest on a cuckoo clock? That depends upon whether you want the actual clocks together with weights, often handmade, or if you want a mass-produced clock that runs on a battery. My mother and dad had a real Dark Forest handmade cuckoo clock once I was little, but I believe today my mom probably prefers the convenience of battery power. I myself would like the old-fashioned kind. Hand-carved clocks with movable dancing animals and statistics can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars. Battery operated are clearly much more affordable.

Isn't a cuckoo clock noisy? Won't it keep folks awake at night?

Never worry, most cuckoo clocks come equipped with a lever which can shut off the animation and sound of the clock. If this is an important facet for you, do check to see if the clock you are buying comes equipped for this feature. Most do but not all.

Are Not all cuckoo clocks made from wood? No, not all cuckoo clocks are wood, but the fantastic quality ones certainly are. The majority of the battery-operated or "quartz" clocks are made from plastic. The different colours you could find would be walnut, cherry, mahogany, and oak, and you may find light or dark wood. Many are painted to be quite colorful and lots of information have been included. Of course this does push the cost but in my view they are well worthwhile. A good deal of people believe the cuckoo, being a clock you need to end, is not too accurate. If you spend the time to correct it correctly it could be incredibly accurate. If you see that your clock is running a bit quickly, adjust the foliage (or other form) on the pendulum by moving down it very slightly. Alternatively, if you become aware of your clock is running slow, then adjust upward. Then check the following day and find out how it's doing. After a few minor adjustments you will have a clock which runs really very correctly. Just make sure you wind it!

How often does the cuckoo seem? What about other movements? Normally the cuckoo pops out of the door and "cuckoos" about the hour and also the half hour, even though on a few clocks that aren't one-day clocks, they might cuckoo only on the hour. All my private cuckoos are one-day clocks and they move about the hour and half an hour. Whether there are multiple movements going on at the exact same time that it can be really enjoyable and entertaining to see. But do recall the more things about the more noise the clock will create. We essentially have tuned ours out I think because we don't really notice them unless they chance to be sounding through a TV show where people are speaking very quietly. But it's no problem whatsoever and our family really enjoys the clocks. Yes, you may easily get your clock fixed at a local clock shop. But if you maintain your clock in good working order and don't drop it or break any components, it should run without problems for years and years. And this is not some throwaway clock that you would just throw out in a year or two. Cuckoos can be family heirlooms that you may pass down to your kids and their children and so on, for really hundreds of years if you are careful with your clock. These are amazing machines and what mother would not love such a present? Another thing to remember is cuckoo clocks, based on which one you own and how much hand carving is done, can go up in value quite a bit over time. I know my grandma had a ​gorgeous cuckoo clock​ and that I remember visiting there every summer and always liked seeing it. I don't think it had a nighttime shut-off switch so we simply

stopped it every night since my mother and me always ended up sleeping the fold-out couch in the living room. But it was no difficulty to restart it each morning. I often wonder what happened to this clock because it was already an old cuckoo clock also would probably be worth quite a bit if we knew where it was. It amazes me how things mysteriously vanish like that!

A whimsical cuckoo clock makes a great gift for mom  
A whimsical cuckoo clock makes a great gift for mom  

A good deal of people believe the cuckoo, being a clock you need to end, is not too accurate. If you spend the time to correct it correctly...