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Thanks for answering our questions Ben. For those who are not aware, can you tell us how Flow Athletic came about?

care about, then you are much more likely to achieve it. If you don’t care, then why would you bother sticking to the plan in order to achieve it?

At the time the Flow Athletic concept came to fruition I actually owned 3 successful personal training studios around Sydney, but despite their success, I was a little uninspired because I was restricted to the rules and regulations that came with being a part of a franchise; I had owned and operated them for around 5 years at this point.

Animated. Can you visualise yourself achieving that goal? If you can see it, feel it, imagine it, then you will be motivated to achieve it.

I turned to Ultra Endurance running as a way to have something to strive for when, one day, someone told me that I should start doing yoga so I could recover more efficiently after my training and therefore be less tight and sore come race day. That is where I met Kate Kendall who was soon to become the co- founder of Flow Athletic. I remember talking to her one day and she didn’t know where to take her career so I suggested she start her own studio as she was amazing and every class she taught was packed to the brim! So she went away and thought about it and then came back with a counter offer, if I do with with her, she will do it. I took a huge risk by selling my studios as they were all doing really well however I am so much happier now. We have also created an incredible community with both our members and our staff and I couldn’t be happier with what we have all achieved. You motivate clients every day. How do you keep yourself motivated? It’s easy to be motivated when you love what you do but the key for me is to always keep stepping up and creating as this gives you something to work towards. You do however need to make sure everything under these goals are working; I like to create daily, monthly, 6 monthly and yearly goals. I also tend to have a physical goal on the go, such as training for a marathon or breaking a particular PB because if I achieve that, I tend to feel accomplished in every other aspect of my life. It’s amazing how the flow on effect of achievements work. When setting goals, to stay motivated I follow the HARD method, which is: Heartfelt.If you set yourself a goal that you really



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Required. You need to make achieving your goal a MUST. Book and pay for the NYC marathon, buy the wedding dress in that size, book a session with a business manager or coach to help you commit to taking the next step in your business. Now you have to achieve it. Difficult. Difficult goals are often easier to achieve and way more inspiring. If the goal is easy, then it is more likely to be left on the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow/ next week/next year’ list. Building a business can be considered to be a difficult goal. When it comes to business, how important is it to you to keep innovating? First things first, you need to have a great core product that is tracking along nicely before you build on it. I’m sure we have all played Jenga, if you don’t have a good base it all comes crashing down. But yes, if you want to keep people interested you need to build a strong community and you need to keep them engaged with activities. We have our programs that everyone looks forward to and loves such as 30 Days Clean (which we recently ‘innovated’ and rebranded to Flow 5), Flow After Dark (which we have added to now with Nightclub Spin). If you are the ones doing the fun things you are more likely to keep your existing clients engaged. Word of mouth is so important, if they are talking to their friends who are potentially local to them, then you may get more clients as a result. Family is very important to you. How do you find the balance between work and family time? So important! So many of us live to work instead of work to live. My family always come first however I am the first to admit that running a business and spending a good amount of quality time with your family is a challenge that many entrepreneurs face. You want to set up your own business to gain freedom, which will ultimately let you spend more time with your family, but your business is growing and it is taking up more and more of your time. I have a one year old son and of course my amazing

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Allied Magazine #11  

In this issue we have a common theme of motivation! How to find it, use it and harness it to help us reach our goals, whether they are busin...

Allied Magazine #11  

In this issue we have a common theme of motivation! How to find it, use it and harness it to help us reach our goals, whether they are busin...