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fiscal year 2012 ANNUAL REPORT JULY 1, 2011 THROUGH JUNE 30, 2012

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Dear Community Member, Our 2012 fiscal year was an important one. We laid the groundwork for critical new changes to take hold in coming years. We’ve also continued working as diligently as possible to maximize every resource available. According to our audited financials for fiscal year 2012, our Enterprise, which combines the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado and the Jewish Community Foundation, raised a total of $12.6 M in combined operating income, a strong achievement in this uncertain economic environment. As you know, we began an organizational transformation process in the last year that we call Reimagining Federation for the 21st Century. Our commitment to our mission has never been stronger. Even as we were beginning these changes, Federation was responding to disasters like the Colorado Wildfires while still fundraising for local, national and international organizations. Additionally, we were funding and managing critically important community programs and services like the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), the Young Adult Department (YAD) and the Israeli Shlichah program (our Israeli emissary). We also provide valuable marketing community tools like our What’s Happening in Jewish Colorado eNews and the website, our community’s portal to stay connected to all that’s going on in local Jewish life. Through our Flagship Fund, we are able to provide funding to our partner agencies for the most critical programs and services in the Jewish world. We respond to crises in a moment’s notice, but that’s not all that we do. We also support organizations through Total Choice Tzedakah (TCT) giving and donations from Donor-Advised Funds (DAF). In addition, we are uncovering new ways to serve the community through technology and social media. We’ve been upgrading and redesigning to make it as easy to use as possible. We are leveraging tools like Facebook and Twitter, as well as text messaging for our community to be able to respond to crisis in real time. We will continue to use these tools as innovation remains top of mind for us in the coming year. Thanks to our donors, volunteers and partners who have made tzedakah a part of their own life’s mission. Your support is helping us pursue our mission to build and sustain Jewish life in Colorado, Israel and around the world.

Nancy Gart Coordinating Council Chair

Ruth Malman JCF Chair

Doug Seserman President & CEO


ENTERPRISE operating income statement Fiscal Year 2012: Ending June 30, 2012 (All numbers in $000’s)

Combined Enterprise 11,640 225 350 315 90

AJF 10,258 225 164 55 45

JCF 1,382










Expenses: Program Services Distributions/Allocations Other Program Expenses

5,806 2,430

924 130

6,730 2,560

Total Programs/ Distributions




Supporting Services Management & General Fundraising Total Supporting Services

880 1,583 2,463

420 227 647

1,300 1,810 3,110

Total Distribut. & Expenses







Revenue Grant Revenue Program Income & Fees Investment Income Other Income Operating Income Net Realized/Unrealized Losses from Investments Total Revenues/ Losses/Other Support

Change in Net Assets from Operations

186 260 45


Fiscal Year 2012: Ending June 30, 2012 (All numbers in $000’s) Assets Cash Pledges Receivable, net Investments Property & Equipment Split Interest Gifts Other Total Assets Liabilities Accounts Payable/ Accrued Liabilities Line of Credit Due to Other Agencies Bond Payable Funds Held on Behalf of Others Other



435 4,840


Combined Enterprise


33,890 3,341 2,150 89

780 4,840 33,890 3,580 2,150 145




600 1,000 5,520

30 3,450

630 1,000 5,520 3,450

11,670 1,345

11,670 1,345


Total Liabilities




Net Assets







Total Liabilities & Net

fiscal year 2012 enterprise Distributions & Funding Below you will find the FY12 breakdown of distributions and expenses.

Total FY12 Distributions & expenses (Dollars shown in 000’s)

Management & Administrative $1.3 M (10%) Fundraising $1.8 M (15%)

Israel & Overseas Allocations $1.3 M (10%) JCF Donor-Advised Funds $0.9 M (7%)

General Assembly $0.6 M (5%) Community Programs $1.5 M (13%)

Colorado Allocations $1.4 M (12%) AJF Donor Restricted/ Recommended $3.4 M (28%)

Distributions & Programming AJF Donor Restricted/Recommended Distributions JCF Donor Advised Fund Distributions Colorado Allocations Israel & Overseas Allocations Community Programs General Assembly

$ 3,471 925 1,438 1,296 1,540 620

Total Distributions & Programming

$9,290 (75%)

Supporting Services Supporting Services Management & Administrative Fundraising

$1,300 1,810

Total Supporting Services

$3,110 (25%)

Total FY12 Distributions & Expenses



A WARM THANK YOU To OUR Fiscal 2012 Board Members COORDINATING COUNCIL Nancy Gart, Chair Judy Robins, Past Chair Judy Altenberg Rick Altman Steve Arent Elaine Asarch Howard Brill Rabbi Bruce Dollin Lisa Engbar Sheryl Feiler Dan Feiner Andy Franklin Brian Friedman Jennifer Gilbert-Kaufmann Tiffany Glucksman John Katzenberg Gary Kleiman, Secretary Rick Kornfeld Howard Lerman, Treasurer Charlene Loup (Honorary) Robert E. Loup (Honorary) Ruth Malman Marnie Miller David Moskowitz Essie Perlmutter Don Schlesinger Melanie Siegel Michael Strear Amy Toltz-Miller Jason Williamson

Jewish Resource Center (JRC)

Lisa Engbar, Chair Marnie Klein, Past Chair Sheryl Feiler, Past Chair Elise Barish Eliot Boyle David Brown Dan Feiner Andy Franklin Katie Frisch Sheryl Goodman

Israel, National and Overseas Center (INO)

Rick Kornfeld, Chair Brian Friedman, INO/JCRC Past Chair Diana Anderson David Birnbaum Alan Brandt Jacqueline Cooper Melmed David Dworkin Yosh Eisbart Gadi Eisner Yossi Manor Harry Pliskin Marc Reissner David Rontal Pam Solomon Debra Weinstein Jonathon Weinstein Jason Williamson, Partnerships Committee Chair Josh Yeddis


Ruth Malman, Chair Bruce L. Plotkin, Past Chair Rich Cohn, Secretary Steve Stark, Treasurer Marc Spritzer, Investment Committee Chair Steve Abelman Dorit Fischer Noel Ginsburg Robert Hochstadt Sol Leftin Howard Lerman Cintra Pollack Mark Sidell Kim Schneider Malek Jackie Sprinces Wong

Jewish Philanthropy Center (JPC)

Amy Toltz-Miller, JPC/Annual Campaign Chair Elaine Asarch, JPC/Annual Campaign Past Chair Judy Altenberg, JWPC/Women’s Campaign Chair Rick Altman, Community Campaign Co-Chair Tiffany Glucksman, BGS Co-Chair David Moskowitz, Major Gifts Campaign Co-Chair Judy Robins, Coordinating Council Past Chair Melanie Siegel, Major Gifts Campaign Co-Chair JJ Slatkin, BGS Co-Chair Jackie Sprinces Wong, Boulder Campaign Chair

Jewish Women’s Philanthropy Center (JWPC) Judy Altenberg, Chair Amy Toltz-Miller, Past Chair Goldie Cohen Tiffany Glucksman Hedy Gurrentz Gloria Husney Carol Karsh Carla Kutnick Blanca Lerman Kit Leventhal Ceci Lowinger Lisa Mintz Lisa W. Perlmutter Mimi Pomeranz Tara Rontal Melanie Siegel Susan Stern Lisa Snyder Lori Weintraub Julie Whitcomb

Your Partners in Jewish Philanthropy

300 S. Dahlia Street, Suite 300 | Denver, CO 80246 | | 303.321.3399


Allied Jewish Federation Annual Report FY12  

Allied Jewish Federation Annual Report FY12

Allied Jewish Federation Annual Report FY12  

Allied Jewish Federation Annual Report FY12