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What Is Mini Bowling? Mini Bowl is a scaled-down version of full-size bowling, including half scale bowling balls and pins. Perfect for all ages, Mini Bowl is a great addition to:

• Family Entertainment Centers • Arcades

• Bars • Cruise Ships

Don’t have the space for a full-size bowling center? Are costs keeping you from investing? An alternative that maximizes space with minimal cost of ownership is mini bowling. In this case, Allied Bowling’s Mini Bowl. Mini bowling lanes have become very popular and are a great way to increase revenue for bowling centers, sports bars, residential “man cave” installations, hotels and nightclubs and Family Entertainment Centers. The average space requirement for 2 lanes is 40’ x 10’… in smaller spaces it is possible to decrease the length of the lane and go to 30’ x 10’. Not only can we install our mini lanes in a commercial facility…they can easily be installed at a personal residence…your family would absolutely enjoy it.

Why Choose Allied’s Mini Bowl

Allied touts their small ball system as the most intelligent and environmentally friendly in the industry. Their focus on low ownership costs, superior safety while providing the best warranty in the business makes their system an enticing choice. Mini Bowl is loaded with standard features not available on other competing systems, like; LINK 10-Pin String System, Custom MasKing Unit Graphics and Skinz, Steltronic Automatic Scoring. Mini Bowl also offers other features not available on any other mini bowling system including; 110” LED Video Wall, solid steel ball rack with hood and our custom canopy enclosure, LED Lit approach, 4 sets of LED lights going down the lanes. Couple those with stand-alone operation, and no need for additional personnel. No added extras like bowling shoes or the need to oil the lanes. Mini Bowl has less parts to replace and no special structural requirements. Additionally, our LINK 10-Pin String pinsetters are so reliable, you will not need a full-time mechanic. Our team at Allied Bowling will work to develop the best concept for your project. Add Allied Bowling’s 115 years of combined experience, quick response time, and dealing direct with management and you have the perfect investment vehicle.


The approach panels have an easyslide texture applied to reduce slipping. This also means NO SPECIAL SHOES ARE REQUIRED to play Mini Bowl.

Lighted Side and Middle Capping

Mini Bowl’s lanes are the ONLY full glow mini lanes available on the market. Our fully synthetic lanes are built to withstand years of use and do not require special shoes. They are simple to maintain and very easy to clean.

Full-Glow Lanes

Control LED Lighting with your smart phone!

Mini Bowl uses the same bowling lanes that have been designed for full-size bowling. They’re designed to take abuse from 16 lbs bowling balls, meaning they will last a lifetime in our mini bowling system. Synthetic bowling lanes are made of compressed paper with a “lane” look inlay over the top that is then sealed. The High Pressure Laminate process provides a more consistent shot than traditional “wood” lanes. The synthetic lanes are easier to maintain and do not require any type of resurfacing. Our Mini Bowling Lanes have a rich maple wood finish appearance.

Talk about adding excitement to your center. With our lighted capping system you will by far exceed your customers’ expectations. This is the brightest and longest lasting LED lighting system that the industry has to offer. Special Features: • LED Lighting • Crash Resistant Lens Capping • Removable Lens Cover For Easy Maintenance When Needed System Contains: • Available with Remote Control • Program Up To 1,000 Different Lighting Variations • LED Light Strips • Power Wall Pack • Clear Lens And Capping

Interactive Pit Lights and Sound for Strikes, Spares and Gutter Balls

Recessed Approach LED Lighting

Allied Bowling’s mini bowling system is the first and only system to bring lighting out to the approach. We use the same high quality LED light strips for the approach that we use for our lighted capping. The approach lights are linked with the capping so that all of the lights in the system change together.

Interactive Pit Lights And Audio Effects

We have taken our lighting system to the next level and made it interactive. Whenever a player gets a strike, spare, or gutter ball the pin lights will flash as well as make a sound. The sounds can be customized to what best fits your center and can easily be turned on or off.


Our solid steel hood and pedestal is stronger and more durable than traditional plastic and fiberglass hoods. Available exclusively at Allied Bowling, Mini Bowl’s many features guarantee years of entertainment .

AUTOMATIC SCORING Just like full-size bowling, Mini Bowl comes equipped with the sophisticated Steltronic scoring system complete with 3D animated graphics, scoring grids and standard 40” HD LED monitors.

Standard 40” LED Scoring Monitors

COST-EFFICIENCY Mini Bowl is the most profitable system available in the industry. Your long-term investment is safe with Allied Bowling. We guarantee that our system demands less maintenance and costs less to maintain after the initial warranty has expired. With its durable construction and low parts cost, Mini Bowl is both easy and cost-efficient to maintain, game after game.

• Minimal Maintenance • Economical Replacement Parts • Easy to Clean

Mini Bowl offers Cinemask, an LED video wall masking unit that houses four 55” LED screens. These screens can be programmed to sync together to project one image, as shown in the picture above, or to a split screen view that displays four different videos or images. The LED video wall is brighter and requires less maintenance than the traditional projector system.

Ideal For Displaying: • Advertising • Movable Masking Unit Graphics • Custom Videos • Birthday Parties • Sporting Events • Favorite Movies

With the Mini Bowl Skinz collection you can make your mini bowling system look like a perfect fit for your facility or home. Select a Skin from our premium collection or request a custom theme. Mini Bowl is the only system that offers custom theming for your system. You will work with our designers to create a Skin tailor-made for your needs.

Classic Theme



Futra Wild West


SPECIAL FEATURES Standard 40� Monitors LED TV Video Wall Skinz Safety Shields Solid Steel Construction LED Lighted Capping on Both Sides Of Lane LED Lighted Approach



The Mini Bowl system comes with multiple payment options including: coin and bill acceptors, credit card payment and debit card interface.


In addition to traditional payment options, Mini Bowl is equipped to work with redemption programs through integration with most major credit card system manufacturers and has the ability to dispense traditional tickets.

Coin Acceptor

Bill Acceptor

Debit Card Credit Card Interface Payment

Space Requirements Mini Bowl requires less than 400 square feet.

Pictured with optional canopy

Electrical Requirements


- 220-240 VAC 60 Hz (20 amp) circuit hardwired with a flexible 10’ 12 AWG 3-conductor SJO cord. - The SJO cord will be cut to length during installation. - All disconnects and plug ends will be supplied by the owner.

SCORING LANE COMPUTER - 115 VAC (15 amp) circuit

Note: The back of the curtain wall is to be finished with 4’x8’x1/2” fire-treated plywood. The bottom of the curtain wall is 8’6” from the floor.


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Mini Bowl  

Mini Bowl by Allied Bowling. The Most Intelligent mini bowling system in the industry.

Mini Bowl  

Mini Bowl by Allied Bowling. The Most Intelligent mini bowling system in the industry.