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THE INDUSTRY INNOVATOR Allied Bowling is a group of people who are passionate and dedicated to the industry they love. With several thousand lanes installed or serviced across the globe, from North and South America to the Middle East and Europe, we have the experience you demand and the knowledge you can trust. Not only are we pioneers in bowling equipment design and manufacturing, but we can also provide you with creative customized designs for your unique bowling center and use our expertise for business planning with cost-cutting recommendations. Allied Bowling is a one-stop shop providing you with a partnership throughout your project that will help you to realize your dreams and an ally that will work with you to make your business a success. 1



Build your business around the #1 participated sport in the world

OUR COMMITMENT llied Bowling is committed to bringing quality, A innovation and experience to every bowling center we have the privilege of building. We strive to be one of the world’s leading providers of bowling equipment. Our goal is to develop the most creative, attractive and innovative centers while maintaining our focus on customer satisfaction one bowling center at a time. You may be exhausted by all the research you’ve done at this point but you’re finally at the right place. Bowling is a proven investment and an anchor attraction to any facility. From your project’s start to finish and for many years to come, we promise you could not have found a better partner than Allied Bowling.



Invest in Bowling. Invest With Allied Bowling is family-friendly fun that is enjoyed on a global scale. The business of operating a bowling center is an excellent investment opportunity and more so with the optimal partner; with Allied Bowling you have the backing of the industry’s independent innovator. Our years of experience and reliability will help your center generate yearround profits.

Build your project with the #1 participatory sport in America!

People bowl for competition and recreation more than any other sport in the US.

Why is bowling so profitable?

• Wide Age Demographic from ages 2 – 100 • Anchor entertainment for families. • All cash business with no accounts receivable. • Virtually no inventory. • Higher gross profits

Recommended Demographic Demographics play a key role in determining the size and type of center that would be most successful. In the US, bowling industry professionals typically recommend a population density of 2,000 people per lane within a 5-7 mile radius of the project site; for instance, a 24-lane center should be located in a community with a population of 48,000-50,000 people. However, we recommend a denser population rate at 2,500-3,000 per lane. There are other factors that impact these determinations, such as average household income and the project’s proximity to other centers. Helping you to plan the best fit for your business is just one of the services Allied Bowling provides.

We are here to help make you successful.

WHAT WE DO DESIGN PLAN BUILD ENTERTAIN Allied Bowling offers a wide variety of services including:

manufacture the finest products and to build superior bowling centers around the world.

No matter the size of your project, we will work closely with you to make sure the end result is exactly how you had envisioned, including creating custom layouts for your facility. Because Allied Bowling is a full-scale manufacturer, we can customize the colors of our products to fit your color scheme and adjust our product dimensions to fit your space.

• New Center Construction • Center Modernization • Residential Bowling • Mini Bowl

Our team comprises professionals with a combined experience of over 100 years in the bowling industry. Allied Bowling strives to develop and 5

NEW CENTER CONSTRUCTION The Only Way To Build A Solid Foundation We firmly believe that there is only one way to build the lane foundation: the Crib Style method. With this type of solid construction, your foundation will outlive your building. What type of bowling center is right for you? Well of course this will depend on a few things; one…your personal taste, two…your marketing demographic, and last but not least… your budget.

Whatever the case, Allied Bowling is the perfect partner for you.


(uninterupted lanes)


Number of Lanes

11’ 4”


22’ 51/4”


33’ 61/2”


44’ 73/4” 55’ 9”

8 10

66’101/4” 77’ 111/2” 89’ 3/4” 100’ 2” 111’ 31/4”

12 14 16 18 20

BOUTIQUE LOUNGE Boutique lounges blend bowling, music and socializing. In this type of center, food and beverage sales serve as the main profit center. Catering to the 21 to 38-year-old demographic, they are furnished with an upscale, plush style. These centers also contain rooms with separate lanes for corporate or private parties. Boutique lounges are not viable for sanctioned leagues, making string pinsetters such as Allied Bowling’s LINK System a perfect fit.


FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS (FEC) FEC’s provide fun for all ages. In addition to full-sized bowling, they feature a plethora of attractions such as: mini bowling, arcade games, laser tag, go-carts, bumper cars and indoor mini golf. They also have facilities for both birthday and corporate parties, which generate significant revenue.

HYBRID CENTERS Hybrid centers are growing in popularity. Most hybrid centers will incorporate cinema screens, private bowling lounges, restaurants and bars, creating an optimal entertainment facility for customers. These centers have the ability to offer both league play and family recreation.




CENTER MODERNIZATION Give your center the upgrade it deserves! Upgrading your center will attract new customers while keeping your existing customers happy. With Allied Bowling, modernization has never been easier. We can provide all of the products necessary for your center enhancement including lanes, furniture, masking units and more. Our products have been tested, tried and proven to withstand the test of time.

RESIDENTIAL BOWLING Residential projects require the utmost respect and consideration. We approach every home installation with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality. Our team of professionals will work closely with both the homeowner and the architect to ensure that we meet all of the individual requirements needed and provide the customized result that you desire.





Mini Bowl

PRODUCTS Whenever you purchase products from Allied Bowling you will receive the best quality products the industry has to offer. All of the materials used in your center are carefully inspected, from capital equipment such as pinsetters, lane panels and automatic scoring to details like custom furniture and upholstery



Long Lasting Durable Products You Can Rely On!



Pinsetters Pinsetters are the heart of a bowling facility; while they may be behind the scenes, these machines drive your business. It is important to install high quality and reliable pinsetters to avoid lost revenue and upset customers due to broken equipment. We have done our research and offer you the best pinsetters on the market, both new and refurbished. The team at Allied Bowling has mastered the process of rebuilding pinsetters to bring them up to date. Our rebuilt pinsetters come with a 2-year warranty. Allied Bowling also provides new pinsetters as well as the unique, state-of-the-art LINK System, string pinsetter. These pinsetters are optimal for nonleague play and are designed to have lower parts and mechanic costs. LINK pinsetters come with a 30-month warranty.


String Pinsetters String pinsetters have risen in popularity over the last few years and the trend continues to grow at a rapid rate due to this style of machine’s low maintenance and operations costs. Allied Bowling offers LINK, the most reliable string pinsetter the industry has to offer. Engineered in Germany, LINK machines have a simple, streamlined design. MAINTENANCE BENEFITS: •R  educes maintenance and repair by 80% • Has  75% fewer parts than traditional free-fall pinsetters. •U  ses solid state electronics and has no contacts or relays to replace. • Uses 50% fewer pins over the life of the pinsetter than traditional pinsetters. • Is safe to operate. • Does not require a certified mechanic to operate.


ENERGY BENEFITS: • Consumes 75% less power than a traditional pinsetter. • Operates with 220-240 volt power with no Buck-n-Boost required. • Uses power only when pins are being reset. CENTER BENEFITS: • Reduces overhead and labor costs. • Reduces operating costs with savings up to $100,000 per year (based on 16 lanes). • Weighs 75% less than a traditional pinsetter. • Produces lower noise levels during cycles than traditional pinsetters, making it an optimal choice for centers located on second or higher stories.

Traditional Pinsetters Brunswick A-2

The Brunswick A-2 has set the standard for all pinsetters built today. This primarily mechanical machine is simple to maintain and cost effective to operate. With more than 100,000 machines in service today, its track record speaks for itself. Available through Allied Bowling with a standard 2-year warranty.

AMF 82-90xl

The AMF 82-90xL has become one of the world’s most popular pinsetter manufactured to date. It is reliable, quiet and energy efficient. This primarily electronic machine has only one chassis per pair, reducing parts costs while adding additional features to its operations such as faster cycle times. Available through Allied Bowling with a standard 2-year warranty.

AMF 82-70

The AMF 82-70 is a time-tested and durable pinsetter. Rebuilt models of this machine are brought up to date with state-of-the-art electronics. This machine is popular with mechanics worldwide because it is easy to maintain and replacement parts are widely available. Available through Allied Bowling with a standard 2-year warranty.





Mini Bowl


The Kings Of Custom Graphics Upgrading your center has never been easier!

Why Use MasKing Unit Graphics?

Masking units are the first thing that customers see when they walk into a center and it is imperative to make a good first impression. Is it time for you to upgrade your outdated graphics?

Let us help enhance your center’s first impression!

• All graphics are enchanced with UV inks so the entire image glows under black light • Our graphics’ color schemes can be modified to be a perfect fit for your center • All of our graphics can be customized to include your center’s name. • We can work with you to build a custom graphic unique to your center.

Allied Bowling’s graphics are guaranteed not to fade for a minimum of 10 years. You can have brand new MasKing Unit Graphics in as little as 14 business days.


Premium HD Video Quality Allied Bowling’s CineMask video masking unit system brings high-quality video to your lanes. The frames are constructed with a heavy gauge metal providing a safe environment and maximum durability. By integrating the video screens into the frames, we have developed a system that does not require the units to be mounted from the ceiling and creates a uniform look that can be customized to any height. Standard unit sizes are measured from the lane surface and all screens provided are 16:10 aspect ratio for HD quality.

Great for Sporting Events, Movies, Advertising & Special Events.

We offer a wide range to video projectors. We will work with you to recommend the best projector for your center based on ceiling height and existing lighting.



We met with many vendors in our search to find a furniture line that would meet Allied Bowling’s exacting standards. In the end, we decided to create our own… AURORA




ALANTÉ Sofa Allied Bowling’s ALANTÉ furnishings are made with the highest quality workmanship and for superior quality and durability. Our innovative designs and custom options will make your center stand apart.From our sofa to our ice bucket, ALANTÉ provides the most durable products available, 100% guaranteed. Contact our team to design the perfect furniture package for your center.

Special Features: All soft seating frames are constructed using a special technique called dove tail. This allows for maximum durability and can withstand the abuse that bowlers are known to cause. We utilize the high quality commercial grade vinyls and laminates on all of our furniture.

bar stool




Customize fabrics to make a perfect fit for your center!

straight ARM SOFA

We Bring Power To The Bowler Allied Bowling has developed a full line of furniture that can power up any personal tech device such as cell phones, tablets and computers.

As more bowling centers add interactive gaming through their scoring systems, bowlers require frequent charging of their devices. Enhance customers’ experience, keep them engaged and increase your center’s appeal by providing builtin charging capabilities in the seating area. LED light features bring further color customization options. Allied Bowling does not just bring “Power to the Bowler,” we also bring our standard quality, luxury and durability. 31

Keep Bowlers Playing Longer: • Increased food and beverage revenues. • Increased bowling revenues. • Alleviates unwanted usage of wall outlets. • Prevents front desk charging requests. • Enhances customer experience. Powered Coffee Table Features: • Ice bucket slideouts • 1” table top divider • Custom laminate colors • Shoe and purse shelf • Led lights with remote control (full color RGB) • 4 USB ports • 2 110v power ports Powered Ball Storage Rack Features: • Available in 4’ and 8’ widths • Custom laminate colors • Custom rack leg colors • Custom ball shelf colors (available in glow colors) • 6 USB ports (8’ rack) • 6 100v power ports (8’ rack)

Premium Ball Storage Racks This modular system is constructed to meet any design requirement in the seating area. From straight ball racks to angled table tops, you can configure seating and storage any way you want. All of our ball storage racks come with a laminate modesty panel option for an elegant look.

Special Features:

• Storage rack frames are constructed with powder-coated heavy gauge steel. • Table tops are constructed with wood laminate complemented with thick bull-nose edging.

Customize Ball Rack Rails To Better Compliment Your Center! 33

Lanes Synthetic Lanes:

• Rich Maple Wood Finish • Glow-in-the-Dark Lane Finish • Full 7/16” Thickness High-Pressure Laminate • 5’ Wide Approach Panels • Easy-Slide Textured Approach • Lifetime Warranty

Traditional Wood Lanes: In recent years, most bowling centers have replaced their original wood lanes with synthetics; however, wood lanes have gained popularity in residential installations and small bowling lounges that prefer the “throw back” aesthetic. Allied Bowling provides reclaimed wood lanes to be installed in new projects.

Glow-In-The-Dark Lane Artwork 35


Flex Gutter& Bumper System Allied Bowling has designed the Flex gutter and bumper system to provide the maximum amount of ball action. Made out of proprietary polycarbonate material, this system has the flexibility to endure repeated impact and the durability to withstand the test of time. Flex automatic bumpers are easy to install and can be used with any new or existing lane system including 10-pin, 5-pin and duckpin bowling lanes. Because the system is automatic, bowling with mixed-level players is efficient and seamless.

Special Features: • Made from strongest PVC material available • Advanced channel design holds the gutters firmly in place • Dark grey color to hide ball marks • No need for painting Great For: Kids • Birthday Parties • Handicap Events

Gutter System Allied Bowling’s gutter system is made with rigid dark-gray PVC that hides ball marks and requires no painting. The advanced channel design and custom brackets firmly hold the gutters in place. All materials for this gutter system are made in the USA.

Special Features:

• Gutters will not interfere with automatic bumper system. • Custom gutter colors available. • Capping glows under black lights.


Glows under black lights!

3 Controllers in 1 RGB Color Controller

Temperature Adjuster

Single-Color Dimmer

Lighted Capping System Our RGB LED lighted capping system can be controlled via iPhone, Android or tablet. By downloading a simple free app, employees can efficiently change to colors with quick touch of a button. This system is installed with no punctures to the capping, making both an easy installation and a painless removal. All of our capping system products are black light reactive.

Ball Rack& Hood System The Allied Bowling ball rack and hood system is made with a custom durable polyurethane blend that reduces noise from incoming balls and protects customer’s fingers from being crushed between a resting ball and the side rack. Both the hood and the rails can be manufactured with custom colors to match any center. Our ball rack with an optional lower storage rack can accommodate up to 20 balls.

Special Features:


• Reduce noise • Increases customer safety • Large storage capacity

Customize hoods and glow rails to make a perfect fit for your bowling center




Mini Bowl


Bring Your Vision into Focus

Steltronic has been the leader in scoring innovation for over 25 years. Vision Focus was developed on the latest Microsoft technology and is a fully scalable and user friendly scoring system with interactive real 3D graphics


• Interactive 3D Graphics • Easy-to-Read HD Scoring Grids • A ssorted animation themes

including birthday, holidays, fun and sports


• Easy operation and intuitive design • Integrated POS reservation • Frequent bowler tracking feature • B owling, bar, restaurant, pro shop and arcade manager


MINI BOWL What is Mini Bowl?

Mini Bowl is a scaled-down version of full-size bowling, including palm-sized bowling balls and tiny pins. Perfect for all ages, Mini Bowl is a great addition to:

Offering more features than any other mini bowling system.

Exclusive Features

• Family Entertainment Centers • Arcades • Bars • Cruise Ships

Our solid steel hood and pedestal is stronger and more durable than traditional plastic and fiberglass hoods. Available exclusively at Allied Bowling, Mini Bowl’s many features guarantee years of entertainment .

CineMask LED Video Wall 40” LED Scoring Monitors Sleek Metal Canopy With Custom Glow Graphics Offers More LED Lighting Than Other Comparable Systems


Cost Efficiency Mini Bowl is the most profitable system available in the industry. Your long-term investment is safe with Allied Bowling. We guarantee that our system demands less maintenance and costs less to maintain after the initial warranty has expired. With its durable construction and low parts cost, Mini Bowl is both easy and cost-efficient to maintain, game after game.

• Minimal Maintenance • Economical Replacement Parts • Easy to Clean


No Special Shoes Required

Mini Bowl’s lanes are the ONLY full glow mini lanes available on the market. Our fully synthetic lanes are built to withstand years of use and do not require special shoes. They are simple to maintain and very easy to clean. Mini Bowl’s fully synthetic lanes do not require special shoes for play, creating an uninterrupted gaming experience.

• Full-Glow Lanes • Lighted side and middle capping • Recessed approach LED lighting • Interactive pit lights and audio effects

Interactive Pit Lights and Sound for Strikes, Spares and Gutter Balls

Pay to Play The Mini Bowl system comes with multiple payment options including: coin and bill acceptors, credit card payment and debit card interface.

Redemption Ready In addition to traditional payment options, Mini Bowl is equipped to work with redemption programs through integration with most major credit card system manufacturers and has the ability to dispense traditional tickets.


Coin Acceptor

Bill Acceptor

Debit Card Credit Card Interface Payment


Automatic Scoring Just like full-size bowling, Mini Bowl comes equipped with the sophisticated Steltronic scoring system complete with 3D animated graphics, scoring grids and standard 40” HD LED monitors.

Standard 40” LED Scoring Monitors

Mini Bowl offers Cinemask, an LED video wall masking unit that houses four 55” LED screens. These screens can be programmed to sync together to project one image, as shown in the picture above, or to a split screen view that displays four different videos or images. The LED video wall is brighter and requires less maintenance than the traditional projector system.

Ideal For Displaying: • Advertising • Moveable Masking Unit Graphics • Custom Videos • Birthday Parties • Sporting Events • Favorite Movies

Space Requirements Mini Bowl requires less than 400 square feet.

Pictured with optional canopy 53

Electrical Requirements


- 220-240 VAC 60 Hz (20 amp) circuit hardwired with a flexible 10’ 12 AWG 3-conductor SJO cord. - The SJO cord will be cut to length during installation. - All disconnects and plug ends will be supplied by the owner.

SCORING LANE COMPUTER - 115 VAC (15 amp) circuit

Note: The back of the curtain wall is to be finished with 4’x8’x1/2” fire-treated plywood. The bottom of the curtain wall is 8’6” from the floor.

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