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a blank state process notebook

The five categories data platform visual form & mapping surface Interaction

emotions movements descriptions/vocabulary ingredients drawings personal possessions sleep

Data a constant stream of facts, statistics or other infomration.

ios system application website projection

EMERGENCE The creation of a platform. This occurs through the process of finding all the elements and letting the final product be created.

platform The software or system in which an interactive concept can be developed upon.

pictures charts graphs time line

visual form & mapping A visual representation of data changing over time.

mirror screen paper wall iPad skin

surface A physical space or object which one can interact with.

viewing sharing building touching movement

Interaction The way in which an individual contributes information.






blinking bird migration eye movement when reading socks IQ ingredients color brain activity feelings writing

projections thumb tacks cake layers triangles paper balloons collage thumbprints finger printing sand holes

building thinking writing hearing exchange stomping twisting speaking uploading molding breathing

mirror skin surface sand wall ceiling screen post-it sticker shirt water watch necklace


data mapping

colors in water


moving finger


true colors




true colors is an interactive platform that tracks emotions based on the color of the water when one places their hand or finger in he bowl. it is capable of representing varying or multiple emotions (colors) at once.

data mapping interaction platform surface

blinking* shapes / triangles building* open your eyes screen

open your eyes is an interactive platform that tracks blinking, represented by triangles of different sizes based upon speed and time between each blink. blinking builds a visual display on the screen, the size of a wall.

data mapping



opening door

platform surface

traffic through door

tracking traffic doorknob*

tracking traffic is a ineractive platform that indicates the number of people who have used a doorknob, shown through neon thumbprints that fade over time.

data mapping interaction

IQ* Clear reflection looking into mirror


view me



View me is an interactive platform that reveals not only looks, but also Iq based upon the clarity of ones reflection in a mirror.

data mapping interaction platform surface

bird migration* paths viewing formation watch me fly sand*

watch me fly is an interactive platform that tracks in an accelerated speed bird migration with sand on the ground.


A Blank State What will you create? A Blank State is an interactive installation built by the rate and frequency of one’s blinking. This installation allows people to enter a blank space which transforms into a visual display simply by blinking. The participant is not aware this particular function is what creates the display. Movement, rate of blinking, and number of participants all effect the creation of the display.


A Blank State is an interactive installation built completely by the viewers, despite their lack of knowledge about their specific participation within the room. Based on the rate and frequency of one’s blinking a visual display will be created completely comprised of shapes and triangles. The more people within the installation, the faster the room will become filled with the design. Participants will wonder what exactly their impact on the display is, which is a distinct feature of this installation. If or when their contribution is noted, they may choose to manipulate their blinking to influence what is created. Movement throughout the room will also affect the creation of the display. The intended audience will range from children to adults, especially those who enjoy modern art or frequent museum.

Refinement data mapping interaction platform surface

rate and frequency of blinking triangles and the patterns they create blinking a blank state an empty white room

The space

Mood Board

VIsual Refinement

A blank state w hat will you create?


The user only sees the title of the exhibit: A Blank State.


The group enters the room, installation will start instantly and the user must try and figure out what causes the visual effects, or they can just observe what is happening.

The End statistics

Users will be informed what created the visual effects in the installation. People blink an average of every four seconds.

User Experience

Animation Storyboard

final presentation

Creat e Clear

save Shar e

A blank st



When we were introduced to this project I was excited at the possibilities this assignment would offer. Because we were dealing with such a different type of process and way of thinking, it allowed me to come up with broader and more varied ideas for what my final product would be. I enjoyed letting this process help me to create something unique, rather than my usual habit of coming up with practical problem-solving solutions. I enjoyed the element of impracticality. It was fun to not have to worry so much about the technical elements of creating our idea, but focus on the best visual representation of an abstract concept. I learned through my video how important timing can be in presenting a concept, and how sometimes a video doesn’t necessarily have to give everything away. I feel that my final presentation accurately presents the concept I came up with in a visually interesting way, if only this exhibit could exist in real life.


Allie Fields VISC 404 // Fall 2012 Designing for Interaction Michael Selby

A Blank State Process  

Desiging for Interaction Process Book

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