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Sugar In Major Products Consumers' grabs' sugar talk 'to The Consumers find that food manufacturers hide how much sugar they put in their products.

By circumventing creatively the word sugar they are trying to make it look than they actually are, their products healthier, says the union. To address this practice to the Consumers launches action Sugar Chats.

The interests of the consumer want the manufacturers to communicate more honest about sugar in their stuff.

" "When we once went to study labels good we came fifty manufacturers use different names from those in place of the word sugar, "says director Bart Combed. Moreover, the association finds that misleading claims, such as "a sensible snack ', while a third of the product consists of sugar. Juice

It also happens that a manufacturer 'no added sugar' lists on the package, but it has stopped. Concentrated apple or grape juice in the product That, says the union, not legally allowed because this juice contains so much sugar that it is equivalent to ordinary sugar.

The Consumers' Association urges the manufacturers of these types of claims to remove. If not, it is up to the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority to intervene.

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