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SEJAA Skin is an indicator of proper health. Moisturizing your skin is an important part of any skin care regimen.

Sejaa Skin Care >>> To keep skin moist and healthy, hot and frequent showers should be avoided. >>> Most people know the importance of cleansing in skin care. The main idea behind using a cleanser is to clear up dirt and excess oils from the skin.

Another important factor in skin care is drinking adequate amounts of water. The body uses a lot of water for its daily function and in cases where there isn't enough water intake, the skin can be the first to suffer. Water helps to keep skin supple and smooth, and more importantly it is the fuel that allows the body to function as a whole. There is a lot of sun damage happening under the surface of the skin due to UV radiation, without anyone noticing it until it gets too severe. It is a familiar fact that contact to UV rays can cause sunburn, sun damage and augmentation of skin cancer risk.

There is no use of working hard for skin care and finally ruining it with sun exposure. So the smart thing to do is to get a good sunscreen and use it regularly.

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Cheers, Christy.