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By Surya Kumar Mishra o n August 20 , 20 13 0

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An essential part of online marketing system is how to get and register domain name. This is the address that

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people use to access the website and it is not the website itself. Actual website is a collection of text, images and all other things that website owners upload in their site.

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For business growth, having e-commerce site is important so that business owners can provide services to its customers and clients 24 * 7 days. Domain name is the only primary way to introduce customers about what particular business is all about. But domain name is beneficial only if it was selected with perfection. The following tips are useful at the time of domain name registration.

Fre e St uf f Int e rne t Marke t ing Link Po p ularit y Me d ia St re aming Paid Surve ys PPC Ad ve rt ising PPC Pro g rams Pro d uct s R SS Scam Se arch Eng ine Marke t ing Se curit y SEO So cial B o o kmarking So cial Me d ia Marke t ing So cial N e t wo rking Sp am Traf f ic B uild ing Vid e o Marke t ing We b D e sig n We b D e ve lo p me nt We b Ho st ing We b inar We b sit e Pro mo t io n

Name should be f airly short and simple. Easy to spell and type. Easy to remember. It should be according to the nature of business work. Never use incorrect spellings in the name. Add prominent keywords at least two or three. Never add irony or humor words as these are dislike by Google and most of the search engines.

Selecting a domain is not enough as you have to check out its availability. If the name is registered by some other company or person you have to select other name. To get cheap web name, you can search out the list of expired domain name.

Law N e ws & So cie t y

The domain name that had previously registered by someone else. These name are available for registration

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because its previous owner fail or do not want to renew it. These names are available in open market after a month of expiration date. This is the best idea to avail free business name.

R e al Est at e R e lat io nship Se lf Imp ro ve me nt Sho p p ing Sp irit ualit y Sp o rt s Te chno lo g y

You can collect information about cheap and expired web name with any registrar company. One such company is India internet. Professionals of India internet knows very well how to select best name according to the nature of the business. With the support of these professionals you will beet mistake of selecting bad names for your company's site.

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Things to focus on while choosing domain name registrar.

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ICANN registration: ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the single unit in whole world that actually sells domains and control them. So the company that sell domain must have permission from this non-profit organization. Price: Registration price for same domain name may vary strongly in different companies. The reason behind this are many. If the company also provide web hosting services, they charge extra for it. Domain registration in India is cheap as their are so many companies offering this services. There are many more points that have to considered while hiring a company such as company's reputation, services they offer and many other. India Internet is one of the IT company,Since 2002, they provide domain name registration and web hosting services at best prices with 24/7 customer support services.

India Internet Alliance Web Solution Pvt Ltd. D-190, Sector - 10, Noida - 201301 (Delhi NCR) INDIA

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For Web Design & Development Ph : +91-9999508919 (India) +44-208-819-9801 (UK) +61-2-8006-5195 (AUS)

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Ph : +91 120 4224190 (5 Lines)

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Things to consider at the time of domain registration  

An essential part of online marketing system is how to get and register domain name. This is the address that people use to access the websi...