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Alzheimers Disease Overview and its Medicatio n

Alzheimers Disease Overview and its Medication A






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By Umesh Surya o n September 30 , 20 13 0

Alzheimer's is a brain disease, most common form of dementia that are seen in elderly people. It is a brain disorder that badly affects a patient's ability to do everyday simple work. This disease appear gradually and affect brain functioning that is characterized by frequent memory loss, communication disability and decision making capability. The probability of having this brain disease increases considerably after the age of seventy and may affect around fifty percent of persons over the age of eighty to eighty five. Increased age are key factor for this brain disorder. Genetic and many other factors are responsible for dementia brain disorder. Even today the causes of this disorder is unknown, increment of the protein in the

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brain is suspected to play a essential role. Main difficulty with this brain disorder is that it is not possible to diagnose the disease early and it is diagnosed when a patient has adequate cognitive status to meet criteria for dementia. The disease is not preventable but can be controlled by medicines. Alzheimer Drugs can improve condition, or temporarily slow down progression, in some people. Donepezil hydrochloride, Rivastigmine and Galantamine are some of the generic medicines used to control the disease. How t hese drugs work Studies shows that the brains of people suffering from Alzheimer's, show a loss of nerve cells that use a substance known as acetylcholine as a chemical messenger. Donepezil and other drugs inhibit an enzyme from reducing acetylcholine in the brain.

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Improved growth of acetylcholine result in improved communication between the nerve cells that require acetylcholine as a chemical messenger, which result in temporarily improvement in Alzheimer's condition. These medicines are suitable for patients with mild-to-moderate dementia disorder. Doctor recommendation is very essential to before consuming generic Alzheimer Drugs as it may possible that the medicine suitable for one is not effective for other one. Also, it is possible that the patient is allergic with

Po lio Pre g nancy Pro p e r D ie t Pso riasis Q uit Smo king Saf e Se x Se xual He alt h Skin C are Sle e p St re ss St ro ke Sug ar D ise ase Sup p le me nt s Surg e ry Te e n He alt h Trad it io nal Me d icine Ulce r Vag inal Pain We akne ss We ig ht Lo ss Wo me n' s He alt h Wo und C are Yo g a

any ingredient involved in manufacturing of the medicines. So it is very essential to buy generic Alzheimer drugs with the suggestion of doctor.

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medicines in cheapest rates.

From where t o buy dement ia drugs People can purchase such drugs from any registered store. However, it is really difficult for ill people, especially for senior citizens to go outside to purchase their medical prescription. Now people can buy Alzheimer medication online. This is smart way to buy medicines without any hassle. Today there are so many medical stores that provide prescriptions for Alzheimer's. One of them is This is one of the licensed international pharmacy that sell superior quality dementia medicines in competitive rates. is one of the international pharmacy that cater its services in Europe, United state and many other part of the world. This is the store from where you get best Generic Alzheimer Drugs and

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Alz heim ers Dis eas e Ov erv iew and its Medic ation

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Alzheimers Disease Overview and its Medication  

Alzheimer's is a brain disease, most common form of dementia that are seen in elderly people. It is a brain disorder that badly affects a pa...

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