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Bridges of Hope 2016 Rooted in hope...Psalm 31:24

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e are rooted in hope as we look to all that God has done and continues to do in our ministry partners. We see their strength in peacemaking, their courageous justice work and their hope that together, we all can make this the world of God’s dreams.

The Alliance model of partnership in ministry works to build lasting relationships that offer the world hope while working for justice. We are passionately committed to our ministry partnerships based on the core values of: • • • • • •

Empowerment- Recognizing our partner’s expertise in their context, we aim to build the capacity for them to chart their own course. Accompaniment- Ministering alongside our partners, we learn how to grow a vibrant church and a deeper relationship with God. Trust- Surrendering ownership of ministry projects, we serve alongside others, equipping them to respond to needs in their communities. Respect- Valuing the spirituality and wisdom across lines of culture and faith, we seek friendship and understanding in our world. Mutuality- We minister in partnership with others who have been marginalized, acknowledging our own experience of marginalization in Baptist life. Affirmation- Celebrating all that are called to ministry, we join hearts and hands, empowered by the One who loves us.

When you give to the Alliance you support the world of 33 ministry partners spanning the globe.

Bridges of Hope 2016  

Celebrate with our ministry partners and give today to support their work.

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