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S E C T I O N 9 : Global Markets


GLOBAL MARKETS Review Alliance Group achieved a record turnover during the past 12 months on the back of high prices for lamb, mutton and venison and demand for our products in global markets. Our focus has been on building the capability of our sales team and this has included investing in more expertise domestically and globally. We appointed a new General Manager for Sales, leaders for our domestic business, Alliance Asia and a Business Development Manager in North America to further support the higher value target markets with brand and new product opportunities. Despite the uncertainty presented by Brexit, the US-China trade tensions, competition from cheaper proteins such as pork and currency fluctuations, Alliance has realised a number of new market opportunities over the past year. We are focusing our business on the creation of value and this is underlined by the launch of regular chilled lamb and beef shipments into China. Alliance continues to develop new opportunities in segments to help counterbalance volatility in red meat markets and capture greater value from every carcase. Offal recoveries have improved for all species.


Meanwhile, we are developing more added value products across all proteins aligned with our food service and brand hierarchy strategies. Alliance is investing in the food services sector in the UK, which demands the differentiated needs of chefs and restauranteurs are recognised and catered for. Servicing this sector, along with premium retail, requires integrated sales, marketing, processing and distribution. It also means understanding the end customer, chefs and the entire service chain along the way. Our UK office has grown turnover in the year since its launch and this is expected to double within the next 12-24 months. The team is continuing to build relationships with the food service sector in the UK and Europe, gaining valuable feedback to help ensure we provide the optimum cuts, form and quality of product to meet the requirements of customers. The team has launched trials with major new customers and in October won a significant contract for lamb for a fine dining restaurant in Central London. This was a direct result of the UK Antipocurean series to showcase our premium products to fine dining chefs. The cooking demonstration was led by Michelinstar chef Michael Wignall, who participated in our Antipocurean Series tour of New Zealand.

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Annual Report 2018  

Annual Report 2018