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S E C T I O N 8 : Growing Our Brands to Transform The Business


GROWING OUR BR ANDS TO TRANSFORM THE BUSINESS Alliance Group is now more consumer-focussed than ever before and we are investing in developing a suite of differentiated solutions from our farmers’ produce. NE W CORP OR ATE IDENTIT Y In 2018, Alliance not only celebrated its 70th anniversary, but we also unveiled a fresh, modern and forward-looking face. At the beginning of September, we launched our new corporate identity, marking the next stage in our transition into a food and solutions company. The rebrand is an investment in the co-operative and an important step in our ongoing transformational journey. It is also a strong base from which to grow our brand entities. It focuses on the strong connection Alliance, as New Zealand’s only 100 per cent farmerowned major red meat co-operative, has with our farmer shareholders. Our new corporate logo, a farm gate with in-built ‘A’, was chosen as a simple and effective way to describe our ‘direct from farmer to consumer’ philosophy. It is symbolic of Alliance’s history, as well as the incredible hard work of farmers, and our people, environmental sustainability, breeding and farming practices and skill that go into all of our produce. The new identity is also a very good fit with the story Alliance is taking to the world—of New Zealand farmers producing the finest quality free-range grass-fed natural lamb, beef and venison in some of the world’s most beautiful and unspoiled environments. Alliance is clearly of and for the farmers and the produce is proudly delivered across the farm gate from farmer to consumer.


Significantly, 2019 will also see the next update of our global red meat brand—Pure South— the first of a number of exciting new ranges and packaging, all carefully informed by and designed for increasingly knowledgeable and demanding consumer segments and distribution channels across global markets. L AUNCH OF PURE SOUTH H A N D P I C K E D 55 DAY AG E D B E E F Alliance’s new premium Pure South Handpicked 55 Day Aged Beef product was launched in May. This range is breed agnostic and based on an innovative grading system that is focused on superior eating quality. Internationallyaccredited master graders carefully hand select carcases from prime cattle of any breed. The selection is based on quantifiable meat quality characteristics such as marbling, fat cover, fat colour and pH. Alliance selects from prime animals only (steer and heifer), and the carcase must have a high marbling score and a targeted pH level. Selected cuts are then aged in a vacuum bag for 55 days. Only a fraction of the very finest beef ever makes the grade. The product, the first within Pure South’s Handpicked range, is aimed exclusively at the food service sector. It was launched following a three-year research and development programme and extensive chef and premium restaurant trials. Pure South Handpicked 55 Day Aged Beef range won international honours in July, taking gold and bronze awards in the World Steak Challenge. The ribeye from the range won a gold medal while the fillet took a bronze medal at the event in London. The competition benchmarks the quality of beef production against global competitors.

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Annual Report 2018  

Annual Report 2018