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Hybrid Cars ď Ž

Hybrid Car is a type of car which runs on the alternative source of energy and gasoline.

What are Hybrid Cars? ď Ž

Hybrid Cars are one among the promising types of new generation cars. In the present era, the motor vehicle industry is going through a transition phase, which is to meet the pace of the growing world.

Choosing a Hybrid Car    

Price Size Gas Mileage Appearance

Hybrid Car Technology ď Ž

Hybrid Car is operated thorough five driving modes. In some modes electric motor is operating while in other modes the gasoline engine is operating.

Pros of Hybrid Cars  

Provide a better mileage Reliable and Comfortable as any traditional car. It help reduce the dependency on fossil fuels.

Cons of Hybrid Cars   

High cost. More weight due to battery packs. Risk of exposure to high voltage wires.

Hybrid Car Maintenance ď Ž

The only maintenance that some cars may need is the replacement of the air filter on some battery systems every 40,000 miles.

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