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We all are aware that where there is a wedding there are lots of expense. Every year couple spends almost $10,000 for their wedding day. Don’t let this digit scare you, there are still plenty of ways and methods by which you can throw your marriage at its best without splurging much amount creating a hole in your pocket. We know that a perfect Wedding requires investment, but that doesn’t mean that you will be ready to drain all your fund all together for your marriage. This season don't let your wedding take away all your investment leaving your bank balance empty. It totally natural and obvious that primary task we need to do decide is the venue then vendor and the list go on, which later on end up touching the peak of expenditures.

We present you some few tips and tricks by which you can definitely lesser down your expenses and deliver an awesome wedding. **​ We are sure you have come across almost most of the weddings which were on Saturday. Right? This day is most common and tradition day of marriage, due to which it is most expensive as compared to other days. The venues may charge 30% or 40% less if you book the venue on Sunday or maybe Friday, it’s because they don’t receive any wedding orders these days. We are sure you were not aware of this fact! For them, it’s an extra income which for us acts as saving. **​ Give main focus to the priority one, what do you want to be the main focus. The focus could be anything like do you want to focus on food or the place, maybe anything else. Make sure you decide the main focus and spend a little amount in that. **​ Prices usually tend to be higher in the cities as compared to the towns. You can save a huge amount of fund just search for the town which is a few hours away from your place. Don’t forget to compare the prices before booking any venue. **​ We all love flowers, everyone does. But unfortunately it dies shortly after the reception itself, what’s the use of spending amount of your cash on the flower which won’t be even fresh

after few hours. Small bouquet with a rose will work for the bride and for decorations go for the fake artificial but bright flowers. **​ Search for the location which has wedding and reception venue both, if you get the benefit of both under one roof then no doubt you will save money, you don't have to pay for two different location. **​ It might be a quite difficult for the bride to do her makeup and dress at early of the morning. But having your wedding at morning can save enough amount of cash. Serving lunch to your guests is cheaper as compared to dinner. **​ Yes we know you might be tempted to call all your friends and relatives family member and almost everyone, this will not only increase the price but it will make the wedding less intimate and friendly. More crowd in your wedding is not a good idea always, invite only a few friends and relatives. **​ You may have several cousin and friends who are talented, instead of taking gifts from them, ask them to exhibit their talent. We are sure you have that one friend who is an amateur photographer, but you love the way he works. Or that one designer cousin who loves to design clothes. Don’t hesitate it's your wedding and let them show their talent.

We hope now you got some idea about the budget friendly preparation. If you are looking for wedding vendors who can manage your wedding in a proper way then do check p​ arty hire Brisbane​ and ​party hire Sydney​. Also, a ​Celebrant Sydney​ and Celebrant Melbourne​ can make your special day more memorable. Any queries? Do contact us.

How To Deliver Your Wedding At Prudent Way  

We all are aware that where there is a wedding there are lots of expense. Every year couple spends almost $10,000 for their wedding day. Don...

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