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KELTIC PETROCHEMICALS MARINE TERMINAL Keltic Petrochemicals Inc. is planning a petrochemical complex in Goldboro, Nova Scotia. This project includes supporting a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) importation and vaporization facility, an electric co-generation plant, and other petrochemical processes. MacDonnell is providing port planning, management cons ult ing, design engineering, and technical services support. Services have included the Marine Terminal Functional Plan, a Marine Terminal Operations Plan, and other phases of the project execution including permitting and project services procurement.

YARMOUTH PORT MASTER PLAN The Port of Yarmouth is a significant asset in the transportation infrastructure of southwest Nova Scotia and an international gateway for Canada and the province of Nova Scotia. The downtown area of Yarmouth, and the waterfront and ferry landing areas in particular, increasingly demonstrate the potential for the area to become a more significant tourism destination and center of commerce. The Port of Yarmouth engaged MacDonnell to undertake a comprehensive master planning exercise to ensure that the port assets are prepared to maximize the port’s role in the future development of a regional transportation system.

FAIRVIEW COVE CONTAINER TERMINAL In 1978, the firm designed the first phase of the Fairview Cove Container Terminal. In 2003, in the process of deepening the berthing depth to accommodate post-panamax vessels, the Halifax Port Authority retained Ma c D o n n e l l t o c a r r y o u t t h e engineering design and prepare drawings and contract documents to increase the berthing depth alongside the terminal by three metres, providing the terminal capability of berthing the largest container ships afloat. The challenge was overcome by driving heavy steel sheet piling through the rock mattress, with thicknesses of up to three metres, and securing the top of the steel sheet piling to the base of the caissons using high strength bolts.

CHURCHILL PORT MASTER PLAN The Port of Churchill, built in 1927, has been the primary grain port for the Canadian western plains and is the artic supply centre for communities located on the Hudson Bay. The port also handles fertilizer, container cargo, automobiles, petroleum cargo, and passenger ships. In the creation of the Port Master Plan, MacDonnell looked at the existing infrastructure, operation efficiency, port layout, navigational issues, and seasonal shipping activities. Through this initiative, the Hudson Bay Port Company’s goal is to improve operations and expand the operating season.

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MacDonnell Group has extensive experience in port planning, logistics studies, port security, condition assessments, conceptual design, preparation of construction drawings and bid documents as well as project management and terminal operations management. The company can provide specialized project consulting expertise at any level or can take a turnkey approach to facility development.

MacDonnell Group recently introduced a new line of professional services related to the broader transportation sector in conjunction with our new office in Portland, Maine. The company has developed a wide range of port and transportation services around our team of experienced professionals who bring a wide range of operational and management experience to our portfolio. Services


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Port Planning and Transportation  

Port Planing and Transportation services brochure.

Port Planning and Transportation  

Port Planing and Transportation services brochure.