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In 1987 a group of young indigenous artists gathered together to form Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative. Pictured here are the founding members at their first exhibition and as they celebrated their 25th anniversary this year. Keith Munro has curated the exhibition, ‘Ripple Effect: Founding Boomalli Members’, which will be at the Boomalli art gallery until 20th January 2013. In his words: It is not every day that Aboriginal people get to celebrate such a milestone of achievement. As one of the longest running artist run initiatives in Sydney the twenty fifth anniversary of Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative is also an opportunity for us all to perhaps reflect on those people that have made significant contributions to the organisation that are no longer with us.

Photograph by Jim Anderson

Boomalli has been a place of nurturing the development of contemporary art practice. It has also been a cultural and creative space for the sharing of ideas and the moulding of emerging and established artists. Over the last twenty-five years many have left a mark.

December 2012  
December 2012  

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