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ART and LIFE Armando Percuoco and Gemma Cunningham in conversation with Christopher Hodges at their restaurant BUON RICORDO

CHRISTOPHER HODGES: The reason I chose you to be interviewed is that I think you have got a very personal collection, that is on show. When I first came to Buon Ricordo I noticed that it was full of art, and it wasn’t just full of one sort of art, and it wasn’t decorator art. It was a change, it was different. So first of all, what began your interest in art in Sydney? ARMANDO PERCUOCO: I’ve been together with Gemma now for twenty-five years and I think it was really Gemma who pushed me, more than anybody else, to look at art. I remember the first time Gemma took me to Canberra – that was about 25 years ago – there was Fred Williams at the National Gallery, and Gemma was going, ‘ooh, ooh, ooh, look how beautiful it is.’ And I looked at it, and I didn’t want to disappoint her, you know when you are in love with somebody, and I said to her ‘oh yeah, it’s nice’, but really I didn’t understand all those dots on the canvas. Then, I think a year or a couple of years later, I really became interested in Australian art. One night on TV, there was a documentary about Fred Williams and the commentator was saying you have to put your eyes about 2000 m high, and look down to see the painting and then you have a look at the landscape… and then you say that’s the trees, that’s the bush, that’s the dam. And all of a sudden I saw the painting, and all of a sudden I said ‘yes, I can see the landscape!’

December 2012  
December 2012  

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