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Alley Oliveira 8-41 Feb 15,2008

The 411 on Drugs Some people use drugs to escape their problems in life. But what they don’t understand is that once that high is over your problem is still there. Once you get addicted to a drug it takes a triple dose, to get the first high you got your first time. Ever heard of Marijuana? Maybe you heard of pot, herb, weed, grass, or maryjane. These are all names for Marijuana. There are over two hundred street names for Marijuana. How is this drug used? Marijuana is smoked threw a cigarette usually called a joint, or a blunt. You can also smoke this from a pipe, bong or can. Marijuana lasts up two seven days in your body, but in some cases it may last for weeks. What can happen if you smoke this drug? It depends on the way the drug effects you, some people feel relaxed, and some people feel nothing. Sometimes this drug makes people hungry or thirsty this is called the munchies. The bad effects of this drug are anxiety and having paranoid thoughts. How can you tell if someone has been on Marijuana? If they are using this drug people may act silly and giggly for no reason, they are dizzy and having trouble walking. Their eyes are blood shot, and they have a hard time remebering thins that just happened. Short Term Effects of Marijuana: • Learning problems, • Memory loss, • Increased heart rate, and • Trouble thinking. What is Cocaine? Cocaine is a very addictive drug. It is known by coke, dust, toot, line snow and there are many more names for this drug. Cocaine can be injected in your body, smoked, sniffed, and snorted. This drug has many bad side effects such as insomnia, loss of appetite, blurred vision, vomiting, high anxiety, irritability, constructed blood vessels, dilated pupils, and nasal infection. If you snort Cocaine for along time it can cause a hole in your nose separating your nostrils. Cocaine causes heart disease, heart attacks, respiratory failure, strokes, and seizures. You can become addicted to this drug the very first time you try it!

What’s the point in doing drugs? There is no point. It’s not a right to do drugs. Some people take do drugs because they think it’s cool to do them or because their friends are doing them. Well actually when you are on drugs you look like a fool. Are drugs good for you? No, there not they can ruin your life! How do they ruin your life? When you drugs you’re highly likely to drop put of school, experience health problems, and maybe loose everything you have, but worst of all you can overdose.


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