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One of the many tablet PCs introduced in the market is that of ASUS' own creation, the Eee Pad. Many critics have hailed this device as a wonderful invention, despite having a relatively cheaper price compared to other tablet PCs. Nevertheless, purchasing an Eee Pad is a serious investment, and the expenses do not end there. If you are not careful, you might pay more for maintenance purposes in the unfortunate event that you mishandle it. Purchasing a protective case for your Eee Pad should be a priority. Fortunately, many manufacturers have created various styles to suit every owner's needs. From leather to jelly cases, there is bound to be one case that will look perfect with your tablet. Here are 5 of the best ASUS Eee Pad tablet cases: 1. ASUS Official Transformer Case Who would ever neglect the official case of the Eee Pad? With dimensions of 9.1 x 0.6 x 12.5 inches, this case is definitely lightweight. This is exclusive for all ASUS tablets with a 10.1-inch screen. Apart from protecting your device from scratches and nicks, this case can also be used as a stand. Too bad this cover is only available in one color, but at $44.99, you can purchase the official Transformer case. 2. Navitech Black Executive Premium Leather Flip Carry Case Your Eee Pad will look sleek and formal with this case. The leather flip cover reflects a lot of style whilst protecting your tablet from most nicks, scratches and bumps. If you like watching movies or reading e-books, this case allows you to view your tablet in portrait or landscape orientation. Moreover, this case boasts of a unique sleep and wake function for convenience. The additional stand also makes it easy for you to use the tablet conveniently. This carry case comes quite cheap at only $14.99. 3. Tuff-Luv Veggie Leather Book Case This protective case is made from faux black leather, giving that sleek and polished look. The secure Tuff-Flap makes sure that your tablet and keyboard stays in place. This case is perfect for businessmen and busy professionals, as there are many holders that can safely keep documents, cards and pens. Even while you are attaching the keyboard dock to your Eee Pad, this handy case would not make that task difficult. This versatile cover is available at $74.99. 4. rooCase Multi Angle Folio

This multi-angle leather cover is a nice-looking case for your Eee Pad. If you are looking for a case that will allow you to view your tablet in 45-90 degrees, then this one is definite must-have. With its magnetic flap closure, gaining access to all controls, buttons and ports will be easier. If you like to experiment with various colors, you can choose between black, brown, red and magenta. The only downside is that this is not compatible with the keyboard dock. This multi-angle folio costs $24.95 in most online stores. 5. Acase ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 100% Genuine Leather EZ Carry Case This carry case is derived from genuine cowhide leather, which makes it look quite simple yet elegant. The 3-in-1 carry case will allow you view your Eee Pad in various orientations, making entertainment and gaming very convenient for you. You need not worry about the fit of this case, as every border and corner is specially crafted to fit the Eee Pad without covering the buttons and ports. Like rooCase, this cover is also incompatible with the keyboard. The Acase Carry Case sells for $24.95.

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==== ==== For information on Asus Tablet pc go to: ==== ====

5 Asus Eee Pad Tablet Cases  

A review of new line of tablet pc by Asus

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