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Back Alley

Tips Park | Corpus Christi Photos by TAM

MĂŠxico City

Photos by Vero G. Cardenas Vento

Anthony Rivera | Art House McAllen Photos by Leo Cavazos

Open Annual Student Exhibit | Weslaco Photos by TAM

Art Walk | Rio Grand City Photos by TAM

V.A.S.E. | Byran TX. Courtesy of Roma High School

Written by Ashley




McAllen Creative Incubator Photos by TAM

Nude Show | Cubby Hole Photos by Leo Cavazos

“I grew up drawing, skateboarding, and listening to punk rock music,”

Digital Madness

Written by Ashley


artist and San Francisco native Jono Boyer draws from a jack of all trades career experience to enrich his graphic design career for both branding and apparel design. Boyer’s introduction into the branding industry began at a young age as his creativity was nurtured by a multitude of influences that inspire him to this day.

‘‘moment of truth’ and knew I had to get this job.”

said Boyer. “My love for art and my love for computers eventually became intertwined, paving the way for my future career.” “It started around 1997 with Adobe Photoshop 4,” said Boyer. “I would tinker around with making graphics. Design just came naturally to me.” In high school, Boyer began to experiment in the clothing design business with a close friend. While the clothing design business tanked, it granted him experience in screen-printing. It was thanks to his previous experience with screenprinting that he began to work for the skateboard industry. “I started working at Point Distribution in 2006,” said Boyer. “The company sells custom skateboard products to skate shops who want to start their own brand.” Boyer designed custom goods, created logos, digital illustrations, type treatments and other related skateboard graphics further complementing his art skills. While working full-time at Point Distribution in 2006, Boyer attended The Art Institute of California - San Francisco. Soon after learning he would have to put his education on hold because of finical reasons, Boyer landed his first job with the agency MKTG. “MKTG is experiential marketing agency with a fair amount of ‘high profile’ clients,” said Boyer. “I nailed the interview and was working on a project for NIKE 30 minutes later.” Boyer had the opportunity to work with clients such as: Nike, Google, CNET, YouTube, TRX, and Levis. Boyer’s determination would eventually lead him to his dream job: working for Rebel 8, a street wears company. “I have been a huge fan of Mike Giant’s work for almost half my life,” said Boyer. “One day a friend of mine sent me a link to an ad Rebel 8 posted looking for a graphic designer. I assumed this was my ‘moment of truth’ and knew I had to get this job.” After receiving an email from Rebel 8 asking Boyer to create a sample line, Boyer started sketching and ended up going beyond what the client requested. “Then they dropped the bomb on me,” said Boyer. “They could only pay me 1/4th of what I was making and I had to bring my own computer from home. I made what I knew was a reckless decision and decided to take the job despite the financial crisis it would eventually cause.” Boyer continued to work for Rebel 8 but a month later it became apparent that his career would only force him into a worse financial situation. Boyer’s current employer, Levi’s, keeps him busy with requests and deadlines. He still knows how to keep the passion alive and is frequently looking for new ways to implement his own flare into Levi’s designs. “I am consistently looking for new, fun things to work on around the office,” said Boyer. “I love what I do.




Photos: Vision Works Photo Company Photo Editing: Hair: Jennifer P. Basulto Models: Selina Diaz and Izak Ramirez Threads from Plato’s Closet and Switchfoot Skate Shop Skate Board Artists: Manuel Zamudio and Siempre Valor

Photos: Vision Works Photo Company Photo Editing: Hair: Jennifer P. Basulto Models: Selina Diaz and Izak Ramirez Threads from Plato’s Closet and Switchfoot Skate Shop Skate Board Artist: Manuel Zamudio and Siempre Valor




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Alfonso Osoria

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Written by Wes

Photos by Leo





Photos by Imanol Miranda

“And when it started we were tongue-tied, taken, rather fond of being carried alight.”

as sung in Torch, from their latest album, Young Adult Fiction.

Despite what poppy sounds you’ll hear on their previous albums, Watkins says the majority of the songs he writes “are tinged with something dark or melancholic.” The distinguished line between their albums is the route Watkins took with YAF writing less on a universal note and getting personal by writing about actual events that were occurring during his life at the time. “’Torch’ is musically the happiest song on the record and lyrically the saddest (to me) so maybe I just have no idea what I’m talking about. At the end of the day, it’s all really just a mystery,” Watkins proclaims.

“Don’t let anyone else define what success means to you.”



Moments Dipped in Chocolate Written by Stacy

For about 3 years now, this Austin trio of music enthusiasts have been “shell shock shakin”

the crowd with Alfredo Rios refining beats on the drum, Tim Shelburne adding rhythmic flare with the electric guitar, and soul-proclaiming vocalist Anthony Watkins to create charming melodies along with his keys dressed in black and white. “If you’ve never experienced Mobley live,” according to Watkins, “you can expect to see a lot of energy and passion.” Watkins’ understanding is technical since he has never been to a Mobley show as part of the audience but, rather, as a performer for the band. He strives to provide an experience the audience can not only enjoy, but connect with and experience. With the release of their 2012 album Young Adult Fiction, the band has been sinking their feet into the Midwest and east coast soil promoting their fresh take to their previous high-spirited resonance, Cold War Cold (2010) and Let Slip (2011).



With deep-inflicting matters that permeate the music to a much more relatable degree songwriting for their audience, Watkins tells of one Mobley fan who synthesizes this connection on a much more powerful level for the band. During their tour this year, on Watkins birthday in February, Mobley slammed into two cancelled shows because of a power outage and a massive tornado which destroyed the town they were set to play. The events were overwhelming. Weeks later, one fan placed things into perspective for the band with one chocolate cheese pie, declaring her insight on the band’s struggles with their gigs “just follow through”. Because it was Watkins’ birthday, she wanted to try to make things just a little better. “I was incredibly touched that someone who, for so many reasons, owes me no sympathy, had gone out of her way to make my life a little better,” Watkins said. Last fall, this particular fan was diagnosed with cancer. She professed it was Young Adult Fiction (the new record) that was helping her through chemotherapy. Taking a deeper look, that one moment struck a positive chord in Mobley that night; they decided to continue to “push forward”. It made all of the difference as it motivated them to grow as artists and as a band leading to gaining praise from Ovrld as #6 Best Austin Album of 2012. “If you decide you care, then work as hard as you can for as long as you still feel that way. Don’t let anyone else define what success means to you,” said Watkins. Feel free to get involved for your own Mobley moment as they sweep into McAllen on April 26th at Opera Teatro Bar headlining with Philadelphia band, Eleven Eleven.

Mobley Moments Favorite Moment on stage: Too hard. Way too many gratifying moments. My favorite thing that happens at shows, though, is watching the face of someone who's trying really hard not to have a good time as it slowly morphs from a scowl into a huge grin. favorite moment at sxsw: Hands down, Nekkid Armadilla Showcase at SXSW 2013. It's run by great people and it was one of the best shows I've ever been a part of.



Thanks 4 your support! Photos by Leo Cavazos

Classic and futuristic are just two words that can describe synth-driven pop duo, Eleven:Eleven.

Written by Stacy

With rhythmic dance-worthy beats produced by J. Child aka. Jake, along with airy-inspired vocalist Sicca to compliment, these two synchronize their individual talent to uplift your into another level.

Sicca: I began singing and training as a vocalist at an early age. I know I may have fantasized about a career in music but I don’t think I ever set it as a goal for myself. Jake: I always knew since an early age that music would be a part of my life. I never really set goals per say but I knew it would always be a part of me. Two of a kind, this melodic band popping out from Austin didn’t wait to embrace their deep-rooted connection to music, establishing more than 5 releases featured on the front page of prestigious site, making the top 10 weekly list for, and extending their music with, are just a few of their many accomplishments. This March, Eleven:Eleven announced their were to sign on with French Canadian label Cliché Musique/Universal Music Canada. They’ll soon be adding hypnotic vibes to their list of accomplishments and the music market, with the release of their fresh album Through the Veil on May 7th. Currently, they are working together on a few EP’s in-between the birth of yet another album, however they strive to fulfill their many other hobbies when they aren’t working with music. Sicca: I enjoy designing clothing. Much of what I wear on stage I make myself. Jake: Studying the mind. I read a lot about hypnosis and psychology. The Duo: The goal is to have as much time as possible to work on our music, travel and experience life. Things have changed, since their 2011 Infection EP, you won’t recognize Eleven:Eleven with Sicca’s soul-moving growth into deep enriching lyrics (and you can’t forget that ever changing hair color) nor Jake’s fluctuating tunes which intermingle and feed off Sicca’s energy. Together, they sporadically twist into each other and design an entirely unique pattern of their own, providing celestial shocks digging deep into the consciousness. Despite all of their great accomplishments up to now, they have no favorites declaring, “each experience is meaningful in it’s own way.” Fresh off SXSW, a gig at Outlander Spring Festival, and the exploding enthusiasm at Discotheque in Houston, Eleven:Eleven will find themselves in McAllen for yet another energized experience on April 26th at Opera Teatro Bar.




Summer Artventures Classes Start June 3rd Early Registrations Start April 22 Hinovations Art Gallery “Cultivate creative thinkers to grow innovative minds� 1009 Laurel, McAllen Contact Raquel Hinojosa at 956-688-6461 or email at to receive Complete Schedule.

Fresh deep house music on the inside while indie punk music was outside. There was variety for all underground musical tastes. Seeing new faces and familiar ones, shaking hands with strangers and friends, checking out vivacious art; big cheers goes out the Galax Z Fair, Tigers Blood and OUCH, My Ego! for putting on a fantastic event. Written by Rick

Photos by Leo

BorderCon | McAllen Photos by Rick Rodriguez

Hidalgo International Cultural Art Festival Photos by Leo Cavazos

Written by Amanda

Photos Courtesy of UTPA


Spoken Words Friday Morning Encounter, On Repeat Beautiful happening blazing Friday mornings I wish they would bleed into forever stain the pallid robe of eternity break every hazy clock ticking in my deaf ear reminding me that time is aging and so am I midnight muse we converse we pour out the essence of the moon no brain no regulator no reality I kill it all every atom .I ignore silken caramel freckles more addicting than morphine silken caramel freckles catapult me straight into a Coltrane trance holy smile sacred smell divine trumpets blowing ripping holes in the cosmos ripping years to shreds I erase the days that I’ve spent Before I knew you existed I am blank I paint red lines on your new canvas beautiful blazing Friday mornings we NEED WORDS

Rachel Ann Vela

Mr. Fish i knew a fish that liked to swim around his tank all day he'd frolic and play with just enough words to describe the way the corners of his tank were more than display this world was 6 x 8 and he liked it that way to himself he'd say i love this place there could be nothing better i mean just look at this weather its perfect mr fish was never nervous but than came the soap quicker than a bad dream tearing reality at the seams as the scrub brush cleaned the 3 year old algae the fish could not blink his entire ship was to sink how could the universe be bigger than this 6 x 8 tank and the recycled water he drank every claim every thought completely wrong and utterly off his heart nearly stopped anxiety peaked there was no help around the block just a rock to seek too scared to move let alone speak and never to sleep tragically ignorant he'll never roam he'll spend the rest of his life under that stone but if mr fish would just come out i'd show him a rainbow

Jonathan Corey



Dancing with moves of a ratchet crew Mechanically regurgitating gestures, demonstrated as “the right thing to do” Why hide the God in you?

How can we live here and do nothing Let them season us with propaganda that confuses our thoughts into rubbish It’s called a feast of dreamers Breeding us into resources that support their family’s greediness Daily we submit Committing ourselves to dosages of pleasure The quick fix Stretching as long as our money’s spent Time bottled In exchange, a newer model Earning dimes with side effects, giving symptoms of never satisfied And we never bother to wonder who labeled us the misfits Unfit to rule the consciousness born within the “I” of we The eyes of me The separation between man and beast Tamed with chains we voluntarily latch to

The artist creating new expressions of a greater you Somehow we’ve given them the copyright of life and now we pay them dues. But that’s what confusion proves, Give another the power to think for you And you’ll be sure to reach destruction soon Catastrophe The big boom Their celebrating in the confetti of divided particles Diced up knowledge of what we once knew Leaving no positive remains Trees bearing hollow fruits Seeds of cloned morals Religion wars have become the biggest proof Following a cascade of promises led by a fearful root Let’s put a halt to seeking infinity through the monarchy of loot Let’s colorblind ourselves and grab a hand that’ll help each other thru

The class of the higher educated Born into a world widely militated Reorder peace unto the sapiens, Excuse me, the human beings Living in a dream of finite things with a sight of the all seeing Open your conscious realms, unify with the whole of all that is Don’t remain so complacent with the fantasy of limited fields.

K rystle “Kismet” Wilson

Urban Art Urban Art, at one time it was Napoleon Dynamite. The eclectic guy that everyone brushes off until he does something amazing, and they act as if they loved him all along. Until they realize he can't be controlled, then they hate him again. Held close to the hearts of a generation dying to be heard and understood, what Michelangelo produced on ceilings is what a teenager with a spray can concocts to the side of a train, or abandoned building. Corporate America tried to take it from the streets, clean it up, and then sell it back to the streets,via some advertisement for a product that's probably slowly killing us, but we know the difference. As we like to say, "real recognize's real," and your marketing campaign appears alarmingly unfamiliar Mr. Corporation. It's not about the colors used, or the curvature of the lines. Moreover, it's about the struggles conveyed, the hustle of the lifestyle, and rawness you can't duplicate in a controlled environment. Urban Art is more than art, it's a culture. A culture ran by the streets, for the streets. Love it, or simply leave it alone.




Shawn Elliot




“Challenge accepted” Cherami Leigh added as she spoke about

her job expectations and her fans burst into laughter. Leigh, a famous voice actress, led the panel at the opening to the Chibi Kon, the oneday event ahead of the Rubikon convention held on March 9th at Palm Aire Hotel in Weslaco. Leigh is the voice for the characters of Lucy Heartfilla, of “Fairy Tail”, Road, of “Dr. Gray-man,” and Patty Thompson, of “Soul Eater,” to name a few. Before her panel began, Cherami stood in front of me, enjoying the RGV Hetalia panel in which she voices the character of Liechtenstein in “Hetalia Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Series.” Throughout, Cherami encourages the RGV Hetalia panel with smiles and giggles.

Cosplay refers to participants who wear costumes or accessories to represent their favorite character from any area of fiction but specifically from manga,anime, video games and films.

She can feel the passion that the cosplayers have for their characters. She then graciously signs autographs, takes photographs and spends time with her fans. Chibi Kon continues with video gaming, card-games and cosplay awesomeness. The pool area transforms into an arena with more than 30 participants pounding each other with their foam weapons. While in the lobby area, the NWA Wrestling Revolution organization shows off some wrestling moves, while local bands play fill the air with music. Costumes made from cardboard, fabric, metal and other items used in multiple colors scream out to guests as the Cosplay Contest begins. But it is the accessories that are the most impressive, fluffy purple tail to a replicated assault weapon are some of the accessories belonging to cosplayers that decorate the fun-filled convention. The costumes and impressive accessories draw fellow cosplay fanatics to mingle and bunch together in a self formed group filling the lobby area as they spark new friendships throughout the duration of Chibi Kon. Todd Haberkorn, a voice actor for multiple Japanese anime series and video games, was set to share the headline with Cherami Leigh but could not make it. Though Haberkorn was missed, Leigh took the bull by the horns and gave the RGV anime fans a wonderful experience.

Written by Ga-FANDON

Photos by Leo Cavazos


6-foot- 1 inch character with a silver painted cardboard, spikes for a tail and claws with cone –shape ends, comes to life as LED light effects flash. Meanwhile, duck tape holds the dinosaur shape head and suit together, while it stampedes toward nearby children. Mechagodzilla lives. The children laugh as Mechagodzilla taunts them with his claw’s motioning back and forth. A parade float that sparkles with red, green and white passes by; Folklorcio dresses flutter as the children wave goodbye to Mechagodzilla. Mechagodzilla makes his way to his fellow cosplayers who have come to support the organization called Banzaikon. Banzaikon consists of individuals who take pride in RGV’s growing community in anime, cosplay, gaming and martial arts by hosting local events. Banzaikon’s influence in the RGV leads Hidalgo Mayor Martin Cepeda, and his wife Ana to sponsor Banzaikon for this year’s BorderFest 2013 parade. The transportation provided was by Mr. Rudy Franz.

Cosplaying is usually considered as playing dress-up, but it is much more than that especially when you attract crowds from the audience who smile, laugh and cheer you on. Banzaikon receives the greatest appreciation for their contribution when they receive a trophy for third place in the BorderFest 2013 parade. One small victory towards winning the war for the Rio Grande Valley anime, cosplay, gaming and martial arts domination. 13 FRESH



Photos by TAM

Written by Heather





Alfonso Osoria

Bamm Art

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