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Shawnee Pavilions Over-The-Rhine Wall Installation IBMM IBMM Exhibit Gwathmey House

ns av Shawnee Pavilions

The Shawnee Lookout Park in Cincinatti, OH is located on a hilly terrain overlooking the Ohio River. The Lookout Park was once home to the Native American Indians, until the English settlers drove them to leave. This story was the concept behind the design of my pavilion series. As you walk down the park’s existing path the shape and materiality of each pavilion becomes more complex. The path begins with a simple circle and natural wood, representing the simplicity of Native American life. Progressing along the path the architectural shapes and materials become more complex and culminate in a large pavilion made of stone, man-made glass, and wood.

OTR Working in groups is a task that is required in many architectural projects. This project was a group development of a vacant hillside in Over-The-Rhine in Cincinatti, OH. Each group member chose what part of the land they wanted to develop. As well as, what type of housing to design: multi-story apartments, single family, duplex, multi-generational, ect. My specific housing type was single family with an art gallery open to the street. The plot of land I chose was on the corner, facing the heart of Cincinatti. I wanted to emphasis the importance of this corner view by extending my building lines into small balconies throughout the house. As well as emphasising the public and private areas of the house with large floor to ceiling windows, and smaller slits in the facade for the private spaces.

Cork Wall I designed this Cork Wall Installation for my Interior Materials class, and it is one of my favorite design pieces because it is a fusion of renewable materials and creative innovation. The goal of this project, was to design an interior wall installation using everyday materials, preferably renewable. The wine corks used in this piece were donated by a local Cincinatti winery. I started the design process by sorting the corks based on how dark the wine had stained them. The darkest corks run along the four circles, and the lighter corks disperse among them. The incoperation of foam adds a contrasting non-renewable element. Ironically, this material is re-used in this installation the same way the wine corks are used. This adds contrast to the installation, and completes the over-all feel of it.

IBMM The International Bluegrass Music Museum is located in Owensboro, KY. They are currently in the process of moving to a larger location. In this project, my studio was presenting the board of the IBMM with possible renovation ideas for the new museum. My re-design expresses the town of Owensboro’s love of Bluegrass music through the architectural design of the museum. The museum floor plan is a reflection of a guitar. The center of a guitar connects the string vibarations, to the body, which creates the music we hear. Similarly, the circular stairs in the middle of the museum connects the private spaces, storage, offices, classrooms, with the public spaes of the museum, exhibits, auditorim, resturant. The exterior design also reflects the significance of Bluegrass music to the town. The triangular shape of the glass curtain reflects the pattern seen in Bluegrass musical notes. The skylight running across the museum is a fusion of the movement seen through the Ohio River, and the music, which gives the town of Owensboro it’s identity.




IBMM Exhibit A continuation of the IBMM project was my specific Bluegrass Exhibit Design. The exhibit that sparked my interest the most was the Bluegrass Festival Exhibit. After visiting the current Bluegrass Festival Exhibit and researching important festivals I decided there were four main aspects of a Bluegrass festival that my exhibit should protray: the stage, RV campers, lawn chairs, and surrounding nature such as forests and rivers. I included an indoor/outdoor stage for children and adults to perform their own bluegrass festivals on, an RV camper children can explore inside, and an information wall explaining famous Bluegrass Festivals. The issue of including a forest and river in the exhibit was solved with an illumiated nature wall. The colors of the wall mimic the colors you would see in a forest, mountain, or river setting at a Bluegrass festival, and provide a much needed ambiance for the exhibit as a whole.

Suspended Wood Panels Panel design mimics nature wall and provides lighting effects behind stage. Track lighting behind panels brightens and emphasizes the stage.

Illuminated Nature Wall Glass wall illuminated from inside multi-colored glass Colors represent river, forest, mountains, or hills that are usually the setting for bluegrass festivals.

Gwathmeyy House G The Gwathmey House addition was an analysis used to better understand the difference between similar and complimentary addition types. The addition to the Gwathmey House was to be a library/reading room. Everyone in my studio was partnered together. As my partner and I began our design exploration, it appeared that my design was more complimentary, and hers was more similar. My ultimate goal of this addition was to allow the existing building to be aknowleged as the existing building, and for the addition to act as its own element. However, still be a part of the original building by branching off the angular axis on the first floor.




Desire a position as an architectural designer using creativity and communication skills to develop new design ideas


Ample experience with leadership and problem-solving through work and other related life experiences


Miami University, School of Architecture & Interior Design, Oxford, OH Bachelor of Architecture, concentration in Entrepreneurship Emphasis in sustainable design, interior design, entrepreneurship

Specialties drawing, watercolors, hand sketching, model making Leadership Activities

American Institute for Architecture Students (AIAS), Miami University, Member, 2009-present - meet once a week to discuss various topics on architecture - travel to lecture given by noted architects Alpha of Delta Zeta Sorority, Miami University, Member 2008-present Rituals Council, 2009 - organize rituals for pinning and new member initiation and attend all formal Chapter meetings/ Philanthropy events

Related Courses

Studio 2011, Over-the-Rhine Urban Housing (in progress) - worked in team of eight students to design mixed-use housing community in vacant lot for the Overthe-Rhine community in Cincinnati, OH - communicated with other team members to customize an urban design plan that worked best for the community - used Revit to collaborate individual site and housing designs throughout project Studio 2010, Design of IBGM - Re-designed the International Bluegrass Museum in Owensboro, KY - visited museum & based design on current building & suggestions by museum members - Project featured an exhibit design for museum - visited sites to ensure design construction was running smoothly Studio 2009, Shawnee Park Pavilion - Designed a series of pavilions for public use at the Shawnee Indian Lookout Park in Ohio - Design inspiration formed from research on the lives of the Shawnee Indians

Related Experience

Architecture Intern, Normandy Builders & Architects, Summer 2010-Present - assisted head architect with auto-cad corrections - communicated with designers about renovation designs - visited sites to ensure design construction was running smoothly Set Design Intern, BAM Theater & Hinsdale Community Theater, Summer 2009 - assisted in designing the set for Aladdin - communicated with many volunteer parents who was building each aspect of the set - had to make important decisions and organize many people, while communicating with the director about her vision Mobile Italy, Miami Study Abroad, Summer 2009 - worked in teams to create graphic interprepations of our architectural experiences - learned to navigate around unfamiliar cities


Architectural Projects done during my undergraduate study at Miami University of Ohio