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Fall-Winter 2013 Exhibition

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Going Places Through The Images of Allen Sapp’s Paintings


- “TRAVELLING HOME” Going Places Through The Images of Allen Sapp’s Paintings “THE ORIGINAL 80: THE GONOR COLLECTION” 25th Anniversary of The Allen Sapp Gallery

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For Program Information - Phone: 306-445-1760 email:

2013-2014 School Programs School groups have the option of choosing one activity from the following… 1) Artist Trading Cards Create your very own mini masterpiece! Allen Sapp created his masterpieces by painting scenes from his memories. We will brainstorm with your group ideas of the special memories they have in their lives and then they will recreate scenes from these memories on their very own Artist Trading Cards. These cards can be shared with friends and family or displayed at your school for all to see. 2) Block Printing Learn the exciting skill of print making. This is a technique for creating text, images, and patterns. Students will be able to make virtually anything they want! We will use foam sheets and paint or ink to design cards that students can take home. In First Nations arts and culture, one’s spirit is very important as it allows a person to experience creativity in life. With this in mind, this activity is designed to let students’ creative spirits come alive! 3) Pattern Power Create your very own Parfleche! Parfleches are First Nations bags that are typically used to store meat and pemmican. These bags are decorated in wonderful patterns. Groups will choose from paint pencil or chalk to decorate their parfleches, which will be made from paper instead of the traditional rawhide. 4) nehiyaw ma tow we na (Games of The Plains Cree) The games that we will teach have been being played for many years by the Cree people. These games, while an enjoyable activity, have a cultural purpose that we will explain to your students. The games of the Plains Cree are used to teach valuable life lessons on community, friendship, and helping others. With this activity we will learn traditional Plains Cree games and have fun playing them! 5) mikisihkahcikewin (Beadwork) Beadwork has a very important history in First Nations culture. In this activity, we will look at a timeline to explore the history of beading and how it became such a significant practice in First Nations communities. Then, we will have fun making unique jewelry and art pieces out of beads! 6) Healing Garden Come and learn about the fascinating uses of many plants indigenous to Saskatchewan that the Plains Cree used for a wide variety of purposes. This fun and informative activity will explain the spiritual significance of the earth to First Nations people by exploring how a large number of plants have important uses such as for medicine. Additionally, there will be a related arts project that students will create using the information they have learned about plants and nature! 7) Water Color In this activity we will learn Color Theory and create artworks with water color paint. Students will be taught how to use water color paint and how to mix paints to create new colors. As well, they will learn three water color techniques to use in order to create their own paintings to take home! 8) Cree Roots a) Artifact Match—This activity is a hands-on look at artifacts found in Saskatchewan that are associated with the Plains Cree. We will play a matching game where students will be ask to guess the uses of artifacts and what we use today for the same purpose. Have fun learning about First Nations history! OR b) Cree Jeopardy—Learn about the Plains Cree through a fun and interactive game of trivia!

PLUS schools groups will have the option of receiving a tour of The Allen Sapp Gallery and presentation of the current exhibition on each visit!

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