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Different Dental Procedures: When You Need To Get Them Gum diseases and oral health complications can be cured effectively, if you visit your dentist regularly. Oral & facial pain and other dental care problems can be cured with different dental procedures performed by dental clinics in Snellville. This post discusses some of the dental procedures performed by oral surgeons and dentists. Root canal treatment If left untreated, an infection of the root canal can result in a serious jaw infection. In order to save the tooth and cure the infection, it is necessary to drill into the pulp chamber and remove the infected pulp by scraping it out of the root canals. After removal of pulp by oral surgeons, the cavity is precisely filled with an inert material and sealed. A crown may be required following root canal treatment, if enough of the tooth has been removed or damaged as a result of root canal treatment. Emergency extractions Tooth decay can cause persistent pain in the mouth. Extensive tooth decay is the most common indication for emergency tooth removal in

Snellville. It is often desirable to remove the decay or damaged tooth for aesthetic reasons, even if there is no pain. Dental clinics routinely perform extractions of impacted or painful wisdom teeth of the patients. Abscess treatment Pus accumulated due to bacteria or dental decay is known as abscess. Prompt and effective dental care is needed as it rarely heals itself. Crown replacement or repair Sometimes known as a cap, crown is a prosthetic tooth that is used by oral surgeons for the replacement of damaged or missing tooth. Apart from this, crown is also used by dental care clinics in Snellville, to support bridgework. Bridgework replaces missing teeth adjacent to the crowned teeth and it is required in cases of very severe staining. Also, bridgework is used where the visible form of teeth are required to be realigned without use of any orthodontics.

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