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Typical Mistake Homeowners Make When Wanting A Garage Floor...

• “My Painter says he can paint my garage floor”. It is true a painter can go to his supplier and purchase a paint based product, use a primer on your garage floor and save you a bit of money. The problem is the product will not last. Many New Home Builders make this same mistake, and hire the paint contractor to save money.

• Garage Floor Paint sold at Big Box Stores, and Paint Stores, are inferior products that appear to do the job but will fail. These paint based products are certainly cheaper, but are paints, and will not last, and will peel up.

• The more common mistake is buying a Retail Kit. Your Garage Floor Coating will lift in weeks or months, and will end up costing you more if you want your Garage Floor done professionally, as it will have to be removed at an additional cost should you want it re-done.

Well!!! We have a solution for you‌

Hire a Professional If you are looking for garage flooring in Dallas or Fort Worth then look no further than Garaginization.

Why should I choose Garaginization over the others? • We use only the finest materials on the market, and provide a Lifetime Warranty to back it up. • Our preparation methods are superior to those offered by most companies. We do not cut any corners during any aspect of the installation to ensure a lasting floor.

• All of our Garage Floors are installed by our own company trained employees. We never sub-contract our floors to others. • Our floors simply look the best. Why? We have the opportunity to see Garage Floors done by others, when Garaginization installs storage systems for clients. This is a tremendous opportunity to critique our work against others, and to constantly improve to ensure our clients always get the best.

• To give you peace of mind in knowing that you have made the right choice in choosing us, we do not take deposits on stock garage floor coating finishes. You pay us upon completion of the project, when you are happy with the end result. It is that simple.

• Remember, your Garage Floor is a significant investment and it is important to do it right and not cut corners. The sweet taste of a cheap floor, will quickly turn sour when it fails.

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Typical mistake homeowners make when wanting a garage floor  

Garage Floors have quickly become one of the most sought after home improvements. A Garage Floor Coating will make your garage feel like ano...