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Garage Storage Solutions -use your wall space smartly

Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems provides practical garage storage solutions to organize summer activity gear for even the most active households.Â

• The Monkey Bars Garage Storage System is the most versatile garage organization system on the market.

• It is much more than a shelf, and allows you to ulitilize your entire wall space for storage in one simple system using our Patented Bar & Hook System that is fully adjustable as your storage needs change

• Monkey Bars offers one of the only Bike Racks to hold six bicycles in a 4ft space. The wall mounted rack can be

used for all sizes of bicycles with its bar and hook design.

There is even an efficient golf bag rack for

golf enthusiasts. Monkey Bars Storage offers

a Golf Bag Rack that keeps golf bags off the floor. providing not only more room in the garage but also keeping the bags in better condition.

Many people spend much of the summer working on landscaping and maintaining their yards with no place to store and organize their tools.Â

Monkey Bars Garage Shelving Systems is a perfect solution for all these storage issues.

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Garage storage solutions use your wall space smartly  

For the most versatile garage organization system on the market, the Monkey Bars Garage Storage System choose Garaginization. http://www.gar...