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LEARNING & GROWTH Just as a sapling needs water, soil and sunlight to grow into a mighty oak, the human mind craves new experiences and knowledge to better understand the world. That’s why the City of Allen and Keep Allen Beautiful partner each year to present this Educator Guide. It’s designed for teachers, scout leaders, home school parents and others responsible for nurturing growing minds, no matter their age. In these pages you will find more than 100 classroom presentations, field trip opportunities, video resources and educational events offered by the City of Allen and local partners. We hope you’ll use it as your field guide as you explore all the learning and growth opportunities our community has to offer.









TABLE OF CONTENTS Mayor’s Office...........................................3 Community Services Waste Services.......................................4 Water Conservation............................7 Community Development..............9 G.I.S...................................................................9 Municipal Court.....................................10



Fire Department....................................11 Allen Public Library.............................13 Parks and Recreation........................15 Police Department.............................17 Community Resources....................19

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MAYOR'S OFFICE Contact: 214.509.4107

Website: CityofAllen.org/City-Secretary


Invite Mayor Terrell to come to your class. He is available for small and large groups. Programs are varied and can be tailored to your needs.


Mayor Terrell presents “People, Places and Things,” a 25-minute program highlighting City government and services. The program covers topics ranging from how Allen relates to the world economy to how the Allen City Council directs policy and services for its citizens. Students will visit the Council Chambers and have a class picture taken with the Mayor. Limited tours are offered during the school year to provide learning opportunities with a variety of departments such as the Mayor’s Office, Engineering, Police, Water Conservation and Parks and Recreation. All tour requests must be scheduled through the City Secretary’s Office at least 30 days in advance.


See how City government works in Allen! A variety of presentations can be arranged with City experts including staff from Parks and Recreation, Community Development and Engineering.


Stephen Terrell

Mayor Pro Tem Gary L. Caplinger

Councilmembers Baine Brooks Carl Clemencich Lauren Doherty Kurt Kizer Chris Schulmeister

City Manager Eric Ellwanger

WATCH PUBLIC MEETINGS Allen City Television is broadcast live on Spectrum Channel 16, AT&T U-verse Channel 99, Frontier Channel 15, Grande Cable Channel 15 and AllenTV.org.



Held April 4 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Dayspring Nature Preserve next to Boon Elementary, this come-and-go environmental education day involves over 30 organizations with interactive displays and hands-on activities. Earthfest is looking for teachers, students, clubs or businesses to host a booth at the event or volunteer. Visit Facebook.com/EarthfestAllen or call 214.509.4555 for more information.

Waste Services Division Josue Diaz Andrea Smith

jdiaz@cityofallen.org 214.509.4555 asmith@cityofallen.org 214.509.4552

Don’t Mess with Texas Contest for grades K-12. Grades 4-5 may compete in the Arbor Day Poster Contest, with curriculum available for grade 5. Visit CityofAllen.org/ KABoutreach or call 214.509.4552.


Grades 4-6

NATURE WALK AND This audiovisual game is based on the popular television show format with a focus on TREE TRAIL GUIDE

Allen. Students must compete in teams. The game includes questions about litter, waste Take a walk through Dayspring Nature Premanagement, recycling, household hazardserve with one of our educators and use a ous waste (HHW) and changing habits. Tree Trail Guide to help identify trees by their leaves, fruit or bark. Enjoy the natural READER’S THEATRE surroundings by observing the creek, lis- Grades Pre-K-7 tening to the birds and gathering leaves for Reader’s Theatre is a dramatic presentation leaf rubbings back at the pavilion. Can be of a written work in script form. We offer combined with other programs about litter two versions: modified and full. For Pre-K to grade 3, a select number of students prevention or recycling. wear costumes and act out a book for their SCHOOL CONTESTS peers while being read to by an education Keep Allen Beautiful sponsors various conspecialist. For grades 4-7, a select number tests in schools. This includes the Recycled of students perform a work by reading from Art Contest, Reuse-a-Shoe Contest and a script. The performance is facilitated by Grades Pre-K to 12

an education specialist. The focus is on expression, gesture and an environmental lesson. Choose from: • The Wartville Wizard: An old man fights litter by magically sticking each piece of trash to the person who dropped it. The program demonstrates what litter looks like and explains its harmful effects. • All the Way to the Ocean: An uplifting story about friends who learn that litter can harm waterways. This program illustrates what happens to hazardous household waste and litter once it enters storm drains.


Grades 3-5 (Waste in Place)

Students will examine items in a prepared “litter bag,” rank the items from most desirable to least desirable according to their own criteria and explore why littering occurs, why it can be dangerous and why littering is behavior that can be changed. Students will learn how to properly dispose of litter and what items can be recycled or composted.


THE 3 “R”S: REDUCE, exercise using a STEM approach. By the a recycling center, or curious about how end, students will be able to recognize the one works. Students simulate different REUSE, RECYCLE

need for cooperation among communities Explore how recycling conserves resourc- and determine that there may be more es for the future. Investigate Allen’s single than one solution to any given problem. stream recycling program and discover all This is an eco-club favorite activity. of the household items that are recyclable THE OVER-PACKAGING and non-recyclable. Compare single stream PROBLEM recycling at home to school recycling. Option- Grades 7-12 (Waste in Place) al: Recycling Relay sorting game is available. This interactive demonstration teaches stuENVIROSCAPE MODELS dents to identify product over-packaging. The demonstration begins with students being Grades 4-12 These interactive lessons use a model to asked to open a product that has just arrived show students how their daily habits im- in the mail. As students struggle to unpack, pact the environment. Choose from two they are taught about waste reduction, recydifferent models, including “Modern Land- cling and source reduction. By the end of the fill Versus the Town Dump” and “Hazardous lesson, students will be able to identify the Waste.” Maximum group of 25 students in function of packaging in the manufacturing one lesson. Multiple lessons can be sched- and natural world. uled during one day. MRF IN ACTION: A

techniques MRFs use to separate and sort materials. Students will learn about single stream recycling, contamination and recycling centers.

Grades 7-12 (Waste in Place)


Grades K-6


This interactive game is designed to teach students how to work together. Students are tasked to solve an environmental problem through the lens of various competing communities. This lesson is a team building


Grades 7-12 (Waste in Place)


Junior Master Gardener Curriculum

1. Literature in the Garden (Grades 1-5) 2. Wildlife Gardener (Grades 1-5) 3. Operation Thistle: Seeds of Despair (Grades 6-8) 4. Operation Water: Dr. Thistle Goes Underground (Grades 6-8) The level 1 and 2 curricula combines the teacher/leader guide with reproducible pages for students. Through dozens of exciting activities, students can investigate plant growth and development, take part in service learning projects and earn certification.

This lab sequence is recommended for The Waste Services Division has a tool trailer and groups planning on visiting a Materials supplies available to groups (such as school, Recovery Facility (MRF), also known as church, scouting or neighborhood groups) in Allen for maintaining or enhancing school gardens or neighborhood public spaces. A limited supply of compost may also be available to schools.


Environmentally-themed books can be used to develop reading comprehension, out-loud reading skills and satisfy TEKS reading and English language requirements. • All the Way to the Ocean • Brother Eagle, Sister Sky • Garbage Collectors • The Gardener • Great Trash Bash • Just a Dream Download an interactive version of this guide at CityofAllen.org/EducatorExpo


• Ms. Rumphius • Plantzilla • Tops and Bottoms • The Wartville Wizard • Weslandia

available from KAB and the City of Allen Our workshops are fun, informative and upon request. help your scouts meet badge require- STEAM NIGHTS/ ments. Each workshop is unique and COMMUNITY FAIRS planned according to age and abilities. Our staff is available to host a table EDUCATOR IN SERVICE Call today to set up your interactive, with hands-on activities or provide a hands-on workshop. Ten scout minimum presentation to fit with your school’s WORKSHOPS Call us for more information about how your with at least two adults per group. Call objectives. Call 214.509.4555 to discuss school or organization can host a workshop on 214.509.4552 to arrange a workshop. Ser- ideas for your event! vice projects for scouts are these award-winning programs. Fees may apply. PROJECT WILD Grades K-12



Through each of these six-hour workshops, you will learn interdisciplinary environmental lessons. Each workshop comes with an activity guide containing handson activities in lesson plan format, cross-referenced by topic. Lessons are correlated to national science standards and participants receive SBEC and TEEAC credit hours.


COMMUNITY WASTE DISPOSAL Robert Medigovich, CWD 972.392.9300, ext. 226

Virtual Field Trip to MRF

Grades K-3 Younger children take a virtual tour of CWD’s Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). Explanation of photos taken at CWD, hands-on examination of recyclables and “buy recycled” items make this lesson memorable.

Field Trip to MRF

Grades K-12 Please note ages of field trip tours at CWD; this is an industrial facility and not appropriate for preschool students. To schedule a tour, visit CommunityWasteDisposal.com and select “Tour our Facility” from the menu. Tours are best scheduled during cooler months as this is a facility open to the outdoors. Thirty days’ notice is required for field trips.


COMMUNITY SERVICES Water Conservation Division Laurren Langford Website:

llangford@cityofallen.org 214.509.4553 CityofAllen.org/WaterConservation


Grades K-1 Activity time: 30 minutes


Grade 2 In this lesson, students will identify and Activity time: 30 minutes

describe a variety of natural sources of water, including rivers, lakes and oceans. A short presentation is provided with videos and a memory game to conclude.


Conduct a hands-on activity that demonstrates the distribution of water all over the world. The students will be able to explore, discuss and discover how vital our

water resources are and what we can do to conserve this natural resource.


Grade 4 Activity Time: 30 Minutes

Students will be able to illustrate the continuous movement of water above, below

and on the surface of Earth through the wa- WATER ROCKS ter cycle and explain the role of the sun as a Grade 6 major source of energy in this process. Activity Time: 30 Minutes In this lesson, students will learn about STREAM TABLE forces of nature forming, moving and Grade 5 changing rocks. The students will Activity Time: 30 Minutes Students will explore the difference participate in their own rock cycle after between weathering, erosion and learning more about sedimentary, igneous deposition. A short discussion about the and metamorphic rocks. We will discuss weathering process is provided, followed why Texas is abundant in sedimentary rock by interactive, hands-on stations using a and how water plays an important role in stream table and wind erosion demo tubs. the Earth’s rock forming process.

based learning exercise will allow students to analyze how freshwater ecosystems react to different amounts of nutrients, oxygen, and pH in the water.


Great for STEAM Days, Science Clubs, Environmental Clubs and Special Events Activity Time: Length of event

Students will be able to learn about water conservation in an informal setting. WATER TESTING 101 Activities can be set up as a station or RELAY FOR WATER Gifted & Talented AIM they can be tailored to meet your club’s Grade 6 Activity Time: 90 Minutes needs. All the Water in the World can be Activity Time: 45 Minutes Using and interactive, hands-on activity, Using the scientific method, students will substituted in lieu of the Erosion Relay. If students will illustrate how multiple test four water samples collected around you have a specific idea in mind, we can users of water resources can affect Allen and analyze the data. This project- work with you. water quantity, as well as examine the complexities of providing water for all users. The students will learn the water is a finite resource and critically think about water use and consumption. Ages 18 and up


The City of Allen Water Conservation Division presents the Sustainable Landscape Seminar Series each spring (January through May) to educate homeowners on sustainable landscape techniques and practices that reduce waste and conserve resources. Topics vary each year but focus on best management practices for North Texas. Many of the presentations are filmed by Allen City Television and may be viewed at CityofAllen.org/SLS. For more information about the Sustainable Landscapes Series, visit CityofAllen.org/WaterEducation.




COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Contact: 214.509.4553 Website: CityofAllen.org/CommunityDevelopment


Code Compliance is responsible for addressing nuisance and property maintenance violations to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the community. Through code compliance efforts, the City of Allen works to resolve violations, reduce neighborhood deterioration and help maintain property values. One tool that Code Compliance uses

in this effort is the Live.Love.Allen. program, which pairs volunteer groups with homeowners in need to address property issues. To report code violations, visit CityofAllen.org/ Report-Code-Violation.


The Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program provides financial assistance for home repairs to income-qualified families

in five target neighborhoods: Hillside Village, Oak Hill, Collin Square, Timberbend or Windridge Estates. The City also offers an Urgent Repair Program open to homeowners citywide who are income qualified. A new addition to this effort is the Property Improvement Program (PIP), designed to address minor exterior repairs such as fences, painting or siding. A matching grant is available in amounts up to $5,000 to qualifying homeowners citywide. Contact the Community Development Department at 214.509.4160 or visit CityofAllen.org/HomeRepair for details.

G.I.S. Geographic Information Systems Matt Brogran Website:

mbrogan@cityofallen.org 214.509.4866 CityofAllen.org/GIS


A geographic information system (G.I.S.) integrates hardware, software and data for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. G.I.S. allows users to view, understand, question, interpret and visualize data in ways that reveal relationships, patterns and trends in the form of maps, globes, reports and charts.



You can view various kinds of City data using the City of Allen’s G.I.S. Mapbooks, available at CityofAllen.org/MapBooks.


Finding Allen’s public art has never been easier, thanks to the Mobile Allen Public Art Review & Tour (MAP ART). Use any smartphone, tablet or desktop to find colorful markers identifying the location of each work, then tap on the markers to pull up a description and photo. The guide is geared toward users with a mobile device. If you prefer to view the tour on a desktop computer, Firefox and Chrome are the recommended browsers; it is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Find it at CityofAllen.org/MAPART.


Teen Court Coordinator

Natasha Castille ncastille@cityofallen.org 214.509.4393 Teen Court is an educational opportunity that helps teen defendants and volunWebsite: CityofAllen.org/TeenCourt teers understand our justice system. Allen’s Teen Court program allows teens to demeanors. Defendants handle their citation the defendant’s peers, including volunteers serve as defense and prosecuting attorneys, through community service and involvement from local middle/high schools and previous bailiffs, jurors and clerks on the trials of fel- in the judicial process. Cases are presented teen defendants. The jury members assess low juveniles who plead guilty to Class C mis- by volunteer Teen Court attorneys to a jury of a sentence of community service following the guidelines set by the Municipal Court. Upon successfully completing Teen Court, the defendant will not have to pay any fines. Instead, the charges will be dismissed and removed from the youth’s permanent record. Volunteering for Teen Court is an educational and rewarding experience for both teens and adults. Volunteers are welcome to attend any Teen Court session and participate if desired. Further training is required for Teen Court attorneys. Teen court is held at 6 p.m. at Allen Municipal Court (301 Century Parkway) on the second and fourth Mondays of each month unless there is a city or school holiday.


FIRE DEPARTMENT Linda Greenidge Website:

lgreenidge@cityofallen.org AllenFire.org



Pre-K-High School to a home. Children will have the opportuSee how the firefighters live! Observe where nity to get an up-close look at a fire engine. Check the Allen ISD Montage website for educational videos tailored for each grade the firefighters eat, sleep and exercise at Child Size Bunker Gear the fire station. Take a walk through the Authentic firefighter bunker gear in sizes level. station and into the “bay” where the trucks, small, medium, large and extra-large for ADULT AND YOUTH engines and ambulances are housed. teachers to borrow for their students. Each VOLUNTEER EDUCAAllen’s LEED-Certified Fire gear bag includes boots, helmet, suspend- TION PROGRAMS Station 5 Citizens Fire Academy ers, jacket and pants. A working example of how homes and The City of Allen Citizens Life and Fire workplaces can fit into the environment Fire Academy is a free proSafety with as little impact as possible. Designed gram designed for adults Grades K-2 for grades 1-2 showcasing the environmenliving or working in Allen Life and Fire Safetal principals used to build this station. who wish to learn more ty (LAFS) is an edabout the organization FIRE EXTINGUISHER ucational characand operation of the Allen TRAINING terization program Fire Department. Topics Grade 6+ | TEKS Requirement that uses clowns, include hiring, training, (Adult program available) puppetry, chareducational requirements, This digital simulator lets users experience acters, music and activity to teach and reinfire extinguisher operation while remaining force the fire and life safety concepts using a emergency operations and much more. Atindoors. This safe, smoke-free training meets multi-media approach to teaching. This ideal tendees also participate in demonstrations and emergency operations with on-duty sixth grade science TEKS requirements. multi-grade level program for grades K-2 firefighters. The Academy is offered each targets pedestrian, bike and helmet safety, SCHOOL VISITS spring and requires an application process. Bunker Gear/Apparatus seat belt, fire and life safety and more. The Participants will meet from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Display Presentations presentation takes 35-45 minutes. All grade Firefighters will show what they look like levels can convene in the cafeteria to take one evening each week for ten weeks. before and after they are called to a fire to part in this enlightening new way to educate Community CPR Class Allen Fire Department offers a free Family prepare children if they ever have to come children about fire safety.



and Friends CPR class on the third Saturday of each month, along with other dates as available. This hands-on training from the American Heart Association teaches how to perform CPR on adults, children and infants - both with and without the use of rescue breaths. Participants will also learn to use various AED (automated external defibrillator) devices, commonly found in public buildings such as offices, schools, recreation facilities and shopping centers. The goal of this class is to empower participants to save the life of a friend, family member or stranger. Participants do not receive a formal CPR certification. Classes are free, but participants must register in advance at AllenFire.org/CPR. Open to ages 10 and up. Until students turn 16, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

designed to resemble a real home kitchen, using heat, smoke, sound effects and digital flames to create an intense, yet safe, fire experience. A laser-driven fire extinguisher gives the ability to demonstrate the proper “sweeping” technique to be used in case of fire. The bedroom scenario helps kids and parents learn to feel a door for heat and block smoke with a pillow or towel, crawl under smoke that enters the room and evacuate to the predetermined meeting spot using the window. Fire Academy for Grades 5-6

Fire Academy is a week-long, full day camp open to students currently in fifth and sixth grade. Allen Fire Department personnel will teach students about fire equipment, first aid, rope knotting, fire extinguisher use, firefighting as a career and much more. The Safety Trailer academy focuses on team building, leadThis state-of-the-art mobile classroom is ership, self-confidence, pride, citizenship, equipped with lifelike simulations to help and respect for both adults and peers. educate people of all ages on what to do Learn more at AllenFire.org/FireAcademy. when a fire strikes in the kitchen or a bed- Juvenile Firesetting Interroom. The Safety Trailer’s simulation capa- vention Program bilities provide the ability to train adults Allen Fire-Rescue Fire Marshal’s Office has and older children to extinguish simulat- intervention programs for children and ed kitchen fires, teach children what they adolescent firesetters. These specialized should do in case of fire in their homes, educational programs are intended to eduhow to crawl under smoke or feel a warm cate and instruct parents and their children door. The Safety Trailer utilizes sound, about the dangers and consequences of smoke, fire effects and an automatic smoke fire. Researchers have identified categories detector to help create an authentic emer- of juvenile firesetting behavior. Our goal is gency situation. The kitchen fire scenario is to address and meet the needs of children

in each category: Curiosity Firesetters (ages 3-7), Crisis Firesetters (ages 6-12), and Delinquent Firesetters (ages 10-17). The majority of child-set fire incidents are the results of children’s curiosity, ready access to matches and lighters, lapses in supervision and lack of understanding about fire. Contact Assistant Chief David Cannaday, Fire Marshal, 214.509.4400 (Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

SUGGESTED PROGRAMS Head Start/Pre-K/ Kindergarten Apparatus display and childsized bunker gear First Grade Apparatus display, child-sized bunker gear or tour of fire station Second Grade Fire station tour, Young Minds Inspired online downloadable program “Sound off with the Home Fire Safety Patrol!” with digital whiteboard activities (in English and Spanish) at AllenFire.org/SoundOff. Third Grade 9-1-1 Dispatch contact information (Contact publiceducation@cityofallen.org) Fourth Grade “Where There’s Smoke There’s Science” (DVD) Fifth/Sixth Grade Video with firefighter visit or visit Safety Trailer



972.509.4900 (24-hour recording) AllenLibrary.org


Ages 0-6 and their families

The Library presents storytimes for children ages 0-6 years old during seasonal sessions throughout the year. Some storytimes are designed for adults and children together and others for children ready to attend independently. Staff use a variety of elements, including books, storytelling, puppetry, flannel stories, finger plays, rhymes and musical activities. Check the Library’s website or printed calendar for storytime dates, times and themes.


TumbleBooks feature narrated and animated editions of books for children. The online library provides reading enjoyment and practice, as well as learning games, puzzles and other activities for readers. No login or password is required; visit the Library Children’s webpage and click on the TumbleBooks Library link. For more information, please contact the Children’s Desk at 214.509.4906.

maintain reading skills and promote library usage when most children are not in school. Children, tweens, teens and adults receive reading logs to keep track of their leisure reading. When the log is completed, the participant earns prizes. The Library also offers storytimes, puppet shows, special performances, movies and a variety of age-specific programs for children, teens and adults. LAUNCHPAD TABLETS 1,000 BOOKS BEFORE The Library now has pre-loaded tablets with skill-building games and stories for children. KINDERGARTEN One tablet can be checked out per library Infant to kindergarten The Library offers this year-round reading card and the loan period is one week.

initiative to encourage caregivers and children to read books together. Any child from birth to entering kindergarten can register Infant to teen The Library offers programs throughout the at the Children’s Desk or online for this selfyear for children, tweens, teens and families, paced program. including craft and music programs, book E-BOOKS clubs for children and tweens, and special All ages celebrations and events. Check online or print The Library has e-books and digital magazines calendars available at the Library for details. compatible with Kindles, iPads, iPhones and SUMMER READING CLUB other mobile devices, including children’s and teen titles. “Always Available” e-books inAll ages Every summer in June and July, the Library clude many classic works of literature that are offers the Summer Reading Club to encour- required reading for high school students or age residents of Allen to read for pleasure, recommended for other students.




The Bach to Books cultural arts series, sponsored by the Friends of the Allen Public Library and the City of Allen, strives to nurture local talent and build bridges among all cultures by bringing outstanding programs to the library each month. The programs present noted authors, illustrators, scholars and performing artists of all types. Bluegrass, blues, country, folk and swing music are regularly featured in addition to annual events such as Celtic Night and the Jazz Festival. As with all Library events, these programs are free. For more information about specific

programs, visit AllenLibrary.org, AllenFriends.org, or contact Tom Keener at 214.509.4911 or tkeener@cityofallen.org.


Learn a craft, travel to a faraway land or just come to learn something new. The Library also offers three different types of book clubs that cater to all interests. Find the group that’s right for you!


The Friends of the Allen Public Library coordinate the “One Community One Book” project in partnership with the Library and local schools, as well as City and community organizations. For updates and more information, please visit the Friends of the Allen Public Library website at AllenFriends.org.

LIBRARY RESOURCES Free Wi-Fi Internet computers Black & white printing ($0.15/page) Color printing ($0.50/page) Die cut machine Study rooms Interlibrary loans Photocopier Scanner


Scout troops and other community groups are invited to complete an online tour request form on AllenLibrary.org to schedule a library tour for children ages 5-11. Staff will demonstrate to children, their parents and adult leaders how to obtain a library card and how to use the self-check machines, the online catalog,and the Internet access computers. Staff can also point out the various fiction and nonfiction collections, audio books and read-along sets, music CDs, and children’s DVDs, as well as special features such as the aquarium and children’s mural.



214.509.4700 LifeInAllen.org

Spring, Summer and Fall) and lists all of the current recreational programs available. The City of Allen Parks and Recreation De- The most recent version of the guide can be partment serves to give you opportunities picked up at Allen’s recreation facilities. You to learn, engage your interests, improve can also view it online at LifeInAllen.org/LIFE. your health through fitness and wellness SPECIAL NEEDS options and entertain you at events. A di- ADAPTED PROGRAMS verse range of recreational programs are Throughout the year, The City of Allen Parks provided annually, including sports train- and Recreation Department offers a variety ing (hockey, swimming, golf, ice skating of programs for people with disabilities. and more), adult athletics leagues, camps, Allen’s Special Needs Adapted Programs STEAM classes, music instruction and more. (SNAP) dedicate time to skill development The department’s LIFE Activities guide is and social interaction during each class and published three times per year (Winter/ event. SNAP’s goal is to offer everyone with


GET THE GUIDE You’ll find a comprehensive list of classes, camps, recreation programs and community events inside the LIFE Activities guide. Pick up a copy at any Allen Recreation Center or download a digital version at LifeInAllen.org/LIFE.


special needs a fulfilling experience in a fun and supportive environment. For more information about SNAP programming, visit LifeInAllen.org/SNAP.


Trail map

Allen currently has more than 65 miles of paved hike and bike trails. A map is available at LifeInAllen.org/TrailMap. Historic Water Station Trail

The Historic Water Station Trail gives trail-goers an opportunity to experience Allen’s history. Just off the path of the Cottonwood Creek Hike and Bike Trail, a destination bridge overlooking the Old Stone Dam connects to the crushed granite loop where interpretative panels detail information about the Historic Water Station, a Texas State Archaeological Landmark that’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Cottonwood Creek Trail Bridge

The stunning 14’ x 105’ Cottonwood Creek Trail Bridge connects east and west Cottonwood Creek Hike and Bike Trail segments, allowing access underneath Central Expressway. Artwork titled “Current Drift,” was designed and installed along the bridge by local Texas artists Bill FitzGibbons and George Schroeder.


The Allen Parks Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of parks and recreational facilities in Allen. Tool Trailer

The Allen Parks Foundation Tool Trailer program provides tools and supplies to groups (such as church, scouting or neighborhood groups) in Allen for maintaining or enhancing Allen parks or neighborhood public spaces. Projects may

include neighborhood clean-ups, park or open space maintenance or beautification, landscape plantings, etc. The Tool Trailer is available free of charge for volunteer groups (non-commercial use) that would like to partner with the Allen Parks Foundation in enhancing our community. Use of the Tool Trailer and its equipment requires adult supervision and includes transportation of the trailer to and from your project site by Allen Parks and Recreation Department staff. A complete list of Tool Trailer equipment is available through the Allen Parks and Recreation

Department. For more information regarding the use of the Tool Trailer or to reserve the Tool Trailer for your neighborhood group project, please contact the Allen Parks and Recreation Department at 214.509.4700.


AHA works to increase healthy, active lifestyles throughout the community. The Alliance includes local government, schools, healthcare professionals, community organizations, companies and families determined to create a healthier community.


OCTOBER 26, 2019

Join us in the fall to celebrate trees with the City of Allen’s annual Arbor Day Celebration. The event kicks off the local tree planting season (October through April) with many fun activities that celebrate Allen’s deep love of trees. The 2019 Arbor Day Celebration will be held from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, October 26 at Glendover Park (1290 Scottsman Drive). Free to attend and open to all ages, the event will feature educational arts and crafts, a guest appearance by Oaky Loaky the Talking Tree, a ceremonial tree planting and more.



N E W S .O R G

STAY INFORMED AllenNews.org is your best source for city news! From council votes to road closures to safety alerts, our news center provides a one-stop shop for information about the City of Allen.

CONNECT WITH US Follow, like and share!

Find City news, events and announcements in your favorite social media feed. Scroll over to Facebook.com/CityofAllen or find us on Twitter or Instagram as @CityofAllenTX. If you live in Allen, you can also follow us on Nextdoor. Visit CityofAllen.org/Connect for more ways to find us.



The Community Relations Unit (CRU) offers numerous programs to the public at no cost. The programs include but are not limited to: stranger danger, neighborhood watch, identity theft, burglary prevention and rape aggression defense. The CRU is responsible for organizing and promoting National Night Out. It also offers tours of the Police Station to organizations by appointment. Call 214.509.4359 to inquire about the Community Relations Unit or to schedule a program.



The Citizens Police Academy (CPA) educates Allen residents about their police department and prepares them to be ambassadors for the department in their communities. During the 12-week course, participants learn about topics ranging from criminal law and patrol tactics to use of force. The group may also take field trips to facilities such as the Collin County Detention Center, Allen Police K-9 field and the APD pursuit driving track. The course is free and held twice a year in the spring and fall. Classes are held 6-9 p.m. on Thursdays. After graduating CPA, alumni become eligible to train for two additional volunteer groups: Volunteers in Policing (VIPs) and Citizens on Patrol (COPs). Learn more or fill out an application at AllenPolice.org/CPA.

POLICE DEPARTMENT R A P E AG G R E S S I O N grade 2 will be introduced D E F E N S E ( R . A . D . ) to Cell Phone Sally. With Cell TRAINING FOR WOMEN Phone Sally’s help, children will

The Allen Police Department provides instruction on the R.A.D. Defense System for women. Designed for women only, the R.A.D. System basic physical defense instructional objective is “to develop and enhance the options of self-defense, so they become viable considerations to the woman who is attacked.” Each class is limited to 25 participants; the minimum age to participate is 17. Those wishing to enroll in an upcoming class may contact Officer Sammy Rippamonti at 214.509.4308 or srippamonti@ cityofallen.org . There is a $25 per student lifetime fee that covers a workbook and other class materials; students may attend any future sessions for free.


The Allen Police Department’s Public Education Coordinator offers a free, informative and interactive 911 Public Education class to all Allen schools from preschool age through high school. Kindergarten through

Contact: Website:

learn what 911 is and how to use it. A short Cell Phone Sally and Friends video is available and may also be shown. Grades 3 through 12 are reminded of how to use 911 correctly. Children and teens are taught about 911 capabilities and new 911 technology. Adults and senior citizens are re-taught how and when to call 911. They are taught 911 etiquette and reassured that it is OK to call 911. Special needs citizens are taught how to use 911 and what services are in place to best serve their needs. Classes are also offered to churches,

214.509.4359 AllenPolice.org

home owner associations, large corporations, etc. For questions or appointments, contact Public Education at publiceducation@ cityofallen.org.


The School Resource Officer Unit provides a multitude of law-related education classes for all grade levels. Courses include Crime Scene Investigation, Fingerprinting, Bicycle Safety, Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Crime Stoppers. The SRO Unit will also work with teachers to develop courses that integrate their curriculum into law related education. Please contact your school’s SRO or Sgt. Jason Erter at 214.250.4213 or nerter@cityofallen.org.


The Allen Animal Shelter, located at 770 S. Allen Heights Drive, is open to the public 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturday. The Shelter is closed on Sunday. The shelter offers tours or presentations for schools, civic groups, day care centers or anyone requesting further information. Visit CityofAllen.org/AllenAnimalShelter or call 214.509.4378 for more information.



WEB: AllenArtsAlliance.org PHONE: 972.727.7272

The Allen Arts Alliance is a nonprofit organization that serves as the umbrella organization for the arts and cultural organizations in the Allen community, including Allen Civic Ballet, Allen Philharmonic Orchestra and Symphony Chorus, Allen’s Community Theatre and Note-Ably North Texas Chorus.


WEB: AllenArtsAlliance.org/bh2 PHONE: 972.984.6711

Operated by Allen Arts Alliance, this non-profit art space located at Watters Creek (934 Watters Creek Blvd.) hosts arts exhibits, performing art events, art classes and workshops for all ages. The gallery is open 5-9 p.m. Wednesday-Friday, 1-9 p.m. Saturday and 1-6 p.m. Sunday.


WEB: AllenHeritage.org PHONE: 972.727.2772

ing the Lane-Carroll farm house. Contact the at the Allen Heritage Center (100 E. Main Guild to schedule tours. The Guild also hosts Street). A photographic history of Allen is on Christmas on the Prairie in December. permanent display. Special exhibits are featured periodically throughout the year. ExAllen Heritage Village The Allen Heritage Village features struc- hibit hours are second and fourth Saturdays tures that represent a range of architectural from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Exhibits are free and styles: frontier, prairie style, Queen Anne no reservations are required. To schedule and Craftsman Bungalow. The Allen Chris- group tours, please contact the Guild. Sam tian Church contains the original stained Bass Day is scheduled the last Saturday of glass windows that are adorned with the February every year at the Depot to celebrate names of Allen pioneer families. Book your the train heritage of Allen. Model trains are wedding, family or civic event at this won- on display in March. Flag Day is celebrated each June. Check the Guild website for inforderful example of a prairie style church. mation on exhibits and special events. Field Trips Students can learn about the history of Allen beginning at the Old Stone Dam, moving on to the Train Depot and ending at the Heritage Village where students will rotate through different learning stations: pumping water, cotton, supply and demand, maps, gathering eggs and a village tour. Field trips are scheduled from 9 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. There is no cost for an educational tour of Allen’s history. Traveling trunks of Allen’s history are available for third graders. Guild volunteers can come to your campus for the day and lead the hands-on activities that are in the trunks. History of Allen programs for second graders can also be scheduled at your campus. Contact Anne Gifford at 214.726.5970 to schedule.

The Allen Heritage Guild is dedicated to preserving and promoting Allen’s heritage. The Guild and the City of Allen have worked to depict Allen’s history as a farming community at the Allen Heritage Village. Two of the houses, the Wetsel House and the Lynge House, were restored in 2016. The Allen Christian Church, St. Mary Baptist Church and the Bolin House are also renovated and ready Allen Heritage Center/Train for visitors. The Guild is working on restor- Depot Museum The Allen Heritage Guild sponsors exhibits


Historic Videos

Allen City Television (ACTV) has produced a series of videos featuring historical Allen. For historical and resource information, contact Tom Keener at 214.509.4911. Allen Cemetery Grades 3 & up

The Allen Cemetery is the final resting place for Allen’s pioneers such as Wash and Parmelia Ford and RB Whisenant. Beginning with the cemetery’s organization by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the video continues with an interpretation of symbols on the tombstones. Then listen carefully to the rest of this 8-minute video to explore a narrative history of the historic Allen Cemetery. St. Mary Baptist Church Grades 3 & up

This 7-minute video showcases the only surviving one room school in Allen, St. Mary

Baptist Church. Enjoy a delightful narrative of a building that once served Allen’s African American population as a school and church. This video discusses the church’s historic role and how it stands as a monument to Allen’s African American history. Interurban Grades 3 & up

Experience a narrative and photographic history of the electric railway that connected Allen to Dallas, McKinney and Sherman. In an era with few cars, Interurban allowed Allenites to work and shop other communities. This 8-minute video shows original photos of Interurban cars and workers, yielding a wonderful glimpse of an important bygone era. Stone Dam Grades 3 & up

Discover the history of the only stone dam in Texas still standing that was used for railroad purposes. This 8-minute video contains rare archival photographs with a narrative history of the dam, its importance to Allen and the Guild’s efforts to preserve it for future generations.


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Keep Allen Beautiful (KAB) offers many volunteer opportunities to encourage environmental stewardship. For more information, visit KeepAllenBeautiful.com. Youth service projects are available from KAB and the City upon request. Guidelines for Advanced Scout Projects are available online at CityOfAllen.org/ScoutProjects. Any individual, family or group can participate in the Adopt-AProgram. There are several locations throughout the City that need adoption or periodic cleanup. Contact Josué Diaz at 214.509.4555.

Allen Telephone Company Grades 3 & up

Did you know Allen had an independently operated mom-and-pop phone company between 1913 and 1956? This 8-minute video discusses its importance to the Allen community and the communication challenges and advantages that citizens faced during the switchboard era.



WEB: bptmn.org outreach@bptmn.org

What can the Blackland Prairie Chapter of Texas Master Naturalist offer you? A cadre of well-trained volunteers that can assist you on a wide variety of subjects (birding, general ecology, natural history, fossils, insects, mammals, native plants, invasive species and basically, information about this area of Texas called the Blackland Prairie. Master naturalists are often available to provide classroom presentations to enhance school curriculum, contacts for Scout projects or badges working with natural resources and presentations about wildscaping, attracting pollinators and birds, preserving the native habitats of the area and sustainable land management. This volunteer program, which provides yearly training classes for master naturalist certification, is sponsored by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service and Texas Park and Wildlife Department, and partners with a variety of local organizations and communities in the education, restoration and preservation of native habitats and conservation practices.


WEB: bpraptorcenter.org PHONE: 469.964.9696 info@bpraptorcenter.org

Blackland Prairie Raptor Center is dedicated to environmental preservation through public education and the conservation of birds of prey and wildlife in their natural habitat. Programs feature live, non-releasable birds


of prey including hawks, owls and falcons native to North Texas and address how raptors benefit us, how to coexist with nature and how to recognize raptors in your neighborhood. Please note there is a fee for the presentations. These fees pay for the food and care of our raptors. Please contact BPRC to receive more information. BPRC hosts First Saturday Community programs on-site on the edge of Lavon Lake which include: raptor presentations, guided trail walks through endangered Blackland Prairie and seasonally themed activities about the web of life. BPRC travels to schools (curriculum varies based on grade level/desired outcome for a classroom, a grade or whole school), community events (for presentations or booth set-ups) and to organizations/corporations interested in learning more about birds of prey and the environment of North Texas. BPRC offers programming on-site by appointment for home school and community groups, project opportunities for scouts (Eagle/ Gold Award) and other corporations/organizations (group/individual volunteers), and limited camping opportunities. Blackland Prairie Raptor Center is a 501(c)(3) supported by private donations and local environmental organizations.

Show, Youth and Adult Education, Information Center, Research and Demonstration Gardens and many more.


WEB: connemaraconservancy.org PHONE: 469.200.4085 meadowmanager@connemaraconservancy.org

The Connemara Meadow is a 72-acre nature preserve located just off Alma and Bethany drives on the border of Allen and Plano. As one the first land trusts in Texas, Connemara has been at the forefront of land conservation and environmental education in Texas for more than three decades. The Meadow Nature Preserve offers a chance for students to experience the unspoiled beauty of nature and learn about work being done in the Meadow to restore native grasses, create habitats for the Monarch butterfly and other pollinators, as well as other projects currently under way. Meadow managers can work with you to customize an age-appropriate program for your students, including tours and nature walks. Connemara also offers opportunities for volunteer and Scouts projects. Call or email for information on pricing and to schedule a field trip or visit to the Meadow Nature Preserve.

C O L L I N C O U N T Y DALLAS ZOO MASTER GARDENERS WEB: dallaszoo.com ASSOCIATION education@dallaszoo.com

WEB: ccmgatx.org

The Collin County Master Gardeners Association is an educational volunteer program of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Master Gardeners are members of the local community who not only take an active interest in their own lawns, trees and gardens but also strive to promote sound horticulture, soil improvement, water conservation and many other subjects of importance to Collin County gardeners. They contribute time as volunteers through a wide variety of projects, such as: Information Booth, Speakers Bureau, The Garden

With more than 2,000 animals covering 106 acres of land south of Downtown Dallas, the Dallas Zoo is large enough to engage all types and ages of learners from Pre-K through adults. Spend a day there and see more than 200 different species of birds, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates. Register for a self-guided field trip and add on a guided tour or classroom program to take your lessons to a higher level. All programs are TEKS aligned and cover animals, habitats, zoo careers, veterinary medicine and more. And if it’s hard to get away from the school, let us come to you! The Animal

Adventures program brings animals like sloths, penguins, flamingos, owls, snakes and more to your campus for an engaging 45-minute lesson about biology, animals and conservation.

variety of mobile field investigations to your school. All programs can be customized to suit the needs of your students. Additional information, pricing and reservation request forms are available on the website.


WEB: cumulustechnologiesinc.com PHONE: 469.803.5643 info@cumulustechnologiesinc.com

Drones are more than just a toy or a hobby; they are vital tools for many different industries. Unmanned aviation jobs offer incredible growth potential. In fact, employers are seeking trained candidates to fill these high demand, high paying careers! Cumulus Technologies is a Drone Consultancy Company that helps individuals, enterprises and school districts integrate and operate UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) “Drones” in the NAS (National Airspace) for educational, civil or commercial needs. We can help develop a phased plan for implementing a UAS “Drone” program in your company or school by fitting your organization’s specific goals and ensuring your pilots are qualified and trained in safe and compliant flight operations.


In-Sync Exotics in Wylie is dedicated to the rescue of abused, neglected and unwanted exotic felines. In-Sync is home to over seventy cats representing nine different species. The sanctuary offers two educational programs: classroom presentations and guided tours. Classroom programs are offered at no cost to the school and can easily be adapted to any age group. Kindergarteners may enjoy learning more about the differences between exotic cats while high school students may be interested in learning about the habitats and behaviors of big cats or volunteer opportunities. Guided field trips are offered at a 25% discount off the requested donation rate. Students on a field trip will be introduced to a variety of exotic cats and age-appropriate information will be given by experienced tour guides. Participants often could be within a few feet of the cats and remain perfectly safe. For one week in June, we host Summer Safari Camp where children learn about each of the species we house, do art and research projects, plus get to swim in a tiger pool. (No tigers allowed!) See website for tour, field trip and price information.

WEB: heardmuseum.org

JOHN BUNKER SANDS Connect your students with nature! The WETLAND CENTER Heard Natural Science Museum offers a variety of educational programs for Pre-K through High School students at the museum or your school. In addition to self-guided visits of the museum’s indoor and outdoor exhibits and 5+ miles of trails in wooded, prairie and wetland habits, we offer guided nature trails, live animal presentations and a variety of TEKS aligned one and two hour field investigations in ecology and earth science topics. Or if you prefer, educators can bring live animal presentations and a

WEB: wetlandcenter.com PHONE: 972.474.9100 ldunn@wetlandcenter.com

Looking for a hands-on, field study-based trip for your students? The John Bunker Sands Wetland Center, situated in the middle of a 2,000-acre constructed wetland, is located in Seagoville, just south of the Dallas County line. The center offers educational programming for grades 4-12, delving into the wetland through student collected data, analysis and participation, all TEKS aligned.

Learning about wetland ecology & plants, water conservation or about the 257 bird species sighted on the property, the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center is the perfect environment to explore, discover and experience a wetland firsthand. Scholarships are available for schools to help cover transportation or program fees.


WEB: perotmuseum.org PHONE: 214.428.5555 Ext. 8 reserve@perotmuseum.org

The Perot Museum is more than a collection of exhibits and specimens. It also consists of experts and educators who share a commitment to inspiring minds through nature and science. They offer amaze your-brain programming to help students connect with scientific concepts and principles. Over the past year, Museum educators have created 17 new programs now available to school groups in the areas of Physical Science, Life Science and Earth Science. Programs are a great way to enhance your field trip to the Perot Museum, and they’re equally impactful when their educators come to your campus. Many programs are offered for multiple grade levels with program content and activities tailored to meet the learning needs of each age group. TEKS for each program can be found online. In addition to the permanent exhibit halls, this year there will be two limited time exhibits, Origins: Fossils From The Cradle Of Humankind (October 21, 2019- March 22, 2020) and The Science Behind Pixar (April 27- September 7, 2020).


CONTACT INFORMATION KEEP ALLEN BEAUTIFUL Phone 214.509.4551 Website KeepAllenBeautiful.com

CITY OF ALLEN STAFF Allen City Hall 214.509.4100 City Secretary Mayor’s Office 214.509.4107 Allen Community Services Department Education Specialist (Waste Services/KAB) JosuÊ Diaz 214.509.4555 jdiaz@cityofallen.org Education Specialist (Waste Services/Recycling) Andrea Smith 214.509.4552 asmith@cityofallen.org Education Specialist (Water Conservation) Laurren Langford 214.509.4553 llangford@cityofallen.org Community Waste Disposal Robert Medigovich 972.392.9300 ext. 226 Allen Community Development Department Code Compliance 214.509.4160 Allen Fire Department Linda Greenidge, M.Ed. 214.509.4413 lgreenidge@cityofallen.org Allen G.I.S. (Geographic Information Systems) Matt Brogan 214.509.4866 mbrogan@cityofallen.org Allen Public Library 24-hour recording 214.509.4900 Tom Keener 214.509.4911 Allen Municipal Court | Teen Court Natasha Castille 214.509.4393 ncastille@cityofallen.org Allen Parks and Recreation Department Main Number 214.509.4700 Alliance for a Healthier Allen Joey Ramos 214.509.4751 Allen Police Department Animal Shelter 214.509.4378 Community Relations 214.509.4359 Sgt. Jon Felty jfelty@cityofallen.org

R.A.D. Program Ofc. Sammy Rippamonti srippamonti@cityofallen.org School Resource Officer Sgt. Jason Erter nerter@cityofallen.org 9-1-1 Education Coordinator publiceducation@cityofallen.org


Allen Arts Alliance 972.727.7272 office@allenartsalliance.org Blue House Too 972.984.6711 bluehousetoo@allenartsalliance.org Allen Heritage Guild Anne Gifford 972.727.8985 Paula Ross 972.727.2772 Blackland Prairie Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists outreach@bptmn.org Blackland Prairie Raptor Center Eric Neupert 469.964.9696 info@bpraptorcenter.org Collin County Master Gardener Association Phone 972.548.4232 Connemara Meadow Nature Preserve Bob Mione 496.200.4085 meadowmanager@connemaraconservancy.org Cumulus Technologies Michael Hill 469.803.5643 info@cumulustechnologiesinc.com Dallas Zoo education@dallaszoo.com Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary Phone 972.562.5566 In-Sync Exotics Phone 972.442.6888 John Bunker Sands Wetlands Center Linda Dunn 972.474.9100 ldunn@wetlandcenter.com Perot Museum of Nature and Science Phone 214.428.5555 ext. 8 reserve@perotmuseum.org Download an interactive version of this guide at CityofAllen.org/EducatorExpo

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2019 Keep Allen Beautiful Educator Guide  

A guide to more than 100 classroom presentations, field trip opportunities, video resources and educational events offered by the City of Al...

2019 Keep Allen Beautiful Educator Guide  

A guide to more than 100 classroom presentations, field trip opportunities, video resources and educational events offered by the City of Al...