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How can you know yourself and develop spiritually? Answer some questions to begin the process As 95% of what we do, think and say occurs in our unconscious realm of being, most of us are not developed enough to know our inner selves. We do not know how we have unknowingly created our limiting beliefs, a controlling ego, and self-sabotaging behavior patterns.

If you really wish to get rid of these bottlenecks to personal and spiritual development marring your true potential, a question answer format works best.

After considering your life situations from the prism glass of certain important questions, you can develop a new perspective towards every aspect of your life.

These soul searching questions can be: •

If something is out of reach or forbidden, do you feel like having it all the more or forget about it?

Is there something about your life which you feel is not at all in your control?

Is there something completely in your control?

Does competition motivate you?

There must be a person you envy. Why him or her?

Are you comfortable with rules or do not mind flouting them?

What do you enjoy more – saving time or saving money?

Are you able to get rid of something you don’t need easily

When you answer these questions, or even begin to think about your life in this manner, everything becomes clear to you. Take one of these questions at a time and mull over it for some length of time. You do not need to rush yourself in your inward journey of knowing yourself.

A guided self-awareness program can also be useful for you to know more about yourself and make positive changes in life. Summary: If you wish to learn more about yourself, a good option is to ask some soul searching questions to yourself. For more about selfawareness, you can visit at

The journey of knowing yourself and developing spiritually