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Student QuickFind software and scanning services provides guidance offices the ability to easily search, view and print student’s final Transcripts.

ARDEM High School Transcript Retrieval and Storage: Spring time for a Guidance office is exceptionally busy, with the increased amount of calls requesting final H.S. transcripts to provide colleges and universities along with the incoming freshman and then the added requests of transferring students. The guidance department of a local school was spending inordinate amounts of time searching for and retrieving student records. The paper chase was inefficient and time consuming. The school turned to ARDEM to convert their paper records to digital. ARDEM converted school transcripts to digital scans, indexed the school transcripts and used ARDEM QuickFind search application to give the counselors efficient method to quickly locate student records and transmit these documents to the requestors. No more looking through boxes of old documents from years gone by that are in musty boxes or dark storage rooms.


Scan Student Record

Index Student Record with their Names

ARDEM’s services for scanning and data entry for educational records include:

Search Student Record with First Name Or Last Name

Pick up and inventory of received documents

  

Completion of any necessary document preparation Scanning and data entry from student records Search retrieval in ARDEM QuickFind search application.

 View/Print the Record/Document

For more information contact ARDEM at (908) 359-2600,, or visit us at ARDEM Incorporated, Hillsborough, New Jersey

ARDEM's Student QuickFind Search Application  

This pdf gives a discription and image of ARDEM's retrrieveal software. ARDEM tailors this software to be used by a range of clients includ...

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