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What is Title IX Law? Title IX is a federal civil rights law part of the Education Amendments of 1972. This saves people from unfairness on the basis of sex in education programs or other activities which get Federal financial assistance. What is sexual misconduct? Sexual misconduct includes: • Sexual harassment: Unwanted verbal or physical sexual approach which hamper work or school • Sexual assault: Any nonconsensual sexual contact. • Sexual exploitation: Abusive sexual conduct for one’s own advantage or another’s; comprising distributing sexual photographs or videos without agreement. • Stalking: If someone fear for their safety, due to following, or threatening a person or their property. Title IX is applicable to all educational organizations, public and private. Nearly every college and university must obey Title IX rules as they get federal finance via financial programs utilized by students. You can consult ​title ix defense lawyer ​if you or you know someone who have faced any of these behaviour. Attorney will tell you what you can do and how you can proceed with the case as per your rights.

Is Title IX applicable for athletics? Athletics programs come under educational activities. There are 3 primary parts of Title IX: • Participation: Women and men are given equal opportunity to participate in sports. Title IX doesn’t need institutions to get identical sports but an equal chance to participate; • Scholarships: According to Title IX both male and female athletes get scholarship proportional to their participation; and

• Other benefits: Equal treatment of male and female athletes in the providing (i) tools and supplies; (ii) organizing games and practice times; (iii) tutoring; (iv) locker rooms and competitive services; (v) medical and training services; (vi) dining facilities; (vii) recruitment of athletes and many other services. Title IX controls the complete equity of opportunity in athletics while providing schools the versatility to select sports based on interest, budget restraints, and gender ratio. Or we can say, it is not like that women are participating in wrestling or that equal amount of money is spent on women's and men's basketball player. Else, the concentration is on the requirement for women to have the same chance as men on a whole. Schools must focus on complaints related to discrimination, harassment and sexual violence. The school may not take unfavorable action against complainant-victim for complaint. You may have learned the event of harassment, violence, assault or stalking. Your response is vital and may decide whether someone who has gone through this should tell anyone else or look for expert help. Title IX coordinator is also available to any kind of help of queries related to your rights and responsibilities.

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What is Title IX Law?  

What is Title IX Law?