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Remove core transformer? the Flyback transformers cores are glued together with such a solid mass, one knows how to damage get down that without the ferrite core? But this is the resin of the transformers now or not? Is this also cable high voltage a kind of resin at the Flyback transformers? but a dst is Yes bottom properly thick encapsulated with epoxy resin. I don't think that is so easy to can simmer the. Ask I think Ozonizer who has one for its capacitor charger used. Yes, they are not shed down already, but the core. You can simply remove the BRACKET around the core and then pull it out. I have to cut along the core of the DST in itself, then the core goes out quite well. But might that he breaks, can they together put but relatively well with super glue again.

Don't know whether you do that also by ferrite soup, was so pink, slightly transparent adhesive. So all my nuts, I had to pull off only the clip and vigorously jerking, then he was out...

Cable high voltage