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Founded 1995 Allen F. Hainge, CRS Founder & President

We are a network of over 200 top agents from the US, Canada, the Bahamas & Australia

We believe in using today’s technology to connect with and serve today’s consumer

We believe in sharing our knowledge & expertise with our fellow CyberStars™ and with the real estate industry in general.

We are a family. We believe in helping each other succeed in our businesses & in life

What Are The Benefits Of CyberStar™ Membership?

• My membership in the CyberStars™ has been the single best thing I have done for my business! Over $10,000 in CyberStar™ referrals a year & exposure to the best tech marketing tools & strategies from top agents, my fellow CyberStars™ CyberStar™ Tim Kinzler Coldwell Banker R.E. Boca Raton, FL

• CyberStar™ membership has definitely taken my business to the top! This group of top agents from all over the world, goes way beyond a coaching group. You won’t find a group like this anywhere else. The referrals & friendships are priceless! CyberStar™ Linda DeVlieg Coldwell Banker Legacy Albuquerque, NM

• I just attended my first CyberStar™ Summit and have to say that it was one of the most informative technology focused groups I have ever been part of. If you want to grow your business, you have to be part of this unique group. I wouldn't be as productive as I am today without the tools that I have gained from my fellow CyberStars™. CyberStar™ Sven Andersen RE/MAX Leading Edge Winchester, MA

• Where in the world can you find a group that shares so freely and supports you in your business? These successful agents work like me, using tech tools to create value for my clients. The old saying, “Give and you get back 10 times” translates into 200 times when it comes to the CyberStars™! CyberStar™ Alan Mah Park Georgia Realty, LTD Vancouver, BC, Canada

• Participating in the CyberStars™ connects me with some of the top real estate technology minds in our industry. This group gives me a competitive advantage over others in my marketplace because I am plugged into the latest and greatest real estate technology before others in my market even know it exists. CyberStar™ Sam Miller RE/MAX Stars Realty Mt. Vernon, OH

• Of all my real estate memberships & affiliations, CyberStars™ is my favorite and most valued. I can, without hesitation, look back and say that I have obtained more ideas and business enhancement from the CyberStars™ than from most of my other affiliations combined! CyberStar™ Darryl Baskin McGraw REALTORS® Tulsa, OK

CyberStar™ Referrals…

One of our greatest member benefits is the number of referrals our members share between one another. When we send a referral to another CyberStar™, we know it will be handled by a true professional, one who uses today’s technology to provide maxim service to the client. The result? More commission dollars in your pocket!

CyberStar™ Referral Income Earned By Some of Our Members In A 12 Month Period..… $13,000 Dianne Dunne New Bern, NC

$10,000 Tim Kinzler Boca Raton, FL

$55,000 Maureen Cool Sebring, FL

$20,000 Linda DeVlieg Albuquerque, NM

$12,000 Nancy Argo Minneapolis, MN

$5,332 Crystal McCall Ocala, FL

$12,000 Roger Lautt Chicago, IL

$6,500 Jay McHugh Brookline, MA

Our CyberStar™ Summits

Each year, our CyberStar™ family gathers for 2-3 days of intense learning, networking….and fun! We have guest speakers and CyberStar™ speakers, panels and breakout groups. It is the most intense & information packed technology & marketing networking event in real estate today…bar none! Hundreds of ideas…and an implementation session!

The CyberStar™ Summit means learning from my top producing peers who were doing just yesterday what they are showing us today! Unlike other gatherings, we do not hear from hired speakers with an ulterior motive to sell products, folks who may not have sold a house in 10 years. Quite simply, it is the best learning experience out there! CyberStar™ Rob Levy Prudential Northwest Properties Portland, OR

A Few Topics From Our Recent CyberStar™ Summit… Building Your Business The CyberStar™ Way

Search Engine Optimization Tips & Techniques

• Amy Stoehr National Business Coach

• Mary McKnight SEO Expert

5 Essentials For A Consumer-Centric Web Strategy • Tricia Andreassen, CEO, ProStepMarketing

Social Fusion

Negotiation In The Internet Age

• James Nellis, CyberStar™

• Tim Burrell, CyberStar™

A Few Topics From Our Recent CyberStar™ Summit… How I Built My Business From $2 Million to $20 Million in 4 Years

Social Networking For Fun & Profit

Excellent Customer Service For Lifetime Referrals

• Sven Anderson, CyberStar™

• Teri Isner, CyberStar™

• Jo Ellen Nash, CyberStar™

Automated Followup Plans & Guaranteed Prospecting Strategies • Brad Korn, CyberStar™

How To “Stick It” In Today’s Market • Leslie McDonnell, CyberStar™ • Sven Andersen, CyberStar™ • Christina Whipple, CyberStar™ • James Nellis, CyberStar™

CyberStar™ Learning Opportunities on Our Private Google Group

Some Recent Topics On Our Google Group Web site designer recommendation

LinkedIn…or linked out?

9 closings in 47 days: what worked for me online books for marketing your services

Revised scripts for buyers

Team tips & techniques

Fujitsu Scan Snap: the paperless office is here!

Localism: tips & strategies

Some Recent Topics On Our Google Group Marketing with vFlyer & Craigslist

iPhone features & add-ons

REOs and short sales

WordPress as a basis for Web sites

Ideas from Cannon Beach & Orlando Summits

Jing project

Dealing with unusual properties

Flip Video: uses & postings on YouTube

Some Recent Topics On Our Google Group Marketing ideas using SnagIt

Sample ads that work in tight markets

Best small laptop recommendation

Listings: words that sell, words that detract

Social networking: tips & techniques

Video editing: software & tips

50 online applications & sites to consider

Time to buy Adobe: using Adobe to increase business

Greatest minitablet ever!

A Summary of CyberStar™ Benefits…

A Summary of CyberStar™ Benefits…

CyberStar™ Referrals

Private CyberStar™ List serve

Listing on Exclusive CyberStar™ Web Site

Private CyberStar™ Webinars Monthly

Networking At Annual CyberStar™ Summit

A Summary of CyberStar™ Benefits…

Spotlight In Allen’s Newsletter & Blog

Featured During Allen’s National Seminars

Private CyberStar™ Networking Groups At National/State Conventions

Constant Exposure To The Best Tech Tools & Marketing Strategies

Exposure To National Interviews & Features

What Does It Take To Join Our CyberStar™ Networking Family?

Dedication Commitment Technology Production


A CyberStar™ Has…

A Commitment To His/Her Career

Knowledge Of What Today’s Consumer Wants From An Agent

Use of Tech Tools That Meet The Needs of Today’s Consumer

A ConsumerOriented Web Site

A Willingness To Share With Fellow CyberStars™

We Require… A deep, effective consumer-oriented Web site (custom site or customized template site) High production (50+ transactions per year, although exceptions are made based on market size, market conditions & time in the business) Use of today’s tools to meet the needs of today’s consumer

We Require… Placing the CyberStar™ logo on the splash page of your Web site & linking to the CyberStar™ site

Attendance at 2 out of every 3 CyberStar™ Summits to retain exclusivity in ones market area. (If this requirement is not met, member may retain membership, but we reserve the right to place another applicant in his/her area.)

Participation in our private CyberStar™ Google Group

We Require‌ A willingness to share with your fellow CyberStars™ and with the real estate community in general

A one-time initiation fee of $325

Annual dues of $295 (prorated during initial year)

Being a CyberStar™ means more than just being part of a group of talented, cutting edge, generous, friendly, top-notch agents from diverse backgrounds and diverse places. It means more than applying the best technology can offer to buying and selling homes without sacrificing the personal touch. It means a family of agents that works together to foster the best in each other with the objective of making all of us better. It means being a part of a family that supports each other through good times and bad. It is a unique network where the sum is truly bigger than the parts.

CyberStar™ Allyson Hoffman RE/MAX North, Chicago, IL

If You Think You Qualify To Join Us, Email Our Director of Operations At

CyberStar(tm) Overview  
CyberStar(tm) Overview  

An overview of the CyberStars(tm), real estate's most effective technology & marketing networking group.