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Introduction Most couples, whether married or not, will go through rough patches at some point or another. The reasons are endless, from money problems to work related issues which contaminate every area of your life… But if there’s one type of concern that can really put your relationship in jeopardy, it’s: routine. When you’ve been living together for some time, that fire that you first felt when you met may have died out. In this presentation, we will see how you can breathe some passion back into your couple.

Go Out on a Date Remember how you two fell in love? There’s a great chance that it involved dates. You both went out and had fun, and that’s how the mutual attraction built and developed. Why have you stopped? Love is like a delicate flower that you need to attend to if you don’t want it to wither and die. So, set some time aside for your other half and take her to the restaurant or enjoy a night at the movies. Try to have at least 2 evenings per month, just for the two of you.

Poetry and the Power of Words Somehow, you and your partner drifted apart and you just don’t know how to get close again. Writing a letter to tell her/him how you feel can be a great way to achieve that goal. Sometimes, it’s easier to express yourself when you don’t have to face the other and can really focus on what you want to say to him/her. Also, writing a poem – whether it be romantic or erotic – can work wonders and sometimes suffice to rekindle that lost passion.

Learn to Massage If words can help you reach her/his heart, there’s nothing like the feel of touch to communicate your emotions. Physical contact is paramount to any relationship; that's why learning how to massage can be a good idea to bridge that gap between you and your partner, and help you both rediscover yourselves while easing any tension in your bodies.

Look into Marriage Counseling At times, despite your efforts, nothing seems to work and you just can't find how to save your couple. If that's your case, maybe it's time to get the help of a professional, especially if there's some resentment on your or your partner's part, or unresolved conflicts. The intervention of a marriage counselor, through active listening, therapy, or any other of the techniques at his disposal, could very well be the trigger you need to put your relationship back on its track.

Conclusion If, for some reason, the relationship with your partner has gone downhill, rest assured that it doesn't necessarily mean the end of it. Whether it be through counseling or your personal efforts, there exist several ways for you to bring back the love and passion, and get your feelings back to where they should be. Just take the time to listen to each other and make a commitment to give your relationship the top priority it deserves. This is how you will bring the passion back into your couple.

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