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About Us • As the name “Cloud People” implies that we deal in Cloud services. • We are among the most trustworthy cloud computing services provider in Australia. • We offers various cloud services with affordable plans. • We aim to support small scale businesses to grow more and more through our services.

About Us • We deliver the cloud services according to the requirements and the needs of a business. • We offer free trial to the clients and customers to make them know how much we are perfect in our work.

Cloud Servers • Cloud servers are the servers which are designed to store any kind of data and information like Audio, video, exe, word, excel files etc over the internet. • The combination of all the data and information is known as Cloud. • They are accessible from any place in the world but the only requirement is the presence of internet.

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Contact Us You can reach at Cloud People Pty Ltd Level 10, 210 Clarence Street Sydney, NSW2000 Call us at

1300 308510 +61 (0) 2 80902386 Mail us at