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THE VUVUZELA TIMES GRS South Africa - December 2012

James’ Journal pg. 1

RCT GOAL Trial Update pg. 1

Cape Town pg. 2 Soweto Pg. 3

GRS Soweto is thrilled to welcome two new members, Cedric Nukeri as Site Coordinator and Chief Leeuw as Office Administrator to their team this month

Port Elizabeth: pg. 4

PE graduates 9,000, In her own words: GRS intern Barrett Martin reflects on mural project at FFCH. pg. 4

GRS Kimberley pg. 5 KImberley runs HTC, and graduates 65 inmates

GRS Alex: Coach Fox and Ayanda story: pg. 6

Interview with Coach Fox Pg. 6

Coaches Corner: Siphebawo “Splash” Sukaze: pg. 8 Coach “Splash” reflects on his first year and what he hopes to accomplish next year. Pg. 7

Graduates: pg. 8


urna o J ’ s e Jam 27 338. These are PPP graduates currently in Salesforce. Our target for the period of the PPP, from April 2012 to December 2012 is 28 554. In a year with tough challenges from tight budgets to tricky school recruitment this is a massive achievement! Congratulations to all the coaches, interns and staff that have made it possible, as well as all the individuals and organizations that supports us! We still have some targets to reach but we can all be very proud of what we’ll be reporting to our funders. Each of those thousands of children had the opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with a caring adult in their community. If we did our job right it is in those relationships that we are making a real difference. That is why

we get up every morning. Those relationships mean children know how to protect themselves from HIV, have places to go for help and feel empowered to make a difference themselves. If this is true for even a fraction of our graduates think of the impact we are having… Thank you for believing in GRS, and in each other. 2013 is a chance to really focus on the amazing young people that volunteer to be our coaches. If we stay focused and honest we can all turn GRS SA into the phenomenal organization we believe it deserves to be.

James Donald, SA Managing Director


RCT GOAL trial update


he first year of the GOAL Trial is officially completed! From January until March this year, 30 schools in Port Elizabeth and 16 schools in Cape Town were enrolled to participate in the GOAL Trial. Out of these 46 schools, half at each site were randomly selected to receive the Generation Skillz 2.3 program, while the other half would receive the Life Orientation curricula the schools provided. From March until September, the research teams in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town recruited nearly 4,500 grade 9 learners from the 46 high schools to participate in the GOAL Trial. The research teams collected behavioral data from each participant on Samsung phones using an application called Open-Data Kit (ODK). They also collect-

PE research team celebrate RCT even with Braai. Pictured: (from left to right): former coaches Lavista, Tami, Nosiphiwo (“Shuffle”), former intern Jimmy, former coaches Amy, Chika, Sindi, Team leader Scott, and former CPC/coach Glad.


ed blood samples from over 4,100 of the participants. After the research teams completed data collection in a school that was randomly selected to receive Generation Skillz 2.3, the GRS coaches went into the school and began implementing in the grade 9 classes. Port Elizabeth and Cape Town staff and coaches worked hard to complete Generation Skillz 2.3 by the end of 2012. Due to this hard work, we can proudly announce that we have more than 2,000 graduates from GOAL Trial intervention schools! Thank you to GRS Port Elizabeth and Cape Town for all the hard work! We’re very excited to continue to move forward with the GOAL Trial in January 2013!

CT RCT research team leader Rebecca and 4 survey administrators. pictured (from left to right): Nzuki, former coaches Nosiphiwo (“Shuffle”), Dan, team leader Rebecca, and former coach Sindi.


Cape Tow


ovember passed in a whir of craziness at the Foot- painting on the exterior walls of our beloved center with ball for Hope Center Khayelitsha. The final push to an awesome mural. It was inspiring to see different finish all of our interventions before schools closed parts of the community take ownership of this project in for the holidays left the whole Cape Town team exhaust- this way, and the end-result is just beautiful. Thank you ed. But it was well worth it! With commitment, collabora- Barrett for transforming the aesthetics of our center! tion, and our deepest energy reserves, we were able to Finally, FFHC Khayelitsha welcomed a very different kind of visitor this month: Dr. Orla Cronin, graduate participants from each of our interventions, including our Goal FFHC Khayelitsha has been physically, a renowned M&E expert from InFoTrial participants! A special shout- permanently, and artistically imprinted cus, visited the center to review the out to coaches who were imple- by its community members via its very development of a framework that she helped to create in an intensive menting in Goal Trial classrooms – own mural, designed by one of our 4-day workshop this past April. Dein the first few weeks of November, very own GRS interns! spite some of the anxiety surroundthese coaches worked double-time to close out the year, adapted to constantly changing ing M&E, Dr. Cronin’s review helped the center staff recogschedules, and maintained their commitment despite the nize how much progress has been made in the short time high-pressure situation! Thanks GRS Cape Town coaches! since Dr. Cronin’s April visit. With her help, as a team, we Amidst all of this craziness, FFHC Cape Town also wel- were able to decide on a new organizational structure for comed the calming presence of an artist this Novem- FFHC M&E, and to make specific action plans for 2013. ber. Barrett Martin, programmes intern in Port Elizabeth, spent two weeks with us here in Cape Town,

GRS intern Barrett Martin works on mural at FFCH with children from Khayelitsha

Teams play find the ball before a game at FFHC FFHC has been busy this month hosting tournaments




s the 2012 school year comes to a close, GRS Sowe- pletion of another Skillz Street intervention at Vuyani Secto is gearing up for its last hurrah with two HCTs and ondary School where the girls were overjoyed to receive a Skillz Holiday Camp in the coming weeks. GRS their certificates and celebrate their accomplishment with Soweto will be launching its first HCT in its new location one another. Although there were some major challenges in Orange Farm, a community where GRS is hoping to during this particular intervention, the GRS female coachextend its programs through the work of George Tsoari, es and staff pulled together to make sure the participants one of the current Project Coordinators. George has been got the most out of the program. Due to lack of support vigorously organizing and planning this HCT as well as from the South African government for conducting voluncounseling and testing in working to recruit coaches to begin im- GRS Soweto is thrilled to welcome two tary plementing GRS curricula in schools new members, Cedric Nukeri as Site schools, many school adminnext year. George and the rest of the Coordinator and Chief Leeuw as Office istrators pushed back against Soweto team hope to build a strong Administrator to their team this month the idea of going through with Practice 9 of Skillz Street, which foundation at the new site in Orange involves testing participants for Farm by developing good relationships with stakeholders, gaining the support of the communi- HIV. After postponing this particular practice as well as the ty, and ultimately implementing successful interventions. graduation, the GRS team decided it would be best to invite two representatives from a local clinic to come speak As for the upcoming HCT, we’re expecting over 500 with the girls about the importance of testing and provide people from the community to come and take part in them with the necessary resources for following up with this ground-breaking event. Not only will we be pro- testing. Even though the practice was not delivered as viding voluntary counseling and testing for the play- originally planned, the GRS team found an effective soluers participating in the soccer tournament and their tion that ensured that the participants would receive esfamilies, but we will also be partnering with the local sential information about HIV counseling and testing. Sports & Recreation Association to test players who will be participating in a nearby netball tournament. GRS Soweto also achieved great success with the com-

Coach Mpho at Boikanyo Primary with participants



ab Port Eliz


hen the interns returned from Cape Town to celebrate the American holiday, Thanksgiving, the staff too decided to have their own. Over a Thanksgiving Braai, interns and staff went around and shared what they were thankful for. It reminded all of us of what we do everyday and the significance of reaching over 9,000 graduates for the year!

orientation day in December and the TOC next January.

The month also closes with an HCT lead by the coaches themselves on World AIDS Day. Bej, a coach here for 2 years now is in charge of organizing the soccer teams and expresses, “it means that I get to be responsible for whether GRS actually reaches the goals Port Elizabeth is very excited to have and tests these guys.” It may The Port Elizabeth site heads into reached over 9,000 graduates for this be the last HCT he gets to help the end of November finishing inter- year, greatly surpassing our initial facilitate, but he says he has learned, “how imperative it is to ventions for the year while prepar- target of 7,000 get a HIV test,” and has gained ing for the final Skillz Street Holiday and Skillz Holiday Camps. The site has also taken in 21 leadership skills through the coaching experience. He new coaches into the Grassroot Soccer family. The pro- hopes to continue working in sports after coaching with GRS. cess of recruitment was extensive and we are happy to involve more community leaders working on the vision of Grassroot Soccer. The excitement continues with an

Coach “Spida” helps with Mural at FFHC Barrett and a community member work on mural at FFHC

PE intern Barrett Martin relfects on mural project at FFHC in Khayelitsha


or a week in November, I saw an opportunity to travel to Cape Town and share something I love: painting. The Football for Hope Center in Khayelitsha had a blank wall and an idea of a project grew. I saw it as a rather straightforward mostly-solo project for the week, but by the end of my time there, I was happily proven wrong. On day 1 Poppi, one of the FFHC staff, immediately found an extra paintbrush and asked what needed to be painted. I was so taken back, but pleased by her willingness to help and her desire to see the mural’s success.

Foot traffic around the center created an audience and on Wednesday one member seemed more intent on assisting than watching. He was 14 years old and incredibly quiet. Throughout the day he stayed, curiosity growing and asking constantly what he could do next to help me. I was running out of sections in his height range but nervously said he could paint the thin black lines. It took a certain amount of technique and he didn’t believe he could do it. I was not really sure either and I was afraid he was going to mess up. At that moment, it occurred to me that


it did not matter if he could do it or not; he was willing to just try. Paint is forgiving, it allows for error. If you don’t like something you can paint over it, work with it, and use your mistakes to create something entirely new and unexpected. If you want, you can even call it resilient. There was never a point where I felt like a stranger to the Football for Hope Center and the surrounding community. I was so touched by the staff’s, the coaches’, and the community’s unwavering joy to pick up a paintbrush. Even when a whole bucket of white acrylic splattered on a group of kids, and myself, I still had a line of 8 plus kids waiting patiently to make their mark. As a Port Elizabeth intern, I may not be able to visit Khayelitsha or the Football for Hope Center, but I am so happy others can enjoy the mural and be able to take ownership whether filling in the yellow section or the thin black lines.




RS Kimberley is very proud to say we have just Inspired by the Khayelitsha site’s first ever GRS SKILLZ finished implementing our Generation SKILLZ Street Holiday camp, the crew here in Kimberley thought program in the local Correctional Service here it would be a wonderful way to reach the young ladies in Kimba. Male and female staff and coaches alike ran of our community. After some challenges with schools practices for over 60 male juveniles who welcomed us writing exams, we decided to hit up one of our favorite into their world with enthusiasm. They actively partici- schools, Tshwarelela Primary, where they are always expated in every session by offering feedback, answering cited to have Grassroot Soccer work with their learners. our questions, and asking so many questions of their The girls at this camp were everything you would want for a SKILLZ Holiday: energetown that practices exceeded the time constraints at each intervention. One Kimberley coaches graduated ic, curious, interested, hungry, of our new coaches, MacDonald Moral- 65 juveniles from the local cor- and ready to dance! With 180 graduates from a single camp, di, is the reason we were able to work rectional service this month! the Kimberley team is very exwith these boys, so we owe a big KILO to MacD for hooking us up! When we visited these cited to announce that we have exceeded our SKILLZ young men, the positive impact we had on their day was Street target for this year! With an HCT on World AIDS obvious. We only hope that when they are released Day December 1st and a Generation SKILLZ Holiday they will remember Grassroot Soccer, their SKILLZ Camp the following week, Kimberley is buzzing with coaches, and the lessons they learned about mak- GRS activity‌ watch out for those yellow shirts! ing the right decisions towards leading healthier lives.

Coach Issie with SKILLZ Street Holiday girls

SKILLZ Street Holiday girls writing newspaper stories


Coach Wendy with SKILLZ Street Holiday girls

SKILLZ Street Holiday closing circle


Alexand Player Profile: Ayanda, 14, Moroka Lions FC, Alexandra


RS Alex was proud to host its second HCT this past month. Amid laughter, excitement and a wonderful turnout by players and spectators from all over Alex, the HCT provided yet another amazing opportunity for our site to grow and show itself within our surrounding community. Let’s take a look at some highlights from the day that made it truly special…

first match of the day. Instead of sulking in the corner, Ayanda spent the entire day on Coach Fox’s back, being piggybacked from GRS Activities and MMC info sessions to his team’s matches. At the end of the day, Ayanda was found (still on Coach Fox’s back) heading towards the HCT tents; through all the pain, Ayanda had decided to test for HIV. Upon asking him why he decided to test despite his injury, Ayanda replied emphatically with a big smile, “I wanted to know my status”!

“I want to know my status”

Ayanda, a fourteen year old participant during GRS Alex’s HCT on 17 November, sprained his ankle in his team’s

Catching up with coach Fox from Alexandra


o keep an entire soccer team of teenagers organized for a day is hard. Now try doing it with a 14-year old on your back the whole time! Let’s get to know a little bit more about Coach Fox and what, for him, made GRS Alex’s HCT on 17 November a day to remember.

So your nickname is Fox--What’s up with that? It’s actually my surname. Pretty cool, huh? Why did you want to become a GRS Coach? I was looking for a life changing opportunity, both for myself and others in my community of Alexandra. For me, GRS is perfect for this. Looking back to the HCT we hosted in Alex on the 17th, what part of it did you find most fun? Everything, really—the activities, the live music, the matches—it was all great, I could tell not just from my own perspective but because everyone was always smiling and laughing. On that day, the first time I really saw you in action was when you were carrying a player on your back—what was that all about? That was HANDS DOWN one of the coolest things I’ve been a part of. Ayanda, the player from my team who injured his ankle, just hobbled over to me and said he wanted to go get tested for HIV but couldn’t walk there. So I picked him up and carried him over. Wow, that’s an incredible story. Now let’s spend some time getting to know the real fox—you cool with that? Definitely. Cool. What do you like to do in your spare time? I like to play soccer, my feet are like lightning. If you ever get to meet me try not to be fooled by my Maradona. Originally from? Alexandra all day! Hidden talent? I can sing R&B and dance as well. Ideal date? The Sandton Mall—that place is crazy nice! Thanks for talking, Fox! Sharp. 6

GRS coach Fox carries Ayanda on his back at HCT .

Coachs’ Corner Catching up with Siphebawo “Splash” Sukaze as he reflects on the end of his first year. Emva kokugqiba unyaka wakhe wokuqgala ucoach Siphebawo “Splash” Sukeze eyi-Generations Skillz Coach eKhulani High School kwa Langa, uye wahlala pantsi ne Vuvuzela Times ephendula imibuzo ngamava awafumeneyo kulo uphelileyo kunye njenjongo zakhe kunyaka omtsha ozayo. Coach Splash yintoni ekwenze ukuba uzibandakanye noGRS? Enye yezinto ezindenze ukuba ndibe nomtsalane kuGRS kungoba bendifuna ukwenza umahluko ekuhlaleni. Ndiyakuthanda ukufundisa kwaye ukuba yiGRS coach indinike ithuba lokufundisa nge life skills, nangokuba thina bantu abatsha singajongana njani nengxaki esihlangabezana nazo silulutsha lase Mzantsi Afrika. Ucinga ukuba unyaka wakho wokuqala uhambe njani uyi GRS coach? Ebe ngungqabhambili, kwaye ndincedakele ndatsho ndakwazi nokuthetha phambi kwabantu abaninzi nditsho naphambi kwabantwana abancinci. Ndifunde ukuzithemba kunye nokuba yinkokheli. Yintoni imiqweno yakho okanye izinto ofuna ukuzizuza kunyaka ozayo? Unyaka ozayo uzakuba nzima kakhulu kum ngoba ndifuna ukuzuza lukhulu kunalo sibuya kuye. Ndinqwenela ukwenza izinto ngokuzithemba futhi ngawo onke amandla endinawo ukunceda ulutsha endikhula nalo ukulwa isifo sika- gawulayo.

Coach “Splash” celebrates Generation SKILLZ graduation with participants

Ndicinga ukuba ndinganalo nethuba lokwenza lukhulu ngendikufundileyo kwaGRS. Kodwa eyonanto yeyokuba ndizakufumana ithuba lokulungisa zonke impazamo endithe ndazenza kunyaka ophelileyo. Yintoni oziqhenya ngayo kulo nyaka woku qala kwa GRS? Xa ndijonga emva kulo nyaka uphelileyo bendisoloko ndizimisele ndisenza ngako konke endinako, ukunika abantwana inkxaso, lonto indenza ndiziqenye. Eyona mini endenza ndiziqenye kakhulu yile yanamhlanje ye “Skillz Graduation” xa abantwana befuna izatifiketi zabo, iyandivuyisa lonto ngoba nabo bayabona ukuba umsebenzi wabo unomvuzo ekugqibeleni. Ungazipha gcebiso yiphi ezinye icoach zase GRS? Eyona nto ebalulekileyo kum kukwazi ukumamela futhi ube ngumntu ofikelelekayo, uzame nokuzilinganisa nabo abantwana…..Ukuba yi-coach ndikufumana kubalulekile ukuthetha-thethana emva kokwenza umsenzi ngoba lonto indinceda ukuba ndikwazi ukuhlaziya umsebenzi endiwenzileyo futhi inceda nokuba ndingaphindi impazamo endithe ndazenza ngaphambili. Enye into ebaluleke kakhulu yeyo kuba xa usenza izinto kufanele uzenze ngendlela elula kuwe.

English Translation After completing his first year as a Generational SKILLZ coach at Kulani high in Langa, coach Siphebawo “splash” Sukeze sat with the Vuvuzela Times to reflect on his first year and what he hopes to accomplish next year. Coach Splash what made you want to become a GRS coach? One of the things that really drew me to GRS was the fact that I wanted to make a difference. I love to teach and being a GRS coach gives me the opportunity to teach more about life skills

I will also have the option to do more things with the skills that I have from GRS. But most of all, it will give me the opportunity to correct all the mistakes that I made the previous year. What are you most proud of at the end of your first year? Looking back, I have to say that I always give it my best effort. I give it my all. Just giving hope and supporting the kids makes me very proud. And best of all days like today [Skillz graduation] make me feel very proud. The kids receiving their certificates was very important for me because they are able to see their hard work pay off.

“Personally for me as a coach you must learn to listen and be approachable.”

and how to overcome the challenges we as young South Africans face everyday in our communities How do you think your first year went as a GRS coach? It was awesome. I really love standing in front of the kids. It helped me with my communication skills and my confidence. I was also able to become a leader as well. What do you hope to get accomplish next year? For me, next year will be even more challenging because I want to do better than this year. I hope to do things with more confidence and give my best to help my generation fight HIV. I think


What advice can you give other coaches in the GRS community? Personally for me as a coach you must have the ability to listen and learn to be approachable. Also, try to be a peer and understand the kids. As a coach, I find it important to debrief because it helps you share the challenges you are facing and maybe you can get some advice. But must of all, as a coach, always try to simplify things for yourself.


Graduates Stad

Check out how many of your site’s participants have filled the SKILLZ Stadium





SKILLZ graduates as of October 31, 2012


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