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THE VUVUZELA TIMES GRS South Africa- 2013 Issue 1

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A look back at 2012 James’s Journal pg. 1

GRS focuses on coach development Pg. 1 Port Elizabeth pg. 2 Kimberley pg. 3 13 year old Portia Bantsha talks SKILLZ pg. 3 Soweto pg. 4 Alexandra pg. 5 Khayelitsha pg. 6 Coaches Recognition: Lucky and Sassy pg. 7

Graduation Stadium pg. 8

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GRS SA sites welcome new coaches in 2013


James’s Journal Hello GRS South Africa and friends, If you are a new coach or staff member, welcome to the family. For those who are returning, I hope you share everything you know with the new coaches and learn a few things in the process! Each of us has made a personal commitment to be a caring coach in our community. Do not underestimate the power you have to make a difference. UNAIDS and our government have committed to ‘Getting to Zero’ in our life time:

Zero New HIV infections. Zero Discrimination. Zero AIDS related Deaths. However, I know we all have the power to ‘Get to Zero’ today. Think about what things YOU can do every day to prevent new HIV infections. Make an effort to challenge your OWN thoughts and actions to end stigma and discrimination. Finally, take action to make sure you and those around you know their status and how to access treatment so we can live with HIV and beat AIDS.

James Donald, SA Managing Director

Thank you again to everyone for your support and care for Grassroot Soccer South Africa and all we are trying to achieve. James

Coach development gets into full gear at GRS


rassroot Soccer is proud to announce that we will now have a bigger focus on coach development. We have realized that Grassroot Soccer has a big responsibility to teach and develop our coaches to not only be great implementers of SKILLZ, but also to develop coaches as individuals. In many ways, we have a larger impact on coaches since we engage with them over the span of 2-years. With a new partnership with Barclays, we have put coaches first and launched SKILLZ UP (Unlocking Potential) a formalized programme that will give coaches as much support and as many resources as possible in order to not only create strong facilitators, but more importantly strong community leaders. The intention of the program is to create well-rounded individuals who are more employable and capable of leaving GRS after 2-years to go on to bigger and better things. This programme will include 1-on-1 computer sessions and development courses in communication, employability, financial education and leadership.



“SKILLZ UP” Curriculum for coach development


Port Elizabeth


ecember, January, and Febuary are months that remind us how many Grassroot Soccer acronyms have the letter C and T in them: TOC, RCT, HCT. TOC: (Training of Coaches) “I learned how to live life and to open up our hearts” is the answer one of the new coaches, Anelisa Tshotyana, gave into what represents the SKILLZ 1.3 TOC has taught her. She is one of the 26 new coaches that have joined the Port Elizabeth team that went through the January TOC. If Analisa’s answer was not magical enough, maybe you will be convinced by our very own Harry Potter’s answer who said he gained “confidence in speaking with an audience and more information about HIV and AIDS.” Our enchanting master coach, Siya and the PE CPCs, Nowie, Mandisa, Ntombi, and VIP cast these spells of confidence and knowledge on the Port Elizabeth coaches. HCT: (HIV Counseling and Testing) “The day was a success and no hiccups, but maybe it was too hot.” Lusi, a coach and soccer referee, explained when asked to describe the most recent HCT on 9 February. December and February each had an HCT in both Zwide and Northern Areas in which we tested a total of 237 participants or spectators. During the most

Teams participate during an HCT in PE

recent HCT, in conjunction with SANAC and UNAIDS, the AFCON tournament, we were able to give the winning team tickets to the 3rd place game! RCT: (Randomized Controled Trial) “We can see now if Gen SKILLZ makes a differences in the kids who participated last year because this year we can see the comparison between the control group and the intervention group” Matt, the PE intern involved in the GOAL trial, explaining what makes him excited about this research project. PE had the privilege of hosting the Cape Town GOAL trial team in the beginning of January by welcoming Zak Kaufman and Rebecca Hershow to train the new research team. Shuffle, a member of the GOAL trial team last year, is now leading her own team as the 2nd year of the GOAL trial kicks off. “It is a big challenge because I have never led a team before, but I also have gained experience and keep learning more, always listening and motivating everyday,” says Shuffle on what it means to step up in this new role. Coaches were trained to facilitate the Generation Skillz Utshintsho curriculum by Jamison Merrill and Derek Daniels and were accompanied by Stefanie Dringus, the GOAL Trial process evaluation and qualitative outcomes manger. In all, everyone is very excited and prepared to see the success of this year’s GOAL trial.

Coaches during a ToC in PE

Zak Kaufman and Rebicca Hershow with the Goal Trial Team in PE




year of setbacks, foreboding, and ultimate triumph, the Kimberley Team closed out 2012 satisfied, yet hungry for more. Before we dive into the details we would like to give a huge shout-out to Trevor Prophet, one of last year’s Kim-terns who left us at the end of 2012. Trevor was an irreplaceable member of our team, not only because he Took a Stand for Coach Development, but because his energy, enthusiasm, and sense of self were unrivaled. Endless TLCs, snaps, and Kilos from his family in Kimba. As we part ways with some, we welcome others, and GRS Kim is excited about the new troop of WOMEN that recently joined our ranks. After a group interview, 1on1 interviews, more 1on1 interviews, and hearty debate, 20 candidates became 9 new female SKILLZ Coaches after a successful 1.3 ToC week. The potential

in these women is inspiring and our staff is already looking forward to mid-year when we will train them in SKILLZ Street and unleash them on the young ladies of Kimberley. As excited as we are about the new, it is the old that form the backbone of our site. After much deliberation, our staff decided to offer some of our veteran coaches, whose contracts recently ended, the opportunity to re-apply and stay on as coaches for another year. More interviews took place and we found that the GRS fire burns strong in 7 of our veterans. These men and women are now using their experience to guide our new coaches as they learn the ropes, enter classrooms with as much passion as ever, and of course, learn and develop their SKILLZ as coaches and leaders in the Kimberley community and beyond.

Coach Nomi during a ToC

First of all I will like to say greetings to you all by the way.



Coaches doing “fact/Nonsense during ToC

My name is Portia. My surname is Bantsha. I am in grade 7. I am 13 years old.

When I grow up I want to become a police to stop rapists who ruin teenagers lives. I like

Skillz I will never forget Skillz because it taught me things I did not know about life so now I know almost everything about life because of Skillz. I love all my coaches especially when they do an energizer. I want to thank GRS managers, leaders for sending Skillz coaches to teach us many things in life they show us love they have for us. We appreciate that, my favorite practice is My Supporters. I learned that I must always be supportive to people with HIV/AIDS and never say that someone has HIV when I see her/him thin, skinny many pimples in face. I want to give you this message that the decisions

you make today will affect the life that you will live tomorrow

so make a wise decision and make it with gratitude by abstaining and protecting yourself from HIV. Thank you !!! P. Bantsha, Kimberley




it h o n e H C T p e r month in the last three months, GRS Soweto has been quite busy hosting HCTs and presenting Grassroot Soccer activities to international partners and funders. Beginning in December, GRS Soweto kicked off its HCT spree on World AIDS Day with one HCT at the Nike Football Training Center and another at the Nike Center in Orange Farm. Although GRS Soweto faced some difficulties with team attendance, the number of people tested for the day totaled almost two hundred and fifty from both Soweto and Orange Farm combined. The beginning of the African Cup of Nations presented GRS Soweto with the opportunity to host Michel Sidibé, the executive director of UNAIDS, and Michael Ballack, the Goodwill Ambassador for UNAIDS on January 19th, 2013. Guests were greeted at the Nike Football Training Center and escorted by a couple of our veteran coaches, Itumeleng Romario and Lindiwe Tshabala, who proceeded to give a detailed tour of the entire center. Finally, Ballack finished off the day by conducting a small clinic for some of the local Sowetan youth teams and playing in a small pick-up game with coaches. In our most recent HCT tournament held on February 9th, 2013, one of GRS’s biggest funders, Comic Relief, came through to learn more

Soweto coaches particapte during a ToC

about the impact that GRS has had on the community and the lives of coaches in particular. Ten coaches from GRS Soweto and GRS Alex engaged in a roundtable discussion with Comic Relief representatives, sharing stories, experiences and creating a real cross-cultural connection. GRS Soweto also welcomed ambassadors from a group called Show Me Your Number, which included African celebrities such as South African musician, Chicco Sello and former Moroka Swallows football player Steve Sekano. Like the previous HCT, our visitors participated in two GRS activities: Find the Ball and Risk Field followed by an indepth discussion, thus giving them a better understanding of the type of interventions coaches deliver in schools ever y day. The HCT was also suppor ted by the S outh Af rican National Aids C ouncil initiatives. Of course, these events didn’t take place without a few challenges. For instance, due to miscommunication with HIV testing partners prior to these HCTs, GRS Soweto was unable to test a high number of participants because of strict age limits imposed by the testing partners. Going forward, GRS Soweto will work to ensure that all participants in the tournament will have the opportunity to test and plan accordingly for future HCTs so that all targets for testing will be reached.

Visitors from Comic Relief play “Find The ball” in Soweto

Soweto coahes doing “Risk Field” during a ToC




his is a great time of year; the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and GRS Alex is celebrating its third year as a site! So far this year has proven to be a great one. In January, all of our coaches attended one of two ToCs and became trained in two new curriculums: our veteran coaches in Generation SKILLZ 2.3 and our first-year coaches in Skillz 1.3. “I love ToCs”, says first-year Coach Kgomotso Mlambo. “During the Skillz 1.3 ToC I got to know our brand new coaches and was very impressed by the experience and passion they are bringing to the team. It was also great to have Tony and Mookie facilitating the training-they always make

Coaches duing ToC in ALEX

everything exciting and fun!” With the ToC under their belts, the coaches of GRS Alex now have the tools and knowledge to implement programs in Alexandra and assist with the site’s expansion to neighboring communities. GRS Alex is also very excited to announce that construction of the new Football for Hope (FFHC) Center is underway and scheduled to be complete this coming winter! The news came in the beginning of February after a visit to Alex by FIFA Head of Corporate Social Responbility Frederico Addiecdi, in January. From GRS Alex to all our family across the GRS-iverse, we give you a BIG Happy New Year KILO!

Football For Hope Centre construction underway in Alexandra




olweni zihlobo! Kunjani? Since it would take a novel to cover all of the major events that have happened in Khayelitsha since December consider the following to be a highspeed run down at site level in Khayelitsha for the last 3 months. December kicked off (literally) with a fabulous World Aids Day tournament, expertly planned and executed by our PC, Vuyo, with support from the rest of the team. We welcomed the support and participation from Inyanda - a partner organization with a mission to strengthen young communities through the use of sports, art, and culture – who attended and donated medals to the events. Coaches were each assigned to a team to facilitate activities such as, “Find the Ball,” while their teams were off the field, and were their teams biggest (and loudest!) supporters while on the field. (CPC Mphaki rushed the field all by herself after her team scored a crucial goal.) Skillz Holiday in Strand closed out December in 2012’s final sprint. With close to 100 male SKILLZ 1.1 participants and a small contingent of SKILLZ Street girls, the December SKILLZ Holiday offered an incredible opportunity for coaches to demonstrate their commitment, team-work, and adaptability. If there is one key word that characterizes December Holiday 2012 it is ADAPTABILITY! An absolutely howling summer wind crushed plans to conduct the week-long holiday programme outside. In an inspiring show for his first major project as a CPC, camp director Buntu had to scrape together enough indoor space to accommodate 100+ participants. Because the Strand venue is a sport/ recreational facility, finding enough indoor space meant running implementations in gym spaces next to sweating, grunting, weight-

lifting men! Although conditions were not ideal, the Holiday Camp went on, and despite the circumstances, graduated engaged and enthusiastic participants! Then came Grassroot Soccer’s long holiday, which was followed almost immediately by coach recruitment, new coach orientation, and two back-to-back ToC’s. Orientation showered our 21 new coaches with information about Grassroot Soccer and the ins and outs of SKILLZ coaching. SKILLZ 1.3 training (which followed immediately after) allowed our coaches to fully immerse themselves in the world of SKILLZ coaching. Cape Town’s 1.3 ToC had it all, which included TLC practice, energizers, teach-backs, vital conversations and even soccer at lunch! Nonetheless, despite the great value of each of these amazing experiences, one event surpassed them all: Khayelitsha’s Generation Skillz Booster training from 11 February to 15 February 2013. For this week-long event, the training team and the Goal Trial team came together to train Khayelitsha’s Gen SKILLZ Goal Trial coaches on a brand new curriculum that was developed directly from the results of the first round of the Goal Trial. Highly focused on gender, powerdynamics, and social/cultural norms, the Booster curriculum and training challenged everyone present in unprecedented ways. In some instances, the sensitivity of these issues made these challenges difficult to confront and difficult to discuss. But ultimately, with mutual dedication and support, the whole team involved in this training emerged energized, inspired, and proud of our capacity to challenge our own thinking, and of the advocacy work every GRS team-member seeks to do on behalf of those without the power to defend themselves against any and all forms of violence.

Coaches doing “Sexual Network” during a ToC

Gen. Skillz booster coaches duing ToC

Coaches duirng a TOC at FFHC

Coaches discuss a practice during ToC

Teams playing “Find the Ball” at an HCT


Coach Recognition

Sport Science highlights GRS Coaches GRS helps out our friends at the Sport Science Institue of South Africa and receive high praise from Spur! Hi Gill and Ruan, Hope all is well. I would like to inform you that the life skills coaching element during the first coaches course 2013 in Cape was brilliant. Lucky and Sassy were not teaching, they were facilitating and they did it in an exciting and conversational way so that coaches were not just sitting and listen, but giving their experiences, problems, and solutions to the various topics discussed in the modules. The fact that Lucky and Sassy were using both English and Xhosa ensured that coaches understood clearly and could express themselves better if they needed to in Xhosa. Looking forward to the next session in Durban. Kind regards KHAKHI DIALA [MARKETING] SPUR GROUP (PTY) LTD Sassy at FFCH during an HTC

Lucky giving the thumbs up after an HCT

Do you or any other GRS coaches want to be featured in the next newsletter? Please talk to your interns.


Graduation Stadium

SKILLZ Graduation Stadium

Congratulations GRS South Africa for surpassing our goal by 4%!

Cape Town = 9142

Soweto = 5956

Kimberley = 4045

Alexandra = 3720

Port Elizabeth = 8497

South Africa Newsletter - Issue 1 - 2013  

Stories, highlights, and updates from Grassroot Soccer's sites in South Africa.

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