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European Journal of Education and Learning, Vol.2, 2007 ISSN(paper)2668-3318 ISSN(online)2668-361X important; 4 = very important. 8

Inadequate education is the one which fails to consider the fundamental question of


What should be considered (by the government) in order to make better education?

C. D. A. B. C. D.


Education should be free from


Curriculum development should consider the subjects a. Language and literature, religion, and local wisdom b. History of education; Sociology; Psychology c. Philosophy; d. All the three mentioned


A. B. C. D. A. B.

Note: 1 = not inportant; 2 = a bit important; 3 = fairly important; 4 = very important. What do you think adequate education is worth considering?


Human existence; Material objects; knowledge only; the nature of true. The nature of true; The nature of goodness, beauty, justice; The meaning of life All the three mention. Political interest; Economic judgment; Ethnic centric; All the three mentioned

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A. The feeling of empathy, the feeling of love B. Self-awareness, tolerance, understanding C. Moral value, D. All the three mentioned