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STA T 2017 RISTO REY FIES CR 201. W. Miller Rd., 48911 * 517 394-4639 INM ENT SCHEDULE ENTERTA AI I

Friday, May y 26 4:00 5:45

Gates Open Welcome

*Manuel Delgado, Jr. Fiesta Chairperson *Fr. Fred Thelen, Pastor

Ray Rodriguez

National Athem

Satturday, May 27 2

11:00 Gates Open 12:30 Official Welcome 45 - 1:15 12:45

Los NiĂąos de sto Rey Criiis

Dir.: .: Maria Delgado Santos Gutierre ez 20 - 1:50 1:20

Ballet Mariia ia Lu uz Directed by: Adalena Garcia

Grand Openi in g in ng Mariachi Estudiantil




1:40 2:15

Los NiĂąos de Cristo Rey Dir.: Maria Delgado Santos Gutierrez

2:20 2:50

1:55 55 2:10

Fan nt tasia Balllet Folklorico

Dir.: Maria Castillo

Director: Rachel Gonzales

2:15 2:45

2:55 3:10 Ca ake walk


3:15 -DJ DJ

2:50 -3:50 Cake Walk k// PiĂąata Raffle

PiĂąata Raffle

El Gru up po Fiesta

6:00 7:00

Sunday y, May 28

10:00 Gates Open 11:00 SANTA MISA

Happenstance presents:

3:55 5 - DJ 4:35 5 Dance Contest

3:50 4:20

4:30 Grupo Super K

5:30 30 6:30     

Flint, MI 7:10  7:30 Ray Rodriguez 8:00  10:50 Tejano Sound Band (TSB)

6:45 - 8:30

Karizma Band

Lansing, MI 6:00 Fiesta

6:30 Grupo Super K Onda Tejana de Holland, MI

Lansing, MI 11:00 Good Night!

7:00 End of Fiesta

8:45 10:50 11:00 p.m. Good Night!






By Tony Benavides and Michael, Hugo and Mercedes Holguin

Sylvia Holguin passed away peacefully in October of 2016 surrounded by family and friends. She is survived by her childr children, nieces and nephews. Sylvia hailed from Laredo, Texas and relocated to Lansing with her husband, Genaro. She wo she retired after 30 years. She was an advocate for cultural pride and social justice, and served her community well.

From Tony Benavides

While director of Cristo Rey Community Center, I worked with Sylvia for 30 years. Her nature was always the same: cari her, giving her all to the community in which she lived. She laid a path for others to follow: accept the dignity of those you knowledge, always be respectful and never turn people away that are hungry. That dignity was what Cristo Rey stood for. She and her family were part of the Cristo Rey neighborhood, which was clearly an asset she used to serve others. She invo After her husband, Genaro, retired from GM, she quickly recruited him to be the truck driver picking up donations for the any other activities that were going on at Cristo Rey. She involved her immediate and extended family in whatever needed t whatever was needed. Sylvia went far beyond the expectations of the Center. She was there for the service of those who had She also marched in support of César Chávez and truly believed in the causes for which he fought. She was a true activist. served her community with dignity and perseverance, and always gave the best of herself. She is truly a path to follow. Than community.

Memories from Sylvia’s family members

“Sylvia was a reserved woman with a compassionate heart. She was hospitable and had a quiet manner. She always offered advice.”

“Cristo Rey Community Center was always like a second home for her and her family. We would have holidays in the gym when they visited her at the food bank. Her work and home life were always intertwined. She always went above and beyon them.”

“She often took her children to peaceful protest and picket lines, fearlessly yelling ‘Huelga!’ and ‘No grapes!’ She always en Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., because he was our hero.” “Sylvia taught her kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews to never forget their roots. She reminded us that we had a respons family would often visit the campos bringing food and donations and playing with the kids.

“Her children Sandra, Sara and Genaro used to take long walks to the Quality Dairy with her, when she enraptured them story of Poe’s ‘Telltale Heart.’ But her grandchildren, Mercedes, Natalia, Sofia and Sergio definitely had it better than her ki would treat them to movies on $5 Tuesdays.”

“Sylvia was full of life. She was elegant, feisty and fun. When she walked in a room, you knew. To me it was like someone wonderful smile and a laugh that couldn’t help but elicit laughter from others.”

“Sylvia had a distinct personal style and a heightened sense of aesthetics. She had appreciation for cultural pride and socia music, and a love for Chicano literature.”

“Sylvia had a way of making other people feel special themselves. You would remember the way that she looked at you wh listened intently to everything that you said to her. You knew she really cared. She was amazingly thoughtful.”

Sylvia during a retirement ceremony

ren Sandra, Sarah and Genaro III, along with grand rked at the Cristo Rey Community Center until

ng, kind and going beyond what was expected of serve, give them the best of your time and

olved her whole family in the work of Cristo Rey. Center. Her children participated in fiestas and o be done — cooking, cleaning, driving — a need. In the various positions Silvia held, she always k you, Sylvia, for your years of dedication to this

a listening ear, a hot home-cooked meal and astute

m and her grandchildren would be put to work d for her clients, often forming deep bonds with

nsured that Chávez was recognized alongside

Sylvia Holguin at the Cristo Rey Food Bank Sylvia dancing with her husband, Genaro, to comjunto music

bility to each other and our community. The

with stories about la llorona or told them the ds. ‘Wita’ would share her scratch offs and she turned on a light when she arrived. She had a

l justice issues. She had amazing taste in conjunto

hen you spoke with her, and the way that she 13



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By Rona Harris Community Outreach Specialist Ingham County Health Department

You want to do what is best for your children. You know about the importance of car seats, baby gates and other ways to keep them safe. But, did you know that one of the best ways to protect your children is to make sure they have all of their vaccinations? Michigan’s childhood immunization rate is 43rd lowest in the United States for children 19-35 months old, according to the 2015 National Immunization Survey. This leaves many children in our community unprotected against vaccine preventable diseases, and below the nation’s Healthy People 2020 childhood vaccination goal of 80% coverage. The Ingham County Health Department is working to make sure all parents and caregivers know about the importance of childhood vaccines. Here’s why your child should get their shots: 1. Immunizations can save your child’s life. Some diseases like polio that once injured or killed thousands of children, have been completely eliminated in the U.S. and others are close to being gone – primarily due to safe and effective vaccines. 2. Vaccination is safe and effective. Vaccines are carefully reviewed by scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals. And although vaccines may involve some discomfort and pain or redness at the site of the shot, this is less than the pain, discomfort, and trauma of the diseases these vaccines prevent. 3. Immunization protects others you care about. This not only protects your family, but also helps prevent the spread of these diseases to your friends and loved ones. 4. Immunizations can save your family time and money. Catching a vaccine-preventable disease keeps children out of school or daycare, and a long illness could mean lost time at work, medical bills, or long-term disability care. The Vaccines for Children program can help families who can’t afford to pay for childhood vaccinations. 5. Immunization protects future generations. If we keep vaccinating now, parents in the future may be able to trust that diseases like polio and measles won’t infect, cripple, or kill children. There is also a new awareness campaign called ‘I Vaccinate’ which helps to provide facts for Michigan’s parents to make informed decisions about vaccinations. Learn more at: ivaccinate.org

Por Rona Harris Especialista en Integración Comunitaria Departamento de Salud del Condado de Ingham

Usted quiere hacer lo que sea mejor para sus hijos. Sabe de la importancia de los asientos para auto, puertas de bebé, y otras maneras para mantenerlos a salvo. Pero, ¿usted sabía que una de las mejores maneras de proteger a sus hijos es asegurándose de que tengan todas sus vacunas? La tasa de inmunización en Michigan es la 43 más baja en los Estados Unidos en niños de 19-35 meses de edad, según la Encuesta Nacional de Inmunización de 2015. Esto deja a muchos niños en nuestra comunidad, desprotegidos contra enfermedades que pueden ser prevenidas con vacunas, y debajo del objetivo de vacunación infantil Gente Sana 2020 de la nación del 80% de cobertura. El Departamento de Salud del Condado de Ingham está trabajando para asegurarse de que todos los padres y cuidadores sepan de la importancia de la vacunación infantil. Éstas son las razones por las que su hijo/a debería recibir las vacunas: 1. La inmunización puede salvar la vida de su hijo/a. Algunas enfermedades como la polio que alguna vez lastimaron y mataron a miles de niños, han sido eliminadas completamente de los Estados Unidos, y otras están cerca de desaparecer – principalmente debido a vacunas seguras y eficaces. 2. La vacunación es segura y eficaz. Las vacunas son revisadas cuidadosamente por científicos, doctores, y expertos en asistencia médica. Y aunque las vacunas puedan causar algún malestar y dolor o enrojecimiento en el lugar del piquete, éste es menor que el dolor, malestar y el trauma de las enfermedades que estas vacunas previenen. 3. La inmunización protege a las personas por las que se preocupa. Esto no solamente protege a su familia, sino que también ayuda a prevenir el contagio de estas enfermedades a sus amigos y a sus seres queridos. 4. Las inmunizaciones pueden ahorrar tiempo y dinero a su familia. El adquirir una enfermedad que puede evitarse con vacunas, mantiene a los niños ausentes de la escuela o guardería, y una larga enfermedad podría significar tiempo perdido en el trabajo, facturas médicas, o un largo periodo de cuidados. El programa Vacunas para Niños puede ayudar a familias que no pueden pagar vacunas para niños. 5. La inmunización protege a futuras generaciones. Si ahora nosotros seguimos vacunando, en el futuro, los padres podrán estar seguros de que enfermedades como la polio y el sarampión no infectarán, lisiarán o matarán a sus hijos. También hay una campaña de concienciación llamada “Yo Vacuno” que ayuda a proporcionar datos a los padres de Michigan para que tomen decisiones informadas acerca de las vacunas.

Infórmese más en: ivaccinate.org

To Register, E-mail: fredvgolf@gmail.com








When we think about our future, we immediately think of the wonderful people of mid-Michigan. With that in mind, our vision is to be recognized as a national leader in quality and patient experience. And the best way to achieve that is to continue our mission of improving the health of the people in our communities by providing quality, compassionate care to everyone, every time. That’s a pretty high goal we’ve set for ourselves, but we’re already on our way. Here are some examples of how we’re putting our vision into action:

Magnet Recognition for Nursing Excellence Anytime you walk into Sparrow, you will be cared for by some of the best nurses in the country. Sparrow Hospital has earned the nation’s most prestigious honor for nursing achievement and excellence, Magnet recognition. It’s an honor bestowed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Considered the "gold standard" for nursing care in hospitals, Magnet status is held by only about 6 percent of hospitals nationwide and even fewer receive re-designation, as Sparrow did in 2014.

Mid-Michigan's Only Level 1 Trauma Center No hospital in mid-Michigan is better equipped to deal with emergencies than Sparrow. Whatever happens to you, we're ready to help. The Sparrow Hospital Emergency Department is the only Level 1 Trauma Center in the mid-Michigan region, with surgeons and specialists on duty 24 hours a day, ready at a moment's notice.

The Region's Only ER Designed for Children Our smallest patients deserve the best care, so we built an ER just for them. The Granger Pediatric Emergency Department is the region's first emergency room equipped and staffed specifically for children. From our pediatric specialists to the colorful and friendly furnishings, this full-service, around-the-clock emergency department is specifically designed to provide comfort and healing to our youngest patients.

Partnering With Michigan State University for the Latest Research and Innovation Sparrow is formally affiliated with Michigan State University's three human health colleges. This partnership significantly improves mid-Michigan's health care by expanding research, medical education and clinical services while attracting physician specialists and nurses to address the state's looming shortages of health care professionals.

The Most Technologically Advanced Air Medical Transport Service in the State Sparrow has partnered with the University of Michigan Health System’s Survival Flight air medical service to improve access to critical care services at Sparrow Hospital. Survival Flight uses the most technologically advanced aircraft in the state, allowing for extended services including Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care transport capabilities. Now and into the future, Sparrow will continue our mission of improving the health of people in our communities by providing expert care throughout the mid-Michigan region. We cover all phases of health care, from staying fit to emergency care to major surgery to long-term recovery. If you would like to know more about Sparrow and the services we offer, please go to sparrow.org or call one of our Sparrow locations: Sparrow Hospital: 517.364.1000 Sparrow Carson Hospital: 989.584.3971 Sparrow Clinton Hospital: 989.227.3400 Sparrow Ionia Hospital: 616.523.1400

Cuando pensamos en nuestro futuro, pensamos de inmediato en la maravillosa gente del centro de Michigan. Con esto en mente, nuestra visión es ser reconocidos como una empresa líder nacional en la calidad y la experiencia del paciente. Y la mejor manera de lograrlo es seguir con nuestra misión de mejorar la salud de las personas de nuestras comunidades ofreciéndoles calidad, atención compasiva a todos, todo el tiempo. Ese es un objetivo muy alto que hemos establecido para nosotros mismos, pero ya estamos en camino. Aquí están algunos ejemplos de cómo estamos poniendo nuestra visión en acción:

El reconocimiento ‘Magneto’ por excelencia en enfermería En cualquier momento en que llega a Sparrow, usted será atendido por algunos de los mejores enfermeros/as en el país. El Hospital Sparrow ha merecido el honor más prestigioso del país para el logro y la excelencia de la enfermería, el reconocimiento ‘Magneto’. Es un honor conferido por el Centro estadounidense de acreditación de enfermeros (ANCC, siglas en inglés). Considerado el "estándar de oro" para los cuidados de enfermería en los hospitales, el estatus ‘Magneto’ es obtenido por sólo alrededor del 6 por ciento de los hospitales de todo el país y aún menos reciben la redesignación, como lo hizo Sparrow en 2014.

El único Centro de Trauma Nivel 1 del centro de Michigan Ningún hospital del centro de Michigan está mejor equipado para tratar las emergencias de Sparrow. Lo que sea que le esté sucediendo, estamos listos para ayudar. El Departamento de Emergencia del Hospital Sparrow es el único Centro de Trauma Nivel 1 de la región del centro de Michigan, con cirujanos y especialistas en servicio las 24 horas del día, listos en cualquier momento.

La única sala de emergencia (ER, siglas en inglés) de la región diseñada para niños Nuestros pacientes más pequeños se merecen la mejor atención, así que hemos construido una sala sólo para ellos. El departamento de emergencia pediátrica Granger

es la primera sala de emergencia de la región equipada con personal específicamente para niños. Desde nuestros especialistas pediátricos hasta la decoración colorida y amigable, este departamento de emergencia de servicio completo, de 24 horas, está específicamente diseñado para proporcionar comodidad y sanación a nuestros pacientes más jóvenes.

La asociación con la Universidad Estatal de Michigan para la investigación y la innovación más actual Sparrow está formalmente afiliado con tres colegios de salud humana de la Universidad Estatal de Michigan. Esta asociación mejora significativamente el cuidado de la salud del centro de Michigan al ampliar la investigación, educación médica y servicios clínicos y de atraer médicos especialistas y enfermeros/as del estado para hacer frente a la inminente escasez de profesionales del cuidado de la salud.

El servicio de transporte médico aéreo más avanzado tecnológicamente del estado Sparrow se ha asociado con el servicio médico aéreo de supervivencia del sistema de salud de la Universidad de Michigan para mejorar el acceso a los servicios de cuidados críticos en el Hospital Sparrow. El vuelo de supervivencia utiliza los aviones más avanzados tecnológicamente del estado, permitiendo servicios extendidos incluyendo Cuidado Intensivo Neonatal y Pediátrico con posibilidades de transporte. Ahora y en el futuro, Sparrow continuará nuestra misión de mejorar la salud de las personas en nuestras comunidades proporcionando cuidado experto en toda la región del centro de Michigan. Cubrimos todas las fases del cuidado de la salud, desde mantenerse en forma a la atención de emergencia, a una cirugía mayor para la recuperación a largo plazo. Si desea saber más acerca de Sparrow y los servicios que ofrecemos, favor de ir a sparrow.org o llame a uno de nuestros sitios de Sparrow: Sparrow Hospital: 517.364.1000 Sparrow Carson Hospital: 989.584.3971 Sparrow Clinton Hospital: 989.227.3400 Sparrow Jonia Hospital: 616.523.1400


Congratulations to the graduating high school seniors who took their 1st S.T.E.P. along the path of career development. Pictured kneeling (left to right): Camille Butler (home school), Ameer Powell (Waverly), Xavier Johnson (Waverly). Standing students (left to right): Jasmine Gill (Waverly), Duran Delapaz (Eastern), Garrick Bradley (Waverly), Summer Siebold (Sexton), Tiara Sutton (Sexton), Tara Vogan (Holt), Richard Peffley (BWL General Manager), Nathan Eva (DeWitt) and Everett Thomas (Waverly). 1st S.T.E.P. (School to Training and Employment Program) was created by the Lansing Board of Water & Light in partnership with several Lansing area organizations and high schools. In addition to several local Lansing area school districts, the BWL’s partners include: Lansing Community College (LCC), Capital Area Michigan Works!, Dean Transportation and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 352. Our mission in 1st S.T.E.P. is to partner with local schools and offer high school seniors a “paid work-based learning experience” and opportunities for potential entry into a skilled workforce in the Utility Industry. Upon successfully meeting their graduation requirements, and completion of 1st S.T.E.P., students are awarded a $1,500 scholarship to attend Lansing Community College.

Since its inception in 2008, 98 students have completed 1st S.T.E.P. and the BWL has awarded over $100,000 in college scholarship funds to these Lansing-area students. Also, approximately 25 of these students have been selected to continue in employment at the BWL after program completion. In Fall of 2017, BWL 1st S.T.E.P. (School to Training and Employment Program) will celebrate 10 years of actively employing high school seniors. So, if you will be a high school senior in the Fall of 2017 and are interested in taking your 1st S.T.E.P., be on the lookout for information at your high school about this program and the BWL’s mandatory orientation session that begins the selection process. Interested high school seniors should contact your school counselor or your area’s Job Placement Coordinator. For more information call 517-7026400, or visit our website at www.lbwl.com to learn more about 1st S.T.E.P.








These are some quotes by students participating for the first time and returning students as site leaders. “The city was beautiful each building had its story and they were colorful as well, I really liked my agency I felt like it brought me out of my comfort zone in a good way the inner me. It showed me that no matter what age you are if you set your mind to achieving something you can do it. It taught me that life isn’t just about me but about many others as well.”

Mary Isabel, a MSU freshman whose major is Criminal Justice, attended Campeche and participated in the Centro de Atencion Intregal al Adulto Mayor (CAIAM) agency

“I like Mexico a lot. I really liked my experience. I did not want to leave; it was beautiful and nice. My agency was welcoming and comfortable. It opened my mind in different ways and helped me focus more on my major.” Rosaisela Treviño a MSU freshman whose major is Human Development Family Studies with a focus in Social Work, attended Merida and participated in the CAIMEDE/DIF agency

“I really liked going to Huatulco. Had an experience that allowed me to grow as a person and as a professional, it really helped me develop more my Spanish. I had the opportunity to give back to my cultural community, as a Site Leader it was a better experience just because you get to do a lot more in the sense of having more connections with the directors of the agencies, connect with the citizens of the city and have the ability to connect the students with the community. Great opportunity to experience on how to be a leader, I would really encourage others to do it.” Rosy Lopez, a MSU sophomore majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Sociology, attended Huatulco and participated in CEDE DIF, Santa Maria Huatulco.



El Instituto de Investigación Julian Samora (JSRI) en ‘Michigan State University’ se asoció con el Distrito Escolar Público de Lansing, con la Red de Acceso Universitario del Área de la Capital (CACAN), ‘Lansing Promise’, ‘Lansing Community College’, y MI ALMA para poner en marcha Éxito Educativo, un programa extracurricular, bilingüe y bicultural que une a las/os estudiantes latinas/os de preparatoria y a sus padres para saber de los requerimientos para la graduación de la preparatoria y los caminos a la Universidad. El programa está diseñado para reforzar el conocimiento de las familias latinas y permitirles hacerse cargo de la educación del estudiante en un sistema escolar, que en muchos casos es extranjero para algunas familias. Éxito Educativo está diseñado para satisfacer la información necesaria para las familias de habla hispana, ya sea que los estudiantes sean nativos o extranjeros. El programa consiste en seis módulos bisemanales, dirigidos por expertos certificados, con el objetivo de hacer la educación superior accesible para todos los participantes. Cada módulo enfatiza un área particular de información que es crítica para la transición exitosa de los estudiantes de preparatoria a una universidad. En las sesiones interactivas, los participantes aprenden acerca de los beneficios de una educación universitaria, la importancia de la comunicación familiar, de la planeación financiera, fuentes de ayuda financiera, los ciclos de solicitud de admisión, y de la estructura del

sistema educativo de los Estados Unidos. La comunicación es clave y los expertos establecen un ambiente que anima a los padres a abrirse y hacer preguntas importantes que son vitales para el éxito educativo de sus hijos. Éxito Educativo fue iniciado en el Distrito Escolar Público de Lansing en el otoño de 2016 con diecisiete familias. Jonathan Rosewood, CACAN, y el Dr. Juan Coronado, JSRI, fueron los líderes expertos del programa con el apoyo del Dr. Rubén Martinez. Dr. George Peña, Lansing School District Liaison, representó al distrito y coordinó los servicios de tecnología informática y los incentivos del programa. Los expertos deben completar un programa de entrenamiento de 16 horas para ser certificados. Dos grupos de expertos han sido certificados, los cuales incluyen voluntarios de Lansing, Grand Rapids y Ann Arbor. Éxito Educativo está siendo anfitrión de un segundo grupo de Lansing este semestre y ha extendido el programa al área de Grand Rapids y se está realizando en la Academia San Juan Diego por un equipo de expertos certificados del área de Grand Rapids. El Instituto de Investigaciones Julian Samora planea continuar cruzando los huecos que persisten en las comunidades latinas y continuar expandiendo el éxito de Éxito Educativo. La meta es que el programa esté implementado en comunidades a lo largo de Michigan y el Medio Oeste.

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h 53


SodexoMAGIC ofrece comidas gratuitas durante la serie de conciertos en el parque Los niños menores de 18 años pueden anticipar gustosos una comida saludable gratis, cortesía de SodexoMAGIC, durante la reunión anual de conciertos en el parque. Las comidas se ofrecen en diversos parques locales durante las ocho semanas de series de conciertos Se realizan cada miércoles, del 14 de junio hasta agosto 2 de las 5:30pm a 6:30pm.

La Página de Facebook de SodexoMAGIC sobre nutrición y alimentos en las escuelas de Lansing ofrecerá los siguientes: • Capacidad para publicar al instante comentarios para la gerencia para revisar, responder y considerar. • Actualizaciones de la gerencia de SodexoMAGIC sobre los cambios de menú e iniciativas del servicio de alimentos bajo las pautas del ‘USDA’. • Eventos de la comunidad y participación.

SodexoMAGIC se enorgullece de ofrecer comidas sanas y sabrosas que sustentan a los niños en el aula y más allá. La compañía servirá una comida de cinco componentes de acuerdo a las pautas del ‘USDA’ que incluyen proteínas, verduras, frutas, cereales y lácteos.

Visite la página de Facebook de SodexoMAGIC sobre nutrición y alimentos en en las escuelas de Lansing para participar. El Programa Doble de Dólar para Alimentos en el mercado Los clientes en el mercado del sur de Lansing que usen su tarjeta de ‘Bridge SNAP’ ahora pueden recibir más frutas y verduras por menos con el Programa Doble de Dólar para Alimentos. Aproveche este programa, que es nuevo en el mercado al comprar alimentos elegibles para SNAP con la tarjeta ‘Bridge’. Una vez que los artículos son adquiridos, el mercado va a igualar la cantidad que gaste con doble de dólar para alimentos gratis.

Durante la serie de conciertos, familias e individuos de todas las edades en Lansing y alrededores pueden disfrutar de melodías de jazz, swing, R&B, country y bandas de antaño. ¡Asista y cree recuerdos divertidos de verano de toda una vida! Para más detalles acerca de los conciertos en el parque de SodexoMAGIC contacte la oficina de SodexoMAGIC en Lansing: (517) 755-2750 o visite: Https:/lansingsd.sodexomyway/

El Programa Doble de Dólar para Alimentos se ofrece los jueves, de 3pm a 7pm entre el 18 de mayo y el 12 de octubre en el mercado del sur de Lansing, ubicado en 800 W. Barnes Ave. El mercado recientemente se unió a la iniciativa estatal para ayudar al usuario de la tarjeta ‘SNAP’ a estirar sus dólares de alimentos al igualar la cantidad gastada en diversos mercados de agricultores locales. Otros mercados agrícolas cercanos en Lansing, incluyendo el mercado de agricultores Allen, el mercado de agricultores en Holt y el mercado de agricultores en el Capitolio también ofrecen el Programa Doble de Dólar para Alimentos en diferentes momentos y fechas durante todo el año.

Horario de conciertos en el parque: Jun. 14 en el mercado de la ciudad, ofrece jazz en el Grand Jun. 21 en Sycamore, con Kari Lynch Jun. 28 en Cherry Hill, con Jill Jack Jul. 12 en el Turner Dodge, con Jump Street Swing Jul. 19 en Frances, ofreciendo música tejana Jul. 26 en Moores, ofreciendo LUVs Ago. 2 en Fulton, con 496 West

El mercado de agricultores del sur de Lansing apoya un sistema alimentario sostenible a nivel local, ofreciendo un espacio comunitario donde los consumidores establecen relaciones con los productores locales quienes compran alimentos y productos agrícolas frescos y accesibles.

SodexoMAGIC conecta con la comunidad de Lansing a través de la nueva página de Facebook Los estudiantes, el personal docente, el personal y las familias ahora pueden comunicarse con la gerencia de SodexoMAGIC más allá de la línea de comida, a través de su nueva página de Facebook. La página ofrece una plataforma abierta para sugerencias e ideas para mejorar continuamente y ofrecer un servicio de alimentación de calidad para el Distrito Escolar de Lansing.

Para obtener más información, comunicarse con la Asociación de Desarrollo Comunitario del Sur de Lansing al (517) 374-5700.


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As I wrap up my junior year in high school, my younger brother is preparing for his freshman year. If I wanted to give him any advice, I would think back on what has made my years here successful. I realize that a lot of my best times in high school are due to the support systems that are in place at Waverly Schools, like Lansing Schools and other districts. I would tell my brother to join every group, club and sport that interests him. At the high school, we have clubs for many groups, such as Latinos Unidos, which is a club that celebrates Latino culture. This is one of the first clubs I joined at Waverly, and I have not regretted it. We also have an Asian Pacific Awareness Club (APAC), the Black Student Union (BSU), Peer-to-Peer, which supports kids with different abilities and a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), which was recently re-named LGBT+, that supports our LGBTQ classmates. Of course, in addition everyone knows about the sports in high school, and often they serve the same purposes. For example, what I’ve found in soccer is that it has helped me get to know many other students that I may have not met previously. This can happen in big schools. What these activities, groups and clubs help with is a sense of belonging. They are another kind of support that students should know about in high school. They not only help you meet other students, but they also help you to appreciate your culture, like APAC does, or give you help and helpers, like the LGBT+ club does. Another thing I realize is that this doesn’t stop in college, or even in life in general. I see that adults put much time into things like their culture, with groups like immigration work groups. Or, another example, is Pride celebrations, where LGBTQ people support each other (Lansing’s is June 17 in Old Town). And, of course, you can keep doing your favorite sports when you’re an adult, too. As you’re preparing for life, whether adult life, college or high school, like my brother is, I would encourage anyone to keep this in mind. Find the things you can do to help you have that sense of belonging. It will make your time easier!

At the top, Lansing celebrates PRIDE on June 17. Above, sports like soccer help you to feel that sense of belonging that is important in life. At right, Mari Tapia, Morgan Fekete and Rianna DeLeon eat dinner while at the Latinos Unidos table.





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