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Defending the Guilty: How do attorneys do it? Defense attorneys are sometimes viewed in a negative light by normal citizens. When given an opportunity, many people will tell you how they couldn’t defend someone they knew was guilty. The idea of trying to get a criminal off is immoral. How do they sleep at night working to get a guilty party off? These people are usually thinking along one of two lines. First, they might think that to defend a U.S. citizen means you have to lie to the court to get the defendant off. On the contrary, lying to the court is dishonest, lacks integrity, and illegal. You don’t lie to the court to get the defendant off the hook. That’s not how it works at all. The defendant is by law, innocent until proven guilty. The defendant’s work is to ensure the trial is fair, no illegal maneuvers are used, and to provide an expert in the law to defend a case. Defense attorneys are never expected to lie to the court. Second, many think that it would be hard to represent someone they know did it.

How do they do it? From a moral stand point, how do they sleep at night when they don’t turn their defendants over as soon as their guilt is confessed in a private meeting? That can be a difficult moral dilemma, especially with higher level crimes (like murder). The defense attorney’s position is one of the most beautiful parts of the system though. He or she exists for the sole purpose of providing you an expert that gets things done. Without the defense attorney, clients would be at the mercy of an unfeeling and uncaring court. The prosecutors bring the fire and the witnesses seem to provide enough evidence of guilt. What can a carpenter that’s never set foot into a court room do to defend himself against trained professionals? Even when he’s innocent, how can he make a real case to show that?


That trial isn’t fair because the attorney and carpenter are on unequal grounds. Defense attorneys give the defendant a chance at surviving the court system. The scales are balanced and justice is restored when even the guilty have a good defendant. Defense attorneys work to provide a fair trial. They work for justice. They work to ensure the system stays clean, and that’s a guardian the people need. When you look at their jobs from their perspective, you can see that these attorneys are usually doing it for the right reasons. Just as any business, not every professional is there to be honorable. There are some lawyers who will do anything for a reputation and money. These are the ones that give the industry a bad name. Allan & Easton work for justice. Allan & Easton is a Provo criminal defense attorney that seeks to ensure fair trial is given to each of their clients. Their experience and education make them reliable experts. You can find a helpful and fair Provo criminal defense attorney in Allan & Easton. Photo credit: Alain-Christian, SalFalko

Defending the Guilty: How do attorneys do it?