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Dare skip a page. And the best of luck to you sleeping at night. Because every page bursts with colorful goodness you won’t want to miss. Finals week definitely wasn’t the end of our haggard days as we were kept busy organizing the very Limbagan, the 1st Invitational Campus Journalism Seminar of The MARIAN. while crafting the folio and of course this, the magazine. Oh yes, it pays to be ambitious. So since we’re very ambitious, we’ll have to face the stupendous load of work ahead of us. So to my ‘osam’ colleagues, who are the pioneer facilitators of TM’s historical feat, thank you for putting your hearts into your work. If anything, the father of Limbagan proved that a dream will stay a dream…or in our case, a stack of papers left for the trash can, if no step is taken to make it come true. To those who have graciously shared precious parts of their lives, we hope we have done justice to your stories. To you reader, the reason why we write, savor every part. We hope that you may see beyond what is written. To the Creator, thank you for working Your miracles exactly when we need it. We are very much grateful for the generous people in our midst, the patience you have provided, and the sukang basi that didn’t last an hour. I won’t challenge you to make that stand. It’s the person in the mirror who must.

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COVER Darkness stretches to infinity, the light an incandescent dot fading into the void. Will you succumb to the shadows and ...give in ...give up ...give NOTHING? Or will you brave the odds? Bruised and beaten, let your resolve remain unwavering. Bullied and broken, keep your soul untainted. And in this gray world, dare show your true color. Being that ‘future’ they deem us to be... We must STAND.




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Rhoel Hermosura and Vanessa De Guzman, SMU Mr. and Ms. Campus Personality 2011 - 2012 Creative Director: Freniel Mikko Austria Make-up and Styling: Samantha Chedrick Wallis and Willeth Jacinto


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EFFECT While everyone is busy taking his I-hope-I’m-stunna shot in front of the mirror to show off buff and curves for his profile picture on Facebook, an up-and-coming photographer takes a bolder use of social media platforms, gaining international feats in photography for his work in the synapse between fashion and art. by Samantha Chedrick Wallis and Freniel Mikko Austria

Models: Brandi @ Whitehouse Models, Jais @ Wilhelmina Models Creative Director: Jonathan Storm Wardrobe Stylists:Wilford Lenov and Bei Lautchang Makeup Artists: Monica Guzman and Vannia Rodriguez Wardrobe Credits: Furne One, Nami, Nine Menswear


cover s tory

Whether you have a Facebook, Tumblr or StumbleUpon account, you know that social networking is a big lounge, and yes, a helluva nifty too. It shows us the great things in life. The smiles at the flicker of the camera. The music that fills the soul. The ideas that bring us to another world. The goofy moments that make us laugh or the every minute do-you-want-to-know-my-life status that wastes our time. But there will be someone who will rise above and give a valuable contribution. When we checked out the net, we knew that we want to meet him— we just need to. He is the marvel behind the FrancisGum Photography. A person who indulges our aesthetic tastebuds hungry for the finest work of photography.

From the average facebook user who visits his page to the editorat-large of a world-famous fashion magazine, he has earned a name and is considered an exceptional talent. Francis Gum, born Francis Cayaban Gumayagay, shares his life as a self-taught fashion and editorial photographer. As he describes himself, he

is “a fan of natural light” and focuses “on outdoor on-location shoot.” His photos were featured in Vogue Italia and Uptempo Magazine. He also worked with models from Wilhelmina and Ford modeling agencies and prominent personalities from the fashion industry. Aside from photography, this young lad (he’s only 25) loves cooking. He is a

former Marian, having spent his elementary years at St. Mary’s University of Bayombong. While living now in Los Angeles, California, he doesn’t forget to visit his hometown Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. In December, he will come home for his photo exhibit at the Nueva Vizcaya People’s Museum, which will run from December 22 to January 13.

And did we forget to say that we had a fascinating conversation with him? And yeah, you know this, man! Now, on the interview…

TM: Tell us how you began your journey in photography. Has it always been your passion? I think photography has always been my interest but I really didn’t take it seriously until after my college graduation when a friend and I had been taking photos using my good old point and shoot camera almost every day. I edit them and post them on Facebook. People started noticing my photos, I get compliments with what I do which feels good. Who doesn’t? (laughs) Then I started getting offers to take their photos. I realized that I must have been doing something right to get all these.



September 2012

When I moved to Los Angeles, I wanted to continue photography. I got a job and decided to buy my first digital SLR. I didn’t have any formal training in photography. So I was afraid that no one might take me seriously here. So I first described myself as “a self-taught photographer from the Philippines.” Marketing and branding is the key. My first shoot was with a guitarist from a rock band based here in LA. I made sure that I took the Hollywood sign on the background for my first photo shoot. After that, good projects started to come. From shooting music artists to actors. From working with emerging talents to models represented by agencies such as

Wilhelmina and Ford. Along the way, I’ve met amazing people in the industry. They opened opportunities that I never have imagined I will be into. I was able to get publications from magazines such as Uptempo Magazine and Vogue Italia. I got to meet and work with awesome people such as designer Rocky Gathercole and America’s Next Top Model contestant Kiara Belen. With that, I’m very much thankful to them.

TM: We know that you are a talented and seasoned photographer, but have you ever faced some problems

in your career? Were there challenges you needed to overcome? I do portraits and fashion editorials, and it doesn’t just involve taking pictures. It needs good directing skills. This has always been a challenge especially when I was starting out. I cannot just tell the model to stand at a spot and expect him/her to know what pose to give or emotion to convey. There was one time, I had a really cool idea while on set, but I had a hard time directing. It was terrible (laughs). I remember printing photos of poses and emotions before one shoot to make my life easy. Everything is a

I realized I must have been doing something right...

September 2012 The MARIAN



cover s tory

Models Caitlin @ Whitehouse Models Creative Director : Jonathan Storm Wardrobe Stylists : Wilford Lenov and Bei Lautchang Makeup Artist : Vannia Rodriguez Wardrobe Credits: Nami, Prada



September 2012

learning process. As photo shoots come, I slowly developed skills that I never imagined I would have.

TM: What is it that keeps you going? Was there a particular person who inspired you to be a photographer? The photographer has always been part of me since I was young. I think, on the context of being a portrait and fashion photographer, the people who believed in my talent as a photographer and expressed that I should take it more seriously because I might make it big have inspired me to take the path as a photographer. And until today, the people I work with -- the models, hair and makeup artists, wardrobe stylists -- and everyone who kept pushing me to do this, are inspiring me to do what I have always wanted.

TM : You have a wonderful portfolio, where do you get your ideas? I get my ideas from people and places. I think I always start there. From a simple girls coming of age to a famous lady from the Philippines known for her shoes, from a man walking down the streets of Downtown LA to a man spending an afternoon at Santa Monica Beach. Regarding styling and hair and makeup, I get ideas from fashion magazines and websites. I work with wardrobe stylists, hairstylists and make-up artists, so I have to educate myself with fashion ideas, too. TM: Your photos were featured in world-famous fashion magazines, can you tell us something about it? Having my photos in magazines has always been one of my goals as a photographer. It was just less than a year since

I started doing portrait/fashion photography when Vogue Italia published my photos so I felt what just happened was unbelievable -- I thought it was too soon to have my photos in Vogue to be honest. I always think that everything I do, as far as photography is concerned, is a learning process. The Vogue publication became an inspiration for me that yes, I can reach my goals and that I have something to offer.

TM: Why are Francis Gum photos different from others? What makes them appeal to editors? I totally have no idea. I don’t want to compare my photos to other photographers’ work. I believe that every photographer has his own style. That said, I think every photo has its own market. People have different aesthetic tastes. My photos may be appreciated by some, but there are also people who will say my photos are not good enough. Each magazine has its own image or aesthetics. I guess my published photos have met their criteria.

TM: The competition in the international market is high and having the latest gadgets surely has its perks. So, how do you keep up with the fast evolution of gadgets, cameras? I totally don’t mind. I have nothing against people who constantly update their camera equipment, it’s their choice. But I don’t believe that the equipment you have defines how good you are as a photographer. It’s not the equipment, it’s the technique that will define you as the photographer. It’s how you use what you have and combining it with your ideas to create a masterpiece that you call your own. You may have the most advanced camera body or lens, but if you don’t

know how to use it in creating good photos, it will not make any sense.

TM: Career-wise, what are the things you look forward to? Photography wise, I would like to see myself doing bigger projects. My interest is in fashion, so maybe doing more fashion stuff like editorials and advertisement campaigns. I’d love to make a name for myself as a photographer. It’s a goal, and it’s inspiring me. Other than that, I will still be the same guy who started Francisgum Photography in Nueva Vizcaya and continuing his dreams here in Los Angeles.

TM: Who is Francis Gum behind the lens? What are other things you get busy with? Facebook and Instagram? I think I’m the most boring person. I guess. (laughs) I do love to eat though. Sounds interesting? I’m addicted to The Sims (game). I can play The Sims 24 hours straight! Whenever I’m in Nueva Vizcaya, free time means hanging out with friends, having coffee at Quadro while using their Wi-fi. Here in Los Angeles, I usually stay home and watch TFC shows. I live close to Hollywood Boulevard. I love ending a day walking the streets of Hollywood. It makes me feel good.

TM: How will we become the next Francis Gum? Be open minded and discover your potentials as a photographer. Discover what you can do, acknowledge your limitations and make the most [out] of it. Don’t rely too much on what you have. It’s your idea and its what you bring to the table that matters. Love what you do. I guess it applies to everything. Love what you do, and everything else will follow. M

September 2012 The MARIAN



cover s tory Model: Jason @ CM Model Management Assisted by Irvin Rivera

Discover what you can do, acknowledge your limitations and make the most [out] of it...

For more photos of Francis Gum, visit his facebook page and website


September 2012




Anti-Smoking Advocacy, Gone Up In Smoke? Since the enactment of the Smoke-Free Ordinance of Nueva Vizcaya in May 2010, its implementation to denormalize the culture of smoking in the province has been biting the bullet to fuel an active reception from the public. While viewed once as a mandate that is only good in paper, the ordinance proved to be a powerful initiative for smoking prevention and cessation in the country. When it initially took effect in November 2010, the advocates were vehement in promoting the smoking ban in the province. Nueva Vizcaya received then, as the first and only province, the Red Orchid Award from the Department of Health for its anti-smoking efforts. Thanks to the full blast operation from the Smoke-Free Task Force as hundreds of violators were apprehended and penalized. Warning signs were also posted and an intensive antismoking campaign was made. Tobacco Control Provincial Coordinator Virginia M. Galapon, who is also a member of the National Tobacco Administration

underlined the action of each municipality to adopt the ordinance and create its own smoke-free committee as a better management of the ordinance. But what’s good in our propensity to embark on a project if we eventually lose interest— that is ningas kugon mentality? After months of implementing the ordinance, the deep-seated convictions they have, the public and the government, are slowly being consumed by the immensity of stupor. Campaigns are becoming mere publicity stunts. What they need is willpower. But you can only expect public resolve if the political figures and interest groups will stand on a socially mature plateau. Only the public spirited men could influence the public and not those who just advocate prohibition on public platforms but allow smoking in their own family. A law deserves respect and not hypocrisy. As a measure, the SmokeFree Task Force is enforcing the ordinance independent of vested interests. But are they still vigilant in eliminating smoking in the

province? “We are continually implementing the smoke-free ordinance in all police stations in coordination with local government units. We are updating monthly our accomplishment in every municipality,” Senior Superintendent Valfrie G. Tabian, provincial police director of Nueva Vizcaya and Smoke-Free Task Force head, noted in dissent to the alleged laxity in enforcing the ordinance. In the report of the provincial police, 42 violators were apprehended in September. It is good to note that most of them, according to Tabian, are not residents of Nueva Vizcaya. This implies that Vizcayanos obey the ordinance or are just evasive since they are aware of its penal nature. In this anti-smoking advocacy, the police power is limited to the regulation of behavior. It only gives us a view of those who smoke in patrolled public places. Smoking may still be prevalent in households because they fail to realize the purpose of the ordinance. The government needs more

arrows in their quiver to enlighten the public that what they need is more than disciplinary measures— a radical transformation from smoke dependency to a healthy living. A genuine anti-smoking advocacy calls for a proactive instead of a reactive program. The government starts to respond to this realization, opening deputation programs. “We deputize civilian volunteers to help in the implementation of the ordinance. As of today, we have more than 40. We are submitting more lists of deputation from Non-Government Organizations like Deltacom Deltabase and the media who are willing to stand in as enforcers of the anti-smoking ordinance,” Galapon said. In this spirit, Marians should act with their social conscience. As an established university in the province, we should be at the frontier of supporting the SmokeFree Ordinance as an advocacy and not just an anti-smoking policy. This means practicing what we preach and helping others avoid smoking. M September 2012 The MARIAN






WHITE INK Hazel Buctayon

SOLITARY SARCASMS Freniel Mikko Austria

Napanaginipan ko kagabi na nasa heaven daw ako. Maraming mga kumakantang anghel. Meron si Romeo and Juliet. May press con si Jesus with Maguindanao Massacre victims about justice and impunity. Nakita ko rin si Kris Aquino. Dun ko narealize na panaginip lang talaga yun. Naisip ko tuloy bigla, paano kung oras ko na? May witch na mag-invoke na magkaroon ako ng glossal carcinoma dahil sa kadaldalan ko o kainin ako ng printer dahil sa walang kakwentakwenta kong articles. Pero dahil hindi naman ako gahaman,

alien ang Pilipinas, hindi siguro sila mahihirapang i-abduct tayo dahil kusa tayong sasama sa kanila. Hindi nga lang natin sigurado kung naghahanap sila ng domestic workers, caregivers at sell-out professionals. Pero siguradong uuso na naman ang recruitment agencies. Dahil ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines,’ bonggang welcome parade with all the drum and lyre at tarpaulins na may mukha ng mga politician ang sasalubong sa kanila. Ipagkakatay natin sila ng mga baboy, manok (except mga

...kahit na ma-wipeout ng mega tsunami ang buong Pilipinas ay patuloy pa rin ang political dynasty. idadamay na kita. Paano kung oras na nating lahat? Sabi ng pamangkin ko, “Totoo ‘yun. The end of the world is really nigh. Our world will be savaged by asteroids and seared by our sun.” At dahil wala akong maisip e sabi ko na lang, “How far we’ve come? What if we missed the rapture… is this hell?!” Pero kung totoo mang magkakaroon ng galactic war, apocalyptic flood, solar storms o balak talagang tumakbo ni Jinkee Pacquiao sa susunod na election, naniniwala ako na tayong mga Pilipino ang huling mae-extinct sa mundo. Alien Invasion Kung sasakupin ng mga


September 2012

panabong), baka, aso at mga isdang galing pa sa Scarborough Shoal. Maglalabas agad ang presidente ng trade agreement para i-exempt sila sa tariffs and taxes. Kaya naman mas lalong uunlad ang ekonomiya ng bansa dahil ipagpapalit natin ang mga gayuma, agimat, walis, dried mangoes, bigas, tukneneng at balot at tatangkilikin ang kanilang eye socket remover, brain shrinking gel, human manipulating gun, flying saucer at specialty products. Sa sobrang hospitable natin, tayo ang makikibagay sa kanila. Hindi ko lang ma-imagine kung magpapadagdag ako ng kamay o magpapatanggal ng isang mata.

continued on page 14

How do you test your brother’s loyalty? Beat him ‘til you see his bloodshot eyes pleading for you to end the pain. Stop not when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done. Fraternities and sororities were once again put in the limelight when Bedan freshman law student Marc Andrei Marcos was killed on July 30 allegedly after a fraternity initiation where police said Marcos sustained fatal injuries due to "heavy blows to his thighs, feet and arms." Questionable initiation rites aren’t new issues anymore. Even before Marcos, Marvin Reglos, freshman law student of the same school died of fatal injuries which he sustained from the said rituals. And even before Reglos, many have already died from the desire to acquire power and protection by being part of a “powerful group.” The issue lies not on whether aspirants can endure the physical violence, public humiliation and even sexual abuse or not. It’s not even on the fact that these rites are already an established tradition fratmen cannot do away with. It’s not an issue of whether RA 8049 (Anti-hazing law) is rendered futile because of the pressing issues stated herewith. But, it all boils down to what brotherhood in its purest sense means. Will you enjoy seeing and taking part in hitting and even to the extent of killing someone who only wanted to be your brother? Will you enjoy looking at his bloodshot eyes? Will you enjoy the sight and sound of laughters resounding while someone is suffering? While the law allows "the physical, mental and psychological testing and training procedure and practices to determine and enhance the physical, mental and psychological fitness of prospective regular members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police," the context is not for fraternities but for the military. I may not be someone who is an expert at what or how it feels to be a part of a fraternity. I may not be someone who knows the inner workings or bond among the members of a fraternity or sorority. But I am a sister who knows what it feels to see my siblings go through something that harms and injures them. Hazing goes against the spirit of fraternal brotherhood, and in the strongest possible terms, I condemn it. M

Be heard. Speak Up!


Looking at the face of the latest topnotcher, you made yourself believe that the next one to be on that tarpaulin would be you. Or at least you’d be one of. But as you looked at your review score, your heart sank. Ten years of a student’s life is spent on general education. College is for specialization. Quality education, wellequipped students, being globally-competetive, that’s what we dream of. That’s what you enrolled for…right? Now,

why don’t we ‘review’ some of our classes?

A 10-page hand out is given. Everyone reads. The teacher asks what is written. That is the lesson.


Class #1: The Art of Doing Nothing The class has been in for five minutes and the teacher hasn’t arrived. Another ten minutes, and still, the teacher doesn’t show up. The class merrily leaves the classroom grateful for escaping the boredom of another lesson.

implications of the lesson. So, most are left to guess what the basic facts are.

Class #2: Class Clown Eagerly, the class waits for the teacher. It’s another period of laugh out loud moments. The class gets the teacher to crack jokes while the lesson rots in the background.

Class #5: Scientific Method You can’t understand the procedure of the activity. You ask the teacher how to do it. You are told to ‘read the procedure.’ Your eloquent classmate answers your question as the teacher readily approves. When you looked in the library for cross-reference, the procedure was wrong. So, would the topnotch spot remain a reverie? M

Class #3: Induction The teacher assumes that you have read the prescribed book, which the library has but three copies. In class, you leave out the basic facts and discuss on the


SCC ONLINE Erwin Keith Alipio

DOMINO EFFECT Reynaly Mannag

For in absence we come to realize what really exists. Everyday we go to school where we believe we acquire our education—equipped with the armor of knowledge that will be indispensable in our chosen career and future profession. We positioned ourselves as receivers of wisdom—a set-up that we must all be thankful for. Keeping all these in mind allows us to remain stuck on our seat inside the four-cornered structure in order to imbibe all the lessons being taught and forever be grateful for without the proper direction of this learning institution, we are lost and bound to be nothing. But what if we change route? What if, just what if, every student refuses to come to his or her classes? Just how important a student is in an institution can be likened to the priceless contribution of a worker in a factory. If the laborers cease the working process, then there would be stoppage of production. Every factory closes and there will be no goods to produce and sell in the market where the economy is largely dependent. Also there is no tax to be extracted from purchases and sales and this will weaken the lifeblood of the government. The nation would be in chaos. Make it all real and the public’s attention will be drawn to how important an ordinary laborer is. Similarly, the students are the wheels of the learning institution. By their mere presence, they make possible the transactions of acquiring knowledge, upholding excellence and sooner, holding the banner as the end product of this land. But their absence defines the need to be heard when they speak what they believe is right, just and fair. For without them, the school operations would be paralyzed, leaving behind an institution with a deformed vision and mission. For when the route is changed, it doesn’t mean delinquency to follow the directions stated. It just means we have to take a pause and consider the possibilities of a new reality—a reality that without the students who are actually the societal change of this nation, an institution is as good as an empty seat denied of the privilege to serve its purpose. M

Class #4: (Un)alysis A 10-page hand out is given. Everyone reads. The teacher asks what is written. That is the lesson.

In this world, there is no such thing as absolute freedom. Wherever a person may go, he or she is limited by laws, policies and regulations. Inside the school, students are laid out with policies which they need to abide; however, there are still some who find it difficult to follow such rules. In the student handbook, it is clearly stated that vandalism is a big ‘NO’ inside the campus and it is such a sad thing to say that some break such simple rules. Some students are even confused with the mentality of others who find joy in writing names and obscene sketches or drawings on walls. Whatever kind of joy they are currently feeling, they must really feel proud and happy. I feel sorry for those who own the names written on the walls of every building and comfort rooms in the university. The comfort room is the last place on earth I want my name to be found. Another issue is that some students hate being corrected, even though they know that they are wrong. If you know you are wrong, admit that you are, and if you are right, talk in a calm voice. Keep in mind that a dignified person does not raise his or her voice but improves his or her arguments. Strict is a word that defines our

instructors, deans, administrators and, of course, security officials. And as students, we should know why they are so-called strict. It is because rules are useless if not paired with strict implementation

If you know you are wrong, admit that you are... and monitoring. Students have rights, but let us not forget that we also have responsibilities. Once we enrolled in the institution, we were automatically given rights as students and as people, and the cost of such rights is the responsibility to abide with the rules set, not to lower our dignity as students, but

continued on page 14 September 2012 The MARIAN





Who are the ROTC officers in the eyes of many? People who do not know the background of military life or anyone who has not experienced joining the ROTC doesn’t know the life of a cadet officer. As what others perceive of being in the ROTC, the training in the Advance ROTC course is the same. The first thing people might think is, ‘will there be hazing and dangerous trainings?’ This perception sometimes lead to fear in joining the ROTC. It is not the same as what you think. Those acts were stopped and were completely prohibited. ***

Second semester will soon start. The pressure and hard work will surely start to strike the Corps of Cadets of the

university - pressure to finish the things to be accomplished before the ‘BIG’ events for us; hard work to accomplish them successfully one can reach his own success without courage and perseverance... and efficiently; and finally pressure to maintain and defend the title we garnered last RAATI. These tasks are not only for the Advance Cadet Officers but also for the ROTC freshmen cadets. Without them, we

Revelation... Huwag ka nang magulat kung merong mga half-ET halfPinoy na may TV commercial o kaya sasali sa isang reality show at mananalo at sisikat at sasabihing “Mabuhey, sd et gdk Pinoy!” (Mabuhay, I’m proud to be Pinoy!) Mega Tsunami Kung magkakaroon ng super mega jumbo tidal wave, marami siguro ang handa dahil na rin sa very realistic na tsunami drills ni Mother Nature nung nakaraang Ondoy at Sendong at government-sponsored water pumps na ginagamit sa mga raliyista. Baka nga marami na sa atin ang nag-mutate at tinubuan ng kaliskis at palikpik. Pero kahit hindi ka affected nung Ondoy at Sendong dahil nasa office ka ‘nun, humihigop ng kape at nag-eedit ng SALN, o kaya nagpe-facebook gamit ang ibang account para i-defend ang sarili laban sa mga bashers at haters na ayaw sa pamamalakad mo, o nagbabasa ng “How to


September 2012

from page 12

Campaign and Win the Election” na minana mo pa sa lolo mo ay may chance kang mabuhay. Wala naman sigurong buwaya na hindi marunong mag-swimming. Sabi ko nga kahit na ma-wipe-out ng mega tsunami ang buong Pilipinas ay patuloy pa rin ang political dynasty. Syempre hindi lang buwaya ang makakasurvive. Maliban sa mga ipis, maraming Pilipino ang sanay mag-imagine na nasa tubig sila. Magagamit na rin natin ang crab mentality hindi lang para makalamang. Cheers! Geomagnetic Pole Shift Dahil ang alam kong shift ay yung gawain ng estudyanteng maraming gusto o talagang walang direksyon sa buhay, nagtanong ako sa ibang Marians kung ano ba ang pole shift. Pero naging defensive sila; nangongolekta raw sila ng PE uniform. Kaya nagtanong na lang ako sa mga insekto sa D Building. Ayon sa palagay ng mga anay, magkakaroon daw ng rapid reversal sa rotation ng earth—ang mga mahihirap

cannot face the upcoming ‘battle.’ The ROTC Advance Cadet Officers, Basic Cadet Officers and of course our cadet in line must work as one, hold hand in hand and do their part for the next semester. To the freshmen cadets, next semester will be the time for you to apply what was taught in the past months. Before, we just sat in one corner of a classroom to study, this coming semester we would be applying these lessons in our field trainings. I know you’re thinking what to expect during the field training. One sure thing is that you will experience marching under the sun with your own platoons performing the different hand salutes taught to you. But I assure you that you will never forget and regret the experience. The preparation is composed of many events such as the ceremonial parade for the corps of cadets, inspection in rank, company drill, OPORD writing, method of instructions, military courtesy and discipline, administrative aspect, map reading, small unit tactics, disaster relief and rescue operation,

magiging mayaman? Bah! Kapag pinanganak kang mayaman, sosyal ang school, sosyal na trabaho, pati pet sosyal! E kapag mahirap ka, kelangan mo munang makipaglaban. Karamihan sawi, basag ang pula. Sabi rin nila mag-iiba ang axial tilt at magnefic field ng earth. Pero hindi ako naniniwalang maapektuhan ang Pilipinas. Hindi dahil iisa lang ang magnetic pole ng bawat Pilipino: puro daw sila, anti agad, sarado na ang utak kahit wala pang laman. Kundi dahil nasa kakaibang time zone tayo. Nararamdaman na ng ibang bansa ang delubyo ng pole shift, tayo nganga lang. Ayon sa time dilation na mula sa Theory of Relativity ni Einstein, mas mabagal daw ang oras sa taong gumagalaw. Mali ata siya. Kasi tayong mga Pilipino, wala namang ginagawa pero laging dine-delay ang oras. Kung sakali mang mageend of the world at walang makakaligtas, sa tingin ko ay sa heaven ako pupunta. Sa laki kong ‘to, baka ikaw pa ang mainis pag nakisiksik ako sayo sa hell, ‘di ba? Baka hanggang dun, isulong mo ang RH bill. M

theoretical examination and field stripping Caliber 45 and M16. ***

A cadet from the Philippine National Police Academy I met once told me that, no one can reach his own success without courage and perseverance to face the challenges and obstacles in his journey to his finish line. He explained to me that before I enter such challenge, I should set my mind first to the goal and plan how to pass and finish the challenge through sacrifices and perseverance and of course through faith in God. So, let us set one goal as one battalion to finish this event with courage and reach our finish line with our cadence. In our past trainings, our seniors said that every year, cadets come and go. Those who performed before would no longer be the same cadets to perform next time. Marian cadets, let us prove that even if we differ in personalities, we have the same goal to achieve and overcome the same challenges with the same competence, courage, determination and faith. M

Obsolete... from page 13 to safeguard our dignity as people. For each and every rule that is found in the student handbook, there is a reason why such rules exist, it is not something that people create just to give students a hard time. It is not hard to follow simple rules, such as “vandalism is not allowed” or “no smoking within campus premises.” Freedom is something people fight, crave and live for. During such demand, we do not realize that we are already stepping on others’ freedom as well. Rules are needed to regulate people’s actions, not to limit the extent of their capabilities. Rules give them guides in living righteously. We must practice freedom and live for our rights in the best way we can. Respect is the word that we always need to remember; respect for people, respect for the institution and respect for ourselves; because as we all know, respect always begets respect. M

Marian FREEDOMWALL IFYOU September 2012

could be in the


COVER of a Magazine what




Be &


THE COMPETITORS, this would mean that you reached the goal of becoming an athlete, or you reached the goal of becoming a performer. –Elr0n, BSCOE THE MARIAN, because I want to become a model of a true Marian. Kemz! - <3 24, BSED WOMENS MAGAZINE, I want them to see the essence of being a woman. HAHA. - Splangak, BSPolSci 3

I want to be in the front cover of one of the famous magazines in the world, TIME MAGAZINE. I’ve chosen this because it exposes only the people who become successful at isa na ako dun in the future. – Raymond Florendo, BSIT-1A

I would choose a FASHION MAGAZINE, because as a teenager, I am very meticulous about the trends of fashion. I would also be able to get information about the fashion statements of popular persons for me to apply on my candidates. I am a talent manager. – Karl Edison, BSED 1

MANGA MAGAZINE, Because I can compare myself to him. - Naruto, BSA 2 GAMING MAGAZINE, Simply because I love games. -Endrey Castle, BSCoE FHM! Para sagad at daring! -Jampacks, BSBA 2 FORBES MAGAZINE, Pang international class kasi, dun ako nababagay. – Rudyrick, BSED 3

WALKING DEAD MAGAZINE, kasi nangarap akong masali sa set ng walking dead. Ang astig kasi gusto maging slayer ng mga zombie tapos ako makakahanap ng cure. Tapos pag naging sikat ako e, Syempre maipagmamalaki ako ng school natin. – Mimxzee, BMLS1

FORBES MAGAZINE, because I want the world to see my face XD – KazeFlame, BSIT 1 TIME MAGAZINE, Because it means I’m famous for my great achievements. :) - Alexis Amor, BSECE

READER’S DIGEST, because it’s the most widely read magazine by people. Thank you! Haha.. – Sheelabs, BSMLS 1 FOOD AND TRAVEL MAGAZINE, I want my taste buds to experience what other tongues have experienced. Travelling the world to taste what I can. kahit street foods lang.hehe. – Bigboy, BSECE I would be in the cover of VOGUE MAGAZINE because of my looks (nyahahaha in my dreams) –Claui, BSED3

The comments were solicited from students through text and random interviews. September 2012 The MARIAN

news The MARIAN

September 2012

SCC prexy resigns by Vanessa De Guzman For the first time in SMU’s history, the SCC president resigned. Last August, the first university-wide elected Student Central Council (SCC) President Keith Paguirigan, BS Accountacy 5, filed her resignation at the office of the Dean of Student Affairs and Services (DSAS). After the acceptance by Dr. Marilyn Perolina, DSAS, Paguirigan said it was necessary for her to prioritize her health which was the reason for her resignation. “I just wanted to settle and take good care of my health at this moment. Sa mga students, keep having strong passion and study

hard pero they should always value their health,” she said. While the DSAS is still reviewing the next official step in filling the SCC presidential position, Erwin Keith Alipio, SCC vice president, is currently acting as the president still without official appointment because the SCC constitution and by-laws does not yet contain any provision regarding resignation. “Wala pang formalities na ako na ang president mismo. Acting lang. As of now, I am working at the capacity of the president. Wala kasi sa constitution and by-laws ng SCC kung ano ang

mangyayari kapag [nag-resign ang president]. Ang covered lang kasi ng special sections [ng constitution and by-laws] ay [intended] for impeachment,” Alipio said. The DSAS said a legal counsel will be consulted before any presidential replacement takes place. Alipio, however, said he is willing to take the place in case he will be appointed the new SCC president. When asked about his plans for projects, Alipio said, “Nakaplot na kasi kami ng general plan of actions so kung ano yung

continued on page 20

The School of Engineering and Architecture’s Circulo Talento theatrically dances their way to victory, ousting the four-time champion School of Accountancy during the Gabi ng mga Bagong Marians on Sept. 7 at the Fr. Tonus gymnasium, (Photo by Hazel Buctayon)

SoEA thwarts SoA’s hall of fame bid in GBM by Hazel Buctayon and Emmanuel Jose Jackson Tayaban was literally all white at the backstage. He was blowing his hands clenched as if he were cold. He and other engineering and architecture students were painted white as part of their performance ploy during the Gabi ng mga Bagong Marian (GBM) on Sept. 7.


September 2012

“Kinakabahan ako pero confident na kaya namin ‘to,” the first year civil engineering student said. He has a reason to. This year’s GBM winner would determine whether the School of Accountancy would be named hall of famer or another school would steal the crown.

At about an hour later, shouts of triumph and sighs of dismay filled the Fr. Tonus gymnasium as their group, Circulo Talento (CT) of the School of Engineering and Architecture (SoEA), was proclaimed the team to break the continued on page 21

SEII evaluation goes manual in 1st sem by Hazel Buctayon

Marians were met with a manual Students’ Evaluation of Instructors Inventory (SEII) at the end of the first semester after the staff incharge of the technical aspect of the evaluation resigned. Mr. Erwin Exequiel Calata, Center for Information and Communication Technology (CICT) director, said Mr. Jaynar Santos, former in-charge of the technical operations of the SEII resigned sometime in August. “Actually ‘di naman tayo nagshift from electronic to manual. It so happened that the person incharge of the technical operation filed his resignation sometime in August. That was the [time for the] preparation of the SEII,” he said. He also said that it was Santos who was the sole person in-charge of the technical aspect of the SEII. “Siya lang ‘yung person incharge. Kulang kami sa [staff] so may kanya-kanya kaming assignments. We cannot take one job [and] another,” said Calata. Instructions on the technical aspect of the SEII was not communicated to other staffers because Calata said “learning the technicalities is not easy in the IT field.” When asked on whether CICT could already provide for an electronic SEII for the second semester, Calata said he is expecting that they can do so because they’ve already “reorganized their tasks to cater to other work assignments.” “Kasi nung first semester, it was an unanticipated [event]na nangyari. So biglaan and there were a lot of tasks so kailangang i-realign yun,” he said. Dr. Moises Alexander Asuncion, vice president for academic affairs (VPAA), also said that when the electronic system is already available, “then the program or the module will be ready then all of these will still continued on page 21

FINALLY 150. Performing groups from the different CICM schools stage their final presentation as part of the celebration of the 150th founding anniversary of the CICM during the SMU leg of the CICM Cultural Roadshow at the Fr. Tonus gymnasium, Sept. 28. (Photo by Joe Allen Mark Esteban)

SMU participation in CICM Roadshow, the best–CCA OIC by Jan Mikhael Pating and Ellen Grace Peña “Among the CICM schools, the participation of Saint Mary’s University students in the CICM cultural show was the best.” Said Dino Reyes, Center of Culture and Arts (CCA) OIC, when asked regarding his insight on the participation of the students on the road show celebration of the 150th year of the Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae (CICM). “Mas magandang magperform dito sa SMU at mas maganda ang participation ng audience dito,” Reyes said. The road show consists of the presentations of the CCA performers from the different schools in the form of culture and arts (singing, acting, and dancing). The said performances showcase the history of the CICM with its theme “ Mission Beyond Borders.” The road show started at University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao (USLT) on Sept. 2527, followed respectively by SMU on Sept. 28, Saint Louis College (Cebu), Mandaue City on October 23, Saint Louis College, San Fernando City, La Union on Nov. 26-27 and Saint Louis University, Baguio City on Nov. 28-29. “Sa Center of Culture and Arts ng SMU napunta ang culture ng Muslim at South America. Mahirap din magconceptualize lalo pa’t kailangan talaga ng detailed information,” he said. On the other hand, Reyes said that lack of rehearsals on the

continued on page 20

Cultural diversity bridge to growth, dev’t—IKAT director by Earvin John Lucero

“By beating swords into plough shares and pruning spears into hooks, our cultural diversity may actually help in our growth and development. These activities bring us closer to that dream,” said Dr. Darwin Don Dacles, Indigenous Knowledge and Traditions (IKAT) Center director. Working on the spirit of corporate mission, Marians participated in the worldwide celebration of Ethnicity Week themed, “Indigenous Media: Empowering Indigenous Voices,” on Sept. 24-28. IKAT, in collaboration with the eight schools, The Marian and SCC, advanced the Marian mission of promoting multi-ethnicity and indigenous cultures’ awareness and concern for self-identity through various activities and contests. A community call by an umalohokan – the public crier, a Kankana-ey representative and a

ceremonial pray-over of the indigenous products by a Kalanguya representative inaugurated the week-long celebration. The Benguet, Ifugao, Bontoc, Apayao and Kalinga (BIBAKSMU) members also showcased a “Tayaw” - a ritual dance over the indigenous products, then, the exhibit of indigenous products were opened. Guided by the goal of bringing different indigenous groups together, IKAT also organized “Sharing of Stories and Lifeways” by these groups from Nueva Vizcaya, Ifugao and Mt. Province.

On the third day, writing, speaking and painting contests were simultaneously held, in addition to the native delicacies contest. The yearly Marian tradition of sharing native food and delicacies followed just after the ethnicity mass at Fr. Tonus gymnasium. Meanwhile, the School of Arts and Sciences launched the program Katutubong Teatro Project, a play that will showcase different cultures of the region. It will be shown during next year’s Ethnicity Week. M

TAYAW. Members of the SMU-BIBAK perform an Ifugao ritual dance during the opening program of the Ethnicity Week celebration, Sept 24-28. (Photo by John Tayaban)

September 2012 The MARIAN


Vizcaya enterprises raise P40M in Alabang trade fair by Earvin John Lucero

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nueva Vizcaya raised a total of P40 million cash and account sales and other additional investments during the 8th provincial trade fair staged at Alabang, Muntinlupa City on Aug. 24 – Sept. 2. Dubbed as “NV Goes to Alabang 2012 – Proudly Vizcayano,” the 10-day marketing event brought under one roof the best products of the province including the One-Town-One-Product (OTOP) of the different munici-

palities namely: fresh fruits and vegetables, veggie noodles, herbal teas, furniture and furnishings, as well as housewares and decors. The Department of Trade and Industry – Nueva Viacaya (DTI-NV), in partnership with the provincial government of Nueva Vizcaya, successfully promoted not only the products of the province but also its tourist destinations and investment opportunities available to interested parties. This year’s event garnered the highest sales that will even-

Campus journalists meet in Baguio for annual training gab by Lea Donna Divina Delegates from all over the Philippines gathered during the 9th National Training Workshop on Campus Journalism held at the Hotel Supreme, Baguio City on Sept. 13-15. Two students from the Saint Mary’s University college department and three students from the high school department, accompanied by Dr. Marilyn Perolina, dean, Student Affairs and Services, joined students from all over the country “to hone their skills in campus journalism with the help of renowned members of the print media industry.” The three-day seminar sponsored by the Organization of Students Services Educators, Inc. (OSSEI) featured different media practitioners who shared their expertise in various fields of journalism. The roster of speakers included Liana Barro, professor at the Far Eastern University, who discussed some tips in editorial writing; Melvin Gascon, SMU instructor and Philippine Daily Inquirer correspondent, who discussed investigative journalism. Rene Aranda, chief editorial

cartoonist of the Philippine Star, explained the freedom and power of an editorial cartoonist; Regidor Gaboy, faculty member of Central Luzon State University (CLSU), emphasized the importance of layout in a publication. Robert Jaworski Abaño, Philippine Daily Inquirer-Northern Luzon news editor, underscored the importance of crafting the best leads in writing news stories; Jimmy Domingo, photojournalist and Ateneo de Manila University professor gave tips and techniques in photojournalism and reminded students “to uphold truth in every photograph they take.” Lastly, Prof. Ben Domingo Jr. of CLSU gave a message on participatory journalism who said that “difference starts from campus writers who take part in the issues of their communities and the country.” “The knowledge we’ve learned will surely help us in doing our job of bringing out a genuine and responsible campus freedom voice,” said Ryan Pastolero, The Marian sports editor and participant to the said seminar. M

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September 2012

tually generate additional employment to Novo Vizcayanos in order to cater to the huge orders acquired during the event. ER Pascua Furniture Shop, the top-seller of furniture, obtained orders from buyers coming from Alabang and Laguna. Meanwhile, the citrus products of Kasibu were proclaimed the top-selling product under the fruits and vegetables category. “It is the most awaited event of the province. In fact, it was excellently rated by the participants,” said Mrs. Precy Maglaya,

senior trade and industry development Specialist of DTI-NV. Because of the outcome of the previous trade fair, Gov. Luisa Lloren “Banti” Cuaresma promised to conduct soon another trade fair aside from the annual trade fair. In connection to this, DTINV plans to give marketing students from SMU and other colleges in the province an opportunity to display their classroom products with the products of MSMEs aside from the chance of visiting the actual trade fair. M

Over 200 studes, teachers meet for Rotary congress by Ansherina Rose Arquero

A student-leader raises a query during the open forum of the Rotary Vizcaya Leaders’ Congress held at the Fr. Tonus gymnasium, Sept 29. (Photo by Irene Ferrer)

More than 2oo students and teachers from the different secondary schools in Nueva Vizcaya attended the Rotary Vizcaya Student Leaders’ Congress at the Fr. Tonus gymnasium, Sept. 29. Czarina Grace Adawe, BS Nursing graduate of SMU and one of the ten outstanding students of Region II talked about servant leadership in school; Hon. Emerlene Jane Galanta, SK provincial federation president, discussed servant leadership in community service and Gabby Dulay, outstanding entrepreneur, shared about servant leadership in business. During the congress, the participants were divided into groups and were given a tower building leadership challenge, facilitated by John Tayaban, Rotary Group Study exchange delegate to Den-

mark. “Gusto sana nating ma-challenge sila para pagbalik nila sa kanilang school and community, they will initiate change,” said Tayaban in an interview. With the Rotary Club’s theme, “Peace Through Service,” this annual congress which started in 2009, intends to convene young student leaders so they can share experiences and learn from more experienced leaders who made a mark in the provincial, regional, national and international scene. The Rotary Club has a mission “to provide service to others, to promote high ethical standards, and to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professionals and community leaders.” M

Mr. Ivan Baguilat, dean of the School of Public Administration and Governance (SPAG) lights the lantern of Rev. Fr. Renillo Sta. Ana, CICM, university president, moments before letting the lanterns soar, a highlight of the culminating activity of the SPAG Week. celebration. (Photo by Paul Anthony Danguilan)

No storm this time in SPAG week by Dan Reuel Viado

It’s indeed a SPAGtastic week! “All activities were done successfully as the weather was friendly, unlike last year na nabagyo kaya hindi natuloy yung ibang program,” said Rubie Tolentino , governor of the Executive Council of the Students of Public Administration and Governance (ECSPAG) after the week-long celebration on Sept. 17-22.

SoB week features business leverage by Jeremy Lopez With the theme “Leveraging Business Education: Expanding Opportunities,” the School of Business (SoB) celebrated its annual Business Week on Sept. 2-8. Among the activities of the said celebration was the presentation of the SoB’s participation in “Nueva Vizcaya goes to Alabang,” along with the provincial government of Nueva Vizcaya and the fetes garnered by the joint venture. “We encourage [you] students to participate because this is not only a requirement but this is also an exposure to gain experience for the real world outside SMU,” said Mrs. Evangeline Marata, faculty member of SoB. One of the highlights of the celebration was the Search for Mr. and Ms. Business. Seminars on disaster risk reduction and business ethics were also conducted at the Sacred Heart Center which was participated by Business students, faculty members and students from other departments in the university. The Business Week culminated with a Masquerade Ball held at the Fr. Tonus gymnasium with the awarding of certificates and awards from the different contests sponsored by SoB conducted within the week. Two major awards bagged by students during the Gabi ng mga Bagong Marian 2012 days before, were also presented during the event. The School of Business is the most populated school in SMU and is headed by Dr. Eleanor Domingo, dean, School of Accountancy and concurrent. M

A lantern ceremony highlighted the SPAG night, which was rated by the students as the most enjoyable part of the celebration. The ceremony is an act ought to be a tradition symbolizing “the continuous light and guidance from above for the SPAG family and Marian community.” Students were paired by two’s to strengthen the bond of friendship, unity and of course the infinite convergence and concordance and a way to welcome first years, the governor said. The boodle fight together with the SPAG family, SCC Officers, The Marian staff and school administrators made the night unique and memorable, said Tolentino. Rev. Fr. Renillo Sta. Ana, CICM, university president, Dr. Moises Alexander Asuncion, vice president for academics, and Mr. Ivan Baguilat, dean of SPAG, graced the event after drawing winners of the raffle giving away continued on page 21

Azul Fest takes mythology concept by Ryan Pastolero Four Greek-myth inspired teams highlighted the 3rd Azul Festival of the School of Education (SoE) on Sept. 17-22. With the theme, “Educ@65: Keeping the Flame of Excellence and Commitment,” the teams Marvelous Titans, Ferocious Trojans, Gregarious Athenians and the Tenacious Spartans unified as one family to fulfill the objective of this year’s festival. According to the Education Central Board of Students (ECBS), the four teams were formulated this year as part of involving every education student and faculty member in the different academic and non-academic competitions planned for the week-long celebration. “We adopted the concept of mythology for the essential formation of future Marian educators because just like the gods and goddesses, we possess certain attitudes connected to our being competent, creative, community supportive Christian disciple Marians,” said Nerieca Monsanto, ECBS gover-

nor. She said that this new concept is geared towards the development of the education students’ sense of responsibility, leadership capability and versatility. She also added that this year’s departmental week seemed to be the return of the real spirit of Azul Festival. One of the highlights of the said festival was the Azulympics 2012 which included Laro ng Lahi and parlor games competition. The Azul Night during the 3rd day of the festival was the showcasing of talents among the education students and teachers. The last day of the festival was the annual Search for Mr. and Ms. Azul 2012 where sophomore students Ivan Carl Dulay and Penelope Cadelliña were crowned. Meanwhile, the Ferocious Trojans emerged champion, followed by the Tenacious Spartans as 1st runner up and the Gregarious Athenians and Marvelous Titans as 2nd and 3rd runners up, respectively. M

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September 2012 The MARIAN


SMU Band rocks the stage as they perform before a jam-packed Fr. Tonus gymnasium during the 1st Rockfest on Sept 26. (Photo by Jaime Ligot III)

Over700rockin1st Rockfest by Angelica Roze Viloria

Over 700 jammers gathered together to watch and join the 1st Rockfest: Battle of the Bands of SMU Band with the theme: “Respect the Passion Forward the Scene,” held at the Fr. Tonus Gymnasium on Sept. 26. Over 15 band groups participated where Homemade Babies emerged as the champion followed by Kwerdas, and Varnish. The winners received a cash price of Php 1, 500 (first place), Php 1, 000 (second place) and Php 500 (third place). Organizers said that the battle of the bands was open to all bands as long as two members of the group are bonafide SMU students. The Rockfest was held to help the SMU Band, main organizers of

SCC prexy... sinimulan ni Ate Keith, I will just continue with it and if the council comes up another program or activity, we will push through with it as long as we have the support of the DSAS and the student body.” Alipio said that the information regarding the process of choosing a new SCC president

the said activity, to earn proceeds for their budget and buy new musical equipment. “This is the first major project of the organization. The SMU Band organized, planned and prepared for the said activity for more than a month,” Kristoffer dela Cruz, SMU Band president, said “This event was mainly organized by the SMU Band pero humingi din kami ng tulong from the SCC, NSTP, The Marian and ROTC for the printing of tickets and security,” he added. The SMU Band is also planning to continue this activity for the coming years. They are hoping that they can still manage to organize such event in the succeding years. M

from page 16 will be disseminated among the student body. The DSAS and the SCC officers will finalize the presidential replacement during the semestral break before final oath-taking will take place in the second semester. M

SMU participation... from page 17 area of the show was one of the problems they’ve encountered in the roadshow. Moreover, when asked to rate the performance of the CCA groups from one to ten, he said,


September 2012

“Eight. Hindi man perfect, maayos naman tsaka may ii-improve pa ito.” The directors of CICM are planning to bring the show outside the country where CICM school also exist. M

SAS renames Soiree to AS Jam by Hazel Buctayon and Rosselle Sison From last year’s Soiree, the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) renamed its acquaintance party to AS Jam after the vice president for administration and the dean of student affairs (DSAS) and services told the governors and Student Central Council officers to make the name of acquaintance parties of the different schools the same, Areeya Antonio, Arts and Sciences Central Council governor said. Antonio said that in a meeting about two weeks before the start of the first semester, Dr. Marilyn Perolina, DSAS, said that the different departments should name their acquaintance parties as AS Night, Accountancy Night, Business Night and the like. “Yung mga different schools kasi last year, iba-iba yung pangalan ng acquaintance party nila kaya sinabi na for uniformity, gawin na lang school’s name plus the word ‘night’,” said the

governor. However, Antonio said that the SAS changed AS Night to AS Jam because the dean, Dr. Ma. Teresa Tayaban, said the celebration won’t fall on a night. “Tsaka parang ‘pag AS night kasi, napaka-traditional pakinggan pero kapag AS Jam, iisipin ng iba, ‘Ano ‘yung jam na yun?’” said Antonio. The AS Week which was celebrated on Sept. 10-15 was anchored on “promoting convergence and concordance.” It featured activities which included exhibits from the different AS departments like demonstrations, seminars, statistics contest and the AS Got Talent. Mark Jiro Guevarra, BS Biology 2 and Christine Antonette Parong, AB English 4, were crowned Mr. and Ms. AS, respectively. M SMU’s Dental Clinic upgrades its equipment with the installation of a brand new dental chair. The dental chair was purchased on September 12 for Php 48,000 to improve services rendered to the SMU community. It is hoped that the new dental chair will provide comfort to Marians who will undergo dental procedures. The old yet still functional dental chair was transferred to the to SMU High School Department. (Photo by Irene Ferrer)

No storm this time... cash prizes amounting to P 1000, P 750, P 500 that was intended for fund raising program for the different organizations, outreach program and others from the said school. Bearing the theme, “SPAG @ 12 : Isang Dosenang Saya Hatid ng SPAG-asa,” the school had various activities like SMU Markmanship in Masoc , SPAG Got

Talent, Inter-school debate contest, and others. Meanwhile, Tolentino stressed that the celebration was more “student-participative” since all SPAG organizations, not just the mother organization, ECSPAG, were empowered to come up with their own activities and ways on how to handle given programs using some “pakulo.”

SoEA thwarts... four-year reign of the SoA in the annual GBM. SoEA CT’s performance which featured narrations and contemporary dance depicting the transition from high school to college scored 98.75 against the SoA Assets’ presentation which scored 95.75. The School of Education (SoE) ranked third after garnering 95.5. Michael Losaria, CT president and choreographer said their plan to “surprise the crowd” with the first years’ performance was achieved. “‘Yung performance was [the idea] of the first years. We focused on the theme and ‘yung nangyaring performance was based on their experiences as new Marians and [on] their high school lives which [developed] them. We are so happy because our performance happened the way we wanted it to happen,” he said. He added that the white paint which the first years painted all over their bodies as part of the choreography symbolizes the acceptance of identity as Marians while their entry to door which was at the last part of their performance literally symbolizes the freshmen’s first step in SMU as indicated in this year’s theme: Unang Yapak: Maging Isang Marian. Ronald Rivera, BS Accountancy 1 of the Assets said he admired CT’s presentation but believed their group delivered a “total package” during the GBM. “We have prepared a total package: acting, singing and an ‘originally’ choreographed dance fused [into] one presentation for this year’s GBM. Also, we have prepared ourselves in facing new challenges and new possibilities

from page 19

from page 16

[in] competing with the eight schools of SMU,” he said. He, however, said that they are “still enthusiastic in supporting the next batch of Assets who will perform for the next years.” “I guess this is just a beginning of facing new challenges and new possibilities… For now, I’m feeling so fine while the SoEA is enjoying the crown. Let them enjoy the crown for a while,” Rivera said. Nevertheless, Jetro Valdoz, CT choreographer, said that they deserved the crown. “I think we deserved to win because we’ve given our best to satisfy the eyes of the judges and the crowd. But we can’t deny the fact that all schools are competitive so it was a tough game talaga,” he said. Judge 2 scored the CT group a perfect 100, Judge 1 and 3 gave them a 99 while Judge 4 scored them a 97. SoEA’s CT was also awarded as the group with the best choreography. The School of Public Administration and Governance (SPAG) group ranked fourth after scoring 93. The SPAG team was also given the Best Script Award. The best male performer and the best female performer awards were given to the School of Business’ (SoB) Bernnie Rullan and Shaula Flor Calizo, respectively. GBM is one of the youngest traditions of SMU which was started by the Student Central Council (SCC) in 2007. It was eventually adopted by the succeeding SCC officers as one of the priority activities. This year’s GBM aimed to raise fund for the SMU Artists’ Circle endeavors and SCC’s longterm goals. M

“Jam-packed din siya and we invited students and alumni through the to ECSPAG Facebook account, kaya informed lahat,” he said. In comparison to the previous SPAG Week celebrations Tolentino said that this year, the students were more participative in the activities. “From planning until its re-

alization, I really saw that everyone enjoyed the different events. It is really a success. And like the fire lanterns that we lit, SPAG is continuously soaring high,” said Armie Guttierez, BS Pol Sci 3. Joezer Dumlao Mendoza, BS PolSci 2 said that the SPAG night was “so spectacular, happy, enjoyable and pinakamagandang night sa lahat ng night.” M

SEII evaluation goes... be encoded.” “So for the meantime, we gathered all the [SEII] forms and they’re here in the office for safekeeping. Until such time that the system will be ready then it will still be encoded by the people who will be assigned. All the forms are [in the VPAA office],” he said. On the other hand, Asuncion said that the SEII system might be revised and modifications will be implemented next school year. “The instrument for evaluation for faculty is actually being reviewed this school year and hopefully if it will be revised, then it will be implemented next school year,” he said. He said that there is a need to update it so that “it would be more fitting to the subject of evaluation.” “In terms of validity, what should be evaluated will be evaluated. Note that we have actually changed one of our four Cs, commitment to community-supportiveness. But some [survey] instruments have ‘commitment’ [encoded] in there, so yun ang nire-review. Some of the instruments are not already reflective of our core values. Like even mediocre performance is being considered and that’s not only for faculty members [but] even for working students. Parang [it’s] the entire evaluation procedure and the system [na mapapalitan],” said Asuncion. Meanwhile, students have expressed divided opinions on the recent shift from electronic to manual SEII for the first

from page 16

semester. A law student who asked for his name not to be mentioned said the new method of evaluating teachers is easy to manipulate. “‘Yung manual, madaling palit-palitan kapag nai-pass mo na unlike yung electronic na after submission, electronic pa rin yung data na na-gather sa’yo,” he said. A business student said the electronic SEII is faster to answer because one won’t take time shading his/her answers. “Dikit-dikit yung answer sheet [sa manual]. Nakakahilo tuloy,” said Aungie Donio, BSBA 2. Another student complained that the areas to be shaded are big. “Ang hirap-hirap mag-shade sa manual. Ang laki-laki pa ng bilog. Sana in-implement na lang yung dati,” a psychology student said. However, some students said that the manual SEII is “better” mainly because students won’t have to go to the Apo Pilo (AP) Building or E-lib to evaluate their teachers. “We don’t have to go to the AP building and E-lib. They [the administrators of evaluation] are the ones who approach us,” said an accountancy student. A criminology student also said that students will be more critical in answering in the manual SEII. “The students will be more analytical in reading before answering because it is unlike the electronic one na magcliclick ka lang,” Sonny Perez, BS Criminology 3, said. M September 2012 The MARIAN


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September 2012

“Freedom of expression is the matrix, the indispensable condition of nearly every other form of freedom.” - Benjamin Cardozo


e, as human beings, have the right to express our opinions, ideas, point of views and other information because of our intellectual ability. But it is our responsibility to ensure that this right won’t cause harm to other people.

On September 12, 2012, President Benigno Simeon Aquino III signed a bill that addresses the widespread issues on the abusive use of the Internet, which was the reason why Republic Act No. 10175 or the “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012” was made into law. This caused the Filipino netizens or internet people, media groups and other members of the country to voice out contrasting views and opinions against the said mandate.

DECODING RA 10175 Republic Act No. 10175 or the “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012” is an act defining cybercrime, providing for the prevention, investigation, suppression and imposition of the penalties and other purposes.


e-Martial Law


by Emmanuel Jose and Jeremy Lopez


September 2012

As stated under RA 10175 Chapter 1 Section 2, “The State recognizing the importance of providing an environment conducive to the development, acceleration, and rational application and exploitation of information and communications technology (ICT) to attain free, easy, and intelligible access to exchange and/or delivery of information; and the need to protect and safeguard the integrity of computer, computer and

communications systems, networks, and databases, and the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and data stored therein, from all forms of misuse, abuse, and illegal access by making punishable under the law such conduct or conducts.” The law primarily aims to protect intellectual property rights which was insufficient to combat such threats not only to private persons but also to national security. It also intends to provide a safe environment in the exchange of information towards the continual advancement in communications technology not only free but safe from crimes such as fraud.

HOLES IN THE WALL Few days later after signing the law, many university professors and human rights coalitions reviewed the said law and found glitches and deficiencies in its

content. Senator Miriam DefensorSantiago, who holds a Doctorate in Juridical Science (S.J.D.) and has attended postdoctoral studi-


ies on Internet Law in Harvard University, said that the Supreme Court will reject the law due to its vagueness. It imposes punishments without specifying what conduct is punishable and thereby violates due process. Law professors at the University of the Philippines College of Law and the Ateneo Law School as well as many netizens have expressed concern over some provisions of the law which go against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a declaration which represents the first global expression of rights to which all human beings are inherently entitled specifically under Article 19 which states that “Everyone has the right to


freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” According to them, the law includes the “take-down” clause which gives the Department of Justice (DOJ) the power to take down websites without prior notice. One of the most controversial clauses of the law is the libel clause inserted by Sen. Tito Sotto which will result in double risk wherein a person will be penalized under RA 10175 and under the Revised Penal Code.

BETTER VS BITTER Of course, all of the laws passed in the government have their own “for the betterment.” The implementation of this Cybercrime Prevention Act has good and bad sides. Better RA 10175 doesn’t only focus on the use of the internet but it also includes crime about cybersex, hacking, identity theft, data manipulation and other nefarious activities in the internet. Cyber bullying ought to at least be taken off from the real world of

the net. Taking its positive side, the law would eventually answer all the questions we all have in mind about proper use of the internet. Bitter RA 10175 would take internet freedom away. What caused the netizens’ uproar was the prohibition of the freedom of speech and expression to use the internet as the primary outlet of their real-life experiences, problems and struggles.

WHO WILL HOLD THE ALAS? People have protested that the law simply seeks to provide a security umbrella for prominent personalities such as celebrities. This claim is otherwise disputed by some celebrities like Sharon Cuneta, who has been a victim of cyber bullying herself. She claims that the law is for the good of

everybody. On the other hand, it has been said that Sen. Tito Sotto was one of the writers of this law. Sotto’s recent statement quotes “...the new cybercrime law may be used to penalize users who post defamatory messages against me online.”

NETIZENS UP IN ARMS Millions of netizens and other concerned people have protested against the controversial law which has been gaining notice from human rights advocates not only in the Philippines but also in different parts of the world. The so-called BLACK TUESDAY September 18, 2012. Netizens especially those who are Facebook users, made use

Photos from the internet

of black images as their profile pictures to show their oneness, desires and petition to repeal the law. Unfortunately, this protest was not given due substance by the government. The Nationwide Protest Many organizations rallied about the passing of the law, including the pro’s and the anti’s. They defended their respective stand about controversial the law.

THE HOPEFUL MASSES The law states that the DOJ with the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC) will enforce the law under the administrative supervision of the office of the President. However, many Filipinos are still clueless on what development would this law undergo especially that it needs to be reviewed. In addition, the Filipinos, especially the netizens are still hopeful that one day, this law would contain

something that will be beneficial to all and not only to the proponents of the law. Mr. Raymond Palatino, representative of the Kabataan Partylist said that “RA 10175 is a big issue especially for the technologysavvy youth. Just as what the Marcos’ did during the Martial Law, this new law signed by Aquino posts threats to internet freedom and might be used to run after government opponents.” For him, this may lead to an “e-Martial Law.” M September 2012 The MARIAN






ice is the staple food of the Philippines. There’s no denying that we Filipinos rarely go a day without having some rice

in our meals. With more than 103 million mouths to feed as of July 2011, the Philippines is the eighth top rice producer worldwide and, at the same time, the world’s number one rice importer.

AGRICULTURE VS. TYPHOONS Without a doubt, rice is indeed an important part of our lives. Not only as a source of carbohydrates on the average Filipino’s dinner plate but also as the livelihood of rice-planting farmers nationwide. Unfortunately, our archipelago sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire and therefore is highly prone to almost any type of natural disaster. It isn’t surprising that the Philippines topped the list of 2011’s countries with the most natural disasters. These natural disasters we face range from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, to landslides, tornados and not to mention the infamous typhoons and the floods that accompany them. After all, who could forget typhoons such as “Yoyong” in 2004, “Ondoy” and “Pepeng” in 2009, “Chedeng,” “Sendong” and “Quiel” in 2011, to name a few? The typhoons may have had different magnitudes and paths through the Philippines but one thing they have in common is that they all left a trail of destruction. Many lives were lost due to the tropical storms and those who survived the devastation had to rebuild their lives and deal with problems such as damaged property and for rice farmers, a loss of much needed income since their crops were destroyed under high floodwaters. Just to see how devastating the effects typhoons have on the Philippines’ agriculture, let’s zero in on the aftermath of typhoons “Ondoy” and “Pepeng.” With strong and unyielding gusts of wind paired with abnormally heavy rainfall, the tropical storms ravaged Central and Northern Luzon in 2009. These typhoons hit the Philippines in quick succession and together they caused a total of 3.8 billion pesos in damage and 36.2 billion pesos in losses in agriculture, fisheries, and forestry. These tropical storms affected approximately 480,000 farmers in seven regions of Luzon namely the Cordillera Administrative Region and Regions I, II, III, IV-A, IV-B and V. If truth be told, rice accounted for 87 percent of the immediate losses from these typhoons since the extensive flooding caused by the extraordinarily high volume of rain occurred when the current crops were about to be harvested. This resulted in the country’s rice yield of only 3.59 tons of rice per hectare, a yield much lower than that of the previous two years or 3.8 tons per hectare in 2007 and 3.77 tons per hectare in 2008. Critics say that damages and losses from typhoons could have been minimized if the country had been more prepared to deal with such natural disasters. This is where the International Rice Research Institute’s (IRRI) new variety of Submarino rice comes in.



September 2012

A Flood Survivor

To be among the world’s top rice producers is relatively a great feat for the Philippines considering that the country lacks land area to plant rice. In fact, the country uses approximately 40.08

by Ellaine Marie Laureta

per cent of its total land area for agricultural purposes. But of that agricultural land, the harvested area of rough rice sums up to only 4,532,300 hectares.

SUBMARINO RICE: THE BRAINCHILD OF THE IRRI Submarino rice is one of the 88 IRRI-bred varieties for different rice growing environments released in the country. This variety of grain can survive even when submerged in water for up to two weeks if it is not yet in the flowering stage. This is because Submarino rice contains a gene called “sub1” which allows the grain to preserve energy and therefore stay in a dormant state until floodwaters recede. Currently, there are two varieties of Submarino rice available in the country. The first variety, Sacobia (PSB Rc68), was introduced in 1997 and was followed by Submarino 1 (NSIC Rc194), a new and improved variety, in 2009.

Since the grain’s release in 1997, the IRRI, the Philippine Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) have urged rice farmers to plant Submarino rice especially in flood-prone regions of the country. "By planting Submarino rice, farmers have a fighting chance to outlast most rains and floods that unfortunately beset the country," said Dr. Bruce Tolentino, IRRI deputy director general for communications and partnerships. Seeds and starter seed packs for Submarino rice are available and can be acquired by contacting PhilRice or the IRRI.

FORESEEING A FUTURE WITH SUBMARINO RICE If farmers in areas usually affected by typhoons plant Submarino rice exclusively, there’s no telling exactly how much rice could be saved from the damage of floodwaters. With minimal rice losses, rice farmers would not experience as many adverse effects resulting from typhoons especially when it comes to much needed income. M

References: Philippines Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng: Post-Disaster Needs Assessment Main Report,, http://www.,,, http://www.



Novo Vizcayanos to receive 3rd 4P’s grant by Hazel Buctayon Six hundred eighty six families from Bayombong will be receiving on Oct. 19 their third bimonthly grants from the “Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino” program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Households determined by the DSWD to be earning not more than Php 6, 000 a month will be given cash grants of Php 1, 400 monthly as education and health and nutrition grant. Pantawid Pamilya provides cash grants to beneficiaries such as Php 500 per month per household for health and nutrition expenses and Php 300 per month per child for educational expenses for 10 months. A maximum of three children per household is allowed. Geraldine Ramos, municipal link of Bayombong head, said their office has started releasing

grants since March 2012. “Since January, nag-start nang nagbigay ng grants bimonthly. That means Php 2, 800 ang ibinibigay per household. The only requirement for the beneficiaries to receive the endowment fully is that they should comply with the rules,” she said. Under the set regulations, parents or guardians must attend responsible parenthood sessions, mother’s classes and parent effectiveness seminars. Children who are five years old and below must receive regular preventive health checkups and vaccination; those who are three to five years old must attend day care or preschool classes without incurring more than three absences per month; and those aged 6 to 14 must be enrolled in elementary or high school without incurring the

same number of absences. Ramos said that monthly grants are received by the “most responsible person” in the family through a Land Bank cash card. “Each beneficiary will receive cash grant for at most five years. Other beneficiaries from far-flung barangays may get their money from the PhilPost,” she said. The program which started in Bayombong in December 2011 is a human development program of the national government that invests in health and education of poor households, particularly of children aged 14 and below. DSWD selected the beneficiaries based on the selection system of the program. Local chief executives or barangay officials were not participants in the selection process. However, concerned LGUs assisted the DSWD staff in the conduct of

community meetings which were part of the program process and procedures to validate potential and final beneficiaries. Ramos said that there were cases reported wherein the beneficiaries misused the grants. “Meron ‘yung one time na nahuli ko mismo sa akto yung asawa ng isang beneficiary na nagsusugal. I warned them. Then nung second time, siya na mismo yung nakita kong nagsusugal. We had a case conference and I confiscated their ATM. However, after some orientation, they signed another oath of commitment and ibinalik din namin ‘yung ATM nila,” she said. Ramos said her team is continually visiting the beneficiaries for updates on the program. They also conduct a monthly responsible parenting seminar in the different barangays in Bayombong. M

GATILYO MAN OF STEEL Turn your back to the truth, Evade reality with your cowardly lot While he vanquishes the horrors single-handedly...

Photosby WVA

September 2012 The MARIAN




yaw mo sa mga mata mo dahil sa laki o sobrang singkit nito; ayaw mo sa bibig mo dahil makapal; ayaw mo sa tainga mo dahil kinukutya ka na sobrang laki nito; ayaw mo sa braso mo dahil matataba; ayaw mo sa binti mo dahil sa maiikli ang mga ito kumpara sa ibang tao; at kung anu-ano pang mga reklamo mo sa iyong sarili. Subalit naisip mo ba na napakapalad mo kumpara sa ibang tao na naghahangad na sana’y meron din sila ng mga bagay na meron ka? Sapagkat ‘di ka man perpekto ay nakakakita ka, nakakarinig, nakakapaglakad, nakakapagsalita, nakapagsusulat, nakakakilos at nakakapag-isip nang ayon sa iyong gulang. Ito ang sanhi kung bakit ka nakakapasok ngayon sa paaralan. Mas mabuti pang gamitin mo ang mga bagay na meron ka na wala sa ibang tao ng wasto para mas mapabuti ang buhay mo at makatulong sa ibang tao. A? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Karamihan ng mga tao sa sentro ng Bayombong na nakakarinig niyan ay pihadong may ideya na kung kanino nanggagaling ito. Makikita siya na palaging naglalakad sa kalsada, minsan may hawak na supot na may lamang mga pagkain o damit. ‘Pag may nakakasalubong siya ay nanghihingi ito ng pagkain o pera. Kadalasan kung kilala ka, ngingiti siya sa iyo at minsan nama’y nahihiya. May mga oras din na nananakot siya ‘pag alam niyang takot o parang pinandidirihan siya. Nakaugalian


September 2012

na nitong ilagay ang kanyang mga kamay sa tainga at ulo niya tuwing bibigkasin niya ang tanging letrang na kayang-kaya niyang bigkasin. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Siya si Ruel Bayatan o mas kilala sa tawag na “Kiko,” bente anyos at pangatlo sa anim na anak nina Jacinto at Marissa Bayatan. Dalawang taon na ang lumipas nang namayapa si Aling Marissa kaya mag-isa na lamang ni Mang Jacinto sa pagtataguyod sa kanyang pamilya sa pamamagitan ng pagmamaneho ng trak na nagbibiyahe ng mga gulay at prutas sa ibang lugar. Iba-iba ang mga kwentong naririnig tungkol kay Kiko. May mga nagsasabing siya’y sintu-sinto at baliw dahil ‘pag may napansin siya sa daan, hinahabol o tinatakot niya sila. Sinasabi din na galing siya sa sobrang mahirap na pamilya na siya lang ang inaasahan para magkalaman ang kanilang sikmura at ang kanyang panlilimos at paghingi ng damit sa ibang tao ay para sa kanila. Ngunit alin ba sa mga ito ang totoo?

Silip sa Kanyang Mundo “Bente anyos na ang edad niya pero isip-bata pa siya kung tutuusin. Parang sa isang lima o anim na taong gulang na bata ang pag-iisip niya,” pahayag ni Mang Jacinto tungkol sa anak niya. Hindi rin daw totoong baliw si Kiko. Pipi at bingi lang daw

by Ellen Grace Pena and Angelica Roze Viloria ito . Bunga raw ito ng paglilihi ng kanyang ina sa manika na ibinigay sa kanya galing sa ibang bansa noong siya ay nabubuntis pa lamang. Ang manikang iyon ay hindi nagsasalita; ang tanging alam lang nitong gawin ay ang paglalagay ng kamay sa ulo na parang nagkakamot na maihahalintulad sa ginagawa ni Kiko ngayon.

Makikita siya na palaging naglalakad sa kalsada, minsan may hawak na supot na may lamang mga pagkain o damit... May mga nagsasabing siya’y sintu-sinto at baliw... alin ba sa mga ito ang totoo?... Si Kiko at ang Araw-araw Umulan man o umaraw, pagpatak ng alas-sais, gumigising na si Kiko upang magkape’t maligo.

Minsan naman ay naglalaba muna ito ng kanyang damit bago lumabas sa kanilang tahanan para pumunta sa kapitolyo o sa palengke ‘pag araw ng pamilihan. Pagpatak ng alas nwebe y mediya ng umaga, tumatakbo siya papunta sa isang panaderya para humingi ng tinapay na ayon sa mga nagbabantay sa nasabing panaderya ay lagilagi raw niyang ginagawa. Paglampas ng alas- dose ng tanghali, nagpupunta siya sa isang hayskul. Pinapakain siya ni Emelda Bagisi sa kanyang pwesto malapit sa nasabing paaralan araw-araw. Tuwing tanghali, nabibigyan din siya ng kaunting pera at ilang pagkaing maibigan nitong kainin. Kapalit ng mga ito ay ang pagtulong nito sa pag-iigib ng tubig para sa panghugas ng pinggan at panlaba ng mga damit ni Aling Emelda. Ayon kay Aling Emelda, tatlong taon na raw na nagpupunta si Kiko sa kanyang kainan. ‘Dun ito pumupunta palagi ‘pag nagugutom siya tuwing tanghali. Masipag daw siya at ‘di umaalis hangga’t ‘di niya nagagawa ang kanyang trabaho. ‘Pag nakuha na ni Kiko ang pera at ilang pagkain na maibigan niya, saka siya aalis at gagala muli sa kalsada. Pagdilim ng paligid, umuuwi na ito sa kanila.



INGAY NI KIKO by Ryan Pastolero Kilatisin mo ang kalsada’t iyong makikita, Ang henerasyon ng taong marami’t kakaiba. May mayaman, mahirap, normal at abnormal, Swerte nga naman ay weather-weather lang.

Si Kiko at Ang Kanyang Pamilya Kinse anyos si Kiko nang matuto itong lumabas sa bahay at gumala sa kung saan saan. “Noong una natatakot kami lalo na noong mag-aalas sais na ng gabi ay di pa siya umuuwi pero nang naglaon ay nasanay na kami, lalo pa’t matigas ang ulo ni Kiko. Hindi siya nakikinig pag pinipigilan ko. Lalabas at lalabas pa rin siya, uuwi sa oras na gusto niyang umuwi. May mga oras pa ngang di lang alas siyete ng gabi siya inaabot sa labas kundi alas diyes na,” ani ni Mang Jacinto. Naranasan na din daw ni Kiko na masagasaan ng motorsiklo sa kalsada. May oras din daw noon na umuwi siyang bugbog ang katawan. Anumang pagpipigil di umano ni Mang Jacinto kay Kiko para di na lumabas sa bahay ay di nito iniinda, ‘di daw siya nito pinapakinggan. Mas pinapakinggan nga daw nito noon ang nanay niya noong ito ay

nabubuhay pa. Samantala sinabi ni Mang Jacinto na, “hindi totoong ibinibigay ni Kiko ang mga pagkain at pera na ibinibigay sa kanya ng ibang tao. Ipinagdadamot niya sa amin at itinatago ang pera o anumang pagkain na ibinigay, mas gusto pa niyang bigyan ang ibang tao kesa sa mga kapatid o pamangkin niya.” Wala mang pandinig si Kiko nararamdaman naman niya kung may sinasabi kang masama o kung kaya naman tuwing ginagalit, niloloko, pinagtritripan, binubuska o pinapahiya siya ng ibang tao sa labas. Dahil wala siyang kakayahang maipagtanggol ang sarili at wala din ang pamilya niyang proprotekta sa kanya, inilalabas niya ang emosyon, galit, pagkapahiya o anumang nararamdaman sa pamamagitan ng pag-iyak o paminsan-minsan naman ‘pag ‘di na niya talaga kaya

ang emosyon dahil di naman niya ito masabi sa mga nakababata niyang kapatid, ibinabaling niya ang kanyang galit sa pamamagitan ng pagsuntok sa mga ito pero nakakaintindi rin naman daw ito pag sinenyasan ng tatay niya na tama na. Anuman ang mga bagay na ginagawa ni Kiko sa kanilang tahanan ay pinagpapasensiyahan na lamang ng kanyang pamilya sapagkat naiintindihan nila na di naman niya kagustuhan na maging ganoon ang kanyang kalagayan. Nasanay na ang kanyang pamilya sa ugali ni Kiko. Iniintindi nila ito dahil alam nila na ang utak nito’y nabibilang sa mga inosenteng bata na ‘di pa malaman kung ano ang mali at tama, ang nararapat na gawin o bawal. Sana’y kung normal lang din ang buhay ni Kiko, nasa ikaapat na baitang na rin siya sa kolehiyo, nakakaranas kung paano humawak ng bolpen at magsulat sa papel, magbasa ng libro at magreview sa kwaderno. Subalit dahil sa kalagayan niya, ni kapirasong papel at pudpod na lapis ay ‘di niya naranasang gamitin sa loob ng eskwelahan. Kaya bago ka magreklamo at maghinanakit sa kung anong meron ka o magtanong kung bakit tingin mo ay mas nakakalamang ang iba, tumingin ka muna sa paligid mo, baka sakaling makita o matagpuan mo ang tamang sagot dito. M

Ingay ang tanging dinig sa bawat yapak, Takot naman ang hatid sa taong galak. Kamay lamang ang armas sa paggawa ng ingay, Na simbolo lamang ng pagkataong tunay. Iyak niya’y daing na walang katulad, Itsura niya’y gayak na tila mailap, Sa bawat ngiti ay tila nakakubli, Ang hirap ng buhay na walang pinipili. Sa bawat pagtakbo ay pagod na puso, Sa bawat pag-inog ay pagasang tumutubo, Bawat paggising ay marikit na damdamin, Pagkat ang buhay niya’y kakaiba kung tawagin. Gutom ang sikmura, mata’y naluluha, Lapitan mo siya at iyong makikita. Maingay man sa iyong pandinig, Puso nama’y puno ng pag-ibig. Bumangon ka’t huwag takbuhan Ang puso’t isip, iyong sinimulan. Huwag matakot sapagkat siya rin ay tao, May damdamin rin ang ingay ni Kiko.

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September 2012

people The MARIAN

September 2012

TWO ARMS AND FOUR LEGS by Hazel Buctayon


e pushes both hands downward on the arm support of his wheelchair. He thrusts forward to carry his own body. He was trying to stand. After quite some time, he again sits back. He smirked. “I prayed for nothing but for God to come and get me—that I would die,” he quips in his vernacular. “I’m not by this time the Jhun-jhun running around the oval during Intramurals. I am not the guy who has been forged by physically strenuous activities. Gone are those days. I’m not strong, stalwart, resilient, nor full of courage and fortitude to face the trials that come. I am now immobilized and hopeless,” claims the 20-year-old Jaime C. Andres, Jr. These, the fourth year Management Accounting student says, are the thoughts that run in his head which make him feel even sorrier for himself. “The doctor at the Philippine Orthopedic Center said, ‘Wag mo nang asahan pa, Jaime, na makakagalaw pa ‘yang mga kamay mo, lalung-lalo na ang mga paa mo.’ I cried unremittingly and could not even say the words, ‘Bakit? Diyos ka ba at sinasabi mo ang mga bagay na yan?’” Last April, he should have been one of the 1, 106 Marians who treaded the Fr. Tonus gymnasium as graduates. He should have been one of the schools celebrated athletes during the PRISAA and CICM Meet. He should have been one if it were not for that fateful day… “September 18, 2011, 4:30

p.m.,” he recalls. “After cleaning grounds, we decided to go to the mass at the Cathedral. I was with my two brothers, Jimmy and James. I was driving the motor along the highway. A bicycle driven by a drunken 16-year-old guy was approaching us. The area on the right side was open so I steered right to avoid him. All of a sudden, I found myself landing with a thud, a short distance from where I was driving.” He asked for help but no one took the courage to do so. Everyone was just gaping at them like they were extraterrestrials.

even touch me. They did not even clean nor stitch my wounds. I stayed there for more than an hour crying and telling my last goodbyes because I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t even breathe and speak without stopping by then. I even told my siblings they can have my own share of our land in Quezon.” By 6 p.m., he was already transferred to another hospital where his wounds were treated. “I woke up at around 9 p.m. and saw that everyone was wearing white so I thought I was dead and that was heaven,” he

Oo, nabali nga ang spinal chord ko, pero hindi ang utak at [mga] pangarap [ko]. Buo pa rin ang tiwala ko sa sarili ko na mapagtatagumpayan ko ‘to.

“I felt my head was severed. Blood was coming out of it. My right arm was chafed. Even my right leg. The skin around them was flayed and frayed. I even clutched my leg but felt numb from my thigh downwards.” It wasn’t that bad, he recognized. He was still conscious and even alarmed that he might have killed the teenager on the bicycle who was lying unconscious on the other side. But after some time, he lost consciousness and afterwards found himself in a hospital. “The doctors said I won’t live any longer so they didn’t

chuckled. He was transferred the next morning to the Philippine Orthopedic Center in Manila for his major treatment and after some time, learned the weight of his situation. “It was already December and I thought I still have games to play. There’s still the Intramurals and the PRISAA. That’s where I asked the doctor who told me there is no hope.” But where there seems to be despair, God shows miracles. “That was December 7—a night before my 20th birthday. I was asking for the nurse to get

me another cup of water because I was really thirsty. She told me, ‘Ang kulit mo Andres ah. Kanina ka pa inom nang inom.’ But I tried to move my head towards the direction of the nurse. Then something snapped behind my neck.” The next morning, on his 20th birthday, he could already move his neck and even his arms. He stayed there for some months and on May 26, before he went home, Dr. Shiella Banaag, an orthopedic doctor told him something that brought back to life the Jhun-jhun he himself once knew. “’She said ‘Bumalik ka dito na propesyonal ka, yung at least magka-level na tayo.’ That was what pushed me to try harder despite my condition because I believe that I can live even without my legs…that I can live normally despite my situation.” He moved to and fro in his wheelchair. He smiled and said, “Oo, nabali nga ang spinal chord ko, pero hindi ang utak at [mga] pangarap [ko]. Buo pa rin ang tiwala ko sa sarili ko na mapagtatagumpayan ko ‘to. Sabi nga sa Matthew, hindi tayo binibigyan ng pagsubok na hindi natin kaya, bagkus ay lakas para mapagtagumpayan ito.” He might have lost his ability to walk and run as he was then, but he has not lost his ability to continue his journey. He has yet miles to go. He still has the willpower to continue. As he trudges on, he will not give up along the way. He is too strong for that. He is too strong to give up. And that is what he holds on to. M September 2012 The MARIAN



people would make his name in the global arena? Glad to say that he stood up among them all. What’s more? He is a Marian; an alumnus of SMU High School. *** here are small people in small places who do small things but they have altered the face of the world.” Thus, said Christopher Guerrero, MD in his speech in front of thousands of delegates, leaders and guests at Orlando, Florida, USA on September 24, 2011 after being awarded by the American Academy of Family Physicians the prestigious Humanitarian award for 2011. Among the 3,000 plus members of the organization, only one nominee is chosen among the 50 states of USA and the first FilipinoAmerican to receive the award was no other than Guerrero. “My success is not the product of just my own talents and labors but it’s the result of many people helping me over the years,” said Guerrero as a means of extending his gratitude. Moreover, he said that it was the culmination of his devotion and passion of helping the less fortunate people in this world which urged him to be of service to his fellowmen. Guerrero was not only awarded for his outstanding leadership, performance and achievements in the clinical or hospital setting but also in various communities around the world. Guerrero also gives prime importance to education. One very important commitment he established was his educational relationship with St. Mary’s University’s School of Health Sciences--that is through health education and effective leadership, giving lectures on various topics and establishing a medical clinic in a remote area manned by nursing students via web-based distance learning. Moreover, he adopted two elementary schools in the Philippines. First is the Cabuaan Elementary School in Bayombong Nueva Vizcaya and Bangsirit Elementary School in Baccara, Ilocos Norte. He donated both schools’ their first computer set including their yearly subscription to internet and thousands of elementary Science, Math, Social studies and English books collected from the local libraries in Chicago and its surrounding communities.





he parable of the Good Samaritan is known to most of us: a traveler waylaid by bandits and left for dead is bypassed by countrymen and clergy able to help, but too concerned for their own safety or affairs. Only a lowly Samaritan, with no reason to aid his enemy, stopped to help. The Samaritan risked his life transporting the traveler to safety, and even paid for his recovery. Truly, just when we thought that we’ve seen the lowest point where our society has sunk, along with all the plunder tales, economic


September 2012

frustrations and the gruesome massacres the media carry, it is still most gratifying to hear about having good Samaritans across the globe who come together in organized groups to assist people in need in areas of the world where there is scarcity. It’s then with pride and honor to say that included in the roster of Good Samaritans today is a Filipino. He paved the way towards the improvement of health care for the indigenous, underserved and indigent peoples of all cultures and ethnicity in any part of the world. Who would have thought that this ordinary man of his time

Guerrero is a co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of the Global Medical Foundation which is a volunteer group of physicians and allied health personnel with a multi-faceted and adaptable approach to exchange medical information and surgical techniques with local health professionals around the globe, in addition to donating needed medical supplies and up-to-date surgical equipment and instrumentation. Bringing into focus the altruistic impulse, he spearheaded most of the foundation’s medical missions in different countries around the world like in Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Ghana, Romania and Ukraine. On February of this year, here in the Philippines particularly in Bambang and Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya in collaboration with Saint Mary’s University’s School of Health Sciences, he led his most recent medical mission. When asked why he always chooses Nueva Vizcaya as a recipient of their annual medical mission, he said, “ I really love to extend my service in my own province every year because I love the people, the place and everything in it. It’s somewhat fulfilling.” In addition to the medicines and the medical care they provided to the rural population, they delivered more than a quarter of a million meals from the US to the province and distributed them to the devastated areas. An 8 by 10 foot shipping container of surplus hospital equipment and much needed medicines were delivered to the provincial hospital, as well. The mission of reaching out to the less fortunate people around the world was made possible through his leadership. “There are faces of despair but we give them hope, of sadness but we give them happiness, of darkness but we give them light,” he added. Truly, this is a man with a heart bigger than his name, a man who is the epitome of hard work, perseverance and selfless love for other people. He will again travel the extra mile and once more be compelled to face each day with a formidable task- not only to be of service to his fellow Filipinos but across all other races as well. This is Christopher Guerrero; a legendary hero of his time. M

oLiveR F.

September 2012 The MARIAN



SIXTY-FOUR YEARS OF LAUGHTER by Vanessa de Guzman,,Sol Cielo Nuesca and Denmark Lorenzo


ooking younger than his real age of 83, Rodolfo Vera Quizon, a.k.a Dolphy a.k.a Mang Pidol and p.k.a (popularly known as) “The Comedy King,” lived long enough to make a color, if not totally paint it, in our lives from our toddler years until nowadays by making us laugh unendingly and still leaving us with a smile. Who would forget a fellow like him? A man who would go beyond measure by portraying roles that other artists would decline to perform just to set off the audience with a good laugh. Who would forget the guy who set “Puruntong” as a fashion statement? And extraordinarily, who would forget that gentleman who made us laugh, giggle, snort and chuckle a hundred times in a single movie sitting?

Pinoy’s Every Man Despite his renowned success, Mang Dolphy kept his feet firmly on the ground and never dared to turn his back to where he came from. At the young age of 13 and being the second child of ten, this Tondo boy started working in a blue-collar job to give a hand to his parents, who were discharged from their works during the Japanese occupation. Not being lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon in the mouth nor showbiz icon parents for a background, he was likened to a typical Juan dela Cruz who dreams of building a better future for his family. With his personal background, most people relate with him

and see him as a symbol of a hardworking Filipino who remains humble and kind enough to share his strokes of luck to many. Showbiz Entrance Air raid, bomb explosions and hiding at the orchestra section with the viewers served as a commercial break when 17-year old Dolphy started performing on stage as a chorus dancer. It was never easy for him but regardless of all the undertakings during that time, this didn’t lessen his urge to perform; rather, it stirred the passion within him even more, thus, paving the way to his first movie break which, in one way or another, opened

LAKING TONDO Before stepping into the spotlight, Dolphy’s first roles in real life were a shoeshine boy, a stevedore at the pier and a driver of a calesa. He took on these lowly jobs in the midst of the anarchic World War II. When he was a young boy, Dolphy sold peanuts and watermelons outside a nearby theater. Born in Tondo, Manila on July 25, 1928, Rodolfo “Dolphy”


September 2012

Vera Quizon came from a humble beginning. Before hitting the silver screen, the impressive talent of this notable clown was first discovered over the radio and on stage. His nickname was not “Dolphy” yet, rather, he started off as “Golay” when he first tried out as a dancer and a chorus boy at the Avenue and Lyrics Theaters.

more doors leading to his subsequent movies.

Dolphy was shown, displaying a man of silence and seriousness.


A Dolphy-Signatured Comedy

In all honesty, Mang Dolphy was not an innate comic but rather learned to be one as he aged in making films. The natural humor we see in him was mugged up with his interactions with below average people, crew and staff, and remarkably from children. On the contrary, we view Mang Dolphy as a man who was jolly, an open personality in media, a person who perceived things half-heartedly, and carefree but when the cameras stopped rolling and the limelight was not on him anymore, the real personality of Mang

While everywhere, a new comedian or entertainer keeps popping out like a mushroom and aiming to put a smile on our faces, Mang Dolphy’s humor was exceptionally exceptional. Described as safe, and family-oriented, Mang Dolphy’s jestings touched the heart of every audience, imbuing them with values one can carry to their daily lives. Whereas, the newbie comedian can be labeled as belittling social satirists, making the public laugh by criticizing one or two. Yes, the majority will laugh, but how about the

30 PESOS, CHICHARON, AND HAIR GEL AS TALENT FEES “Golay” transformed into “Dolphy” when he became “big time” as he entered the Grand Opera House. His pay rose from 30 pesos a week to 30 pesos a day. Then he joined forces with Paquito Bolero, and they toured the whole country. In an interview, Dolphy shared his experience wherein they would

get down from a truck because if they didn’t, they’d get lumps on the head because they were travelling on really bad roads, including deep puddles where carabaos liked to lounge. He also went on to do radio, warmly accepting even his “small” talent fees like chicharon, hair gel and the like. Photos from the internet

object of their joke? Will they just walk away with tarnished dignity? “Madaling tumakbo. Eh paano kung manalo?” Although many popular showbiz icons like him try their luck on politics, ibahin mo si Mang Dolphy! With the popularity he has, a dream to sit in the Senate can easily be materialized if he really wants. Politics is a serious world and a position doesn’t simply go to being “just a position,” it goes even beyond responsibility and service to countrymen and that possibly worried him. There are times when a person is crafted for a single realm and in Mang Dolphy’s case he is perfectly hewn for the showbiz world. Hopefully his words will serve as a reminder not only for the people in the show business but also to a student like you.

A thought from a Ladies’ Man Dubbed as the “Comedy King,” it seems like Mang Dolphy didn’t stick to only reigning in the world of comedy but also went beyond to a Casanova. How was a ladies ’ man like Mang Dolphy able to captivate and capture the heart of six stunningly beautiful, sophisticated women, leaving him with 18 (one adopted) children? It must be the eyes, don’t’ you think? Or... maybe the lips? Or... was it the bursting sense of humor overflowing from him? This article might earn a good number of arguments if we generalize that all women will settle for the latter but on the safer side, some women do. Nonetheless, this was not enough for it plays only a minimal part. On the other side, an article entitled “Dolphy Quote Unquote” featured striking words Mang Dolphy

once said on various interviews. Some of which are about the six women of his life and interestingly a few are about luring these women on his traps. “I am shy with women. I started by touching her hand. Pag hindi inalis, may gusto. Pag inalis na may kasamang galit, medyo ayaw. Pero pag dahandahan inalis, ok-ok pa, nagpapakipot lang.” Though this statement may leave you laughing or smiling, beware in giving this a try, for you might end up being slapped straight in the face. On the other hand, he is a “palatingin” type of man and as he puts an eye on you, he seems to hypnotize you as well. Mang Dolphy admitted that he flirted with women but once he is engaged in a relationship, he sticks to only one and never shifts his head to another.

Handog! Besides being an actor, comedian, commercial model, dancer, and radio personality, Mang Dolphy tried stepping on a new milestone of his career and that was being a recording artist. He released his first album entitled “Handog” long enough before he passed away. An album that serves as his last remembrance to us so that when you listen to it, it seems like he is personally bidding goodbye to all of us. As he said, “Tatanda at lilipas din ako ngunit mayroong awitin at tawanang iiwanan sa inyong alaala. Dahil minsan tayo’y nagkasama.” He did go ahead of us but he will certainly wait for us there to make us happy, laugh, and cry once again. For all the laughter he brought to every Filipino – young or old, he truly deserves more than the National Artist Award which is said will be given to him by year 2013. M


A STAR AT A PHP 1,000 PAY PER MOVIE At young age of 19, Dolphy made his first movie Dugo ay Bayan when he was discovered by Fernando Poe Sr. Dolphy shined more when he joined Sampaguita Films in 1952, paving way for more films such as “Sa Isang Sulyap Mo, Tita” with Tita Duran and Pancho Magalona,” “Jack ‘N Jill,” “Silveria,” “Tarzan,” “The Big Broadcast” and many others. His contract with Sampaguita Pictures started with P1,000 per movie, he recalled laughing during his interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The hilarious tandem of Dolphy and Panchito became a blast in 1963, when the two comedians were cast on the ABSCBN show “Buhay Artista,” which was conceptualized by ABS-CBN patriarch Eugenio Lopez Jr. and renowned TV director Ading Fernando. Two years later, Dolphy founded his own film company, RVQ Productions, which helped him earn his status as the country’s Comedy King with movies such as “Dolfinger,” “Fefita Fofonggay,” “El Pinoy Matador” and numerous others.

“Huwag niyong madaliin; darating din tayo dyan (kamatayan),” Dolphy chuckled when paparazzi would ask him about the numerous rumors about his death, showing that he can create comedy even on sensitive topics on death. Such rumors surfaced when his health condition started deteriorating in 2010, According to Eric Quizon, Dolphy’s son and Zsazsa Padilla, Dolphy’s long-time partner, Dolphy was diagnosed five years ago with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The illness, which hinders the flow of air to the lungs, is generally permanent and may be progressive over time. Dolphy’s illness has de-

veloped, causing Dolphy’s gradual weakening. Enabling determination to conquer over his frail condition, Dolphy still managed to attend the launch concert of his daughter Zia Quizon last year. “Kahit medyo tagilid ako kailangan andito ako, bunso ko yan eh. I wish her all the luck,” his words of pride and encouragement said. Throughout his five-year battle for life, Dolphy maintained his sense of humor until the end, poking fun at the undying rumors about his condition, until one fateful Tuesday night on July 2012, the laughter abruptly transformed into tears of shock and sorrow.

CHICK BOY BUT NEVER A TWO-TIMER Ah, so bakla pala ha! Despite his gay roles, he proved his masculinity as he was able to strike Cupid’s arrow bull’s eye into the hearts of six lovely women. And his love for six women bore fruit to 18 children: Manny, Salud, Rodolfo Jr., Freddie, Edgar and Raul with Engracia Domin-

guez; Mariquita, Carlos, Geraldino and Edwin with Gloria Smith; Ronaldo, Enrico, Madonna and Jeffrey with Baby Smith; Vandolph with actress Alma Moreno; and Zia and adopted daughter Nicole with singer Zsazsa Padilla. He also had a child, who’s now living in the United States, with Evangeline Tagulao. September 2012 The MARIAN





imple. Nothing’s changed.” This was how Pearl Via S. Coballes, 5th placer in the recent Licensure Examination for Guidance Counselors, described herself when asked to compare her life as an ordinary teacher now that she is one of the prides of Saint Mary’s University.

AN OVERTURE Do you really want this profession? What made you pursue it? “If you are referring to guidance and counseling, I would have to say no. Being a psychology graduate, I actually told myself that I didn’t want to be a guidance counselor. But when I was hired here at SMU, I eventually became a guidance counselor, then a psychology and guidance instructor. I pursued a master’s degree in guidance because I was required by the law to have a license before I teach any guidance subjects. Later on, I learned to like guidance, as a profession, more so with the people who are engaged into it.” How did SMU contribute to your success of being a topnotcher? “Much of my training in the field of guidance came from SMU, by working with fellow guidance counselors (back then), and then learning from my mentors.”

TOPNOTCHER NUMBER FIVE by Dan Reuel Viado and Emmanuel Jose Photo by Wrix Vinnlly Arzadon

PEARL VIA SOLIVEN COBALLES Name Psychologist and Registered Guidance Counselor


September 2012

THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES Having been the 5th placer and a newly registered guidance counselor, she elaborated that her achievement is not an assurance of having a quality and stable job. STARTLING FATE When she was asked whether she expected to be a topnotcher or not, she immediately answered “No, it felt surreal.” She only aimed to pass the licensure exam for GC, and when she found out that she placed 5th, she felt happy about her success and finally became proud of herself. HARDSHIPS + SACRIFICES = SUCCESS In every success, there are sacrifices. “There are challenges and difficulties I’ve encountered before achieving this end-result,” she said. Family time and bonding

were some of the things which she sacrificed but she still managed to balance her activities. PROFESSION IS A MUST One of the greatest gifts we can offer ourselves is education. This gift would be the best foundation we’ll have on the future. Being in her profession as a newly registered guidance counselor, would she encourage other students to take her profession as their course? She says no because she believes that every person has a dream and wanna be’s. She would rather encourage students to explore their own interests and would help them decide which profession is best for them. ANOTHER sMILESTONE “Are there still remaining goals or dreams you want to become?” Ma’am Pearl simply answered this with a big “YES!” and she is talking about being a certified psychologist someday. Like what she mentioned earlier, she (at first) didn’t really want to be a guidance counselor. Instead, she dreamed of becoming a psychologist as her noble profession. But because she was hired as a teacher and a guidance counselor here at SMU, she managed to learn how to love this kind of profession. And that it would bring her eventually into another milestone in her life -- a registered guidance counselor.

As a philosopher would say, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.” So do not dream of success, better wake up and achieve it! Now, we are hoping to see you in your finest milestone in life. M





by Jeremy Lopez


ho says children can’t make a change? At present, children are often underestimated with what they can do. People neglect the fact that they too can make a difference – a big difference, an impact which could affect the world’s perspective on their capabilities. Just like what Neil Armstrong said on his first walk on the moon: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” This is what a 13-year-old child from Cavite, who won the 2012 International Children’s Peace Prize has been doing not for him but for children who can’t fight for themselves and are mute at society’s harsh environment. that they too can turn their lives around. His charity raises funds by selling candles to give “Hope Gifts” (packages with slippers, toys, candies, clothing and basic needs) to the needy children of Cavite City. Recently, Kesz’ organization expanded beyond the Philippines and had reached the children of Indonesia. At present, he has helped over 10,000 children.

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS Cris “Kesz” Valdez was born to an impoverished family and at the tender age of two, lived off from picking trash from a dumpsite where his family’s house stood and begged for coins from strangers. At home, he was abused and so he eventually ran away. When he was four, members of a Christian children’s advocacy group called Club 8586, found Kesz sleeping outside a convenience store. Efren Peñaflorida, an out-of-school youth (OSY) teacher recalls that the four-yearold, covered in scabies, woke up and immediately begged him for money. Club 8586, founded by Harnin “Kuya Bonn” Manalaysay, is a partner of the Dynamic Teen Company (DTC), the organization of CNN hero Efren Peñaflorida. Kuya Bonn sent Kesz back home with a promise to pay for his schooling. At the age of five, he was shoved onto a pile of burning tires by a crowd of scavengers around a garbage truck. The treatment for his burns was paid by Club 8586 but later on, Kesz was abandoned by his mother. Kesz recalls that his mother told him that he is in better hands with Club 8586 and that she considers him “bad luck.” After the incident, Kuya Bonn became his guardian.

VISION OF CHANGE Under the guidance of Kuya Bonn and other mentors, he became an honor student at the age of six. At the age of seven, he made a birthday wish Photos from the internet


To all the children around the globe, our health is our wealth! Being healthy will enable you to play, to think clearly, to get up and go to school and love the people around you in so many ways. To everyone in the world, please remember that every day, 6,000 children die from diseases associated with poor sanitation, poor hygiene, and we can do something about it! Please join me in helping street children achieve better health and better lives.

which sparked the flame that later became the medium of change and strengthened the voice of children. He wished he could give other children the gifts that he received on his birthday like slippers, toys and candies. This paved way for the creation of his first

advocacy he called TLC which stands for “Tsinelas, Laruan at Candies.” That same year, he started his own organization named “Championing Community Children” focused on underprivileged children and teaching them

The year 2012 marked a milestone in Kesz’ fight for children’s rights and humanitarian efforts as the international arena noticed his heroic actions. With his project and advocacy, he became the candidate of DTC for the International Children’s Peace Prize along with other nominees from 43 countries. Kesz bested two other nominees namely: Amina (15) from Ghana and Anwara (16) from the West Bengal region in India. They were selected from 97 entries from 43 countries. At his early age, he was awarded this year’s International Children’s Peace Prize and a 100,000 euro (Php 5.4 million) cash prize. The International Children’s Peace Prize, initiated by the Dutch organization KidsRights and launched during the 2005 Nobel Peace Laureates Summit is given yearly to an extraordinary child with remarkable acts and thoughts which contributed change and solutions to problems concerning children around the world. This year’s awarding ceremony was held in Ridderzaal in The Hague, Netherlands on September 19. M

September 2012 The MARIAN






by Reynaly Mannag and Angelica Roze Viloria a pinilakang-tabing madalas naghahari at reyna ang mga pelikulang pinagkakagastusan, dekalidad at suportado ng mga bigating prodyuser. Ngunit sa kabilang pila, nakahilera ang mga independent o tinatawag ding “indie films” na bagama’t salat sa mga kagamitan ay kaya pa ring makipagsabayan at umani ng parangal gamit ang mga kwentong repleksyon ng pakikipagsapalaran ng mga Pilipino.

Ngunit sinong magaakalang hindi lang sa pelikula nangyayari ang ganitong sitwasyon? Minsan, kung sino pa

ang pinagkalooban ng sipag at determinasyon sa pag-aaral ay sila pa ang salat at nagkulang sa suporta. Sa tunay na buhay, sila ang katumbas ng mga

ANG KWENTO NI MANAGER Ako si Irene Jane Wais, BSHRM 4. Tandang tanda ko pa, August 2010 noong gumuho ang suportang nakakabit sa pangarap kong makapagtapos ng pagaaral. Nakulong ang nanay ko sa Hongkong. Sa kanya lamang ako humuhugot ng suporta. Mula noong hindi na siya nakauwi, ginawa ko ang lahat para makaraos. Naging working student ako dito sa SMU kapalit ng libreng tuition, miscellaneous at lab fees. Napakalaking tulong na ‘yun para sa’kin upang makapagsimula sa

ANG KWENTO NI ACCOUNTANT High school pa lamang ako nang nagsimula akong magtrabaho. Desisyon ko ang maagang pagbabanat ng buto dahil alam kong walang sumusuporta sa akin, wala akong masasandalan. Lea D. Esteban nga pala ang pangalan ko, BSMA 3. Kasambahay ang naging una kong trabaho. At simula noon, tila ba’y hinahanap ko ang trabaho kaya ayun tinuloy tuloy ko na.


September 2012

Naranasan ko ng magtrabaho sa Jollibee bilang cashier, waitress sa Rambakan, at kahit ang maging water filler at kahit ang pagsusupot ng lupa ay naranasan ko na rin. Sa ngayon, nagtatrabaho ako bilang kasambahay sa mabait kong amo na si Eng. Ronaldo Galvez. Php 1200 per month ang sweldo ko. Minsan kasya, minsan hindi. At sa tuwing dumarating ang mga oras na nagkukulang ang pera ko, nakikilabada ako sa mga kaibigan ko. Lubos-lubos ang pasasalamat ko kina Vanessa Bernardo, Charmaine Pulido at Jennifer Langbayo dahil sila ang tumutulong sa akin sa tuwing ako’y gipit na. May mga araw na hirap na hirap na ako, pero sinasabi ko sa sarili ko na “ konting tiis na lang at malapit ka nang matapos.” Tanging ang aking mga pangarap ang aking pinanghahawakan upang mapagpatuloy ko pa ang aking gawain.

“indie films.” Sila mismo ang nagbabanat ng buto upang suportahan ang kanilang pag-aaral at araw-araw na pamumuhay.

Hindi nila pinlano, hindi ginusto, pero kinailangan at may natutunan. Tunghayan ang mga salaysay ng mga indepent, selfsupporting o “Indie Marians.”

bagong yugto ng aking buhay bilang isang Indie Marian. Sa aking tinitirhang boarding house, tumutulong ako sa may-ari mula sa pagbabantay ng kanilang grocery store hanggang sa paglilinis ng bahay, katumbas ng libreng panunuluyan. Sa halagang Php 200 na nagsisilbing baon ko sa isang linggo, nagtatrabaho ako sa tahanan nina Ma’am Abriam na hindi ipinagkait sa akin ang bukal sa pusong pagtulong. Ang tanging panlaban ko na lang kapag kinukulang ang naipon ko ay lakas ng loob at pananalig sa Diyos. Pinapakinggan Niya ako

sa pamamagitan ng mga taong tumutulong sa akin. Hindi ko maipagkakailang mahirap sapagkat may mga panahon na kailangang hatiin ang oras para sa pa-aaral at pagbabanat ng buto upang kumita. Ngunit kailangan lang na i-enjoy ang trabaho at maging positibo. Nagpapasalamat ako sa Diyos sa mga pagsubok na nagpapatatag sa akin, sa SMU na sumagip sa’kin noong halos wala akong mapuntahan at hindi ko alam kung paano ko ipagpapatuloy ang aking pag-aaral. Alam kong may plano ang Diyos at napatunayan kong hindi ako nag-iisa.

ANG KWENTO NI LIDER Hindi ako sanay na walang ginagawa. Nasubukan ko ng maging construction worker noong hayskul. Ngayong kolehiyo, working scholar ako sa umaga at tagabantay ng computer shop sa gabi. Alam ko na bagama’t ordinaryo lamang ang aking trabaho at maliit lang ang kinikita, sapat na ang mga ito upang matupad ang simple kong pangarap na makapagtapos at makaahon sa buhay. Nagpapasalamat ako sa Diyos dahil kung hindi ko naranasan ang hirap bilang isang Indie Marian, hindi ko makikilala ang katotohanan sa buhay na bawat sentimo, pinaghihirapan at dapat pinapahalagahan.

Ako si Luis B. Naupo Jr., BS PolSci 3, nagmula sa Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya at naniniwala na ang mga taong nagtatagumpay sa buhay ay ang taong hindi sumusuko sa pagsubok. M

Photo by FrancisGum Model: Kevin @ CM Model Management Make up Artist: Natalie Rose In collaboration with Irvin Rivera Graphics Metropolis Productions

You are never deprived of hope, there are just times you no longer acknowledge it. When you fall weak, you can always regain our strength. When you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t find the way, you can always create the way. Just HAVE FAITH and keep forging ahead.

September 2012 The MARIAN



love&relat ionship

by Lea Donna Divina


wo girls were walking along the corridors on the way to their next class, when an incredibly cute guy got on their way and expressed his intent to talk to one of them. Dumbfounded, the other girl proceeded to their room, giving the two a private time to talk to each other. Deep inside, she was overly anxious about what the two were discussing that very moment. A few minutes passed and she

saw her friend entering the room, a smile on her face. “What did he talk to you about?” she asked curiously. “Oh my! He just asked me out on a date! What should I do?” Joyce and Anna have a lot of things in common. Both of them are scholars in their school, both are athletic, simple and attractive. Opposites may really do attract, but these same qualities seem to play to the two’s advantage, leading them to be close to one another. But more than those

similarities, both have the same taste for boys. Both of them are secretly attracted to a guy in their Chemistry class, and they are both open to one another about those hidden feelings. But never did they imagine that the guy would actually fall in love with one of them. They were simply not prepared for that situation. So on that fateful day that the guy asked Joyce on a date, Anna was torn into pieces, and the ecstatic Joyce did not know about this. It wasn’t as if they already

Try to be in her shoes Make the ‘better’ choice If you were Anna, how would you feel? Will you be happy for your friend or still continue yearning for that unrequited love? Friendships endure this type of tempest if and only if each one learns how to empathize with the other. One thing about Joyce’s decision is that she knows how to empathize, not only sympathize with Anna. What would she feel if she were in Anna’s shoes? It’s not as if she never knew what Anna felt towards that guy. It may be hard to admit amidst the fake smiles and continuous flow of encouraging words and ‘okays,’ but the fact still remains that Anna


September 2012

was devastated with the turn of events. Imagine a guy you like taken away by, of all people, your best friend! Always keep this in mind whenever you make a decision that puts at stake your relationship with a friend. I always wonder what runs in the minds of friends who engage in illicit affairs with their best friend’s boy/girlfriends just for the fun of it. If they can do it in singlehood, how much more when they settle down and have their own families? How can they even look at their friend’s eyes and act as if they’re innocent?

For Joyce, either way is the right choice. So what if she chooses the guy over her friend, anyway it’s okay for her, right? Or so what if she chooses her friendship over the guy, anyway, her friendship with Anna is more important. Joyce made a decision based on the type of

discussed the matter and that they both agreed to just give way to anybody who will win the interest of the guy, or ignore him if he tries to woo any of them. Realizing the situation after a few days, Joyce told Anna that she is no longer interested with the guy and that she’s not going to meet him for the date that she promised him. With a meaningful look in their eyes, Anna and Joyce dismissed the issue and swore never to look back again.

relationship or she has with the persons involved; a fleeting relationship with this guy who’s the realization of her dreams, or her friendship with Anna which has endured the test of time and can assure her a lifetime of laughter. I may sound like a hypocrite if I tell you that the better choice is to save the friendship. But I tell you, I’ll endure that remark now because I admit, I really do believe in friendships. When a romantic relationship ends, to whom do you run to? How do you do that when you’ve put at stake that sole refuge you have?

Temporary and permanent ought Think of your friendship as an indelible mark in your life. Whatever happens, the memories you’ve made together will always remind you of the permanence of friendship. Borrowing the adage, ‘a friendship that can end never really began.’ But in entering a relationship with a guy you barely know, the embodiment of your dream come true, doesn’t assure you a lifetime of happiness. Remember that the most enduring relationships in life are those you have with your friends. No commitment, no demands, you just know when and how to treat one another under certain situations.

Friends trying to be lovers

While a romantic relationship may exist between a boy and a girl, sometimes a boy-girl friendship also exists. These type of friendship often ends up in romantic relationships, but at the expense of the friendship that they had for a long time.

Sometimes, we have a wrong notion about love. It may not always refer to romantic relationships, but rather, to the various types of relationships we have with other people, like friendship. Yet looking for that right person who will be there anytime, all the time, is hard. Lucky are you if you think you’ve found that person, or those persons. Now the best you can do is to take care of those people and value them according to what they’re worth. Whoever they may be, have the guts to tell them how much you love them. M

by Vanessa De Guzman



A friend is someone who doesn’t really wish the best for you. A friend is someone who doesn’t really want to do things for

A friend doesn’t always appreciate you nor the things you like. A friend is actually disgusted when you want to be totally like him/her. A friend also hates to be like you, believe me. And take note, a friend doesn’t really mean “take care” when he/she says so. Why? Because a friend is someone who does not just merely wish the best for you, but more importantly, a friend altogether HOPES, PRAYS and LOOKS FORWARD for the best to come to your life. Wishing is merely waiting for a distant reality, but a friend yearns for you to actually get the best in life and live it to the fullest. Because a friend may want to do things for you in order to help you, but more often a friend wants to do things with you. Friendship is not only about helping, it’s also about sharing encounters and experiences. A friend wants to share his/her life with you and wants you to be a great part of it. Because a friend honestly opens your eyes about what’s not right about you or the things you like. A friend doesn’t always have to agree/appreciate your shortcomings because that would be tantamount to lying or being a bad influence. A friend is open to telling you your flaws with the noble intention of wanting you to improve yourself. Because what a friend wants is for you to be yourself, and he/ she wants to be his or her self. For a friend, there’s no need to imitate each other because your acceptance of each other is enough. And finally, because a true friend doesn’t just plainly mean “take care” when he/she says so. A true friend means “I love you, friend.” M

EENIE MINNIE MINEY MO Guess even bestfriends shouldn’t always ‘feel’ the same way, huh? You might want to check out these movies before you decide who should weigh more - the bestfriend, the crush, or both? if you’ve seen these movies though, it’s still a good time to reflect on their themes.

Did he really fall for his bestfriend or is it just that she was free for the rebound?

Would these best buds end up ‘spying’ on each other because of a hottie?

Would the comic duo trash their heroic schemes because of a sexy new secretary?

She doesn’t know she’s lovestruck because she’s too starstruck. September 2012 The MARIAN


BEFORE EVER AFTER by Samantha Sotto

Despite its title, this novel by Samantha Sotto explores more than just a fairytale love story that ends ‘happily ever after.’ Shelley Gallus has been a widow for three years after her husband Max died in a Madrid train bombing. One day, a man knocked on her doorstep and introduced himself as Paulo, claiming that he is Max’s grandson, (and he looks a lot like Max, too). He shows her a photo of Max, his “Nonno,” and true enough, it is Max, and he didn’t seem to be ageing. How could this man be Max’s grandson when Max was only 27 when he died? More absurd than this claim, Paulo tells Shelley that Max is still alive and is currently living in the Philippines. Shelley and Paulo flies to the Philippines to find

Max. Along the way, Shelley recalls the European tour she joined five years ago where she met Max, and realized the connection of Max’s stories to the mystery of his real identity. This book will take you on a historical tour to the outskirts of Europe and will make you realize what really happens ‘before ever after.’

LECHE by Rinehart Zamora Linmark


by Lea Donna Divina


his debut novel of Filipino-American author, Noel Alumit, puts together societal issues and oppression, sexual identity, an unending hope of reuniting with one’s family and a quest for oneself. Moreover, this book is a compelling story of loss. Bong Bong Luwad was eight years old when he was smuggled to the States to live with his abusive and alcoholic Auntie Yuna to get away from the oppressive regime in the Philippines. His Auntie Yuna tells him that the best way to pray is to write letters to dead relatives because they will easily do things for the people whom they already know. But not knowing any of his relatives, Bong Bong finds a saint of his


September 2012

own in late night TV in the person of Montgomery Clift from the movie, The Search, a man who cares for a young boy until he finds his mother. Bong Bong expects Monty to do the same for him – how could he if he’s been long dead? Thus, Bong Bong starts writing a series of letters to Montgomery Clift. Bong Bong lived in various foster homes after his Auntie Yuna disappears on her way to a liquor store. Permanently cut off from his family, Bong Bong finds himself dependent upon Monty, he couldn’t afford to lose him too. He changed his name to Bob as he finally went to live with a wealthy Filipino-American family, the Arangans. But they too have their own issues to deal with, like a rebellious daughter and a dirty secret that led him to distance himself from them.

Yes, the title is taken from a Filipino swearword, not the Spanish translation for milk. After thirteen years of living in Hawaii, Vincent “Vince” delos Reyes returns to the Philippines, his birthplace, in an all expensepaid trip he won from a Hawaiian pageant for Filipino-American men. He comes home to a Philippines which he barely knows – far from the country he left when he was nine years old. This book portrays the political turmoil in the Philippines, celebrity pop culture, and a journey to self-discovery, to which modern-day Filipinos can relate to. In his return to his homeland, he feels out of place; too foreign to be a Filipino. He was culture-shocked as his only memory of the Philippines where

he can compare this experience is when he was nine years old. Linmark’s novel satirizes the present-day Philippines in a way that many people can relate to. How does Vince fit in on a hybrid culture, being a hybrid himself ?

The disappearance of his parents during the Marcos regime leaves a traumatic experience in Bob’s life. That event marked the series of ‘disappearances’ of people in Bob’s life. Through this he was drawn more to Montgomery Clift. But it turns out that Monty is more of a faulty role model, not the father figure, saint, mentor and friend that Bob assumed him to be. This false idolatry and illusionary relationship led Bob to self-destruct, as Montgomery Clift did. He however, helped Bob come into terms with his sexuality. Interestingly enough, Bob doesn’t have a problem about being gay, unlike his sexually-troubled role model. Monty fans a flame

in him that leads him to never stop hoping, yet also drives him to the brink of insanity. For the multitude of works written depicting the violence during the Marcos regime, this novel uniquely portrays the role of the regime in breaking up Filipino families and the lingering effect it has on the surviving members of that family. All alone, Bob was burdened with dealing with the loss of his family members. The novel depicts various facets of loss – loss of family, loss of political freedom and loss of human contact, but in the end, Bob remains resilient. M




by Ansherina Rose Arqeuro


B.O. Bata lang ako! Ang buhay ay palaruan at hindi daigdig ng digmaan. Sa aklat na ito, sinamahan tayo ni Bob Ong na balikan ang lahat ng mga alaala ng ating pagkabata, noong ang pamasahe sa ‘jeep’ ay piso pa lamang at mainit na usapin ang ‘Nutri Bun’ sa mababang paaralan. Ipinapakita dito na ang simpleng bagay ay maaaring maging hindi basta-basta. Balik-tanaw ito sa nakaraan para sa kinabukasan. Ito ay ang paglalakbay sa mundong atin

a masalimuot na mundo ng mga manunulat, may nananatili pa ring “cool” sa puso ng mga mambabasa. Kinahihiligan ang kanyang mga akda, at naging paboritong libangan ang kanyang mga naiambag na aklat sa bansa. Nakakatawa, nakakaaliw, nakakawala ng problema at sadyang aabangan mo ang susunod pang mga bersyon ng kanyang mga aklat sa limbagan. Bob Ong, ikaw na! Si Bob Ong o Roberto Ong ay ang manunulat na wala ni isa mang nakakakilala. Hindi sigurado kung ano ba talaga ang kanyang totoong pangalan.

ng napagdaanan. Ito ay siguradong mag-iiwan ng buong pusong paghalakhak at madramang pag-iyak habang binabalikan natin ang mga alaala noong ang uso pa lamang ay trumpo at sipa. Pagkatapos nating basahin ang librong mala - time machine ang dating, maaaring masasabi natin na, “Aba! Ginagawa ko din ang mga ito noon, ah. Pinoy nga akong talaga.” Oh,makisakay ka na rin. Tara na! Balikan ang masaya nating pagkabata. Mga Kwentong Chalk ni Bob Ong (2001)

Maraming mga haka-haka ukol dito. Maraming nagsasabi na siya ay isang Chinese – Filipino ngunit nabanggit niya na hindi talaga niya apelyido ang “Ong.” Ito ay hango lamang sa website niyang “BobOng Pinoy.” Bihasa rin siya sa pagbibigayaral sa pamamagitan ng mga simpleng pananalita o kung tawagin ay “quotes.” Aminin mo, sapul ka sa mga banat na ito lalo na kapag usapang puso ang kanyang ibinabato. Sabay–sabay tayong maglakbay sa mundo ng mga libro. Buklatin ang bawat pahina, ibuka ang mga bibig, buksan ang isip, at humalakhak nang wagas na parang wala nang bukas.

Stainless Longganisa (2005) Tuklasin kung bakit hindi para sa tamad ang pagsususlat at alamin ang kasaysayan ng mga tagos sa kaluluwang libro ni BO.


May mga taong matatag at madaling sumuko sa hamon ng buhay. Ngunit maaari pang magbago. Sumabay sa agos ng panahon.


BAKIT BALIKTAD MAGBASA NG LIBRO ANG MGA PILIPINO (2002) Malilinawan na ang pagiging BobOng Pinoy! Dahil sa maraming katanungan ukol sa mga gawain at kulturang Pinoy na buhat din sa website ni Bob Ong, nabuo ang librong ito na alay niya sa mga kababayan niyang handa na sa katotohanan. Kung bakit nga ba ginagawa pa rin ng mga Pinoy ang mga bagay na malinaw na ngang ipinagbabawal. Kung bakit binabasa pa rin ng mga Pinoy ang mga hindi dapat basahin. Maraming malalaman dito kung saan sapul at pasok sa kulturang Pilipino noon, ngayon at bukas.

ALAMAT NG GUBAT(2008) Bakit ang leon ang sinasabing hari ng gubat kung buwaya naman ang mga namumuno? Totoo bang natalo ni Pagong si Kuneho sa karera? Alamin kung saan ka nagmula. Welcome to the jungle!

Kapitan Sino (2009) Ang paglalarawan sa Pinoy superhero na mas mabilis pa umano sa mga awtoridad sa pagrescue. Alerto at walang mintis ang bawat aksiyon at kilos ni Kapitan Sino.

ANG PABORITONG LIBRO NI HUDAS (2003) I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of Him. - Gabriel Garcia Marquez Isa lamang iyan sa mga katagang nakapaloob sa librong ito. Mga mensaheng ukol sa Panginoon ngunit ang mga ito ay may kaakibat na kakulangan sa paniniwala sa Kanya. Ipinapahiwatig dito na ang mga ito ay gustong- gusto ng kasamaan sapagkat mas pinapaniwalaan pa nito ang kanyang sariling kakayanan kaysa sa kayang gawin ng Lumikha. Kumbaga, gusto nitong pamunuan ang daigdig. Every man is a god, if he chooses to recognize this fact. - Anton La Vey

MGA KAIBIGAN NI MAMA SUSAN (2010) Naka-violet na baro. Itim ang balat. Naka-belo. Makikilala mo na sila. Maniniwala ka kayang Katoliko ka talaga?

Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin (2011) Kung gusto mo ng horror, action at drama? Magbasa ka ng script, Bob Ong style!

September 2012 The MARIAN





the death of the Philippine Master Rapper, Francis Magalona, a few years ago would bring us more hip-hop music today? Many thought that Pinoy Rap would slowly fade into obscurity, but because of the perseverance and undying love for music of our local rappers and the continuous support of its loyal community, hip-hop is once again making its way back into the mainstream consciousness.

ROOTS OF PINOY HIP-HOP MUSIC The late Francis Magalona, popularly known as “Francis M.,” was one of the famous Filipino rappers to introduce Pinoy Rap in the Philippines especially into the music scene industry with his first album “Yo!” and his hit lead single “Mga Kababayan.” This influential artist was able to mark his name successfully in the music scene, and claimed the titles “Master Rapper,” “The Man from Manila,” and “The King of Filipino Rap.” Along with September 2012

Francis M. was Andrew E. who was discovered the same year with his hit single “Humanap ka ng Panget.” Years have passed and yet, the Filipinos’ passion and love for music boomed and flourished richly. So, Pinoy Rap phenomena opened new doors and new possibilities to other Filipino artists. Now, let’s take a closer look into the new lineage of Filipino rappers.

LOOKING BACK “A blacksmith of words and letters, and a true Filipino poet.” This was how Francis Magalona described his fellow rapper, Aristotle Pollisco famously known as Gloc 9. Gloc 9’s rap music usually entails the image of his homeland, Philippines. His fast-flowing vocal style has made him one of the most successful hip-hop artists in the country. With compassion on the right hand, and fearlessness on the left hand, he demands the deep-seated change with facades in words that are common and painful. Because of these reasons, the Filipino populace embraced his music not only into the mainstream television but also to the radio bands where he has remained steady in his indispensable point of view about the current situation of the society. There lies the power of his music.

Fliptop Battle.

by Emmanuel Jose

riginal Pinoy Music (OPM) is back and has momentously paved its way to the music industry. Consequently, this gave rise to the Filipino Hip-Hop music commonly known as Pinoy Rap. The birth of Pinoy Rap was greatly influenced by American Hip-Hop genres which came out during the early 1980’s. Who would have thought


The controversial yet trendy lead single of MKNM album entitled “Sirena”, centered about the life of a gay, who mounted the barricades for his rights as a person from his childhood days to his teenage years and up to the deathbed of his father. This single, according to Gloc 9, was written with the properly selected words so not to offend anyone. “I have worked very hard for this album. Before, I would record albums for about two months. For MKNM: Mga Kwento Ng Makata, it took me around six months,” he added. Gloc9’s “MKNM: Mga Kwento Ng Makata,” his 6th album and his first recorded album labeled under Universal Records Philippines was released August this year. The album contains 15 tracks plus two bonus tracks, “Hari ng Tondo” and “Kung Tama S’ya.” This 6th album features various artists like Ebe Dancel, vocalist from defunct band Sugarfree, Chito Miranda, vocalist of

Parokya ni Edgar, Jay Durias, Billy Crawford, and others.





Here comes another rapper artist, Marlon “Loonie” Peroramas, aka Loonie. Acclaimed as the “Master of Fliptop Battle,” he finally produced his latest lead single “Tao Lang” featuring Quest. Unlike Francis M. who spread out from TV and radio bands, Loonie was the asset of the rap resurgence by the underground battles from the internet or the so-called

When he was 16, Loonie together with his best friend Ron Henley aka Xplisit, joined the “Rappublic of the Philippines” as a “Stick Giggas in the Philippines” longest-running noontime variety show, Eat Bulaga! Unfortunately, they didn’t win and didn’t lose either. The competition actually put Loonie in the radar of rap Maestro Francis M.. Since then, Loonie became Francis M.’s apprentice and became a part of his crew “hype men” during gigs and concerts. He was crowned as 2004’s Power Emcee 108 Battle Champion and became the undisputed “Fliptop King.” Now, because of his eagerness and being true to his words, Loonie is considered as the newborn voice in representing the entire generation of Filipino kids who are not afraid to speak their minds and question the authority. M



he video which sparked outrage from the Muslims especially in Libya, resulted in the destruction and defacement of United States embassies in different countries especially in the Middle East and resulted to injuries and deaths of numerous people is a short 13-minute amateurish clip supposedly a “trailer” to a movie written and produced by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula who goes by the pseudonym of Sam Becile. The controversial video was uploaded on a video hosting site in 2011 but only gained notice after being dubbed by an unknown contributor in Egyptian Arabic earlier this year.

The cast and crew of some 80 people felt that they have been used by the film’s producer and writer and have expressed outrage after being misinformed of the real intent of the video which was given different working titles including “Desert Warrior” and “Innocence of Bin Laden.” The website hosting the video has voluntarily blocked the video in Egypt and Libya. Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Singapore also blocked the video due to conflicts with local laws while countries such as Turkey, Brazil and Russia have initiated steps to have the video blocked. Governments from countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sudan blocked the video hosting site


by Jeremy Lopez and Sol Cielo Nuesca after the site refused to block the video in their contries. Meanwhile, the Obama administration asked the video hosting site to review whether to continue hosting the video at all under the company’s policies but the site said that the video fell within its guidelines as the video is against Islam, but not against Muslim people, and thus not considered “hate speech.” The initial part of the movie takes place in a town and the rest of the film, in the desert. The film focuses on the life of Muhammad and the creation of the Koran portrayed as extractions from the versions of Torah and the New Testament and mixed into false verses. Muhammad, called as “The Unknown Father,” has two personalities in the film as seen being refered to as “the Master.” Muhammad is given authority and his followers to do what he says with the thinking that whatever “the Master” says is always right. The

film shows Muhammad as a person who used his power to extort and abuse or sell children. A statement of Bacile’s film goes “It is an American production, not designed to attack Muslims but to show the destructive ideology of Islam. The movie further reveals in a satirical fashion the life of Muhammad.” We may see the movie as an anti-Muslim film but we may also see it as a different interpretation or version of Muhammad’s life which up to this day is still shrouded with mysteries. Definitely, the movie had sparked outrage especially in Muslim nations and so, we must at all times be mindful of what we say especially regarding sensitive and controversial issues. Brace yourselves for a short film touching a very sensitive issue, re-think of what versions of history would you believe in and if you would consider the film factual or fictional. M

You might imagine yourself slumped against your chair or snoozing when you hear the word ‘documentary.’ Well then, read on, and the next thing you know, you’re stuck on the TV/laptop screen watching these short films.

POSITION AMONG THE STARS (2010) Written by Leonard Retel Helmrich and Hetty Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich

Position among the Stars is a 1-hour 41-minute Indonesian documentary film from the documentary trilogy of Director Leonard Retel Helmrich. This last installment of the trilogy shows the life of the Sjamsuddin family who is striving to rise from poverty. Tari, an orphaned niece of the couple Bakti and Sri, was the only hope of the family who, on the other hand, seems to care less than the blue contact lenses she’s been eyeing. Rumijah, the grandmother of Tari

pushed her to go to college but since they couldn’t afford on sending her to a university, she gave her granddaughter a nudge to apply for a fund offered by the Muslim government. However, being raised as a Christian, she wasn’t able to answer even the basic principles of Islam. The film crisscrossed in presenting how the religion and government affect the lives of ordinary citizens making their lives shift diversely.

AMBULANSYANG DE PAA (2009) Hosted by Kara David; Directed by Nowell Cuanang Ambulansiyang de Paa is one of the episodes of I-Witness, a documentary show of the GMA network. This documentary recently garnered the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award, the oldest honor in electronic media. This life story exposes the journey of a sick person from the mountains of Sitio Apnagan, Bansud, Oriental Mindoro to the nearest health center in town. Mangyans transport their sick loved ones using a woven hammock carried on their shoulders by walking 4-8 hours to reach the Municipal Health Center which only has a midwife to aid them. Ambulansiyang de Paa is a clear image of poverty in isolated communities of the country where government services are very inadequate.

LIFE BEFORE DEATH (2012) Directed and written by Mike Hill

Life Before Death is an educational multi-awarded documentary that educates its audience in making every second of their lives count and making them dig deeper on their way of living. It raises awareness on giving the best of us to our loved ones who are beyond treatment. This documentary goes as far as 11 countries following the trail of patients who are trying to battle their illnesses and ignore their pains. M September 2012 The MARIAN




healt h watch by Ellaine Marie Laureta and Hajie Mariano


ou’ve heard about stem cells in the news, and perhaps you’ve wondered if they might help you or a loved one with a serious disease. You may wonder what stem cells are, how they’re being used to treat disease and injury, and why they’re the subject of such vigorous debate. It’s like our brains are wired to remem-


ber the controversy that surrounds the therapy and sometimes it’s as if we forget about what the treatment is all about and the enormous potential it has on improving health. As a matter of fact, some of our local celebrities have submitted themselves into stem cell therapy. To date, TV host Lolit Solis, actress Lorna Tolentino, actor William Martinez and former Senator Ernie

Maceda are just four who have admitted publicly that they availed themselves of the treatment for health and aesthetic purposes. For those of you who vividly recall the controversy that has plagued this treatment yet can’t seem to remember what it is exactly, here’s a crash course on stem cell therapy and the research that goes into making this treatment possible.

WHAT IS STEM CELL THERAPY? Stem cell therapy is any treatment that uses or targets stem cells. This is usually to help replace or repair damaged cells or tissues, but can also be used to prevent damage

from happening in the first place. Stem cell therapy might either involve transplanting stem cells or giving drugs that target stem cells already in the body.

WHAT ARE STEM CELLS? Stem cells are the foundation cells for every organ and tissue in our bodies. Throughout our lives, we continue to rely on stem cells to replace injured tissues and cells that are lost every day, such as those in our skin, hair, blood and the lining of our gut. Stem cells have two key properties: • the ability to self-renew, dividing in a way that makes copies of themselves, and • the ability to differentiate, giving rise to the mature types of cells that make up our organs and tissues. Truly, there are a number of different types of stem cell that can be collected (or ‘harvested’), from a variety of sources. They can all self-renew. The difference between them is in what types of specialist cells they can become – how much they can ‘differentiate.’ There are five different types of stem cells.


BREAKTHROUGHS IN STEM CELL SCIENCE Stem cells have been a topic of interest for researchers around the world since February 1, 1961 when two Canadian scientists at the Ontario Cancer Institute, namely Drs. James Till, a biophysicist, and Ernest McCulloch, a hematologist, published their findings which proved that stem cells exist.

1968: FIRST SUCCESSFUL BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT 1978: Stem cells were discovered in the blood from human umbilical cords


September 2012

1981: First in vitro stem cell line created from mice


Initially the stem cells will be collected (or harvested) either from the person themselves or from a donor source (fetal stem cells, for example). They will then usually be prepared for transplantation in a laboratory, according to strict regulations. These cells will be re-engineered like a microcomputer being programmed to repair damaged cells in the body. Once the stem cells are ready, they can be transplanted into the body either through direct injection into a vein, the space around the spinal cord or directly into the brain. These programmed stem cells will then travel into the system and attach to the specific target areas in the body which will initiate repair of damaged cells or tissues.

1998: Dr. James Thompson, from the University of Wisconsin, isolated human embryonic stem cells and developed the first human embryonic stem cell lines and showed their potential to rejuvenate into specialized tissue. His discovery initiated the ethical debate on human embryonic stem cell research because the stem cells were derived through a process that destroys human embryos.


Type of stem cells

healt h watch Stem cell



Adult Stem Cells

Parts of the adult human

Found in parts of the body such as bone marrow and the brain. Can produce a limited number of different types of specialised cell. This depends on the part of the body from which they were harvested (for example, adult stem cells taken from the brain will produce brain cells).

Embryonic Stem Cells

Donated embryos

Can produce all types of cell in the body.

Fetal Stem Cells

Donated abort- Have developed further than emed fetuses bryonic stem cells and are a little more specialised – their options are slightly more limited. However, they can still produce most types of cells in the body.

Cord Blood Stem Cells

Donated umbilical cord blood

Are stem cells similar to that found in the bone marrow. Can produce a limited number of cells that can be found in the blood, for example immune system cells.

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)

Some parts of the human body

These stem cells are engineered from older, fully specialised cells – for example, skin cells, which are limited naturally to being only skin cells. Scientists encourage these limited cells to act like embryonic stem cells again, with the ability to become any type of human cell. This is a complex technique that has only recently been developed and is the subject of much ongoing research.

STEM CELL RESEARCH AND THERAPY IN THE PHILIPPINES As of this year, there are five stem cell medical institutions in the country namely the National Kidney and Transplant Institute, The Medical City, Makati Medical Center Cellular Therapeutics Laboratory, St. Luke’s Medical Center and the Asian Regenerative Center for Cellular Therapies. The Medical City has been considered to be one of the most advanced hospitals in the world because of the expertise and sophisticated procedures and services it offers in its Regenerative Medicine Program. These services, which prompt many international patients to travel to the Philippines for treatment, include stem cell transplants and the Dentritic Cell Therapy, a treatment where the patient’s own immune system is used to recognize and destroy cancer cells. St. Luke’s Medical Center has also accomplished a feat of its own. In 2006, the hospital’s

International Eye Institute carried out a conjuctival stem cell transplant on a 52-year old male patient which was successful in replacing missing cells in his injured eye. Currently, the hospital’s Stem Cell Research and Biotechnology Division are continuously conducting research regarding stem cell-based therapy. Despite being a late bloomer in the study and use of stem cells compared to developed countries such as Canada and the United States of America, the Philippines has emerged as the pioneer of stem cell therapy in Asia as well as leader in regenerative medicine worldwide because of the latest, state of the art equipment and highly trained personnel present in our country’s stem cell medical institutions. So there you have it! Here are the basics of stem cell therapy. Prepare yourself and be ready to unlock the future of human existence. M

POTENTIAL USES OF STEM CELL THERAPY Medical researchers believe that stem cell therapy has the potential to dramatically change the treatment of human disease. A number of adult stem cell therapies already exist, particularly bone marrow transplants that are used to treat leukemia. In the future, medical researchers anticipate being able to use technologies derived from stem cell research to treat a wider variety of diseases including cancer,

Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and muscle damage, amongst a number of other impairments and conditions. However, there still exists a great deal of social and scientific uncertainty surrounding stem cell research, which could possibly be overcome through public debate and future research, and further education of the public.

1998: Dr. John Gearhart, from Johns Hopkins University, derived germ cells from cells in fetal gonad tissue taken from embryos created in vitro fertilization clinics. 1999 and 2000: Discovery that bone marrow cells could produce nerve or liver cells and brain cells could also produce other cell types.

2007: Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University and James Thomson of the University of Wisconsin-Madison made separate discoveries of induced pluripotent stem cells created from skin cells which attained embryonic stem cell-like properties. Their discoveries revealed that obtaining non-embryonic stem cells is a future possibility.

2011: Canada-based researchers developed a method of locate hematopoietic stem cells. This discovery may lead to new treatments for leukemia since this type of stem cell has the potential to reconstitute bone marrow and other blood cells from patients existing cells. 2011: First stem-cell derived synthetic organ transplant (trachea)

2012: Two successful human trials of stem cell therapy to treat women with different forms of eye degeneration

References: International Society for Stem Cell Research Patient Handbook by UK Stem Cell Foundation,,,

Photos from the internet

September 2012 The MARIAN



food and t ravel TRAVELLER’S GUIDEBOOK

NOT JUST ANOTHER SIDE TRIP by Sol Cielo Nuesca and Caselline Corpuz


iscover a variety of water pool havens that Nueva Vizcaya has to offer. The mixture of scenic views and unique features guarantee a worthwhile experience. Be captivated as the destination of your choice awaits you!

lost. It is also suggested that everyone must take a personal vehicle in visiting the place, bring your motorbikes or ATVs or any ride that is conducive for a one lane road. For those who are not contented touring the place for one day, lodging is also available at reasonable prices. Rooms intended for five people who plan on staying overnight may select from the following choices: the native kubotype houses which cost Php 500, Isinai-inspired houses, governor’s cottage or the PEO’s cottage. Bigger groups may use the log cabin with a capacity of 10 people for Php 5,000 for a whole night stay. For 5-7 persons, dormitory no.1 is the right room for you for only Php

2,000 and dormitory no. 2 for 3-5 persons costs Php 3,500. For larger groups planning to have a vacation of sorts, it is better to inquire first at the Pasarabo stalls. They might be able to fix a package fit for your ultimate enjoyment. Guests who plan on staying overnight are recommended to bring their own food since the café and restaurant inside might not be able to cater your culinary needs. The floating restaurant and zipline are expected to rise soon at Paraiso Tribu Vizcayano where a flourishing natural habitat and a perfect place for nature lovers await.


PARAISO TRIBU VIZCAYANO DIADI Nested within the 24,000 hectare portion of the Lower Magat Forest Reserve, Paraiso Tribu Vizcayano is a perfect and idyllic getaway for those on the look out for a close encounter with nature. The place welcomes and promises a quiet, green, cold-breezed, eco-tourism park which will never fail to make you feel right in the middle of a thick jungle. Situated at Barangay San Luis, Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya, this place will surely never fail to amaze you. Paraiso Tribu Vizcayano offers alfresco activities which include camping, horseback riding, fishing, boating, swimming and touring around the zoo. Among their other amenities comprise function halls for seminars or


September 2012

The tropical paradise located at Brgy. Quirino, Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya is ideal for relaxation because of its unique fish treatment and massage therapy. A fish species which they call "doctor fish" can completely get rid of dead skin cells, promotes good blood circulation and makes skin healthier. This spa service is priced at Php 100 per 30 min. Aside from their relaxing foot spa, visitors could also enjoy their pool area composed of an adult pool and a kiddie pool at a rate of Php 70 for both adults and kids. The pool is open from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm with an additional charge of Php 10 at 5pm onwards. The resort also offers overnight cottages which feature two queensize beds with pull out bed, individually controlled air conditioning unit, hot and cold showers and cable TV. Such cottages are categorized in the

workshops and retreats. With a very affordable entrance fee of Php 50 per person, one can enjoy the view and freely roam around the place. However, using their swimming pool entitles you to another entrance fee of Php 50 which will be paid at the sentinel’s desk. Picnic huts cost Php 150. Those who wish to fish at the fishing lagoon are requested to bring their own fishing equipment. Most of the activities are for a fee. Visitors should try to visit first the Pasarabo Stalls which are located at the right side upon the entrance for payment of admission fees. We suggest that visitors should ask for a copy of their brochure which contains the map of the whole place to avoid being

Photos by Sol Cielo Nuesca

following rates: *Superior Rooms- Php 1,800/3 persons *Deluxe Rooms- Php 1,200/3 persons *Class A- Php 850/ 2 persons *Class B- Php 650/ 2 persons *Class C- Php 550/ 2 persons *For Extra Person- Php 200 *Check in time- 2 pm; Check out- 12 noon They also accept reservations for their function hall and pavilion. The function hall which could accommodate 80 persons (Php 3,000/ 8 hrs) is perfect for conventions, conferences and seminars while the pavilion surrounded by tropical garden designs is an open area that suites wedding and party needs. They also have a floating restaurant which offers Filipino cuisines.


TATIN’S LEISURE FARM, RESORT and INN BAYOMBONG Tatin’s Leisure Farm, Resort and Inn is nestled at the heart of Bayombong. A piece of paradise perfect for the young and young at heart who are in search of exhilarating experience. Located at La Torre South, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, the popular Tatin’s Resort has a lot to offer that make visitors come back for more. The fabulous Tatin’s Resort Wave Pool serves as the main attraction for kids and teenagers yearning to have a beach in the valley making this resort one of the most visited resort in the province. Tatin’s is the first resort to have a wave pool in Cagayan Valley. Among their other attractions include life-size figure of superheroes, movie characters and animals. The zoo, playground and a souvenir shop located at the back part of the resort can be freely enjoyed by the guests of the resort. One of the privileges the guests may also enjoy is fishing in the ponds beside the cottages.

Photos by Sol Cielo Nuesca

A beautiful resort situated within the vicinity of a farm serves as a pride of Bambang. With rates at Php 90 for adults, Php 80 for children, Php 60 for kids 6 and below and Php 65 for senior citizens, visitors could already enjoy swimming in their adult and kiddie pools. Surrounding the pool are cottages the charge of which ranges from Php 250- Php 350 (small), Php 500- Php 600 (medium) and Php 750 (large). They also offer villas for an overnight stay: Php 1,000 for one bedroom, Php 1,500 for two bedrooms and Php 500 for additional overnight stay. Their hotel service operates for 24 hrs. Rates are as follows: *Standard room: Php 750- Php 950 *Deluxe room: Php 1,000- Php 1,350 *Family room: Php 1,300- Php 1,750 *Extra bed: Php 200- Php 250 The resort also has a function hall which is a good venue for parties and other events. Gamponia Farm will be more memorable with their soon-to-be-back acoustic night every Friday and Saturday, 7pm- 11pm.

An affordable entrance fee for any age is pegged at Php 90 for guests entering between 9am - 5pm and Php 110 for those who plan to stay overnight. Extension fee costs Php 20 additional. Cottage price differs from sizes; the pastel-colored nipa huts cost Php 300 and is good for 10 people, the other cottages holding 20 people costs Php 400. A whole cottage and octagon cottage which holds 40 and 60 persons respectively costs Php 800 and Php 1,000 respectively. Tatin’s also accepts check-ins on their hotel from 12:00 noon to 12:00 noon the next day. Daily rate costs Php 2, 200 for 24 hours with 3 person as capacity. Additional beds for occupants cost Php 200 each. Getting to the place takes 3-5 minutes tricycle ride from the national highway. Tatin’s is along the Bayombong-Ambaguio road going to Mt. Pulag.

September 2012 The MARIAN



food and t ravel


High up on the slopes, Hillside Resort and Restaurant claims the kiss of the earth and sky, offering a panoramic view of the town of Bambang. Sitting atop Magsaysay Hill, Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya, Hillside is a “hassle-free” resort, far from the busy and crowded typical atmosphere of other resorts. A vibrant orange building will greet you along the way up. Hillside Resort and Restaurant offers their guests an affordable entrance fee of Php 80.00 for persons aged 12 and above and Php 60.00 for children aged 7 to 11 while 6-year-olds and below are admitted for free. Cottagessitting around the swimming pool cost Php 250 and Php 500 for small and big cottages, respectively, while the umbrellas are priced Php 100. Hillside runs an “eat all you can” promo for lunch (11am-2pm) and dinner (5pm-8pm) every Saturdays and Sundays for Php 100 with additional Php 100 for any left over. Food catering is the major service Hillside offers because of its highly trained chef who is known for his creative culinary cuisines. Hillside also holds receptions, parties, seminars, team buildings and other corporate functions. For those who are planning to get a room, their rates start at Php 1,500 per room which has a capacity of three people each. An extra bed costs Php 200. Hillside Resort and Restaurant displays a perfect panoramic view during twilight with the wind continuously touching the skin which makes the place romantic for couples. M


HATYOUSAY Know what Marian resort-goers have to say about these recreational spots.

Hillside Resort and Restaurant

Dr. Fish, you should try it too! At kahit medyo malayo yung place, worth it naman! – S

The ambiance is great and perfect for relaxation :) – salvyy

Ang sarap ng food, nakakarelax yung place. belle

Napakagandang lugar para magdaos ng debuts and reunions. Wide halls, clear swimming pools and very convenient hotel rooms. Memorable lahat ng pagbisita ko sa lugar na ‘to :) - Aishite Imasu BSA 3A Ok yung place, pero isa lang yung pool... pero ok din, may mga life vests sila. – belle

Paraiso Tribu Vizcayano Maganda ang ambiance, feel na feel mo ang nature, tsaka kakaiba, parang resort sa loob ng gubat :-) – tin


One proof that Nueva Vizcaya is really one of nature’s greatest miracles. – RED, AB ENG4

Palaisdaan is really a great place worthy to be visited. I love their

Paraiso Tribu Vizcayano truly is a paraiso. :D – Rm :)


September 2012

Reference: Tourism Promotion and Development Division, Governor’s Office, People’s Museum, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

One word: PERFECT! This is the BEST resort/eco-tourism park in NUEVA VIZCAYA. I’m so excited for the zipline soon. Sana lang the provincial gov’t will put rented ATVs or golf carts for strolling around the place kasi mahirap maglibot nang naglalakad :D – Suliiing

kagagaling mo ng sunod-sunod na exams. Astig! Basta, overall impact 95% :P – maji

Habang tumatagal, gumaganda nang gumaganda :D I love the wave :) sana may wifi na din. :D - Rm :)

Gamponia Farm

Tatin’s Leisure Farm, Resort and Inn Maganda siya kasi may wave pool. Kaasar lang kasi pag kaunti lang kayong nasa resort hindi yun papaandarin tsaka may mga malalim pang pool. – joan

So far, the best in Vizcaya with the wave pool and everything. :) - haiwatha Although the entrance is expensive for a student like me, nag-enjoy naman ako lalo na at kasama ko ang mga kaibigan ko – ang JAMIERACS! Tatins’ view is also refreshing especially pag

Maganda yung resort and very accommodating ung mga staff. Taz very open ung resort, ung tipong lahat ng klase ng tao ay pwede papasukin. the BEST! :D – nic0pas The place is maganda and it’s mahangin. I love the view deck sa taas but then it is so common kasi for someone who visited a number of resorts already. – haneulN.

Kung gusto mo mag-unwind, dun yung right place to go. Ang ganda ng ambiance, it’s more like a subdivision or villa than a resort. Sulit talaga yung babayaran mo. The villas are very nice and cozy, fully-furnished like you’re really at home. Even the location is perfect talaga, malayo sa kahit anong stressors. All in all the place is nice, dami pang ginagawa dun to improve it para mas mapaganda pa. - MR. Pogi, CoE 1

Photos by Sol Cielo Nuesca

Long Shelf Life for your Long Life by Samantha Chedrick Wallis Making food that lasts long, doesn’t really take long. How about that? Now, you can make yummy and healthy food products which could be saved for later in easy steps! So dear Marians, get your toques on and let’s play chef as Ms. Maria Kristine Grace Velasco (BSED-Bio Sci 4) shares some of her recipes in Biotechnology class on making preserved food products. P.S. Don’t be alarmed by the seemingly alien ingredients, everything can be found in the local market.


Ingredients ½ kg soybeans 4 liters water 1 ½ – 2 pcs Gulaman ¼ tsp vanilla Syrup: 1 kg brown sugar 1 ½ liter water

Ingredients Chicken breast or drumstick 1000 grams Curing Mix: Salt, refined - 1 tablespoon Curing salt - ½ teaspoon [dissolved in ¼ cup water] Seasonings: Sugar, refined - 9-12 tbs. Garlic, chopped or - 2 tbs. Garlic powder - 2 teaspoon Anisado wine - 2 tsps. Pineapple juice - ¼ cup Vetsin [MSG] - ½ teaspoon Ground pepper - 1 tsp. Food color [allura red] * 1-2 teaspoon

Softdrinks - 1 cup * Dissolve 1 tsp allura red powder in ¼ cup water [stock solution of food color]. Procedure 1. Select good quality raw materials. 2. Remove skin and bones. 3. Prepare curing mix, extenders and seasonings 4. Mix meat with the curing mix until it dries up. Add seasonings. 5. Cure at room temperature for 8-10 hours or in the refrigerator for 1-2 days. 6. Pack in Styrofoam with cling wrap or in polyethylene plastic bag and put in the freezer.

Utensils casserole stove basin cheesecloth strainer Procedure 1. Soak beans overnight, remove cover of beans. 2. Grind finely while adding boiling water. 3. Put soybean in cheesecloth and squeeze out milk. 4. Boil soy milk for 5 to 10 minutes. 5. Stir and add Gulaman. 6. Allow to boil for 10 minutes.

TAHO 7. Pass the mixture through cheesecloth then put in a molder. 8. Cool and serve with syrup and sago.

SALTED EGG Ingredients: Duck eggs or chicken eggs Procedure 1. Select fresh eggs. 2. Prepare brine solution by boiling 4 cups water plus 1 and 1/2 cups coarse salt or 1 ¼ cups refined salt. Cool. Strain to

eliminate dirt particles. 3. Clean eggs in plain water and soak in the cooled brine solution. Container must be glass or plastic. 4. In a separate plastic bag, put brine solution to be placed on top of the eggs to push them down. Do not use any hard materials in order not to break the eggs.

5. Cover container with cheese cloth. 6. Curing time is set at room temperature for a period of 10-12 days for chicken eggs, and 12-19 days for duck eggs. 7. After curing, wash eggs and boil in plain water for 30 minutes without cover. 8. For coloring, dissolve 1 tsp.

granna powder in 1 liter [4 cups] water and bring to boil. (Optional) 9. While boiling, dip eggs placed in net [6 pcs. At a time] for 10 seconds. Salted eggs can be kept at room temperature for one week and two weeks in the refrigerator.

September 2012 The MARIAN



fashion & s tyle

h s a F

N O -

-ay e r c e n v so –e kly rate thi e e w ted n celeb a r b ison a lle S cele w we c e s s s i ls: d Ro Day on ho Mode la n an e a c s m n a uz ea de Ariz De G pen ome id ice ambid a n e s a s d J s P a In ane get Bern ean Rae by V wn s o u r S ou let and ban nts, nd so e Este ria d u A k t . r Ma ay ns Aust Allen Mikko aria own” d e o M -d us by J eniel For “dress otos and Fr h ! P g by ylin DOM during tyle. E d st models E n s a y FR nesda of the robe ward om d d e e e W k fr e e w


September 2012

N CHIC AND HIP Sophistication never fails to awe people. The right combination of classy colors like white, black and red never goes out of style.

TEENY BOPPER Create vibrancy to the teen spirit by bringing out mix-andmatches of shades and colors. Just make sure to avoid overstatement of blasting colors.

PUNK Show off that rockinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; image by matching a plain top with punk printed polo tied on the waist, and ragged sneakers.

SUMMER You can always bring that sunshine with a bright and pastel outfit, and classic denim jeans. Neutralize the look with accessories or shoes in colors of cream, or light shades of brown.

Who says loose polos are for boys only? Pairing manly polo top with fit jeans and sassy shoes gives that overall sexy look.

FEMALE POLO September 2012 The MARIAN



fashion & s tyle STREET CASUAL White shirts are certainly a must-have for boys. This classic street casual of white shirt paired with statement shoes never goes out of the trend.

CLASSIC POLO A tucked-out polo with jeans and elegant addons like a watch gives that classy casual get-up.

BOY-NEXT-DOOR Tucking in a plain polo with a leather belt and denim jeans gives this look freshness and decency which can definitely create lasting good impression.


September 2012

A plain printed shirt with statement accents such as hat and bags is a kind of fashion which is undeniably simple yet instyle.

Along with our freedom of style comes our responsibility to comply with the dress code of our university so as to maintain propriety. Take note of the following which are not allowed: shorts, ¾ pants, sleeveless/ spaghetti straps, plunging neckline, backless, and slippers. Happy Fashion Independence Day! M

RAGGED Matching strong pieces of jacket, shirt and shoes creates this “bad-boy” ragged look.



TECH UP by Razor Jan Mapa


odern technology makes our stay here on Earth stress-free and more convenient. Now that gadgets are fastly evolving, it is up to us if we can cope with this new era of technology. We present to you the newest (and finest, at least) inventions. These gadgets have their own unique features which could be handy to us students.

SBU V3 Self-Balancing Unicycle

Modern day technology has brought ordinary unicycles to new heights. Developed by Focus Designs, SBU V3 is precision crafted by hand with 6061 alloy. Built to stay pretty, it was ultraportable and is capable of 325 lbs loads and beyond!

Specifications: •ON/OFF Button With Status LED •Two position, press “in” to activate SBU. •Power Override Key Lock •Once locked, the SBU cannot be turned on. •Battery Split-pack + Battery Management System Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) •Rechargeable via provided charger. •City ride time: 2 hours •Nonstop sprint time: 1 hour •Battery shelf time: 3 months •3-axis gyro •3-axis accelerometer

IPAD MINI Apple, the late Steve Jobs’ company, is known for its extravagant products. And here it is, the newest in the Apple family, the iPad Mini (also called iPad Nano). This techie was reported to come with a 7.85inch display, and a 16:9 display, enchewing the 4:3 option of its bigger brother and falling into line with iPhone 5.

Specifications: •Wifi and Wifi+ Cellular •Dimensions: 7.87” x 5.3” x 0.28” •Storage: 16gb/32gb/64gb •Display: 7.9-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology, 1024-by-768 resolution at 163 pixels per inch (ppi) •Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating •Camera: 5MP Photos, 1080 HD Video recording •Power and Battery: Built-in 16.3-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery •Charging via power adapter or USB to computer system. M

MAKEY MAKEY MakeyMakey is a new invention of the 21st century. This cutie is for everyone who would like to turn their everyday objects into touchpads and connect them with the internet. It’s a simple invention for beginners ever experts who would like to develop their creativity while working. Specifications: Works out of the box. It includes MaKey MaKey, USB Cable, 7 Alligator Clips, 6 Connector Wires, online documentation, and comes inp a colorful retail box.

September 2012 The MARIAN


A team in orange rushes to aid the injured player while a boy in white robe spreads the incense at the altar as one listens to anotherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cry of anguish and sigh of amusement. Meanwhile, a lady in battle dress armor commands a battalion as a gong resounds, echoing the culture of the natives. Here it is dear Marian, your VIP pass into the lives of our universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s service groups. by Samantha Chedrick Wallis with Freniel Mikko Austria The MARIAN

September 2012


[ə pr]

(v.) to greet or congratulate in which two people slap upraised palms together; to reach out; to touch lives.


oung counseling sessionistas channel their inner Sigmund Freud as they share with us how to ‘apeer,’ through their on-the-aye experiences and laughter. In a small room, about the size of a typical Filipino bedroom, adorned by pastel colors, cutouts and shapes like those of a kindergarten playground, Marians have found a home. It has become a personal haven and a hangout place, from peer counseling and listening to a student’s problem to throwing jokes around and talking about their interests. So as the name… Tada, Teen Center! We raid the center to know more about the ‘apeer’ phenomenon, and met the Marian Peer Counselors’ (MPC) who are full of treats and perks of life. The Marian Peer Counselors is not your average college club. You need to sweat a gallon (literally), chuck out your shyness (if you have that) and expose your vulnerability. Every member has undergone team building and leadership training, which takes stamina (amazing race and a lot

of games), emotional maturity (listening to others, sharing a part of you) and character (building relationship with others) while increasing their self-worth and taking them to self-discovery. From hundreds of newcomers each year, only 80 active members remain to continue their dedication to help their schoolmates in their problems. Their hearts are open to feel the burdens as well as the triumphs and other stories the Marian community are willing to share. Even though they grapple with the limited space of the Teen Center because it is not sometimes conducive for private counseling, their adviser and guidance counselor Bon Homme Richard Torres shares his cubicle with the MPC. Through helping their fellow students, they find their own self earning friends, living a life of valuable contribution and growing in wisdom, judgment and unselfishness. They also go out to reach out to other students from other schools as far as Ifugao and Isabela. M





1.Establish mutual understanding and trust

2. Maintain eye contact 3. Respect and keep an agreeable tone of voice

4. Listen and understand 5. Educe and follow up

September 2012 The MARIAN




A HEART FOR MINISTRY The readers, the commentators, the singers…and the boys in robes. Actually, it’s called a sotana. Now let’s find out more about our student ministers.


omerly called the Mission Club, the Marian Volunteer Campus Ministers (MVCM) came to be under the University Chaplain’s Office.

It’s actually quite easy to become part of the group because all you need to do is to approach them after you’ve heard their invitation during recollections. But ‘easy come, easy go’ doesn’t apply to them. Some of their members have been in the group since they were in their first year. Now, they are 5th years and even with their stressful academic load, they still find time to take part in the group’s activities. Then again, the reason they stay is because they feel like they’re in their element when they’re with the group and stress from school work is lifted when they are with each other. “Kumain ng saging. Uminom ng orange juice,” was their healthful answer when asked what their favorite thing to do together. Reaching as far as Bansing, they find it fulfilling to see kids have fun and glow with excitement when given gifts during outreach activities. “Sana sumali sila para mag-serve kay God. Iyong belongingness, ‘yung mga iyon, bonus na lang,” says Kelvin, their president, as a message to those who wishes to be part of their group. For Rayjohn, BSA 5, MVCM made him consider entering the seminary after graduation. His experience in the group made him feel that serving the community as a priest someday might just be his calling. M

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of age.”


September 2012

- Matthews 8:19-20

BENYAMIN MESSAKARAENG AND SISTER JIMA FORAYO, SIHM ARE THE GROUP’S ADVISERS. MVCM is composed of five ministries: the liturgy, vocation animation, religious formation, community supportiveness and media communication.

Photos by Irene Ferrer


oming all the way from Benguet, Ifugao, Bontoc (Mountain Province), Apayao and Kalinga BIBAK members have been instrumental in the preservation of indigenous culture in their 61 years of existence. The group is known for the tuition discount they can avail - 20 per cent for 1st years, 15 per cent for 2nd years, 10 per cent for 3rd years, and 5 per cent for 4th and 5th years. But that is not all the help that’s available for their members. A BIBAK member may avail up to 4,000 pesos on the first and second semesters under the Student Loan Assisstance Program (SLAP) to augment their tuition fee payment. They also have the BADDANG which serves as an emergency fund for the students when they run short for fares or allowance. The scholarship though seems a minor benefit when compared to a lifetime of memories you gain from the rich culture the members share. “Sana habang tumatagal ang panahon, mas maging culturally oriented ang mga Marians. Sana BIBAK ang maging strong foundation para matutunan din ng iba ang ethnic songs and dances natin kasi ‘di ba you cannot be proud if you do not know,” says Jeaneth Bango, their president. M

Photos by John Tayaban and Irene Ferrer

FAST FACTS SMU-BIBAK was founded in 1951. BIBAK performs different ethnic dances during gatherings and programs in the university. Since more than half of the members are from Ifugao, they often perform dance pieces originating from the province such as the Dinuy-a, Hinggatut, Pagaddut and Bitangok . Other dances include some from Kalinga and Mt. Province.

Edna Baguidudol, faculty member of the Philosophy and Social Sciences department, is their senior adviser and Fr. Pedro Dulnuan, university chaplain, is their spiritual adviser.

September 2012 The MARIAN




A (HAIR) CUT ABOVE THE REST What makes an ROTC cadet stand out? I know there’s no need to debate on that. But what is a cadet made of ? You’re in for a treat because they’ve lowered their defenses and let us fire away with our queries about a cadet’s life. Gupit Kadete

Tikas pahinga!

The MARIAN: Girls, may naiba ba sa inyo nung nagpagupit kayo? RuAn: Oo naman, from civilian parang naging military na ang pakiramdam. Leah: Pag-uwi ko, ibang pangalan ang sinabi ng tatay ko. Akala niya yata yung isang kapatid ko. Masakit siyempre, pero tanggap ko naman kasi hindi nga naman talaga ganito ang nakasanayan ng tatay ko.Tsaka nung inexplain ko kung bakit, naintindihan naman niya. Mae: Akala nung iba lalaki ako. ‘Kuya’ sasabihin nila. Tapos minsan pinapasabit pa kami sa jeep.

TM: Anong paborito ninyong gawin nang magkakasama? Mae: Magkape! Haha. Tuwing Friday afternoons lang kasi kami nabubuo. Yun ang bonding time namin. K: Nagtatakutan din. May kasama kasi kami dito. TM: Sinong kasama niyo? K: May ‘kasama’ kami.

TM: Para saan ba kasi ‘yang ganyang gupit? K: Distinction. Para malaman nila na ROTC. Ruan: Tsaka kasi pag ganito ang gupit, hindi ka gagawa ng kung anu-ano sa labas kasi nga halatang ROTC ka. Kumbaga, pang-remind mo rin sa sarili mo. TM: Required ba kayong magpagupit? Mae: Hindi naman. ‘Yung mga gustong mag-officer, oo, required. TM: Hanggang nasa ROTC kayo, dapat ba ganyan ang gupit, kahit babae? Leah: Hindi rin, pakiramdaman na lang. ‘Pag nagpagupit yung isa, sunod na rin yung iba. Ruan: Parang tradition na rin kasi.


September 2012

Talupad DA! TM: Bukod sa mga activities dito sa school, may mga outside activities din ba kayo? Leah: Nasubukan kong mag-vigil sa patay (military member). Lalaki lang dapat dun pero minsan wala talagang available. Dalawa kami nun eh, isa bawat dulo ng kabaong, buong magdamag ‘yun. Mae: Kinukuha rin kami para mag-entrance of colors sa ibang schools minsan. Jezreel: Kapag may bagyo, andun din kami para tumulong.

K: Pagiging first class, kasi kung noon sumusunod ka lang sa utos, ngayon ikaw ‘yung mag-iisip ng ipapagawa. ‘Yung malaking responsibilidad, iyo. TM: Anong gusto niyong sabihin sa mga gustong mag-ROTC? Jezreel: They should have the passion. Mae: Subukan nilang mag officer para talagang maranasan nila kung paano maging kadete. Na ‘yung mga hindi magandang naririnig nila tungkol sa ROTC ay hindi naman talaga totoo. “Wala kayong makukuha diyan,” people would say. But this second semester, a 25 percent scholarship has been approved for them. This was initiated by Mr. Sherwin Marciano, the NSTP coordinator. So now they have a concrete debunker to detractors. In a deeper sense though, words won’t be enough to faze these cadets as they are bound by more than just the cut they proudly stride with, but with camaraderie they’ve formed over the years. M

TM: Ano ang pinakamahirap na task sa pagiging ROTC? Selma: Pagiging COCC (Cadet Officers Candidate Course) kasi kailangang sundin mo iyong mga utos sa iyo nang maayos. Jezreel: Pagiging second class, kasi kailangang gawin mo ‘yung part mo bilang upper class pero dapat hindi mo rin ma-overpower ‘yung mga first class.

Photos by Irene Ferrer

M-ERT ALERT Get a firm grip as we traverse through the story of our very own rescue team.


he Marian Emergency Response Team (M-ERT) has been tending to injured Marians since 2007. But as an axillary member of the Provincial Disaster Risk and Reduction Management (PDRRMO), the group also comes to the rescue of typhoon victims. So how does a Marian become a MERT member? Well, that means… M-ERT TRAINING Mountain climbing on the ground. Whoever does that? Yep, M-ERT. The muscle hustle doesn’t end there though as a trainee must do: • diamond push-ups • army dozen • knee benders • scuba exercise

Photos by Irene Ferrer

…. and that’s just the morning exercises. The trainee must also be equipped with the M-ERT SKILLS: • Emergency rescue transfer • Bandaging • Basic water rescue • Rappelling • Ropemanship • General and basic first aid • Basic life support • Radio communication

Sounds exhausting? Of course it is! The seven consecutive Sundays of arduous training take not just brawn but also brains. But these heroes (and heroines) in orange don’t tire in giving a helping hand as they also facilitate in the first-aid training of our National Service Training Program (NSTP) students during Saturdays. Want to be one of these life savers? Then have that sense of volunteerism. Makisama, makibagay, makiramdam is their mantra. M

September 2012 The MARIAN


sports The MARIAN

September 2012


EXPOSING THE REAL IDENTITY The country’s sports arena is featured by both positive and negative aspects. Recently, the national varsities in the country like the Philippine Azkals and Philippine Volcanoes once again proved that Pinoy athletes have the power and potentials to be proud of. Japeth Aguilar who was newly hired and imported to be a player of the National Basketball Association (NBA) is also an emblem of how Philippine sports is actively performing. But if we look closer to these teams and personalities who are indeed becoming well-known, can we see the genuine identity? The country’s soccer team is known because of its versatile players like the Younghusband brothers. The Volcanoes, a rugby team, is also composed of some players who are Filipinos yet half foreign blooded who didn’t even know how to speak the national language. This is a manifestation that half Filipinos are really at the peak of proving themselves; that even if they don’t hold a full identity, they still have the determination to show the world what a Filipino talent is. The sports industry is wide and open. Everyone can enter as long as you know that you have the power and the guts to apply. A Filipino blood is definitely extraordinary. A full-blooded Filipino like Manny Pacquiao reaps greater pride and higher glory. It is just a matter of having the courage and passion to expose our identity because it is through this action where we could reach beyond possibilities. M


September 2012

MARIANA’s MALADY ABYSS PANORAMA Ryan Pastolero The ants launch their hustling effort of preparing their food savings for this season. But only coward Mariana shows the repugnant action among the whole populace, staying in the colony, waiting the season to pass by, without an action, indifferent and useless ant at all. The intramural’s challenges are near our reach. Our mind is by now geared towards the query, “Who will be the best among the rest?” Considering the major changes in the team-ups which in turn has something to say about our participation, cooperation and determination to make our own teams conquer the premier pedestal of fame and glory. There are a lot of sports to partake, activities and competitions to involve in. And certainly, the different teams are already in the process of preparing their most deafening cheer, planning their uniform and banner designs and even choosing and training potential athletes. But are you sure you are a part of that journey? Or still one of the

Marianas of your team who acts merely as a decoration? You are Marian – a competent, creative, community-supportive Christian disciple. You have the pleasing personality, positive attributes and productive talents to show. Thus, you definitely do not deserve to be one of the “futile.” As long as you are determined to participate, you will eventually be a dynamic member of your team. Learn to reflect if you are on the right track of being a functional constituent of your colony. You still have a lot of time to think and act. You still have plenty of moments to decide your own means of shining. Never underestimate yourself. Remember, you are not a Mariana. You are a Marian and you are amazing just the way you are. Mariana awoke from a horrible dream. At least she learned a lesson from it. She stretches her red tiny legs, runs swiftly and lends her hands to work for the colony in preparing food for the season. M


spor t s

Taekwondo games for intrams up anew by Hazel Buctayon

Taekwondo will again be another contested activity during the intramural meet in December. In an interview, Dr. Mary Grace Bulatao, PEHM department head, said the university’s taekwondo team will be chosen from the winners to be selected during the conduct of the interschool meet. “Iba kasi ang taekwondo players noon for the regional PRISAA [Private Schools

Athletic Association], nanggagaling sa PLT [Purisimo Luis Tiam College]. So for now, we would like that we will also have representatives for the PRISAA,” she said. Taekwondo, which was one of the activities during the past intramurals, was taken off because there was a time when many were injured during the conduct of the games. “That was during the time

of Ma’am Cora[zon Abriam] (former dean of student affairs) na may taekwondo during the intrams kaya lang ini-stop kasi maraming nadisgrasya. Puro naospital kaya since then, we no longer patronized the idea of taekwondo,” she said. Bulatao said that they have reconsidered the idea of choosing the school’s players primarily continued on page 63

USLT nips SMU in friendly match, 95-94 by Razor Jan Mapa

The University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao (USLT) basketball team fought with steel nerves and refused to be crushed by the SMU team, 95 – 94, during their friendly match held at the SMU open basketball court, Sept. 08. Under the sunny weather, the game held in celebration of Mama Mary’s birthday brought more heat to excite the audience. Both teams showed courage and determination to win as they

finished the first quarter, 23 – 22, in favor of USLT. At the second quarter of the game, USLT again dominated the whole court by nailing a 2-point advantage over SMU, 47 – 45. Together with John Melvin Arellano and Dennis Abosejo’s continuous barrage of long shots, the Marian team struggled to take their revenge on the USLT team. The Louisians swiftly recovered from the invasion and

finished the quarter, leaving SMU behind with 8 points, 77 – 69. During the final quarter, both teams were aggressive for the win. SMU dominated the last quarter by scoring 25 points, but it was never enough to beat the Louisians. “USL’s teamwork gave them the victory,” USLT’s team captain, Engr. Ronald Villaverde continued on page 63

Faculty, studes stand out in open chessboards by Razor Jan Mapa

Out of 18 participants, ten woodpushers occupied the first five places after displaying their brain abilities in the SMU Open Chess Tournament held at the Administration building lounge, Sept. 23. The achievers were Gerald Pumihic – champion; Efren Tumaneng (faculty) and Christopher Vallevo (student) – 1st runnerups; Kenneth Maslang (faculty) – 2nd runner-up; Pio Binwag (staff), Allan Cabalar (faculty), Jomar Inobiahan (student) and Japhet Ananayo (student) – 3rd runner-ups; Luis Naupo Jr. (student) – 4th runner-up; Tom Binbinon (faculty) – 5th runner-up. The Swiss System was followed for the whole duration of the match, making the tournament last for seven brainstorm-

THE MOVES. Students and faculty members from different schools take part in the Open Chess Tournament held at the A-building lounge on Sept. 23.

ing rounds. A total of ten students, seven faculty members from the different schools, and one from the grade school actively joined the said event.

The organizers are planning to hold the awarding on the first or second NSTP session of November in the university. M

Hataw tilt marks Azul opening by Ryan Pastolero

Hataw competition highlighted the opening ceremonies of the Azul week held at the Fr. Cornellius Tonus Gymnasium on Sept. 17. With the theme, “Educ@65: Keeping the Flame of Excellence and Commitment,” the said event was participated by the four competing teams of the School of Education (SoE) which were mainly formulated for the third Azul Festival of the said department on Sept. 17-22. The teams: Marvelous Titans, Ferocious Trojans, Gregarious Athenians and Ferocious Spartans displayed clean routines of dance steps in a form of exercise to show unity and participation in the different contested activities plotted for their whole-week departmental festival. Meanwhile, the Gregarious Athenians jumped to the pedestal of fame and honor as they garnered the first place, followed by the Ferocious Trojans, Tenacious Spartans and Marvelous Titans as the second, third and fourth place, respectively. According to Nerieca Monsanto, governor of the Education Central Board of Students (ECBS), there were no prizes given to the winners of the competition because of limited funds. Nevertheless, she stressed that the said event tried not to promote gap with one another but to strengthen the relationship of the students and faculty as one department. “We’re after the idea of fostering camaraderie and cooperation among the students of SoE through such activity,” she added. She also claimed that these experiences will be their assets in the field someday. M

September 2012 The MARIAN



spor t s



he Philippines has a team of bright young humans who could be like Einstein. And they are more than being the clever skolar ng bayan. They even possess the verve of true disciplined athletes that others might not have. Facing the pressures of being an extraordinary student in one of the country’s best uni-

If only Einstein extended his life and still be kicky to live in today’s generation full of knowledge and virtues, he would probably be apprehensive. Know why?

versities, they are also undergoing daily rigorous trainings. A work-out which not only tries to empower their God-given skills but also boost their morale as athletes and responsible citizens of the society. That’s the University of the Philippines Varsity Pep Squad, more popularly known as the UP Pep Squad or simply UP Pep.

THE PROCESS Being the official cheerleading and cheerdance team of the University of the Philippines for almost 15 years, the squad performs at the halftime of the basketball games of the UP Fighting Maroons in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) and embodies the University in the UAAP Cheerdance Competition, where they were the champions


September 2012

for eight years (1999, 2000, 2001, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012) To continue shining the hall of grand and famous not only for their school but for the country as well, numerous members of the squad have represented the country in the 2002 Asian Games in Busan, South Korea and 2008 Cheerleading Asia International Open in Tokyo, Japan. They have also been featured in ABS-CBN's Photos from the internet


spor t s summer station ID last 2008. In 2009, an all-UP Pep Squad team represented the Philippines for the 3rd Cheerleading Asia International Open in Tokyo, Japan where they placed third overall in the international category and first in the regulation category. The squad led the Team Philip-

pines in the 6th Cheerleading World Competition held last November 26–27, 2011 in Hong Kong where they bagged the third place in the Cheer Mixed category.

Cortez admits that the drive for three-straight was not the team's primary motivation as UP did go on a real dedication to nail lift after lift, toss after toss, and pyramid after pyramid to the delight of the cheerdance fans in attendance.


THE REAL DEDICATION ecuted their pyramids and stunts most of the way and although a fall blemished the last stunt, their overall performance earned the nod of the judges, mostly composed of judges coming from various international bodies such as the Asian Federation of Cheerleading and cheerleading officials from Chinese Taipei, Romania, Indonesia and the United States, as this year’s best. The decision to go bald was that of the squad's head coach, Lalaine Pereña. According to team co-captain Kiko Cortez, it was all a part of the team's commitment to giving the best performance for the UP community since it was a major battle for them. "It's all part of the sacrifice.

Besting the seven other UAAP pep squads in front of nearly 20,000 spectators at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena last Sept. 22, UP Pep Squad completed a “three-peat” in the UAAP Season 75 Cheerdance Competition (CDC) and eighth overall in the competition this year. Last year, the squad came out in bleached blonde hair to a Madonna theme. This year, even the pretty ladies of the team courageously sported crew cuts, hair cut close to being bald, a testament to the commitment and esprit de corps of these flexible athletes who can also dance up a storm. With this sporting blast that called for freedom and equality, the UP cheerdancers cleanly ex-

[We shaved our heads] days before the competition," said Cortez. As with the squad's reputation, the decision to transform themselves in form came with the drive to surpass themselves in competition. So much so that

Beyond the physical, it is the emotional strain that is placed on these athletes as they give the world a show for six minutes. In that moment, all eyes are on them as they represent their school. But in every stretch, every hop and smile blooms the real spirit of a team and camaraderie that continue to bind them as one.

Even if bruises, sprains, hyper-extended limbs corrupt them because of their grueling trainings everyday; even if heated exchanges between these athletes and their parents often stressed them, they still continue to work with determination and balance to realize all their goals in life.

UP Pep Squad is just an ordinary varsity team. We may not know the athletes personally but we may be inspired by them morally. They may not be a perfect image to follow but they can be the real picture of bearing out the idea that the youth are the hopes of the nation. Their victory is just for their name. But their glory may enthuse us that there is hope in an indisputable grit and unity in seizing one’s goals. Shout and Cheer! Laban Pilipinas! M


Taekwondo games...

from page 61

because taekwondo is one of the events in the PRISAA. She added that they already have prospect players but the latter will still undergo the selection during the intramural meet. The coach for the university’s taekwondo team will, more or less, come from the winning team, she said. “Magmimiting pa lang [kami] kung sino ang coach but the tendency is, kung sino ang winning coach, siya na rin ang magiging coach ng varsity ng taekwondo,” said Bulatao. Training for the university taekwondo team will start after the conduct of the intramurals. M

USLT nips...

from page 61

claimed. “It is a closely fought game, brought the lead down to 1 because of unforced errors of USLT. Fortunately, USL gained their composure and were able to play the game and pull through the victory,” he added. Both teams finished the game by teasing one another, each one wearing a smile on his face. M

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Power... Pride... Glory... Who will conquer the sports arena? Fight hard and make the goal!


2012 September 2012 The MARIAN



spor t s

Ultimate Basketeer in the Making Imagine you are a coach of a newbie basketball team and a freaky scientific genius at the same time. Your team is not doing well in the games and finds no harmony in them. What will you do? Remember, you are a genius! Think, Marian, think! Why not create your own shooter that contains some of the NBA skills from the league’s finest athletes? That would be cool, aye?

by Razor Jan Mapa

DUNKING SKILLS Source of skill: Lebron James (Miami Heat; Forward)

Lebron may be one of the most famous NBA players in the world, and his solid dunking reputation has helped him reach the prestige he is enjoying right now. Raw power oozes every time he makes those unbelievable and thunderous slams. The ‘King’ is also considered one of the best power dunkers in the whole history of NBA.

REBOUNDING SKILLS Source of skill: Dwight Howard (Los Angeles Lakers; Center)

Before moving to Los Angeles Lakers with Steve Nash, Howard led Orlando Magic as rebounding leader in four seasons (07-08, 08-09, 09-10, 11-12) since 2000. This rebounding machine became the youngest player in the league’s history to rock up 7000 career rebounds, and counting!

ASSISTING SKILLS Source of skill: Steve Nash (Los Angeles Lakers; Point Guard)

During his stay in Phoenix Suns for almost ten years (19961998 and 2004-2012), Nash was awarded as an assisting leader for five seasons! Also, in 2004-2005 season, Nash averaged 11.5 APG (assist per game). This APG was the highest average recorded since John Stockton in 1994-1995 season.

age of 37, this sharpshooter shows no signs of slowing down.

STEALING SKILLS Source of skill: Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers; Guard)

No, he is not into bank robberies and other criminal acts, but hey! Chris Paul is equipped with lightning-fast hands and reflexes that helped him lead the league as a stealing leader for four seasons since 2000 (2007-08, 2008-09, 2010-11, 2011-12) while he was still a player of New Orleans Hornets. He also set the record for making at least one steal in 106 straight regular season games, which was once held by Spurs’ Alvin Robertson with a 105. Better be careful with those hands, Chris!



Source of skill: Ray Allen (Miami Heat; Guard)

Source of skill: Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunders; Forward)

A three-point shoot attempt by Allen! Ball approaching the ring, and he scores! No doubt, Ray Allen is one of the greatest three-point shooters in the history of NBA. At his ripe

For years, Durant has amazed and never failed his fans with his incredible skill in shooting. With a height of 6’9, this shooter was referred to as scoring leader as he


September 2012

nabbed three consecutive seasons since 2000 (2009-10, 2012-11, 2011-12), nailing average PPGs (points per game) 30.1, 27.7 and 28.0 respectively. In addition, he also led the league in his fourth season in scoring and was named to the All-NBA First Team for two consecutive seasons.

BALL-HANDLING SKILLS Source of skill: Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls; Point Guard)

Ball handling is a very important skill in every basketball game, and one young gun shows this spectacular ability: Derrick Rose. His wizardry in possessing the ball and effortless dribbling had helped the Bulls in winning. Because of

this, he is considered as the best ball handler on the team. Fans also predict that he can be one of the best NBA’s top ball boss men of all time.

BLOCKING SKILLS Source of skill: Serge Ibaka (Oklahoma City Thunder; Center)

Who else did not undergo Serge Ibaka’s wingspan and amazing shot-blocking ability? ‘Bet most of their opponent’s players are already being schooled by one of Ibaka’s blocks and maybe… feel rejected! He also led as the blocking leader of the 2011-12 season of the league, nailing an average BPG (blocks per game) 3.7and 241 blocks in 66 games of the season.

In reality, there may be no one that can acquire all these awesome skills (as the most famous adage implies, no one is perfect). But who knows? Maybe in the near future, an ultimate basketball player will come out, make his way to the top and display all these crazy abilities. And yes, it could be YOU, fellow Marian! M SOURCES: /id/2384/dwight-howard /id/592/steve-nash honors awards.htm

Photo from the internet



10 REVEALED by Reynaldo Coloma

As the athletes achieve their goals as champions, they also reach their dreams to be successful in other fields especially in making their lives productive. They win cash prizes that make them influential and their lives changed. Let’s take a look at the 10 wealthiest Filipino athletes and their ways of earning it.

1. Manny Pacquiao, BOXER Indeed, Pacquiao, who has placed the country in the international sporting map with his amusing victories over Mexican boxing legends Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales, is easily the most recognizable-and richest-athlete in this side of the world. From beer to ice cream, pain relievers to car batteries, Pacquiao is an endorser’s delight, earning millions of pesos just by eating McChicken. And of course, let’s not forget about his prize winnings and pay-per-view earnings, which could shoot up to as much as $62 million or even more. Well, who knows?

2. Jennifer Rosales, GOLFER Nicknamed J. Ro in the Ladies Professional Golf Association circuit for her colorful attires on the golf course, she is one of two Filipinas who continue to fascinate the crowd with her insistent play. She turned pro in 2000 and has since won two LPGA titles, the last in the 2005 SBS Open. In that same year, Rosales also finished second in the 2nd Mizuno Classic. In the last eight years, the 34-year-old Rosales has collected a total earning of $1.243.015, highlighted by her biggest paycheck of $514, 279 in 2005.

5. Marlon Manalo,


4. Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes, BILLIARDS PLAYER Certainly, the world's most famous billiards player, Reyes is also the world’s biggest money-earner in professional pool. Despite failing to make it past the group stages of the 2005 World Pool Championships in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Reyes was still the world’s top-grossing cue master last 2004, earning $279,169 and besting the likes of Johnny Archer, Thorsten Hohmann and even current world champion Wu Chia-Ching.

Despite being a relative newcomer in the pool circuit, Manalo has established himself as one of the country’s best. Placing third in the money list in 2005 with total earnings of $199,500, Manalo is the new face of Philippine pool, and his fan base is growing as fast as the money he’s hauling in. A semifinalist in the Kaohsiung World Championships and Southeast Asian Games gold medalist, Manalo competes in the US Tour, as well as other tournaments in the Asian Tour.

3. Dorothy Delasin, GOLFER A Filipino-American born of Filipino parents, Delasin stunned the golfing world by winning the US Women’s Amateur Championship in 1999. A year after, Delasin edged Grace Park of Korea for Rookie of the Year honors in the LPGA after winning back-to-back titles (2000-2001) in the Giant Eagle Classic at the tender age of 19. The 26-year-old Delasin went on two win two titles, but her performance has notably dipped in the last years. Still, she managed to collect a total of $571, 747 in that same period. September 2012 The MARIAN



6. Francisco Bustamante, BILLIARDS PLAYER Considered to have the world’s fastest and strongest break on the pool table, is one of the pioneers of Philippine billiards. But that hasn’t diminished his quality of play. In 2005, Bustamante ranked number four in the players’ money list, making $140,272 and continuing his winning ways. Perhaps one of the most remarkable stories in billiards involves Django. Bustamante, on the eve of a final 16 match in the 2002 Cardiff World Pool Championships, learned that his eight-month-old daughter died. In spite of the devastation, he pulled through and earned the world’s respect by making it all the way to the final.

7. Frankie Miñoza , GOLFER Perhaps the country’s best golfer in the men’s tour, Miñoza, who won his only RP Open back in 1998, makes his living in Japan, where he is a regular in the Japan Golf Tour. As a true-blooded Pinoy born in Bukidnon, the 52-year-old Miñoza at one time reached 52nd in the world ranking. Today, he is happy in winning handsome prize money in Japan, where he is based.

Race car driving pays off well. Look at Michael Schumacher, who at a time was the world’s biggest-earning athlete, even surpassing Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Tyson Sy, easily the Philippines’ most promising Asian Formula 3 driver on the horizon is not yet in the league of Schumacher, but many predict he has the talent to contend with the world’s best, if ever he becomes the first Filipino driver to race in Formula 1.

10. Sheila Mae Perez , DIVER Most of the time, the sport is not financially rewarding, but not if you’re as talented as Sheila Mae Perez, who won three gold medals and a silver in the 23rd Southeast Asian Games, which the Philippines hosted. A windfall of cash incentives netted Perez almost P400, 000 - not bad for three days of world-class diving work.

8. Kenneth Duremdes, Dennis Espino and Marlou Aquino, BASKETBALL PLAYERS Few jobs in the country can compare with the charm, glamour and good pay of being professional basketball players in the Philippine Basketball Association. The trio of Duremdes, Espino and Aquino are perfect examples of the wealth that being a pro basketball player can bring to a popular and marketable cager. These three receive the league’s maximum salary of P500, 000 a month, a salary that most wage earners in the country receive in a decade. Add to that the free meals they get every practice and game; the practice and game allowances which run up to six digits; and the numerous bonuses such as the one game bonuses which run up to five digits; the team achievement bonuses (such as qualifying to the semifinals or the championship) which run up to six digits; and the signing bonuses of cars, house and lots or condominium units. Well, new basketball personalities try to outscore their popularity by the way.


September 2012

They have the money, the talent, and the skills to share. Most of the time, we see them fighting trying to carry our banner in its most commendable peak. Their place in the money world may be erased considering the present generation of athletes with great determination. But the honor they bring to the country is always the bottom line. M Source:


spor t s


ltimate is a team sport played with a flying disc. The objective of the game is to score points by passing the disc to a player in the opposing end zone, similar to an end zone in American football or the in-goal area in rugby. Players may not run with the disc, and must keep a pivot while holding the disc. While originally called Ultimate Frisbee, it is now officially called Ultimate in many areas because Frisbee is registered as a trademark for the line of discs made by the Wham-O toy company. Here in the Philippines, “ultimate” became popular because of the Team Pilipinas who brought home various championships from tournaments all over the world. Prepare yourselves and your flying disc. Soar high to the end zone as I give you the steps on how to play it. Identify the goal of throwing around the disc. The goal of the game is to get the disc from one end of the field to the other and into the "end zone." Each team wants to get the disc into its respective goal end. The disc must be thrown, and the person with the disc cannot move. A score is completed by an offensive player catching the disc in the end zone. Divide into teams. There are two teams of 7 players on a rectangular field. (7 players in each team is the standard size, but for a good game, you can use

by Jan Mikhael Pating a minimum of five players on each team. Set up the team layout. Each team starts in the other team's end zone or goal. Start play. Team B will throw the disc to Team A across the field. Team A now has possession of the disc. Continue play. Team A then throws the disc from player to player, down the field towards the goal. Block. Team B will try to force a turnover. This can be done by Team B catching the disc or knocking it to the ground. In any case, if Team A does not catch the disc, Team B gains possession. As this is a non-contact sport, Team B's player must block the disc and not the player. Only one player from the opposite team can guard the thrower. Seek further goals. If Team B succeeds in defending, then the disc is now in Team B's possession and Team B will start throwing the disc towards the goal.

YOU OUGHT TO KNOW MORE THE EQUIPMENT Frisbees have been made out of a thermoplastic material called polyethylene since the early 1950s. Polyethylene is derived from ethylene, a colorless, flammable gas. This gas is subjected to elevated temperatures and pressures

in the presence of a catalyst, which converts the gas into a polymer. To improve dimensional stability and crack resistance, manufacturers included colorants, lubricants, and chemicals.

To make a frisbee, a high-speed process called injection molding is used, which is based on the injection of a fluid plastic material into a closed mold, usually of the multi-cavity type.


Continue the game. Play until someone scores, and repeat until a predetermined number of points are reached by one of the teams. Now, that you are already familiar with the game why not give ultimate a try and be an Ultimate! I am looking forward to see you playing ultimate at the university oval. M There is no need to worry about the game area. As long as you have a wide place which measures at least 64 meters in length and 37 meters in width, you can play this sport. However, you must be mindful of

setting the game area. In busy spots, it is best to keep the game to two or three people. Avoid areas with many trees and stay away from the lakes and ponds if you don’t want to lose your disc. M

September 2012 The MARIAN



literary attempt s


I sit in this aircondition ed room And through the glass window I st are At the acacia leaves that mourn Under the sun’s tremendous flare.

By Rochelle Gumih-o

I see pain in the wrinkled men’s face As they carr y bags of cement. Through their skin I can trace Their toil from the met al they bent.


Bathing in dust, they dig the ground. They carr y blocks, they grind ston es. Oblivious of heat they move around, While in this cold room, I sit down.

He raised his hands; His fists clinched.. He looked above; His eyes fixed.. He roared so loud; His voiced echoed… He grasped the air; His thoughts soared… His feet off the ground; He readied for up… He closed his eyes; His pulse revved… Then, he groaned of pain; The harness hurt him… Pity this guy, Superman can’t fly…


September 2012

By Razor Jan Mapa Hail those ardent kisses Whose love was never astray Through tongue, she was dignified Works her own refulgent ways


Alas! Her young face so tranquil Wait for your liberty to be sent Resplendent awe do frolic Your freedom will never be bent

By Dan Reuel Viado

The youth will rise for your pride Burning passion will be thy amulet O, the Philippines will shine forever! Pain and sorrow will never be our fate!

Swaying down the ground Dancing in the air Nothing of sound As laying in the bed of care


As to fall is to hurt But to rest is divine The end was just a fart Passed a lair in lire Just can’t imagine the journey Somehow and once inquired A life is simple, yet savory

Photos by Van Joseph De Guzman

“ Marabituktuk-marabituka, Dalem ti ugsa, dalem ti baka, Agtugaw kayo garuden, Ta rugyan tayon toy istorya.” He was seventy when she was ten She never knew what the first line means Those words always heralds the stories Of the old man for the little girl

UNTITLED By Angelica Abon

Those were the stories that lull her to sleep If she does not, the stories would abruptly end to: “Ustun nabannug akon.” He was seventy four when she was fourteen. She was in a faraway place for the summer vacation. Upon that day just after the storm, nobody was with him. Nobody was with him when he tried to pass the raging river. It was no match. It was two long weeks before anybody noticed that he’s missing. It took another one agonizing week before he was found. An unidentified cadaver. “Ni Juan Alat, jay balay na ket narakrak.” I was ten when he was seventy. The old man was my grandfather and I was the little girl. “Ni Juan Baki, jay balay na ket

naperdi.” I was fourteen and he was seventy four. His body was found exactly on my fifteenth birthday. The most horrible birthday present I ever received. I never want to accept that gift but it was especially delivered to me, Wrapped in the most beautiful coffin I ever saw. He never had the chance to say goodbye. I never knew I should have said goodbye. I never got the face to say I love you. He never had the “corniness” to say I love you. We both lost every single of those goddamn chances. “Idi un-una nga aldaw, adda duwa nga baket Ni baket simsimpet, kenni baket ung-unget.” He was seventy four and she was fifteen. Two men were slowly closing his tomb She was telling him a story, but instead Of lulling him more to sleep, She was pathetically trying to wake him up To continue the story for her.

DEEPER SEA by mjacupanv the feelings collide when you looked and i looked away to the deeper sea finding some meaning staying at the crossing trying to remember what made these wish fulfillment stay in my dreams. the feelings melt away when you stopped and i stopped to look at the deeper sea wanting a feeling saving what's drowning watching how the rain fills the ocean every day until it becomes the deeper sea.

Photos by Van Joseph De Guzman

September 2012 The MARIAN



literary attempt s

END OF STORY B (Based from a true story)

By Hajie Mariano

abe, come with me, to our Christmas gathering… Why do I have to go with you?... Just come with me, please… I’m sorry babe, but I’m not feeling well right now… Just for this time, please… I’m really sorry babe…

The night was very silent as I was on my way all alone rambling at a dimly lit street’, however, the silence didn’t last long because suddenly, a stray dog came bounding down the drive and hurled itself, yapping and growling, against the fence. I’d never seen such frenetic energy in the normally calm and docile creature. Its lips drawn back in a snarl and flecks of spit sprayed from its mouth. It seemed desperate to get into my drive at all costs and yet, at the same time, terrified that it would succeed. The nails of its front paws scratched away in a frenzy at the fence and splinters of wood littered the ground like spent matches. Its abrupt appearance surprised me and I sped-up towards our Christmas gathering as the cold yuletide air gushed into my face. My pupils seemed to dilate as I tried to bring my way into focus, then suddenly a flickering light overwhelmed my sight as it came nearer. I could feel then that my ride dropped into a potholed part of the road as I was blown back with my body swiftly turned up and down with my extremities which created a friction over the lumpy road. My head was struck with a strong force which apparently lacerated my face in an instant. Moaning in severe pain, I could hardly move my body. I felt my muscles twisted and my chest crushed in a blunt trauma. My sight turned dusky with scattered flashes from the peoples’ cameras as they bashed with my blood-spattered body. No one responded to my call which kept me hanging loose into the ground as I shivered in a damp prairie. A few minutes passed and I was already gasping for breath and my heart was thumping as hard and fast as it could. Then my consciousness came to nowhere. “Son, get up, Mama is here!” It was my mother who brought my consciousness back as she wagged my body from time to time. I found myself in the hospital where my mom was working. I smiled at her, but I guessed she was unable to notice it, since my face was already distorted. I tried to hug her but still, I couldn’t move my body. I was lying on my back though, facing away from my mom, so she would be unable to observe my frantically flickering eyelids as tears ran down my face. Finally, the worst of my agony came to an end. I could feel like I was strangled as I gasped for breath for the last time. I couldn’t see anything. My body stood still and cold, but my consciousness was still intact. “Son, wake up!” “Mom, I’m awake. Help me!” I could hear my Mom, but I couldn’t speak. I could feel her body wrapped around me, but I couldn’t see her. “Tita, what happened?” A familiar voice came closer to me. It was her. It was my girlfriend. Her words were no more than a whisper, spoken in monotone, spoken as she felt close burden for a long time, finally today, found her release.


September 2012

“Babe, wake up! I’m sorry. I didn’t know this would happen.” “Babe, it’s not your fault,” I said through my mind. How I wish I could express my love to her for the last time. How I wish she would hear my “Merry Christmas, babe,” for the last minute of my life. I guessed this would be the last time we would be together. The last time I could feel her arms around me. “Babe, I’m sorry. I should have accompanied you in the gathering you’re going at.” “It’s not your fault. I love you. I was careless.” “Babe, why did you go there?” “Babe, I really love you. Please forgive me…” “Speak up please…” “Babe I really love you and I really want the best for us. I love you babe.” “Babe, speak up, why did you go there?” “We were waiting for you and him in the Christmas gathering because he prepared something for you. He asked us to help him in his surprise for you. He prepared it for a week since he wanted to make you happy this Christmas,” said Joseph, my friend who came to visit. “Babe I’m really sorry. Please forgive me,” “No babe, don’t blame yourself.” I could feel her pain. How I wish she would hear me. How I wish I could speak for the last time, but I couldn’t. I really could feel the pain of us not being together anymore. I really loved her. The would- be-best of our lives came into my mind right at the point, with the hope that someday we would walk hand-in-hand, as always in the church’s aisle. I really loved the feel of her skin against mine, cool and dry. She had soft fingers, slender but strong. She smelled of orchid. Her sweet scent mingled with my astringent tang. We would cross the road and stand with our backs to the church. Those would be my plans. But this would never happen anymore, this would be the end of my life, the end of our love story, the end of my story. M

My sight turned dusky with scattered flashes... No one responded to my call... I shivered in a damp prairie.

Compiled by Marc Ryan Brosas We want to be looked at as the cool wordsmiths but, there are moments we want to hide ourselves in shame. Since it’s our job to entertain you, dear reader, we’ll let you get to know more about The MARIAN staff as we reveal our awkward misfortunes. We hope these would bring smiles on your faces.




I was in my freshman year when this happened. From Apo Building, we walked to the oval for our P.E. class. I saw my classmates munching on something at the benches so I hurried to them and burst,“Pahingi naman ako!” They turned around and SHOCKS! They were not my classmates. I was so ashamed that I just turned my back and walked away from the benches.


When I was in 2nd year college, I was in a hurry going home to my boarding house because I was so hungry. I was at the gate when the sole of my shoe was detached! The guards and students were laughing at me so I just continued walking even though the sole of my shoe is missing.(kahit hindi na pantay paglalakad ko) HAHA! :)

This happened during a seminar when I was in 4th year high school. I was walking fast, i was in a hurry to sit because I was so late and then I didn’t notice the wire of the LCD Projector. I stepped on the wire of the LCD Projector and the LCD bounced on the floor, (buti nga gumana pa, HAHA). I felt so nervous, not because of the LCD projector, but because of all the people were staring at me and it looked like they were mad at me. Thank God there’s still an extra LCD Projector and the seminar went on. RAKenROL! XD



This happened when I was in 4th year high school. My chair was not in line, so I fixed it not noticing that the space at the back was not much. I was holding the end of my chair’s back support when my teacher asked us to stand for the closing prayer. So I stood up, still holding my chair’s back support. All of a sudden, the person behind me stood up and WAPACK! Something literally brushed on my hand. Something soft and weird. OMG! I think (or I know) my hand brushed his winky. Goodness gracious, be careful where you place your hands.

Illustrations by Marc Oliver Fernandez

I was in grade 4 when my dad decided to take us to a family trip at Banaue Rice Terraces. It was so beautiful there. I was overwhelmed by its beauty but all of a sudden, I felt my tummy rumbling so I looked for my dad. I hugged him saying “ Pa, penge 5 pesos. Bibili lang ako ng pagkain.” And then the man turned around. Oh My! He is not my dad! So I ran to my uncle instead! Why oh why tinapay?!?




During my senior year in high school, I used to take the garbage out from our room and into the garbage bin. As usual, I did my day-to-day job but I was in a hurry to go back to our room so I ran and suddenly WHOOOOOOOSH.... I went sliding at our newly waxed floor. It was embarrasing but the most humuliating part was that my crush was standing in front of me staring at me. There goes my pogi points.

ILOCANDIA ELLAINE, OPERATIONS MANAGER I was on my first duty at VRH during my freshman year. Being a foreigner, I was so happy to be assigned to a patient who looked like a fellow foreigner. So of course, I confidently introduced myself to him and everything in English then after a long pause, he asked me in Ilocano to speak Ilocano instead. The whole room erupted in laughter and to make things worse I had to show my sorry face every now and then for the six-hour whole shift. EPIC FAIIIIL! Looks can really be deceiving.M

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