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Spring 2011

Dear Friends, “Teachers who care” was again the top reason freshmen gave for choosing Archbishop Curley Notre Dame. Also high on the list were academic standards, athletic programs, discipline, and school spirit. In exit interviews with graduating seniors, while the appreciation of teachers remains high, they emphasize friendships they have forged with their classmates. Alums celebrating their 40th or 50th anniversary add gratitude for parents who chose, often at considerable sacrifice, to offer their children an education rooted in a faith that has sustained them throughout life.

“How’s Curley doing?” is a question I hear more frequently these days. It often carries the concern of challenging economic times, unemployment and the closing of parish feeder schools, Corpus Christi and St. Joseph’s. Some Catholic Secondary schools, even older than ACND, in cities throughout the country, have closed. Others thrive. The difference, time and again is the faithfulness of the alumni in telling the story, supporting the events, contributing to the annual fund and enrolling their children and grandchildren.

My heroes these days include a current senior who works in a neighborhood supermarket to pay his own tuition so his parents can afford to enroll his younger sister at ACND. Another is the father of an alumnus who dropped on his son the guilt line: “It wouldn’t cost you a quarter of the price of the new car in your driveway to transfer my grandchild from that charter school to Curley.”

In my first term as principal I suggested that each alumnus/a contribute to the annual fund one dollar for each year since graduation. While the desired number of contributors has yet to be attained, the annual amount raised through contributions, events and networking for corporate and foundation grants, has been quite significant, permitting the school to maintain high quality education, renovate facilities, and take a leadership role in technological advances, even in challenging times. When the figure moves from one to ten dollars, ACND will be able to build the tuition assistance and endowment funds that can ensure a Curley Notre Dame education for generations of future Knights.

Please turn back to the cover and take another look at the gumbo limbo tree. It has been on campus since the first year of the school. Attend to the richness of its foliage, the strength and embrace of its limbs, consider the depths of its roots. Thirteen new gumbo limbo trees were planted on the campus this year. Each is an act of faith. Parents and teachers plant. Others nurture. God gives the growth. Blessed be the Lord!

ACND Advisory Council

Enrollment Committee

Ricardo Briz, Maria Chelala ’81, Br. James DePiro (Chair), Reinaldo ‘Rey’ Dorta ’87, Angela M. Scott

Events Committee

Dr. Marion Colas-Lacombe ’95, Lesia Hanson, Francine Holland (Co-Chair), Tom Romanik, Diane Stead ’70 (Chair), Kimberly Topping Morris ‘92

Facilities Committee

Joseph Ortiz ’67, George Oyarzun ’76, Dr. Edgar Pierre ’82, Arturo Salow ’80, Marc Stead ’69 (Chair)

Grants and Foundations Committee Kathylynn Pierre-Griff ’99 (Chair), David Smith ’78

Finance Committee

Robert ‘Chris’ Frazier ’93, Jerome Hurtak ’76 (Chair), Christopher Kelley ’68, John Longman ’86, Norman Powell ’83, John Zavertnik

ACND Advancement Team Director of Advancement Peter A. Sahwell 305.751.8367 ext. 28

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ACND Prep publication is produced by the Office of Advancement as an information service to alums, parents, and friends of ACND Prep. Readers are encouraged to submit text for publication to the Office of Advancement in care of Lisa Morales

Warmest regards,

The office reserves the right to edit all copies. Items and pictures for the newsletter should include names and class years (if applicable.)

Brother Patrick Sean Moffett, CFC, Ph.D. Principal

On the Cover: ACND’s Gumbo Limbo

The ACND publication is produced by Al Esper Advertising & Design 954.434.2759

Photo Credit: Tom Salyer Photography, Inc., 311 NE 94th St., Miami Shores, FL 33138 305.757.4557

Deep Roots/Strong Growth Gumbo-limbo (Bursera simaruba): Gumbo-limbo is a tropical tree that is native to the southeastern United States. It adapts to a variety of habitats, from dry to moist, and is fairly salt-tolerant. It is also considered one of the most wind-tolerant trees in south Florida and is recommended as a good, hurricane-resistant species. On August 19, 2010, ACND received a call from Dr. Francis Reed ʻ64 reminding the school that 2010 was the 50th anniversary of Archbishop Curley being the first Florida high school to integrate. From that call, an idea emerged, then a lesson plan, and, finally, an event. For a group of AP History juniors and the entire student body, this event would become a ʻliving historyʼ lesson.

and founder of Wyche & Associates; Russ Jollivette is the Senior Vice President, Public Affairs for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida; and Carlotta holds a Masters in Data and Psychological Services from Albany State University and started her career there. She retired in 2005 as a middle school counselor and her husband Dr. Wilburn A. Campbell recently retired as Dean of College Education at Albany State University.

For five months, students, teachers, and everyone involved would search through records, yearbooks, make personal contact with alumni and anyone who could remember what happened from 1960 to 1964. Were Archbishop Curley and Notre Dame Academy the first high schools in Florida to integrate? And, if so, Miami Herald newspaper editors would ask, “where is the proof?”

On February 9, Paul, Russ, and other guests representing the early 1960s classes visited and answered studentsʼ questions. Several guests, who had come to AC/ND during ʻOperation Pedro Pan,ʼ were there to share their stories, too. A plaque was presented to commemorate the occasion. Although the event took place during Black History Month, the day represented ACNDʼs commitment to ʻcherish the blessing of unity in diversity.ʼ

The historical moment began in a nursery school, years before three children, two boys and a girl, would know they would become lifelong friends. Their families were parishioners of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, and the boysʼ families were friends. The three would attend Holy Redeemer Catholic School and then eventually graduate from Archbishop Curley and Notre Dame.

The three friends are Paul Wyche, Jr., Cyrus Jollivette, and Carlotta Rhetta Campbell. Each oneʼs parents played major roles in desegregation and social change in Miami. Paulʼs mother was a nursing pioneer who started working in hospital ʻcolored wardsʼ and would retire after 30 years of service. Paulʼs father was the first African-American United States Customs Chief Inspector. Russʼ (Cyrus) father owned and ran a chain of pharmacies, and his mother, a Miami-Dade county school principal, helped integrate the faculty at Miami Jackson High School. Carlottaʼs mother taught Latin, American History, and Government at her alma mater Booker T. Washington High School and in 1947 was awarded a Master of Arts in American History and Government from the University of Pennsylvania. Her father worked as a truant officer for Miami-Dade public schools and advocated for the rights of migrant workers and to end child labor.

For Paul, Russ, and Carlotta, the first day of high school was ʻjust another school day.ʼ However, a reporter from the Miami News would photograph Paul and his father on the first day of school. ʻThe first Catholic high school in Florida integratesʼ would be the headline that day and Archbishop Curley would integrate ten years before Dade County public high schools complied after receiving a federal court order. Today, Paul Wyche is a nationally known communications executive

Throughout the years, high school experiences from which we form our own memories have not changed: senior year superlatives; yearbook meetings; sports; strict, but influential teachers; beach and social days. We hope this magazine will help you recall your own high school memories. Each page begins with some information submitted for publication in “Alumni Today 2010.” If you donʼt have a directory, we encourage you to stay in touch by calling, emailing, joining us on Facebook and Twitter, or attending an ACND alumni or school event. Like the Gumbo-limbo, ACND began at the roots, is tolerant to a variety of conditions, and will always stand strong.


Alumni Gather Whether it is to reunite with old classmates and have some fun or support their alma mater, recent events have been captured and preserved. “It’s been many years since graduation at NDA, but I remember the times there fondly. I remember how everyone welcomed me when I transferred in from Chicago as a sophomore. I remember there were some heartbreaking times, but so many more fun and happy times. Thank you all for being an important part of my life!” - Pamela Kritek Seifert, NDA Class of 1974 Adj. Faculty/RN-Adult Critical Care, Fitzgerald Hospital. Resides in Darby, PA. Moody Electric, Inc.; Nuts about Florida, Co.; Phil Petersonʼs Harley Davidson of Miami Popchips; Purdy Lounge; Quirino Construction, Co.; SLA; The Haggard Law Firm, PA; Title Sports Drinks; and Walgreens.

1969/70/71 Reunion The Curley/NDA 40th High School reunion was held the weekend of October 15-17 at the Hollywood Beach Marriott Hotel. Approximately 150 alums and spouses representing the classes of 19691971 enjoyed a weekend together with a special ʻmeet and greetʼ reception on Friday, a relaxing day on the beach Saturday and a dinner and dance at night. The Class of 1970 organizes a reunion every 5 years. Special thanks are extended to all of the guests, everyone who helped out, and the Reunion Committee: Vivian Donnell Rodriguez, '70, Carol Grabowski van Ginkel, '70, Tina Bruno, '70, Esther Perez Nicolau, '70, Diane Berry Stead, '70, Jay Velasco, '70, Jose Rodriguez, '70, Andrea Manrara, '70, Marc Stead, '69, Frank Gomez, '69, John and DiNicola, '69.

More photos can be viewed on the ʻArchbishop Curley Notre Dame Prepʼ Facebook page

ACND Baseball Field Dedication Ceremony On October 30th, alumni, students and their families, faculty and friends gathered together for the blessing and ribbon cutting for the new baseball field. The ceremony marked a new chapter in the history of ACND baseball field. Over a half of century, the dedicated efforts of coaches, players, parents, and friends have transformed a rough plot of weeds and coral into playable land and now into a championship quality field, all the while forming, athletes, building character, and fostering the spirit of the Curley Knights.

More photos can be viewed on the groupʼs Facebook page ʻCurley/Notre Dame 40th Anniversary Reunion Class of 1969/1970/1971ʼ

20th Annual ACND Oktoberfest Dinner and Golf Tournament On October 8th, approximately 115 participants enjoyed a relaxing day of golf, dinner and Oktoberfest-style fun at the Miami Shores Country Club. All proceeds from the tournament helped support the schoolʼs mission to provide quality and individualized educational programs for the next generation of ACND Knights. ACND thanks everyone who helped organize and support this event. Major golf sponsors were: 19th Hole Tees; 50 State Security; Allstate Insurance; Captain Jimʼs Seafood; Dan Hurtak Racing Stable; Downtown Towing Co Inc.; General Caulking & Coating, Inc.; Miami Shores Agency; Greater Miami Caterers, Inc.; Harley Davidson; InSource Insurance, Inc.; Lines Unlimited, Inc.; Magnolia Outdoor Media; Miami Shores Plumbing;

More photos can be viewed on the ʻArchbishop Curley Notre Dame Prepʼ Facebook page.

ACND has created an endowment fund to help underwrite the cost of future maintenance of the field, assuring that it remains in top condition for generations to come. We welcome tax-deductible donations towards the field maintenance endowment. Please send your contribution to the Office of Advancement.


School News - New Growth In December, the Knightingales performed for the Sinai Nursing Plaza, a party hosted by the Belle Meade Homeowners Association, and the Miami Jewish Health Center for the Florida Pace Residents.

Athletics: For five years I ran a high school basketball tournament each Christmas. I also ran a travel basketball team that went to numerous tournaments around the country. My program helped over 60 kids get college scholarships. Rodolfo Rodriguez-Chomat ‘95, BJ Florida International University, Certified Paralegal /Realtor residing in Oakland Park, FL. Cross-country runner Sanjay Singh, a senior, took the top three positions in three of South Floridaʼs large running events: first place at the Gulliver Invitational, second at the Spanish River Invitational, and third at the Westminster Academy Invitational. Singh placed 3rd in the regional championships and qualified for the State Championships for the fourth consecutive year while breaking another school record completing the 5K run in 16:48.

Troubadour and Knightingale performances included a school Christmas concert, a concert at Corpus Christi Church, and singing to the residents of the Miami Jewish Health Center who recently celebrated a centennial birthday. ACNDʼs new chorus director, Ms. Danielle Furst will oversee the schoolʼs staging of Aida to be held in March. ACNDʼs new photography class introduces students to the basics of photography as an art form, apart from the simple fact of learning how to record a moment. Using modern digital formats and editing tools and software, the students enhance their images to obtain satisfactory results and show more control of the final image. The assignments range from self-portraits to architectural landscapes, and from fashion to product photography. Students use the Canon 50D Digital SLR, and the Adobe creative suite CS2.

The ACND Football Team started the 2010-2011 season defeating the Coral Shoresʼ Hurricanes 36-6 at the 2010 Football Kickoff Classic. What appeared to be a difficult start to the season, ended with three victories in the last four games played. Their greatest victory was at the Homecoming Game against Ransom Everglades with a final score of 32-8.

In January, the Miami Herald named girlsʼ basketball team player Shatorria Edgecombe ʻAthlete of the Week.ʼ Edgecombe averaged 16 points, 10 rebounds, and 8 steals per game while leading ACND to wins over Doctors Charter, Hillel, and Hebrew Academy. As of the beginning of the year, the boysʼ basketball team was 14-2 and the boysʼ soccer team was 11-2-1.

During my army career I completed the Industrial College of the Armed Forces course among many others. I served in four foreign countries, including Vietnam and received many awards including the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, and Army Commendation Medal. Col. Rick T. Detrio ‘57, MBA University of Miami, President Detrio & Associates residing in Davisville, WV.

Fine Arts: I have enjoyed a long, successful career in Music and Music Education, and I believe it is only by tempering technology with music and all the other fine arts that we can produce a civilization with both the ability to dream and the power to achieve. Adele Dolores de los Santos NDA ‘55, BA Barry College, MM University of Miami, Retired Music Teacher for Miami-Dade Public Schools residing in Miami.

Brother Rice Honors Academy middle school students Christian Masseus (snare drum) and Kevin Valladares (clarinet) received a Superior rating at the Florida Bandmaster Associationʼs (FBA) solo evaluations. Troubadours Karla Gomez (flute), Carlos Diaz (clarinet), Alphonso Jaime (clarinet), Karla Nunez (trumpet), and Kevin Granda (string bass) were selected by the FBA to perform in the 2011 High School Honor Band and middle school member Madeline Spies (flute) performed in the Middle School Honor band.

Students from the new photography class along with their instructor Mr. Yunier Cervino Oliver attentively listen to Carl Juste talk about his experience working in Haiti during the 2010 earthquake and its aftermath.

ACNDʼs Support the Troops/Soldier Angelsʼ Club began their annual Beanies for Baghdad drive last November. Club members asked fellow students to donate small stuffed toys, soccerballs, and school supplies so that soldiers stationed overseas can distribute them to children in Iran, Afghanistan and Kosovo. The Support the Troops/Soldiers Angels club is dedicated to remembering the men and women fighting in distant places to protect US freedom. ʻKasa Nova Group 16ʼ lead by seniors Sherman Alcius, Jefferson Lopez, Emily Stobbs and Freshman group captain Milienne Bonenfant ʻadoptedʼ soldier Melissa A. Behnkendorf stationed in Afghanistan.


The Roots of Justice Thank you to the ACND community for the enduring lessons, the great times, and for the honors that you bestowed upon me. I am truly appreciative for ACND’s emphasis on faith and diversity – it has been invaluable. Onward and upward Knights! - Hegel Laurent ‘03, BS Florida State University, JD University of Pennsylvania residing in Miami. ACND will celebrate its Sixth Annual Red Mass and Law Symposium on Saturday, April 2nd. Also known as the Lawyerʼs Mass, the term ʻRed Massʼ refers to the red vestments worn by the celebrants to signify the Holy Spirit, where participants pray for wisdom as they endeavor to seek justice. Thecelebration was first held in the United States in 1928.

grade. I never expected that recognition, and my surprise was followed by a determination to always strive to achieve it in the years to come. I eventually graduated valedictorian of my class. In between the hard work, I was active in many sports at the school and became president of the NHS my last year. I am fairly certain the Notre Dame of today is far different from the one I knew so well, and not just because it is no longer in the same building it once occupied. Much has been written about the benefits of single-sex education, and I can say with deep conviction that it was a good thing we had no boys in class, as we did not have to compete with boys in seeking leadership positions, our sports teams were the only ones that mattered, and we had a relatively free and easy camaraderie where womenʼs issues could be discussed and did not take second place. Each year professional alumni were invited back to school for career day, providing inspiration and guidance to girls, many of whom would be the first in their families to attend a university. We were a small-knit group of young women, valuing our decades-old school, the many nuns who had taught there for generations, the schoolʼs history and even its shortcomings. I will never forget how excited we all were when we were told we had gathered enough money to install ceiling fans in the classrooms. No longer would the heat of Miami make us wither in class, as we could have the hot air circulating around us instead of hovering over us!

Honorable Judge Cecilia Altonaga, NDA ʼ80 will speak to students at this event. In recalling her days at Notre Dame Academy, she writes:

I chose Notre Dame because my sisters were students there and the school was relatively close to our home in Miami Shores. Unfortunately, we all had the impression that Notre Dame would be closing its doors in due course because of changing demographics and the difficulties it was having attracting students to its geographic location. While that suspicion resulted in a certain sadness, which later became a sort of dull lump in our throats when we were told it would indeed close as the school we knew it to be, my years there were incredible and fulfilling in so many ways.

The school attracted a diverse group of young girls, which while a laudable achievement, at the time also presented challenges to the administration and students. The students came from different ethnic groups: there was a sizeable group of Hispanics, White-Americans, Blacks, and Haitian-Americans. Unfortunately, our South Florida community had been struggling with racial and ethnic tensions (Miami suffered terrible racial riots in May 1980 which even prevented us from accessing the school to take our final exams my senior year), and our lunch-time and other social gatherings reflected those tensions, as students tended to associate with others of their same racial or ethnic group. Nevertheless, we did establish relationships with others outside of our respective comfort zones, and the resulting appreciation for other cultures and backgrounds was one of the benefits of attending Notre Dame.

I owe the direction my academic career took after graduation to Notre Dameʼs emphasis on discipline and excellence, and my ability to meet the milestones given to me. I left the school with a conviction that I would not only attend college, but thereafter pursue a graduate degree. And so I was fortunate to graduate from Yale Law School only seven years after graduating from Notre Dame and embark on a professional journey which has led me to where I am today.

Judge Cecilia Maria Altonaga, NDA ʻ80 is the first Cuban-American woman to be appointed as a federal judge in the United States. She was nominated for the position in the Southern District of Florida by George W. Bush on January 15, 2003. Prior to her appointment, she was a Circuit Court Judge of the Eleventh Circuit of Florida. As a Circuit Judge she served in the Juvenile and Criminal Divisions, and handled appeals from the County Court. Prior to that she served as a County Judge in the Civil, Criminal and Domestic Violence Divisions. Judge Altonaga received her J.D. degree in 1986 from the Yale Law School. She graduated with the highest honors from Florida International University. She lives in Coral Gables, Florida with her husband, George Mencio, Jr., a lawyer specializing in international law, and their three daughters.

My years at Notre Dame were filled with adventure, accomplishments, hard work, and a wide variety of learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. When I started at Notre Dame, academically I performed pretty much in the same way I had done in my grade school, and at the end of that first school year, not only was I a member of the National Honor Society (“NHS”), the Student Council and other clubs, but I also received the award for the highest overall grade point average in my


Discovering the Roots of Leadership I thoroughly enjoyed working for the Church. My most rewarding experience was having an integral part in re-opening the Parish School which had been closed for several years. My faith and my family are my life and I thank God for them. Mrs. Lorraine E. Saunders Deland ’54, homemaker, retired bookkeeper with St. Paul Catholic Church residing in St. Leesburg, FL. college preparatory courses in Mathematics and English, Leadership Series, Professional Workshops and Field Trips.

Excitement was felt by everyone on August 20th when ACND faculty, administration, and student leaders ushered in the 57th Freshman Class – one of the largest classes in years. Eleven middle school students also attended the event representing ACNDʼs new Brother Rice Honorʼs Academy.

ACND announced the implementation of the Knights: Attention, Scholarship, Aspiration (“Kasa”) system to the school. In addition to the traditional horizontal grouping (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) the new organizational structure will include four Kasa groups that encompass an equal proportion of students from each of the four grade levels. The vertical organization will further enhance student engagement and create opportunities for students to develop.

On April 20, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI appointed Bishop Thomas Wenski the fourth Archbishop of Miami and Metropolitan of the Province of Miami (which includes the seven dioceses of the State of Florida). He was installed as Archbishop of Miami at the Cathedral of St. Mary on June 1st and presided over ACNDʼs Opening Mass on September 7th. ACND is the only Catholic school in the archdiocese that routinely counts on the Archbishopʼs presence at its opening liturgy.

Last summer, seven ACND students participated in the Miniaci Family “Lead Now” Summer Institute program and on August 4th, attended the concluding ceremony titled, “Young Leaders 2010” at the Fernandez Family Center for Leadership and Wellness, St. Thomas University. ACND students have participated in this program since its inception several years ago. Throughout the summer, students meet community leaders who share their stories of struggle and success and serve as inspiration for the students so that they may accomplish their leadership goals. The program offers the students college credit courses,

Christian leadership skills and foster the Edmund Rice commitment to community. The members of each Kasa will be working together to promote a sense of belonging and a spirit of collaboration. The student government has organized a point system to encourage competition between the Kasas in terms of spirit, academic excellence, attendance, and school culture as well as engagement in the clubs, teams, performing arts groups and the community service projects of the school. At the end of the year, the Kasa group that exemplifies the most commitment to the ACND mission will receive the Kasa of the Year Cup.


In October, ACND students hosted a group of students from Colegio Cardenal Newman, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Colegio Stella Maris, Montevideo, Uruguay and traveled with them to the ACTION Student Leadership Workshop held in St. Johnʼs, Florida. This year approximately 90 students from schools operated or staffed by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America and Latin America gathered to celebrate the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice, founder of the Christian Brothers. The workshop focused on leadership development, advocacy, community building, and communication among the schools.

ACND Gallery of Art Traditionally, ACND holds an opening reception for gallery exhibitors as a school parent-mixer event. However, this year people from both the immediate community and from as far as Weston attended the openings. “I am in the process of helping rebuild a school in Haiti. I am collecting funds for this school. At this time the children are in school, but under tents and UNICEF donated the tents and desks.” Mrs. Jocelyne Abraham Chamandy, NDA ‘57

to the students who are enrolled in ACNDʼs new photography class. He encouraged them to understand that photography is a powerful medium that really needs people to understand it. Carl has also been a guest lecturer at ACNDʼs summer programs, and teaches photography as part of a project developed by Iris PhotoCollective Visual Lab at the Little Haiti Cultural Center.

Simon Hareʼs exhibit, “Buena Vista - East of 95” opened on September 11th. Simonʼs photographic project portrayed one of Miamiʼs most diverse and historically rich areas at a moment of critical change. He describes it as “a portrait, taken one person at a time, of a spicy, bubbling human cauldron before it becomes a bland suburban soup.” Dr. Paul S. George ʼ60, Historian and Professor at Miami-Dade College, spoke to guests about the history of the area. Many subjects in Simonʼs photos were present at the opening including Claude Postel, Chef/Owner of the Buena Vista Deli. Co-Owner, Cory Finot was a subject in one of the photos on display. The deli donated hors dʼoeuvres for the reception, and area restaurant, the Mandolin Aegean Bistro provided a sponsorship donation. Another subject in Hareʼs photos and event attendee, Stefano Campanini owns Etra Fine Art in the Design District and is a board member of Arts For Learning. He remarked: “It was a great event and to know so many people! We are all connected some way.” Stefano has played an integral role in helping ACND promote its gallery and position itself as another contributing area venue. On January 12th, the closing event for Carl Juste ʻ81 and Andre Chungʼs exhibit “Invictus: Haiti Unconquered” marked the one year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. ACND held prayer services for students, their families, and the community throughout the day and a mass at 5:00 p.m. - the time when the first quake was felt on the island. At the opening held during Art Basel weekend, Carl spoke to his guests about his work and gave a group of young children a personally guided tour where he retold the the earthquake story at their level. In speaking about his work in Haiti, he comments: “During the earthquake the rich were impacted, the poor were impacted. No one was segregated and for the first time at least that I can remember, the plight of the Haitian became the plight of the world… And maybe out of all of this pain and all this suffering, there is a rebirth, but not only a rebirth of a nation, of an island nation, but of ourselves.” Carl has made it his personal mission to inspire others through his work. Last November, he spoke

Exhibit Photos: "Invictus: Haiti Unconquered" Carl Juste and Andre Chung of the Iris PhotoCollective Event Photos: Jenny Babot Romney FotoJenica


Helping Our World – Artists and Students Share A Mission Works of students representing area Catholic Middle Schools were on display at the ACND Gallery of Art in January and February. Their work represented a variety of mediums including paintings, pencil and charcoal sketches, sculpture, and various non-traditional art pieces such as folk art. The event identifies emerging talent and provides 'Catholic School Week' emphasis on the role of art in these schools.

Fluid Motion” - Children play and bathe in a river near Georgetown, Guyana. In a country where 90 percent of the population lives within several miles of the coast, much of life revolves around water. Children, whether rich or poor, find comfort and joy in water.

Benjamin Rusnak's "Dreams and Tempests" opened in February. The mini exhibit displayed nine 5'x5' black and white images documenting work that he has done in Latin America and the Caribbean for the ʻFood for the Poorʼ organization. Rusnakʼs exhibit served as a visual backdrop and conversation opener for ACNDʼs 15th Annual HungerFest held on February 25th and 26th. ʻHelping The Poorʼ is a life theme and commitment shared by Rusnak and ACNDʼs students. Rusnak comments: “Working in the tropics, I have often been struck by the irony of people struggling to survive in what should be an idyllic setting. The poor search daily for adequate food, shelter and water under the same sun and palms where vacationers play. And despite their hardships, the poor still have the hope and faith to dream of living in the paradise that surrounds them.” ACNDʼs HungerFest participants refrain from food and drink, except for water, from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening. The volunteers packed sandwich lunches and made prayer cards for the residents of Miamiʼs Camillus House and the Miami Rescue Mission. Students also washed cars for a nominal donation and collected money pledges from parents and neighbors throughout the community and local grammar schools.

represented: St. Patrickʼs Our Lady of the Lakes, Blessed Trinity, St. Rose of Lima, St. Agnes, St. Hughʼs, St. Maryʼs, St. Thomas the Apostle, Sts. Peter and Paul schools, and the Brother Rice Honors Academy.

The monies raised were donated directly to earthquake relief efforts at ACNDʼs sister school, Abrigot, St. Louis du Nord in the Diocese of Port De Paix, Haiti.

"Breathlessly Alone" - A young girl sits tethered to an oxygen tank, alone in a Honduran hospital. Opportunistic infections that lead to respiratory problems are common among children with poor diets or chronic malnutrition.


Dr. Mercedes Quiroga ʼ71, President of Miami Dade Collegeʼs Wolfson Campus; Fr. David Russell, renowned homilist and professional artist; Stefano Campanini, Owner of Etra Fine Art; and Yunier Cervino Oliver, ACNDʼs Art Teacher offered constructive and encouraging critiques of each artwork. All students received a certificate, a copy of their critique, and a gift bag with art supplies for their participation. Students

ACND 2011 Hall of Fame Archbishop Curley Notre Dame Prep and the 2011Hall of Fame Dinner Chair, Swanee DiMare `65, are proud to announce the 2011 Hall of Fame Committee: Amanda Gonzalez `99, Danielle Moody `03, Catherine Veinovic `03, Jerome Hurtak `76, Marc Stead `69, Lesia Hanson, Tom Knieriem `77, Francine Holland, Kathryn Orosz, Katherine Doble `02, Zoe Doble. The Committee invites all members of the Archbishop Curley High School, Notre Dame Academy, and Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School to attend the 2011 Hall of Fame on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at the Surf Club in Miami Beach. Join us as we welcome back our masters of ceremony: Spero Canton and Lisa Petrillo ‘81 and celebrate the induction of the 2011 honorees.

For more information on tickets, sponsorship, or advertising in the 2011 journal, please contact Amanda Gonzalez at 305.751-8367 *19 or or any other member of the 2011 Hall of Fame Committee.

2011 Hall of Fame Committee Dinner Chair: Swanee DiMare `65 Committee Chair: Diane Stead `70 Committee: Amanda Gonzalez `99 Danielle Moody `03 Catherine Veinovic `03 Jerome Hurtak `76 Marc Stead `69 Lesia Hanson Tom Knieriem `77 Francine Holland Kathryn Orosz Katherine Doble `02 Zoe Doble Peter Sahwell

2003-2004: Honorable Cecilia Altonaga `80, Bob & Sue Longman, Norma Roberts, Tony Segreto `68, Armand Vari 2004-2005: Ruth Barbick (In Memoriam), Francis Curci `56, Helen Aguirre-Ferre `75, Phillip Matthew Petta, Tom Romanik, Carroll Williams `63, Betty Wright `71 • 2005 – 2006: Guy Brickman `56, Charles “Chuck” Guimento (In Memoriam), Sam & Francine Holland, Sr. Nancy Kindelan `74, Edward OʼDonnell `62, Dr. Edgar Pierre `82 • 2006 – 2007: Cyril Baptiste `68 (In Memoriam), Congregation of Christian Brothers (Lifetime Achievement Award), Mary Anne Holewinski `59, Cyrus “Russ” Jollivette `65, Tom Knieriem `77, Tom Shannon `61, Marc & Diane Stead `69 & `70 • 2007 – 2008: Bobby Allison `55, Swanee DiMare `65, Carl Phillippe Juste `81, Joseph Ortiz `67, Lisa Petrillo `81, Vivian Rodriguez `70, Arturo H. and Adria Salow 2008 – 2009: Kay Clarke-Keffer, Dr. Marion Colas-Lacombe `95, Dr. Paul George `60, William “Bill” Heffernan `69, Larry Hofmann `59, Dr. Mercedes Quiroga `71, Aileen Ugalde `84 • 2009 – 2010: Dr. Michael McCarron, Ph.D. `65, Ed OʼDell `68, Bruce Keller `68, Liz Balmaseda `77, Coach Jim Husk

(left to right): Diane Stead '70, Ramona Hofmann, Guy Brickman `56, Elizabeth Brickman, John Quirino, Larry Hofmann `59, Gabriella Quirino, William Brickman `58, Sandra Brickman, Sonia Escobio OʼDonnell `70, Barney Moody, Yvonne Moody `82, Br. Moffett, Nick Silverio `61 and Francine Holland.


ACND 2011 Hall of Fame Inductees Brother Richard DeMaria, CFC This year marks Br. DeMaria’s 50th anniversary as a member of the Congregation of Christian Brothers. He holds degrees in science and in religious studies, including a doctorate in theology from St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto. He taught at Iona College for 18 years, holding various positions, including department chair, dean of students, provost, and chief operating officer. In 1989, he worked as an educator with Hispanic migrants on the west coast of Florida. He then served as Principal of Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School in Miami from 1993 to 1998. Since 1998, he has been Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of Miami and Executive Director of Christian Formation. For years, Br. DeMaria continued to teach a class at ACND and most recently tutored students.

John and Gabriella Quirino John and Gabriella have been married since 1964. After obtaining his general contractor license, John along with Gabriella formed Quirino Construction Company. By 1980, they were blessed with their son Johnpaul ’98 who would graduate from St. Rose of Lima, ACND, and Barry University. Johnpaul joined the family business shortly after graduation. Since Johnpaul was an ACND student, both John and Gabriella have continuously given time, talent, and financial support towards various projects, including a football field scoreboard; helping to beautify the football bleachers; designing and remodeling the library’s computer lab, cafeteria kitchen, school restrooms, gym locker room, the school’s main office; and relocating the Notre Dame crest, girls’ softball field, and, most recently, the new baseball field. Gabriella was on the school’s PTA for three years, managed the book sale, and, together with John, founded Festa Italiana – a school fundraising event held in their home that would, over the course of its history, raise more than twenty five-thousand dollars.

Rosemary Kelly Parnell NDA ‘65 Rosemary was born in Philadelphia and is the third of four children. Her two brothers graduated from Curley and her sister graduated from attended Notre Dame Academy for four years. Her family settled in Miami Shores where Rosemary attended St. Rose of Lima and NDA. Rosemary was married to Bob Parnell, who passed away in 2004; they had two children, Kelly and Bobby. Rosemary and Bob, a US Marine Corps officer, travelled the world together. Sharing a desire to help humanity, they would change careers. Rosemary worked for the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and Bob joined UNICEF. She left UNHCR after a year and then worked for the United Nations World Food Programme for 15 years and then joined the American Red Cross as Director of Logistics in Washington D.C. Since 2010 she has been stationed in Haiti, managing logistics for the International Federation of the Red Cross’ earthquake and cholera operations.

Nick Silverio ‘61 Nick is a graduate of St. John the Apostle and Curley High School. After completing post-secondary education at Miami-Dade College, Barry University, Wharton, and Harvard Business School, he formed his own business Nick Silverio and Associates, Inc. – a computer software, services, and consulting firm. Nick’s life would forever change after his wife Gloria died in a car crash caused by a speeding driver. She had been shopping for a party they had planned to celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary. To continue the memory of Gloria’s work helping children, Nick formed ‘A Safe Haven for Newborns’ ( The organization tackles the tragedy of infant abandonment in Florida. The Safe Haven law is a safety net for both the mother and the newborn infant, allowing the mother, father, or whoever is in possession of an unharmed newborn (seven days old or less) to leave the baby at a Safe Haven facility such as a hospital; fire, rescue or emergency medical service station, with no questions asked, anonymously, and free from fear of prosecution.

Barney Moody ‘76 Barney is one of ten children, all ACND graduates. His wife Yvonne ’82 and their daughter Danielle ’03 are also ACND graduates. He proudly served four years in the United States Navy with the VS22 Antisubmarine Warfare Airborne Squadron out of Cecil, Florida and was deployed on the carrier USS Saratoga. Barney returned to South Florida and established Moody Electric with his brother John ‘70. Their work has left a lasting imprint through projects that include South Beach Art Deco restorations and, their proudest achievement, helping to build many new churches and schools for the Archdiocese of Miami. Barney is an avid fisherman. Another of his passions is the development and support of The Moody Manor Foundation (now 20 years old), which operates a residence for women who have sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury. The light of Barney’s life now is his granddaughter Mckenzie.

Bill Brickman ‘58 Bill’s family includes his sister, Julia, and seven Curley graduates, his brothers: Guy ‘56, Jack ’58, Pat ‘60, Mike ‘61, Dick ‘64,and Joe ’58. While in high school, Bill received many athletic awards and received football scholarship offers from 10 universities. He signed a grant-in-aid with the University of Miami, along with 1958 classmates Bill Diamond and Larry Wilson. His playing career ended after he sustained two head injuries. Bill began his professional career as a student-coach, scouting future opponents and developing scouting reports. Upon earning a degree in education, he was hired to coach full time. In 1964 he left coaching and accepted a job with CITGO Petroleum. Bill has held various managerial positions in Florida and received the “Salesman of the Year” award. During this time, he continued to coach part-time. For the past 22 years, Bill has worked for Pizza Hut of America as a Senior Real Estate Manager. Bill is married to his high school sweetheart, Sandra Pariseau; they have two daughters and four grandchildren.

Sonia Escobio O’Donnell ‘70 Sonia is a Partner in the Miami office of Jorden Burt LLP. Following her clerkship for the Honorable Peter T. Fay in the Court of Appeals (5th Circuit), she became an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, working on civil and criminal trials and appellate litigation. As an Assistant for 16 years, she participated in criminal cases, wrote and argued criminal appeals, supervised the appellate division, and became the Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney and Special Counsel to the U.S. Attorney. As the Executive Assistant she reviewed and approved indictments, created the program for the Drug Task Force in Miami, and worked on high-profile criminal cases. As Special Counsel, she advised the U.S. Attorney on major legal issues. She was assigned to the civil division for three years, during which time she defended lawsuits against the United States. Sonia and her recently deceased spouse had two children, both of whom are attorneys and Harvard Law graduates.


Branching Out Middle School outreach programs offered by ACND to neighboring parish or private schools offer students an opportunity to participate in competitive or development events that strengthen either academic, athletic, or leadership skills. Students have an opportunity to meet students from other middle schools plus acquire experience that will help them acclimate to a high school environment. I believe that my success in the education of the young child and love of teaching and learning can be traced directly to my Catholic education. The disciplined, but loving learning institutions allowed me to hone leadership skills, and the Christian education began my life-long relationship with God. Charlene Swanson Galbrecht EdD, ’59, MS Barry University, EDD Nova Southeastern University, Director Child Care Training, NSU, Mailman Segal Institute of Early Childhood Education, retired and residing in Pompano Beach, FL. Last October, middle school age students representing Miami-Dade Catholic and other private schools competed at the 18th A n n u a l A c a d e m i c Olympics. Competitions offered in Language, Religion, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics allow school teams an opportunity to compete against each other and advance to a second round. The school team that accumulated the most points in each area was awarded a trophy. Winning teams for small schools were: Blessed Trinity (first place); St. John the Apostle (second place); and St. James (third place). For large schools: Sts. Peter and Paul (first place); St. Rose of Lima (second place); and St. Kevin (third place).

At the annual Leadership Workshop for Middle School Students, 33 students (elected by their school principal and teachers) participated in a full day of leadership training conducted by ACND student leaders and members of the school’s faculty. The event culminated with a gathering in the Chapel where the young leaders gave thanks for the gifts and opportunities that bless their lives and committed themselves to sharing the experience back in their own schools.

The ACND Speech and Debate Team along with moderator and ACND history teacher Mr. David Monaco hosted the Middle School Speech and Debate event. Students had an opportunity to compete against other middle schools students in the areas of Prose, Poetry, and Duo. 93 students participated representing: St. John the Apostle, St. Mary’s, St. Patrick’s, St. Rose of Lima, Our Lady of the Lakes, and Cushman schools.

In November, ACND hosted its 2nd Annual Middle School Basketball Tournament. Over 70 middle school students representing Miami private schools gathered together for a two-day tournament. The tournament’s mission is to promote the spirit of good sportsmanship and friendly competition among area middle school students. It was constructed in a double-elimination format which guaranteed all participating teams two games. The tournament ended with the top two teams playing a championship game. With only four minutes left in the game, the Cushman School overcame an 11-point deficit and won against Our Lady of the Lakes by 2 points and final score of 35-33.


Students from Holy Family, Holy Cross, and St. Mary’s schools participated in the ACND Middle School Field Day. The event offered an enjoyable day of friendly competition in the areas of dodge ball, touch football, speed stations, tug-of-war, and free play.

ACND Academic Highlights Dr. Ileana L. Pina ‘65, a cardiologist and heart failure transplant expert received her MD at the University of Miami in 1976. She continued her education and received her Masters of Public Health in 2009 after completing a 3 year Fellowship in Quality at the Cleveland VA Medical Center. She has served as Director of Exercise Laboratory at the University of Miami, of Heart Failure and Cardiac Rehabilitation at Hahnemann University, of Cardiomyopathy at Temple University and HeartFailure/Transplantation at University Hospital’s Health System at Case Medical Center. Dr. Pina is the Principal Investigator of as well as has participated in many studies focused on improving heart failure and rehabilitation. She serves as an advisor/consultant to the US Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health and the Division of Epidemiology which allows her to assist in evaluation and review cardiovascular medical devices, epidemiologic research studies while working with FDA staff. Dr. Pina is internationally recognized for her research in rehabilitation and recovery of heart failure patients. She has over 70 publications and is a world-renowned speaker on this subject. She has been a recurrent presenter/speaker in the World Congress of Cardiology in Spain, Argentina, Berlin, and Beijing. She is also a National Spokesperson for Go Red for Women. She resides in Cleveland, OH.

Academy students Bryan Llerandi, Valentina Charris, Sam Echavarria, and Naika Imbert stand under the ACND gumbo limbo tree. Today in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and South America, the Edmund Rice Network of Schools dynamically carries forward the inspiration of Brother Rice with innovative curricula responsive to the times, challenges and opportunities of a new global reality.

ACND Health Care Career Path

For more than five decades students have combined the courses and resources of ACND into what recently has been formalized as the Health Care Career Path (HCCP). Throughout the United States and a number of other countries, ACND alums are serving their communities as family doctors, as specialists in surgery, neurology, psychiatry, and anesthesiology, or as dentists, nurses, physician assistants, technicians, and hospital administrators. In recent years, approximately twenty percent of ACND graduates have chosen to pursue careers in health care.

Each day begins with a prayer in the ACND chapel. Daily assemblies, coordinated by elected student leaders, afford scholars the means of shaping initiatives and sharing community responsibilities.

For more information about ACND or Rice Academy academic offerings, at or, contact Mr. David Gerhardt, Director of Admissions, (305) 751-8367 *29 or

Students benefit from the practical experience as well as the professional network of alums engaged in health care services. The current advisors for this program include: Marion ColasLacombe ʻ95, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology; Edgar Pierre ʻ82, MD, UM Jackson Ryder Trauma Center; Fernande Russell, ACND Teacher and Nursing Specialist; David Smith ʻ78, Chief Financial Officer, Memorial Hospital; and James Thompson, ACND Science Chaiman.

Sponsor A Knight

The Brother Rice Honors Academy

A limited number of spaces are available for enrollment into the academy where Honors students are offered an enriched and challenging middle school curriculum. An extended day, until 4:00 p.m., accommodates extracurricular and athletic opportunities.


Throughout the history of Archbishop Curley High School, Notre Dame Academy and ACND, there has been a sustained effort to make the school accessible to students whose families might consider a Catholic secondary school education an unreachable dream. Tuition assistance has been made possible generation after generation through the generosity of alumni and other benefactors who understand the enduring difference such an education can make in the life of a young student. For more information on this program or to make a financial contribution, contact Peter A. Sahwell at”

New Strength and Wisdom I was offered my first job as a teacher of 9th grade English at Notre Dame Academy itself, my old Alma Mater. I stayed there until 1981, teaching with the English Department until it actually closed it’s doors as an all-girls high school and merged with Archbishop Curley. Lilian Pons Montero ‘68, BA Barry University, retired high school teacher and real estate agent living with her husband Jose in Vigo, Spain and Miami. I am a Christian who believes that new life always comes after death. At this point in my life, I need to be stretched, disoriented, broken-down, so that a new strength and wisdom can emerge. I am hopeful that my experience as a ʻstranger in a strange landʼ will result in a person who has a greater ability to wonder at beauty, truth and the good. I am eager to begin undergoing this pruning process” remarked Br. Richard DeMaria in a Christmas letter to his family and friends. In December, Br. DeMaria left his position as Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of Miami and began working at the Catholic Bible Foundation in South Africa. (Source: Florida Catholic Newspaper).

This past summer, Brother Richard DeMaria received the Lumen Christi (Light of Christ) award from Marjorie Wessel, president of the Catholic Educators Guild, and Archbishop Thomas Wenski. (Courtesy Photo – Jose Puertas, Florida Catholic Newspaper)

Two pages in Decemberʼs school newsletter were filled with notes from teachers and students wishing Carole Springer the best for her retirement. Mrs. Springer wrote us back with this message: I do miss ACND – my school family for many years. However, I do need to ease up and rest up at this time in my life. I know I will spend more time with family and friends, and in the outdoors. I entered Archbishop Curley High School in the April of 1980 to take over a junior Algebra II class of 11th graders. During these years the students from Notre Dame High School joined us to create Archbishop CurleyNotre Dame High School.

This year, ACND welcomed Br. Jason Ford, CFC as its new Campus Minister. Originally from Boston, Br. Ford attended Catholic Memorial School and graduated from Iona College, NY with a B.A. in History. In 2002, he entered the Congregation of Christian Brothers formation program and by 2006, professed his First Vows at Holy Name Parish in Roxbury, MA. He has since worked as a vowed member of the Congregation of Christian Brothers as a theology teacher, Director of the Office of Campus Ministry, and Director of Student Activities at Palm High School in Salinas, CA. He has most recently worked for the Fe y Alegria School in Lima, Peru. Ms. Luz Argote, ACNDʼs Spanish Teacher won the Cervantes Outstanding Educator Award for her commitment to developing in her students an appreciation of Spanish heritage, culture and history as part of her Spanish language course. In the spirit of Hispanic Heritage Month, more than twodozen Miami-Dade County students and educators were honored at the 13th Annual Cervantes Awards for Outstanding Hispanic Education Ceremony. This event is hosted each year by Nova Southeastern Universityʼs (NSU) Fischler School of Education and Human Services and its Hispanic Advisory Board.

I taught mostly 9th grade Algebra classes, and at times Geometry and Theology classes. I also became involved with the Spiritual Life Committee with Sister Rosemary Quigg I.H.M. who passed away earlier this year. We worked on the Encounters, Twilight Retreats, the student volunteer program, student catechist training for Notre Dame d'Haiti, and very special preparations for school Eucharistic celebrations.I continued teaching from the 1980-81 school year until June 1990 when I left to take care of ailing family members. In 1997 I was asked to return to ACND to work with Elma Benjamin to initiate the Foundations Program for incoming 9th graders who needed skills strengthening in English and Math. With a grant for renovations, Rooms 9 and 11 became the Learning Center for academic assistance. I have co-ordinated the services and programs of this Center with Kim Lumpkin, a Reading Specialist. My husband died in 2005. The love and kindness of the Curley family carried me through this difficult time. I cherish many memories of students and staff with whom I have worked. There is no school like ACND. It has been a gift to be a part of this special family. At present I have no definite plans for the future as I carry with me with love and prayer of the ACND family knowing that I will be guided in God's way and in His time.


Alum Notes Deep Roots and New Shoots Coming to Archbishop Curley Notre Dame is such a complete honor. Having the opportunity to come to a private catholic school is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I love this school with a passion. I met beautiful teachers and students. I feel like I’m in a family here at ACND. Nothing feels better than having a second place you can call home. Coming here I’ve learned so much that I know I can carry out in my future, and all of this would not be possible without you. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity of a life time. The biggest promise I can make to you is that I will be successful and fulfill my dream of being in the medical field. This is possible because of you! Thank you. I am thrilled to be here. Written by a current ACND student who receives tuition assistance through the “Sponsor A Knight” program. Eileen Heffernan Lopez `99 and husband Dagoberto Lopez welcomed Dagoberto Lopez, Jr. on August 18, 2010.

Victoria Novinger '09 and Artie Salow '09 were recently in Edinburgh Scotland studying for one semester. Victoria is studying physiology and Artie pre-med. Both are sophomores at the University of Miami.

David '89 and Kristi '93 (Schmidt) Romanik welcomed their first child Emma Rose Romanik on Dec. 16, 2010.

David Marcillo ’03 recently had a second volume of poetry published titled, “Terror To All Who Belong To This World.” David holds a BA from the University of Miami and MFA from Antioch University. He currently teaches English at the International School of Broward. He recently wrote about the role that ACND played in developing his love for literature: “Br. Corcoran was certainly my most influential teacher, as he was able to instill his love for literature into me and many of my classmates. To this day, my bookshelf is still full of books I read while in Br.'s class, and I have only fond memories of discussing the books and writing about them for his class. I have also found myself teaching my own students some of the lessons I recall learning in his class, such as specific grammar rules and the proper way to create an outline. Other influential teachers I had at ACND were Mr. (at the time) Goodall and Mr. Gates. I have only fond memories of their classes and of working with Dr. Goodall on the 2003 yearbook.” Br. Corcoran recently discussed several of David’s poems during his Honors English II class. This discussion was a part of a three-part study of the works which begun with: John Hersey’s “Hiroshima,” Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse-Five,” and finally the study of David’s poems. The class analyzed these works that all pertain to survival, human resilience, faith, and hope in spite of seemingly constant and devastating tragedy.


Gracie Wyche, mother of Paul ’50, Paula NDA ‘66, and Spaulding, passed away on November 8, 2010 She was a nursing pioneer in Miami-Dade County who helped pave the way for African Americans in the nursing and health professions in South Florida. She would retire after more than 30 years of service as a Head Nurse of the outpatient clinics at the Veteran’s Administration hospital. As a leader herself in both health services and the Catholic Church community, her spirit continues to live through her family and loved ones. Mrs. Wyche is also survived by six grandchildren. Julius Torres, the son of Dennis Torres and Tiffany Walker Torres `99 passed away on October 12, 2010.

Sister Rosemary Quigg, I.H.M. passed away on September 6th. Sr. Rosemary has been a member of St. Rose Parish since 1982. She taught Chemistry at ACND for many years and founded the school's Campus Ministry Program along with Carole Springer, the school's Learning Center Director. She was loved by her students and remained one of ACND's biggest fans by encouraging students from St. Rose of Lima to attend ACND. One of her former students and ACND alumnus Maria Rubio writes, "She is one of the reasons why I became a teacher and a 'tough as nails one' as well! She was strong, tough and yet loving with all of us! I am trying to be the same with my students hard shoes to follow!"

Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School of the Archdiocese of Miami 4949 NE 2nd Avenue Miami, Florida 33137

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Benjamin Rusnakʼs Exhibit: “Dreams and Tempests” Aida Law Symposium and Red Mass Spring Concert Reunion Weekend, ACHS and NDA classes of 1961 Hall of Fame at the Miami Beach Surf Club Graduation Mass at Corpus Christi Church Summer Knights Camp begins Introduction to Health Care Professions begins Foundation Summer School begins Remedial Summer School begins Class of '91 "Forever Young" Reunion Cruise to the Bahamas. Please contact Amanda Gonzalez 305.751.8367 *19 or for more information.

Invest in the mission of ACND and share your gifts.Become a class captain, reach out to fellow alums to get them involved. Support us with your gifts: Donations, Matching Gifts, Gifts in Kind, Stocks or Securities, Property, Retirement Plan Assets, Life Insurance, Bequests/Wills, Beneficiary Designations, Trusts and Annuities. For information, please contact Peter A. Sahwell, in the Advancement Office: 305.751.8367 *28. ACND news and event updates can be found on Facebook “Archbishop Curley Notre Dame Prep” or follow us on Twitter “ACND PREP.” Subscribe to the ACNDʼs new website and update your alumni contact information by visiting

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Deep Roots/Strong Growth

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