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llegheny showcased its best competitive and caring spirit on Homecoming Weekend, which this year was held Sept. 29–30. Several events took center stage during the weekend’s festivities. The Gators rolled over Oberlin College, 15–3, on the gridiron. A large crowd at Frank B. Fuhrer Field soaked in the sun and cheered on a solid defensive performance on a gorgeous fall afternoon. The day included face-painting and tailgating. At halftime, this year’s Cornerstone Award recipients, above, accepted their awards from President James H. Mullen, Jr. and Dean of Students Joseph DiChristina. The group was later feted as part of a Donor Recognition Dinner in Schultz Hall. Also, a large group of alumni and friends, seen below, assembled after the game outside the Tippie Alumni Center at Cochran Hall to honor the memory of Greg Richards, a 2008 graduate and basketball player, who died in February. The Greg Richards Tip-Off Tournament was played in the Wise Sport & Fitness Center in November.


Alleghen y Bulletin • November 2012

Bulletin • Vol. 30

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Eddie Taylor, Jr. ’87, Chair earl W. Adams, Jr., Ph.D. Christian l. Allison ’83 Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton Alice Sturgeon Bierer ’59 Gladys Mullenix Black ’54 edward J. Borkowski ’81 Willow Brost ’74 William H. Brown, Jr. ’80 Mark R. Campbell ’82 Jane Miriam earll ’80, esq. Gary M. elliott ’72 Mary H. Feeley ’78, Ph.D. Kimberly Tillotson Fleming Judith Thomas Horgan ’68 Steven D. levinsky ’78 Richard W. Maine Isabelle Crabb Moss ’67 James H. Mullen, Jr., ed.D. Herbert H. Myers ’61 Christine Scott Nelson ’73 Jerome V. Nelson ’83 James C. New ’67 John H. Niles, Jr. ’59, M.D. Martin Pfinsgraff ’77 Timothy l. Reeves ’83 Mary e. Sceiford ’54, Ph.D. Rev. Dr. yvonne Reed Seon ’59, Ph.D. Dag J. Skattum ’84 Thomas N. Slonaker Robert l. Smith, Jr. ’73 William P. Steffee ’57, M.D., Ph.D. Hayes C. Stover ’62, esq. John F. Sutphen ’78 Bruce R. Thompson ’86 lawrence M. Thompson, Jr. ’74 William H. Timbers ’72 Douglas F. Ziegler TrusTees emeriTi


Bishop George W. Bashore Ann Simakas Degenhart ’71 J. Tomlinson Fort ’50, esq. Thomas T. Frampton ’70, esq. Samuel Hellman ’55, M.D. William I. Jack ’57, esq. The Hon. Jack K. Mandel ’58 Frank e. Mcelree, Jr. ’47, M.D. Silas R. Mountsier III ’52 John C. Phillips, Jr. ’56 James F. Pomroy ’56 Thomas M. St. Clair ’57 Ferd J. Sauereisen ’57 M. Peter Scibetta ’54 Henry B. Suhr, Jr. ’55 Arthur Tepper ’58 Patricia Bush Tippie ’56 Robert A. Vukovich ’65, Ph.D. John D. Wheeler ’61, esq.

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Alleghen y Bulletin • November 2012




llegheny celebrated the dedication of the Richard J. Cook Center for environmental Science in Carr Hall on Oct. 12. The Center, named in honor of the College’s president emeritus, opened for classes in August as the home for the Department of environmental Science. The lobby includes a working model of an aquaponics system and a spiral herb garden. A student-designed living wall includes a variety of plants watered from a rainwater catchment system that drains from the building’s roof. The lobby’s main feature is an installation by Jan loney, a Pittsburgh-based artist. The 40-by-8foot sculpture can be interpreted in a number of ways, including ripples in a pond or the orbit of planets, loney says. It includes recycled woodgrained aluminum from a swimming pool, rusted steel handsaws, roofing copper, and corrugated heat exchange plates, as well as art glass crafted by Heather Joy Puskarich. Pictured at left are Maria Vargas, director of the U.S. Department of energy’s Better Buildings Challenge, who addressed the crowd at the dedication, and Sir Peter Crane, Carl W. Knobloch Jr. dean of the School of Forestry and environmental Studies at yale, who spoke at the dinner afterward. Pictured above right with President emeritus Cook are his wife, Terry lahti, left, and Allegheny Trustee Christine Scott Nelson. Cook was president of Allegheny from 1996 to 2008.


Alleghen y Bulletin • November 2012










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Alleghen y Bulletin • November 2012


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Jeremy Scott’s Journey to the Olympic Games



Alleghen y Bulletin • November 2012

Photo court ESy of Victah Sailor

hen asked how it felt to earn a spot on the 2012 U.S. Olympic polevaulting team, Jeremy Scott ’03 had only one word to describe the moment: Relief. After his two previous Olympic qualifying attempts were foiled by injuries — a pulled hamstring in 2004 and a bruised pelvic bone in 2008 — Scott felt like he had to make it this year. After making the U.S. World Championship teams in 2009 and 2011, Scott’s career was hitting its stride. However, the onset of tendonitis in his knee late in 2011 threatened to set him back, to thwart another attempt at joining the Olympic team. “When the Olympic trials began, I was coming out of rehab, not training,” Scott explained. “That I was good enough is a matter of sheer will and nothing short of a miracle.” In the June qualifying meet in Oregon, Scott’s three successful vaults put him in second place in the trials. Then he endured 10 anxiety-filled minutes when other pole vaulters tried to top his bar height. “Obviously, I couldn’t have been happier to have made the team. I got to compete with some of my best friends,” Scott said. That includes his mentor, Jeff Hartwig, who made the Olympic team in 1996 and again in 2008, and his best friend, Derek Miles, who introduced Scott to the sport at the age of 15. Once he qualified for the team, Scott set off for the Olympic training facility in San Diego. Between training and undergoing knee rehabilitation, the pace was nonstop. He even skipped the opening ceremonies to train at home with his coach, Earl Bell, to make sure he was in top shape for the big event. Finally, Scott arrived in London and checked into his apartment at the Olympic Village several days before the August competition. “Pole vaulters are a small, respectful community as it is, but the United States teams took up one entire tower in the Village so there was a lot of camaraderie there,” Scott recalled. “Still, the entire

B a r

Scott’s nickname is El Grande, because he is the tallest pole vaulter in the world at 6 feet, 9 inches.

Games complex is huge and you have to walk everywhere. I wanted to rest my knee, so I really didn’t see a lot until the polevaulting competition concluded.” On the morning of the Olympic competition, Scott was a little concerned that he was not more nervous. Despite being too excited to sleep much the night before, he felt good, and his knee seemed stable. His confidence grew. “Even small changes in the way your body feels require adjustments in your performance,” Scott explained. “What pole to use, where to grip, these things change.” It is probably these little things that led to a small miscalculation on his first jump at 5.5 meters, which he missed, putting Scott in 15th place while the top 14 advanced. “Sure, I was disappointed, but it would have been very tough for me to earn a medal during these Games. I would have had to jump a personal best.”

After two hours, Scott’s 2012 Olympics competition was over. “I stayed for the closing ceremonies. There is so much tension in the air during the Games,” he recalled. “Suddenly, the athletes were looser, more laid back and looking to have fun.” Scott was scheduled to compete in a track-and-field meet in Germany a few days after the Games, so he stayed behind with a few members of the U.S. team. They were invited to the London premiere of The Expendables 2 and walked the red carpet with the stars. “I was going nuts,” Scott said. “Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger ... these movie stars I grew up watching! They were all there.” Today, Scott is focused on getting his knee fully healed, and his attention has turned to the World Championships outdoor competition in 2013 and indoor in 2014. “I get a little better every day. My best years are still in front of me,” he says. Of course, he is also looking forward to the 10th Reunion of the Allegheny Class of 2003 at the end of May. “If I don’t have a meet that weekend, I will be there. My career really started at Allegheny,” Scott explained. “Although I was recruited to play football, I learned that you could skip the 5 a.m. spring workouts if you were on the track team. That was a no-brainer.” Through some creative class scheduling while attending Allegheny, Scott was able to travel to Arkansas regularly to attend camps at Bell Athletics so that he could train with Bell, who encouraged him to pursue pole vaulting as a career. “Initially, track was just fun. But, when I made the World Championship team in 2002, I thought maybe I could do this.” That same year, Scott met his wife, Sarah, when he traveled to Wrightsville Beach, N.C., for a meet. Jeremy and Sarah were married in 2007 and have a 2-yearold son. The family lives just outside of the American pole-vaulting hotspot, Jonesboro, Ark. =

On the H I L L allegheny Is No. 1 ‘Up-and-comer’


he College is one of only si x schools in its category recognized as an “Up-and-Comer” — and is tied with the University of Richmond for the No. 1 slot — in the U.S. News & World Report rankings released in September. “Up-andComers” are identified by college presidents, provosts, and admissions deans at their peer schools as having recently made, according to U.S. News, “the most promising and innovative changes in the areas of academics, faculty, student life, campus, or facilities.” The U.S. News rankings again place Allegheny among the top 100 liberal arts colleges in the nation. The College also was listed again this year as an “A+ School for B Students.” “The number of accolades that Allegheny College has received this past summer is unprecedented and reflects an emerging national prominence for the College,” said Brian F. Dalton, vice president for enrollment and communications at Allegheny. “Of course, rankings like these are just one aspect of the college search process, and we encourage prospective students to look at a broad spectrum of characteristics when choosing a college. We look for students who are a good fit to us, and we do everything we can to ensure the right fit is there.” In addition to the U.S. News rankings, Allegheny has been included in a number of guidebooks and rankings that measure the quality of institutions based on a variety of measures. In August, Newsweek magazine named Allegheny as one of the top 20 colleges nationwide for academic rigor, and the Princeton Review included Allegheny in the 2013 edition of its annual college guide, The Best 377 Colleges. Only about 15 percent of America’s 2,500 fouryear colleges are profiled in the Princeton Review guide. Also in August, Washington Monthly’s “2012 College Rankings: What Can Colleges Do for the Country? ” ranked Allegheny No. 41 — 13 spots ahead of last year’s rankings — among liberal arts colleges in the nation based on contribution to the public good. The Sierra Club ranked Al-

legheny at No. 55 in a listing of the nation’s “greenest colleges.” Allegheny is also once again among the schools chosen for inclusion in Coll ege s T h a t Ch a nge Lives: 40 Schools That Will Change the Way You Think About Colleges. The new edition of Loren Pope’s h ig h ly i n f lu ent i a l guidebook — which h a s u ndergone 24 printings — has been revised and updated by Hilary Masell Oswald.

the foundation for Sustainable forests practices environmentally friendly logging techniques, using horses instead of machinery to move fallen trees.

agreement Designed to Preserve ecosystems Allegheny and the Foundation for Sustainable Forests have signed a groundbreaking agreement that will preserve and protect fragile ecosystems in Pennsylvania and southern New York while providing opportunities for landowners to support both nonprofit organizations. Under terms of the agreement signed by Allegheny executive vice president and treasurer, David W. McInally, and Foundation for Sustainable Forests president, Troy Firth, both organizations will share equally in any proceeds derived from timber harvests and other earnings from land donated through the foundation’s shared gift program. “We are thrilled with this partnership with Allegheny College and hope it can be a model for others in the region,” said Firth. The foundation and the College agree to work together to protect and conserve forested land through a shared gift program. The foundation, based in Spartansburg, Pa., will protect and maintain donated land as working forest while providing long-term funding for the College. For its part, Allegheny will make potential donors who are landowners in the area aware of the shared gift program and the potential to leave a land legacy while providing financial support for the College.

Gifts of land made through the program will go to the foundation and become its property. Allegheny will be a beneficiary organization. Donors will be eligible for charitable deductions for the full market value of the properties. allegheny hosts education Fellow Lisa Henderson is spending the 201213 academic year at Allegheny through the American Council on Education (ACE) Fellows program. Henderson is a professor of education and director of underg raduate education programs at Baldwin Wallace University, which nominated her for the fellowship. The ACE Fellows Program, established in 1965, is designed to build leadership in American higher education by identifying and preparing promising senior faculty and administrators for leadership positions in college and university administration. Of the more than 1,700 participants in the program’s history, more than 300 have become chief executive officers, and more than 1,100 have become provosts, vice presidents, or deans. (continued on page 6) Alleghen y Bulletin • November 2012


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At Allegheny, Henderson is working primarily with President James H. Mullen, Jr. and Provost and Dean Linda C. DeMeritt. She anticipates gaining leadership proficiency in areas such as external and alumni relations and development, strategic planning, internal and external financial planning and reform, and community outreach and engagement. “Selection as a host institution is a mark of the prestige of Allegheny,” said Sharon

A. McDade, director of the ACE Fellows Program. “An ACE Fellow has selected this institution for its unique learning opportunities and the quality work that it is doing in educating students.” Henderson earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in elementary education at the University of Montevallo in Alabama. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in early childhood education and development with an emphasis in curriculum supervision. She has eight years of public school teaching experience in elementary and middle grades and 20 years of experience in higher education. She has taught at Baldwin Wallace University since 1992. =


grants gifts = the andrew W. mellon Foundation awarded Allegheny a $675,000 grant in support of adding a faculty member to teach Arabic and of continuing to internationalize our campus, providing funds for faculty to expand and enrich the international content of courses and to participate in study tours. Interest in regional study in the Middle east and North Africa (MeNA) has been growing steadily at Allegheny for nearly a decade, and the College recently established MeNA as a new regional study area within the International Studies Program and developed a MeNA minor. =

the corella and bertram F. bonner Foundation awarded Allegheny a $250,000 grant to establish a Bonner leader Program endowment to support 30 Bonner leaders annually. As part of our agreement with the foundation, Allegheny matched this amount, establishing an endowment of $500,000. Bonner leaders are Allegheny students who work with Meadville-area agencies and organizations, recruiting volunteers and developing programs. The Bonners provide valuable service to the community while gaining practical experience.


Allegheny received a $30,000 grant from the corporation for National and community service (CNCS) to support the lake effect leaders program (formerly known as The Children and youth AmeriCorps*VISTA Project of NW PA). The program supports work with organizations that provide services to underserved youth and to address the economic issues of their families. Since 2004, CNCS has granted lake effect leaders more than $260,000 to support 194 AmeriCorps VISTA members. The goal of the program is to match higher educational institutional resources with community needs, affording youth and their families the experiences and tools to imagine a life beyond poverty. Allegheny collaborates with edinboro, Gannon, and Mercyhurst Universities for this program.


Alleghen y Bulletin • November 2012


crawford r. thoburn reports that his choral compositions and arrangements are now carried by the Web-based music publisher St. James Music Press (www. these include new works as well as re-releases of best-selling, “out-of-print” pieces. More than 100 of his works have been issued by traditional print publishers and sung by church, community and collegiate choral groups across the country and around the world. appointed professor emeritus of music at Wells college in July 2011, crawford became chancel choir director at the first Presbyterian church of Skaneateles, N.y., in august 2011. for more information, visit

’56 alice

bowden D’alessio announces the publication of Conversations With Thoreau, a new collection of poetry. like her chapbook’s namesake, alice focuses her poetic attentions on nature and communion with the environment. She is the author of Uncommon Sense: the Life of Marshall Erdman (with Doug Moe, trails Press, 2003). her poems have appeared in a variety of publications, including the Wisconsin Academy Journal, Fox Cry, North Coast Review, The Kerf and Earth’s Daughters. She is currently contributing editor for Midwest Woodlands and Prairies magazine and serves on the board of the council for Wisconsin Writers. Doris muller gillott says she and her husband, ray, married in 1956, now have five grandchildren and one great-granddaughter who was born in December 2011. the Gillotts have been retired for more than 10 years now, she says from her levittown, N.y., home.


susan bowman eiseman received the Amicus Libri harold a. Stewart award from the adams Memorial library in latrobe, Pa. Each year, the library’s board of directors selects a candidate to receive the award, which recognizes an individual or group that exhibits commitment to reading, adams Memorial library and the communities which the library serves. Susan joined the library board in 1988 and has served as secretary for more than 22 years. as chair of the fund-raising committee, she has grown the annual Spring reception from a simple get-together of community-minded folks into the kickoff party of the summer.


harry blaney reports: “after a career as a foreign Service officer and president of a foreign affairs NGo, i have continued my vocation as a Senior fellow at the center for international Policy in their National Security Program. Besides speaking on radio and tV programs, giving lectures and writing reports, i have devoted a fair amount of my time to a new blog, ‘rethinking National Security,’ which aims to open up the debate about u.S. foreign policy and, more specifically, u.S. national security. it can be found at We welcome comments from allegheny alumni and faculty and all

send class notes to

who are interested in america’s role in the world and the present and future challenges our country faces.” Nancy Lascheid and her husband, Dr. Bill lascheid, have been named hodges university’s 2012 humanitarians of the year in honor of their “spirit of benevolence and public service in the community.” the lascheids moved to Naples, fla., from Pittsburgh in 1982 and since then have immersed themselves into the community, serving with many organizations. they are best known, however, as co-founders of the Neighborhood health clinic, which since 1999 has provided quality health care to the uninsured working poor, utilizing a volunteer professional staff. an rN who earned degrees from allegheny, Jackson Memorial hospital and the university of Pittsburgh, Nancy focused her professional career primarily on emergency medicine and nursing education. after moving to Naples, she joined her husband in his private practice before co-founding the Neighborhood health clinic.


James cotton announces the publication of his novel Return to Summers Run. it is the stand-alone sequel to Summers Run: An American Boyhood, published in late 2009. “as he tramps the fields and forests of Shadeland, the family farm in rural Pennsylvania, claude feels the shadow of his departed father following him.” Both novels deal with growth, friendship and the bittersweet farewell to boyhood. “We’ve all lived some of it,” James says of the series. he can be reached at alongcountryroads@ or through afeelgoodnovel.blogspot. com.

’65 Jackson blair reports that he and his wife, Pam

’68, P’01, live in Massachusetts and have a summer home on Prince Edward island. Pam is academic dean and dean of faculty at the Winchendon School. “We would love to hear from our friends from allegheny,” Jackson says. “Email us at”

’67 Karol Klapp Lee reports that she and three

members of the class of ’67 – eleanore bergeson orman, molly morck bonhag and barbara hildreth – gathered for lunch in July at the four aces Diner in West lebanon, N.h.


John h. aldrich is the author of Why Parties? A Second Look, published May 1, 2011, by the university of chicago Press. he is a professor at Duke university. Philip Langdon has published The Private Oasis, a large-format hardcover on the residential landscapes created by New york landscape architect Edmund hollander and his firm. Says Philip: “it’s the seventh book i’ve written over the years for an architect, a landscape architect, a foundation or a tV show. (i co-wrote a couple of books for This Old House in the early 1990s.) i may do more of that, but i’m feeling increasingly inclined to go back to what i did in the 1980s – writing books entirely on my own. those are the most satisfying. i’ve lived in New haven for 30 years and would be happy to hear from alleghenians. My email is”


thomas emerson has been honored as the 2012 Distinguished citizen of the year by the Boy Scouts of america for his outstanding achievements

in chenango county, N.y. Each year the Scouts recognize local community leaders for their outstanding contribution to the betterment of the community and service to their fellow citizens. after graduating from allegheny, thomas attended Syracuse university college of law. he and his wife, Bonnie, have four children and nine grandchildren.

’73 r ober t

Wright was ap pointed to another term on the oneStar foundation, which furthers volunteerism and community service in texas. robert is an attorney and chief executive officer for Executives in action. he is a member of the State Bar of texas, association of corporate counsel and National association of corporate Directors, and a past member of the Dallas Bar association. he is also founder and chair emeritus of Dallas Social Venture Partners, a founding board member and president emeritus of Social Venture Partners international and a member of the texas Emerging technology advisory committee. robert received a law degree and master of business administration from texas tech university.

entrepreneur henry b. tippie, left, was joined by Iowa Gov. Terry Bransted and Allegheny President James H. Mullen, Jr. on Aug. 25 for the dedication of an annex in Tippie’s name at the Belle Plaine Area Museum in Iowa. The annex contains artifacts and displays from Henry’s early life in Belle Plaine. “It’s only fitting that this memorabilia comes to Belle Plaine because this is where I started. I’ve always considered that I’m just a small-town farm boy who has survived swimming with all the sharks for a very long time,” said Henry. He is the husband of Allegheny Trustee Emerita Patricia B. Tippie.


mark Ingwer, business psychologist and the founding partner of insight consulting Group, wrote a book titled Empathetic Marketing. Palgrave Macmillan published the book.

michael mcgough is beginning his seventh year as an editorial writer for the Los Angeles Times, based in the Washington Bureau. he also is teaching journalism at George Washington university. he says he is happy to hear from alleghenians.

Debbie moore grant ’77, P ’06 reports that after 35 years, Allegheny friends reunited to catch up. In the photo are Carol DeWolf ’77, Marsha Keefer ’77, Kathy Stefanko Dean ’76, Betsey Zimmerer Sellers ’77, Arlie Sears, Debbie Moore Grant and Penny Persons ’77.


Karl s. essler has been named senior counsel to the rochester real estate practice of Bond, Schoeneck & King. he focuses his practice in the areas of land use and zoning, real property litigation and real property transactions. he earned his juris doctor from the cornell law School.


Dave ames’ book, Me, My Cells and I: A Survivor’s Seriously Funny Guide to the Science of Cancer, was named a finalist in the alternative health categor y for the 2012 coalition of Visionary resources awards. Dave is a cancer survivor who explores a combination of traditional treatments, alternative practices and humor as a way to increase the odds of beating this disease. Me, My Cells and I

every summer, a group of retirees and friends meets at the home of Professor Ron Harrell in Maine. Pictured, from left to right, are Anne Turk P’94, Professor Charles Cable, Lyta Seddig, Professor Bob Seddig, Carol Harrell, President James H. Mullen, Jr., Ron Harrell, Kitty Rodgers, Professor Richard Turk P’94 and Professor Glen Rodgers.

Alleghen y Bulletin • November 2012


June, Bruce was elected to the Board of colleges that change lives, the organization representing colleges, including a lle gheny, that were named in the book of the same title by the late author loren Pope.

Jonathan spencer ’79 reports that the biennial Phi Delta theta reunion drew nine friends to central Idaho for a six-day raft trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Top row: Ray Meeks ’79, Phil Gustafson, Jonathan Spencer, Ray Johnson ’79, Steve Bice ’79 and Tom Wormer ’79. Bottom row: Jim Goduti ’79, Rich Scott ’79 and Doug Lifton ’79, P’08.

Lance Zingale has been added to the South tampa academy of the holy Names Board of trustees. his threeyear term began July 1. lance joined Sykes Enterprises in 2006 as executive vice president in global sales and client management. he began his career with at&t, where he worked for nearly 20 years. a native of Westfield, N.J., he received his master of business administration with a specialization in marketing from lehigh university.


mary arete moodey reports that she, Jessica roberts ’03 and Jude shingle ’08 have collaborated in the first MarMooWorks production of Christopher Counts the Constellations, available on the Kindle, iPad and in hard copy. the book also was selected as one of the finalists for the 2012 innovation Erie Multi-Media arts award. Mary founded MarMooWorks, which feat u r e s o r i g i n a l c h i l d r e n’s books published in traditional and digital formatting, and companion pieces, which include audio recordings; animations; children’s apcoach Norm sundstrom P’87, retired gator athletic director and golf coach, and his wife, Betty, hosted several of his former golf team parel screened with story immembers earlier this year at a golf outing in North Carolina. From left: agery and text; one-of-a-kind Fred Eames ’86, Dave Hagstrom ’84, Matt Clarke ’83, Coach Sundstrom, restored and hand-painted Craig Borst ’85, Dave Glabicki ’88, Jack Cline ’81 and Ed Podufal ’83. furniture by cindra Vallone, creator of Wood orphans Design; a website with links to art collaborators and retailers; and story character organic soaps made by discusses the potential of alternative medicine in Jessica, founder of fresh little farm Girl. the fight against cancer. Dave’s work has appeared in a wide range of newspapers and magazines, and his three earlier books have been met with critical Dr. John h. Newman reports that in June he began and popular acclaim. he has been cancer-free for a position as a health scientist several years and plans to stay that way using the administrator at the center knowledge he shares in this book. for Scientific review of the National institutes of health. he is part of the health care bruce hunter, director of college counseling at delivery and methodologies rowland hall-St. Mark’s School in Salt lake city, group with specific responutah, since 1998, was honored by the rocky Mounsibility for community-level tain association for college admission counseling health promotion. he resides in May 2012. he received the roger h. campbell in Bethesda and can walk to award for Distinguished Service in recognition of the of fice. he encourages his “outstanding contributions to the profession classmates to connect with him through facebook of college admission counseling” and in appreciaor linkedin. tion of his “skill, energy, passion and creativity.” in 8

Alleghen y Bulletin • November 2012


gu y c. Fust ine, a shareholder at Knox Mclaughlin Gornall & Sennett P.c., was recently selected by his peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America. Since it was first published in 1983, Best Lawyers has become universally regarded as the definitive guide to legal excellence. Guy was selected for both bankruptcy and creditor debtor rights/insolvency and reorganization law and litigation – bankruptcy. he is among a distinguished group of attorneys who has been listed in Best Lawyers for more than 20 years. he is chair of the Knox firm’s bankruptcy and creditors’ rights group. he is board certified in business bankruptcy law by the american Board of certification and has acted as lead counsel in many notable cases.

’80 gary bax has joined the McDonald Group

in Erie, Pa. Gary earned his law degree from case Western reserve university School of law in 1983. he served between 1997 and 1999 as a director of the Erie county Bar association. he has served since 1985 as solicitor for the lake city Municipal Sewer authority. sen. Jane miriam earll, a member of the allegheny college Board of trustees, received a tempo award from adagio health, which provides health care, education and nutrition programs to more than 100,000 people each year regardless of insurance status. the awards were given during a ViPink party held in august at the reed Smith terrace at 3 PNc Plaza in Pittsburgh. the ViPink party was held to kick off adagio health’s 12th annual hot Pink Pittsburgh event in September.

’83 chris allison wrote an article titled “Bil-

lionaire by Mistake, a former cEo considers the Possibilities” for the fall edition of the Pittsburgh Quarterly. chris is the former cEo of tollgrade communications inc. and teaches entrepreneurship at allegheny.


amy French was named a finalist for the 2012 archer awards. the archer awards program honors Northeast ohio’s talented human resources professionals who have consistently “hit the mark” by building their company with a strategic combination of the best people, talent, development and culture. amy serves as the director of marketing and human resources for oE connection. according to the nomination, her “skills as a manager prompted her appointment to a second job as oEconnection’s director of marketing as well as director of human resources.” andrew Weis reports: “after a great banking career, i returned to school and became a pharmacist, following my parents and brother into the profession. i worked in hospital clinical pharmacy for five years, then went into industry in clinical research and development for a decade. in 2012, i was afforded the opportunity to become a founding faculty member of the new university of North texas System college of Pharmacy in fort Worth, texas. i was appointed as an adjunct full professor of pharmacy (Department

send class notes to

of Pharmacotherapy) in august 2012. Quite a departure from banking, but my experience in economic analysis afforded me the opportunity to do some health economics and outcomes research work for several pharmaceutical companies over the years. My allegheny background, especially Steve casler’s patience, certainly helped in that respect. happy to serve as a mentor to those students seeking a health care profession that continues to be in high demand and for those seeking guidance in navigating the world of biotech and pharma research.”


suzie carmack a communication arts/theatre graduate, was featured in the Sept. 13, 2012, issue of The Washington Post. the article focused on centeredbeing, a company and health intervention program with a goal of bringing movement and mindfulness to the workplace. Suzie serves as centeredbeing co-creator and says, “your mood can improve in 10 minutes even if your biceps don’t look different.” the company’s app was slated to launch with apple in September, and she planned to open a studio in lorton, Va., in october. Suzie is earning a Ph.D. in health communication at George Mason university. She lives with her three children in lorton. ronda seagraves has been named director of athletics and wellness at centenary college in louisiana. ronda joined centenary college after spending more than 20 years on the faculty and athletic staff of Southwestern university in texas. She earned her master’s in education from allegheny. She completed her undergraduate work at ohio State university.

’93 reni

benjamin has joined Burrill & company, a diver sified global financial services firm focused on the life sciences industry, as a managing director of research. his team will initiate coverage for Burrill Merchant Banking on high-quality, developmentstage therapeutics companies, as well as providing in-depth sector analysis of important therapeutic areas. reni joins Burrill from rodman & renshaw, where he served as a managing director and senior biotechnology analyst since 2003. Prior to that, he served as an associate analyst in Needham & company’s biotechnology equity research department. he earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular genetics at the university of alabama at Birmingham.

’94 m ike

Noah van Loen ’91 and anne goodwin van Loen ’91 have left their home of the past 14 years in Seattle for 13 months traveling around the world with their children (Alex, 12, and Leah, 10). During their time in Cusco, Perú, they all learned Spanish, volunteered with a local school and explored the Inca civilization and ruins (including a trek to Machu Picchu). They then spent a couple of weeks heading south through Perú, visiting Lake Titicaca and Colca Canyon, before crossing the border into Chile. They took another week going through northern Chile before they arrived in Santiago for a day and then started their journey to Patagonia. Noah says, “It’s been a fantastic trip so far – spending time together as a family and experiencing the world outside of our ‘normal’ in the United States. Sure, we’re spending the kids’ college funds, but it’s totally worth it.” Visit their blog at or find them on Facebook. Noah says, “Come get the details on the rest of our trip and say hi!”

michael hutchins has joined Gemini hospitality Management, a leading developer and operator of p re mium - b r a nde d a nd in dependent hotels, as vice president of sales development. in his new role, he is responsible for sourcing hotel management oppor tunities for the organization. Prior to joining Gemini, Michael, who earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at allegheny, was vice president of sales development for Dellisart, vice president of franchise sales and development for carlson hotels Worldwide, director of the southeast region for hilton hotel corporation and vice president of franchise sales and development for Wyndham hotel Group.

Jennifer sorensen rogers recently started her own publishing and media company, Jr Media, in finleyville, Pa., after working for Spindle Publishing company inc. in Pittsburgh for 17 years. the company has taken over the publishing rights of the Senior Citizen’s Guide series with Boomers after three years apart, 1991 alumni, left to right, Kristin SchiffResource Guide, as well as hauer Letourneau, Joan Wertz, Kathleen DeNoma, Kristen Hanson the Student Guide for college Kavanagh and Katrina Palazzolo met for some long-overdue couch students. these publications time in Kristen’s living room in Centennial, Colo., earlier this year. and websites were produced for various cities throughout the united States with Jennifer’s guidance in her prior position with strong longevity (more than 25 and 37 Nathan smith auyears, respectively). for more information or just to t h o r e d a h i s to r i c f i r s t i n catch up, email September when he defeated Garrett rank, 1-up, in the finals of the u.S. Mid-amateur melinda Deramo reports that she is an Golf championship. With the optical engineer at Mit lincoln laboratory, Boston, win, Nathan became the first Mass. four-time champion in the history of the tournament. sarah Lashley has been named the director of the center for teaching and learning at centre college in Kentucky. Prior to that, she taught at Lori Day has completed her post-doctoral colby college in Maine. fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology at the

’90 matt

Jordan was promoted to associate professor with tenure at Pennsylvania State university, where he teaches in the Department of film/ Video and Media Studies.

mike hamilton provides an update to fellow Gators on the second feature-length film release from the independent film company in which he is a partner, Winter Morning Pictures. the film is titled Since I Don’t Have You and features music from the Pittsburgh doo-wop group “the Skyliners.” their first public screening at the Southside Works theater in Pittsburgh on oct. 4 sold out. Screenings also took place in Pittsburgh and at the capitol theatre in cleveland. follow them on facebook at Since i Don’t have you - the movie. the DVD is also available on their website,


’98 ’00


Alleghen y Bulletin • November 2012


Pho to cour tES y of uS Ga


Len a h a n and Kristi evans Lenahan ’95 have moved to Bangalore, india, from Stockholm, Sweden. they report: “the kids (Evan, 9, Maggie, 7, and Katherine, 5) are going to an international school and are really enjoying the change in climate. the kids reluctantly joined us in a visit to allegheny this summer, and by the time we left, they were sold! Please get in touch or come to visit!”

Vital STATISTICS During her time at allegheny, christina was a center for Political Participation fellow. She is pursuing her master’s degree at the George Washington university.


Katie austin and Jamin Buttafarro planned to wed in September 2012 in Niagara falls, N.y. Katie had been employed teaching English in france. Jamin is a graduate of the french culinary institute and is employed by Wegmans.


Kristin collins has been named the varsity girls’ cross country coach for Westborough high School in Westborough, Mass.

James Jones ’08 and some of his old teammates from the football team traveled to Wooster, Ohio, for the opening of friend and fellow Alleghenian Paul Fryman’s brewing company, the Wooster Brewery. Pictured, left to right, are Andrew Sunday ’08, Dallas Robinson ’07, Paul Fryman ’06, James Trembulak ’06, James Jones, James Savage ’07, James Lindeman, Josh Trembulak ’08 and Marko Fonzi ’06. Paul and his brewing company were featured in the Akron Beacon Journal. The article can be found here: facebook. In addition, James reports that he graduated from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine on May 26, 2012, with a doctor of osteopathy.

emma cook decided to add some color to the city of Meadville playground located at lincoln avenue and lyons Street by painting a mural on a storage building. her mural illustrates french creek and its flood plain in the fifth Ward neighborhood where the playground is located. it is funded through allegheny’s arts & Environment’s community arts Project. “there’s a need for community art,” cook said in The Meadville Tribune. “that’s why i wanted to paint this mural.”

Kennedy Krieger institute/Johns hopkins School of Medicine. She accepted a faculty position in the clinical psychology graduate program at Gallaudet university for fall 2012.

abby sorensen has been named the women’s golf coach at Gannon university in Erie, Pa.

Kati Donovan Lightholder is co-hosting a nationally televised biking show called Pedal America. the program, currently airing on PBS, is a special-interest travel show in which Kati and host ira David levy travel across the country to engage with local cycling cultures and attractions. Pedal America airs Sundays at 9:30 a.m. and Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Kati is a Pittsburgh-based actor and producer who also has worked on projects including the award-winning short film Mr. Pleasant,’s The Mercury Men and the upcoming feature film Sonny Days.

’05 christopher D. Desante received his Ph.D. in

political science from Duke university in May. he was hooded by his dissertation chair, Dr. John aldrich ’69. christopher reports that while he is just getting his feet wet in the academy as a visiting professor of american politics this year at oberlin college, John is “swimming rather comfortably in the deep end.” he is the Pfizer-Pratt university Professor of Political Science at Duke university, a fellow of the american academy of arts and Sciences, has been named the president-elect of the american Political Science association and is a current recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship. John also received allegheny’s own Gold citation in 2008. christopher says, “i was most fortunate to have an instant connection with one of the leaders in my discipline. John displays the kind of commitment to his students that reflects his allegheny roots. Not only is he brilliant, but his kindhearted nature makes him a true academic role model. from what i can tell, every graduate student who works with him tries to emulate his outstanding 10

Alleghen y Bulletin • November 2012

qualities. i am so lucky to have gotten to know him during my time at Duke.” megan guidi has been promoted to strategic planner at the Mullen company, a Pittsburgh firm integrating disciplines from creative to direct response, digital marketing, public relations and social influence, media planning and buying, and performance analytics. Megan earned her master’s degree in applied behavior analysis from Simmons college.


angelica runova has accepted the position of senior consultant with Booz allen hamilton, a strategy and technology consulting firm, and is working on a project affiliated with the Department of Defense in the Pentagon. Jennifer Jo vota and Derek Joseph Burda plan a summer 2013 wedding in Pittsburgh. Jennifer graduated from allegheny with a bachelor’s degree in biology. She received her doctorate in physical therapy from the university of Pittsburgh and is employed by the Jackson clinics in Manassas, Va.


Krystal baldwin roth earned her master’s degree in applied behavior analysis from the Pennsylvania State university, harrisburg. her master’s thesis focused on developing a comprehensive functional behavior assessment training manual for mental health professionals. She planned on taking the board certification exam in the fall.


christina Walrond co-authored a long report for the u.S. institute of Peace on the iranian Nuclear Program. Steve coll reviewed the report in the May 24, 2012, issue of The New York Review of Books. you can find the review here: http://www.nybooks. com/articles/archives/2012/may/24/will-iran-getbomb/?pagination=false. christina also co-wrote a report titled “North Korea’s Estimated Stocks of Plutonium and Weapon-Grade uranium.” the aug. 21, 2012, issue of The New York Times featured the report in an article, which can be found at http://www.



robert ernest mcgarity and henry Grossman robin were married on Sept. 8, 2012, on fire island in the Pines, a beach community that is part of Brookhaven, N.y. robert works in New york as a senior director in the human resources Department of the canadian imperial Bank of commerce.

’02 Leanne renee bloor and Sean Wayne Nagle of Beaver, Pa., were united in marriage on May 12, 2012, at Shakespeare’s in Ellwood city. allegheny alumna Jessica Schindelar ’02 served as a bridesmaid. leanne is the director of development and special events at McGuire Memorial foundation in New Brighton. the Nagles reside in Beaver.


a Karen ostberg married timothy cunningham on March 3, 2012, in Solon, ohio. the couple resides in richmond heights, ohio. allegheny alumni who attended the celebration included, from left, row 1: Michelle Seymour ’04, Julie chang Kierski ’05, Sarah Pfannenschmidt ’06, Karen cunningham, Mollie Williams little ’98, Jeff little, alison o’Brien amaismeier ’04 and Jeremy amaismeier. row 2: alexis Book ’05, Jared Wells, David Kierski ’03, Melissa Wells Jennings ’03, annie flick Ball ’06, Jamie Ball ’96, amanda Weyers ’03, Sean holsing ’05, Jennifer coppolo holsing ’04, Jennie Wurtz Watson ’02 and rich Watson ’02.


b allyson green and adam Martin were married on oct. 29, 2011, at the conewago Manor inn in Elizabethtown, Pa. allegheny alumni in attendance included Dr. David Green ’75, Joisanne rodgers ’04, Shonte taylor ’05 and Melanie Morales ’06.

Drs. Jaime Nemeth and Nathan shively ’07 were married on feb. 11, 2012, in Greensburg, Pa. Nathan

send class notes to

and Jaime were surrounded by their closest family and friends. Nathan’s father, larry Shively, passed away on March 6, 2012, after a courageous battle with lung cancer. Jaime is currently completing a residency in family medicine at central Maine Medical center in lewiston, Maine, and Nathan is completing a residency in internal medicine at Maine Medical center in Portland, Maine.



matthew L. Pertile and cara c. Jackson were united in marriage on June 30, 2012, at christ Presbyterian church in Ellwood city, Pa. allegheny alumnus reed adams ’06 served as a groomsman. following the wedding, the couple celebrated on a honeymoon trip to hawaii. they now reside in cranberry township. Matthew is a secondary guidance counselor for the laurel School District.

’07 stephanie cohen married brian Kirklin ’09 on aug. 5, 2012, at the Pittsburgh airport Marriott. Some Gators in attendance were Melissa harlan ’06, Zach DelliGatti ’09 and Jenny DelliGatti ’09. at the end of august, Stephanie and Brian moved to Madison, Wis., to begin this new chapter of their lives.

’08 c Jasmine carreon Fill and Peter Fill ’08



were married on July 14, 2012, in Santa Monica, calif. Gators in attendance were best man aaron Mood ’07, bridesmaid Jessie Badach hubert ’09, Brandon tirpak ’09, rebecca Sorenson ’09, Betsy timcho harchick ’08 and former allegheny campus catholic chaplain father richard toohey, who celebrated the wedding ceremony. Jasmine and Peter are currently living in Madison, Wis.

D Josh trembulak married Stephanie Shola on June 2, 2012, in St. Sebastian catholic church in the North hills of Pittsburgh. Stephanie graduated from St. Vincent college. they reside in Mccandless, Pa. front row: Stephanie and Josh. Middle row, from left: Jonathan Buggey ’08, Jim lieb ’08, hope Marijan ’08, Shane Sullivan ’08, JJ Davis ’08, curt anderson ’08, Emilie Simone ’09 and ashlee olivo ’09. Back row: Marko fonzi ’06, Dan Monarko ’06, Melissa Geer ’08, lisa coleman ’08, chris Wheeler ’08, James Jones ’08, Dallas robinson ’07, Devin fackenthal ’08, Zach Smith ’08, Mike folk ’07, Jake Gaul ’08 and andrew toner ’08. Not pictured: James trembulak ’06, Joel trembulak ’11, Justin McNeil ’07 and Matt hogya ’08.

new arriVals

’98 Jerry ambooken and his wife, Dimple, an-

nounce the birth of aidan Jerome, born on april 2, 2012.


sara maits cratty and her husband, Steven, welcomed a newborn son, rolland James cratty, on aug. 3, 2012. Kathryn Dorosz shroff and her husband, Jignesh, recently welcomed their first baby. Jonah Dorosz Shroff was born May 10, 2012. after spending four years abroad, the Shroffs have settled in irvine, calif.

’02 sarah D

gallagher Levinthal and her husband, David, welcomed a son, Michael Samuel, on March 30, 2012. Sarah lives in Pittsburgh and is caring for her sons, aaron and Michael. David is a gas-

troenterologist and faculty member of the university of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Lindsay thelin Wagner and eric Wagner ’03 welcomed a baby boy, Garen John thelin Wagner, on March 4, 2012. the Wagners reside in Smithfield, r.i. lindsay is an occupational therapist at the league School of Greater Boston. Eric is a public relations manager at cox communications.



richard m. Doncaster on July 12, 2012. he spent most of his life in Westmoreland county, Pa., retiring to Worton, Md., in 1986 to enjoy Maryland’s eastern shore. While at allegheny, he was a member of the Sigma alpha Epsilon fraternity and a member of the fraternity band, soccer and swim teams. he graduated from hahnemann Medical School (Drexel) before serving in the u.S. army, attending to the wounded in World War ii. as an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand surgery, his professional achievements included being chief of staff of Westmoreland and Jeanette hospitals, president of the local cancer Society and president of Marco (Medical amateur radio council). Surviving are his son, richard ’77, and a granddaughter.


eleanor e. Dusenberry on aug. 22, 2012. She was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate and member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. She is survived by her four daughters: Denee, Debra, Daryl and Diane, and five grandchildren. Jean merrill on aug. 2, 2012. She received her bachelor’s degree in English and theater from allegheny and was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Society. She received her master’s degree from Wellesley college in 1945. in 1952, she received a fulbright fellowship to study folklore at the university of Madras in india. She leaves behind her lifelong companion, ronni Solbert, and her sister, Marjorie Skott.

’45 Jeanette Pyle on July 29, 2012. She was

one of the first women to serve as a modern journalist for a daily newspaper in Vermont. Jeanette spent 42 years at the Burlington Free Press and developed a reputation for demanding accuracy and detail, especially as she worked on the news and copy desks. While attending allegheny, she worked for four years as a technical editor for the weekly student newspaper, the Campus. She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa at allegheny, where she majored in English, journalism and history and graduated with honors.

Lois helms shirk on June 24, 2012. She was a member of the camp hill united Methodist church and the order of the Eastern Star in Mechanicsburg, Pa. She was an advocate for children, having volunteered her time on their behalf at the March of Dimes and the united Methodist home for children. her love of family history inspired her to become a member of the Daughters of the american revolution, the camp hill historical Society and the West Shore yMca Genealogy club. She is survived by a son, robert; a daughter, ann, grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Alleghen y Bulletin • November 2012


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’46 marjorie haslun Leonard on april 13, 2012. ’47 Joseph g. mcmillan on July 16, 2012. he

graduated from allegheny, where he was captain of the basketball team. he was serving as a pilot in the Navy, stationed at the Naval air Station, in corpus christi, when World War ii ended. he was co-founder and owner of lectromat inc., of Mars, Pa. he is survived by his children, barbara ’72, Gary, Nancy and Karen, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

’48 howard

a. Yocum on Sept. 1, 2012. he served in the u.S. air force from 1943 to 1946 and the reserves from 1946 to 1969. he graduated from allegheny with a degree in political science and was the sales manager at Bliley Electric from 1957 until his retirement in 1987. he is survived by a daughter, linda, and a granddaughter.

’49 James o. hall on July 15, 2012. he attended

Penn State college prior to entering the u.S. army air corps. a veteran of World War ii, he attained the rank of first lieutenant and had received the Distinguished flying cross for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flights in the European theater. he joined the air force reserves in 1952 and served until 1964, at which time he attained the rank of captain. following his service time, he graduated from allegheny with a degree in journalism. he became a journalist for the Meadville Tribune and the Allegheny newspaper. Subsequently he was employed by Westinghouse. in addition to his wife, Mary, he is survived by three children, Dennis, James and cindy; eight grandchildren; five greatgrandchildren and two stepdaughters. ralph mcgibbeny on aug. 7, 2012. after high school, he worked at Kendall refining co. in June 1942, he enlisted in the u.S. army and served during World War ii. he received four Bronze Battle Stars, the European-african-Middle Eastern theater ribbon and the combat infantryman’s badge. he was honorably discharged on feb. 15, 1945. he returned from the service and worked at ideal Garage and also began attending allegheny in 1945. in 1948, he starting working as a letter carrier for the u.S. Postal Service and retired after 31 years of service.


Dr. James gingold on July 11, 2012. after serving as an army medic during the Korean War at fort hood, texas, he worked as a research scientist at Warner-lambert. he retired from Block Drug and served as a consultant at Schein Bayer. after graduating from allegheny, he attended Syracuse university and then earned a Ph.D. in microbiology from the university of Pittsburgh Medical School. he is survived by his wife, Dolores; two sons, Jeffrey and David; his daughter, lisa, and five grandchildren.

’53 Nancy tolley griffing on Sept. 4, 2012. after

graduating from allegheny with a bachelor’s degree in English, she moved to New york city. from 1963 until her death, she lived in Palisades and then upper Grandview, N.y. for many years she worked at the National council of churches and then as executive secretary to two presidents of teacher’s college in New york city. She is survived by her husband, fred; her sister, Dorothy Morgan; her children, robin and Michael, four grandchildren and one great-grandson.


Alleghen y Bulletin • November 2012

David hartt Locklin on aug. 22, 2012. While at allegheny, he majored in theater. he went on to obtain an Mfa from yale. he specialized in theater lighting and scenic design – installing one of the first lighting dimmer systems in the lincoln center’s Vivian Beaumont theatre, while working for century lighting. he went on to form theatre techniques inc., located in hamden, conn., and then his own technical theater consulting business. he is survived by his wife, Joan; a daughter, Sue, and two grandchildren.


susanne Weight on Sept. 1, 2012. She received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from allegheny, then moved to Portland, ore., in 1955 to begin a lifelong career teaching children. She retired from turner Elementary in antioch in 1995. Passionate about education, she began a scholarship program to help local women attend college. She is survived by her children, Penny, larry and James, and nine grandchildren.

’56 Dr. marie a. allen-smith alford on aug.

26, 2012. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in education from Edinboro university (being only the second married woman to graduate from there and the first with a child), a master’s in education from allegheny and an Ed.D. in psychology from the university of Denver. She retired after 32 years as an educator, student advocate, speaker, member, officer and honoree of many professional, local, state and national organizations. Surviving are children, Ernest, Eric and Katherine; five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. She is also survived by seven siblings, the rev. James allen, Elizabeth allen Sidelinger, Walter allen, John allen, fenn allen, thomas allen and Patricia allen Ducharme. She is also survived by a stepdaughter.

’57 Patricia miller sood on aug. 10, 2012. ’62 Leonard a. cerrato on July 12, 2012. he

received a bachelor’s degree in business from allegheny and then earned a finance degree from Jones college. he was a certified public accountant. he spent many years working for companies, including anchor hocking, firestone, ryder P.i.E. and clay Electric. he is survived by his children, tina and tammie; a sister, Marguerita Miller, and grandchildren. Priscilla K. marshall on august 24, 2012. She worked as director of the clark county literacy center. Survivors include her husband, timothy; her children, Neil and laura; her brother, frederick Kerr, and three stepsons.


susan a. hendricks beekman on aug. 3, 2012. She earned a bachelor’s degree from allegheny, a master’s degree from Manhattanville college, Purchase, N.y., and attended law school at Pace university in White Plains, N.y. She is survived by her husband, Peter; and her three children, christopher, Kelly and Matthew. She also is survived by two brothers, Bob and John hendricks.


harry r. Pore III on aug. 3, 2012. a longtime Sarasota, fla., resident, he earned a bachelor’s degree in English from allegheny and was a member of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. he pursued graduate studies at the Missouri School of Journalism at the

university of Missouri. he then joined the family business and became managing editor of the Valley Independent. he also served in the Pennsylvania National Guard at that time. he is survived by his wife, Susan, and their two daughters, Kristen and Jennifer; two grandsons, and a sister, lois Pore Bates.


roy hoffman on aug. 7, 2012. he was involved in the school newspaper and the campus radio. he was an active member of the Sigma alpha Epsilon fraternity.

’68 James thomas roney on aug. 12, 2012.

While at allegheny, he was recognized as an alden Scholar in political science. he was also a member of Sigma alpha Epsilon fraternity and was active in interfraternity sports. as part of the master’s program in education, he taught in the inner-city schools of cleveland, ohio. upon graduating from allegheny, he remained in Meadville, organizing, designing and implementing social service programs at the unity institute for human Development. in addition to being a MENSa fellow, he later worked for the allegheny county Department of Social Work to design and execute programs such as the Domiciliary care Program for the aged, along with extensive work in many food bank programs. he also charmed audiences playing his newly self-designed Martin guitar. James is survived by his brother, fred, and sister, carol Shock.


michael J. hospodar on May 6, 2012. he was a physical scientist with the National Energy testing lab. Surviving are his wife, Stephanie; children, Kevin and Elizabeth; brothers, Dr. Mark hospodar and robert hospodar; his first wife, leslie; two stepchildren and grandchildren.

’81 george W. mcKallip on June 16, 2012. he

graduated cum laude from allegheny and received his law degree from Northwestern School of law at lewis and clark college. he was recognized by his peers and selected in The Best Lawyers in America and Oregon Super Lawyers. after law school, he joined the law firm of Kennedy, King & Zimmer in Portland. he moved to Sussman, Shank in June 2000 and served as chair of the firm’s environmental practice group and also held a position on the firm’s management committee. he is survived by his children, Maddy and ian; his wife, Kerry, and sisters, Diane and Suzanne.

’83 matthew Weed buckley on aug. 24, 2012.

he is survived by his four sons, Edward, thomas, Matthew and William; his parents, David and Mary Buckley; two sisters, Katherine hughes and Sarah richter, and two brothers, Jeffrey and Jonathan. he also is survived by his longtime companion, Joann Mancuso, and her children.

FrienDs marian h. shady on aug. 16, 2012. She worked at allegheny as a secretary for h.P. Way until 1942. russell e. vance, Jr. on aug. 6, 2012. he taught history at allegheny from 1957 to 1967.

The LAST WORD by cherYL b. torsNeY ’77

gAtors, AlwAys




he annual college and university rankings have all been reported with much fanfare. The news was great for Allegheny College, my alma mater, which was named the top up-and-coming liberal arts college by U.S. News & World Report. The College also garnered accolades from other media outlets and ratings groups, applauding Allegheny’s academic rigor and environmental stewardship, among other accomplishments. Allegheny is an outstanding academic institution. It taught me, my husband, and my two sons how to think critically; its coaches encouraged us to be our best on the field of play; its professors nurtured our ambition for what we might be; staff and administrators insisted that we understand our obligation to give back to our communities, our nation, and our global neighbors. What I didn’t realize until recently is that Allegheny also taught us how to deal with unfathomable sadness in the face of tragedy. My older son, Benjamin, played basketball for the Gators from 2004 to 2008. I don’t remember whether they had winning seasons. (What a bad mom!) What I do remember, though, is how playing basketball taught Ben how to structure his time effectively. It taught him how to deal with injury and how to be patient and forgiving with himself and with others. Most of all he learned the enduring power of friendship. He and his teammates became a family, and after they graduated, they migrated en masse (or so it seemed) to Pittsburgh to attend graduate school, work for nonprofits or enter the workforce. The house that several of them shared seemed like it came off the set of the once-popular TV sitcom Friends, although it wasn’t decorated so nicely. After moving to Philadelphia for graduate school, Ben stayed in touch with his former teammates in the Pittsburgh area. They weren’t terribly concerned when former team captain Greg Richards, known for his sumo wrestler topknot on the basketball court and for being one of those guys any mother would be happy to claim as her own, developed a cough that wouldn’t go away. When it was diagnosed as cancer, everyone was still optimistic: Greg was young and strong, and nothing could keep him down. The months of chemotherapy to shrink his tumor were draining but effective. Greg then traveled to Indianapolis

Members of the 2008 Gators basketball team included Bill Babe, left, Larry Sharp, Greg Richards and Ben Torsney.

for surgery. The postsurgical prognosis was excellent, and Greg was beginning his recovery in Pittsburgh with his fiancée, Melissa Joyce Bittner, when a blood clot ended his promising young life. That day was Feb. 21, 2012. Everyone who knew Greg was devastated. Alleghenians from across the country headed to Pittsburgh for the funeral services, and then Greg’s basketball teammates traveled to Vermont to bury their friend. What they did after that, though, is something no ranking — not U.S. News & World Report, not the Princeton Review, not the Washington Monthly — can begin to assess. With the help of Allegheny’s Office of Development and Alumni Affairs and members of the Richards family, they started an endowment to perpetuate Greg’s memory. These young men, still in their mid-20s, raised about $60,000 to hold the Greg Richards Memorial Tip-Off Tournament at Allegheny annually. The first tournament was played in November in the Wise Sport & Fitness Center. Proceeds from ticket sales went to Coaches Against Cancer, a Californiabased charity founded six years ago. Greg’s death taught these young men about loss and grief. Allegheny, the source of their great friendship, offered them a way to perpetuate Greg’s enduring spirit. It’s too bad that colleges are not ranked on the quality of the human beings they graduate and send into the world. If they were, Allegheny would again top the charts. = Cheryl B. Torsney lives and works in El Paso, Texas.

Alleghen y Bulletin • November 2012


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