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Difficult Times Call For Open ended Credit Plans and Revolving Credit Solutions

In 2012, an interesting study was conducted by the researchers of the series, Payday Lending in America, stating that “twelve million American adults use payday loans annually.” Furthermore, of those twelve million adults, each individual will typically take eight separate short term personal loans per year with the average loan amount of $375. What is this telling us? Families throughout the country are in need financial assistance. However, many people that take out payday or short term loans are unfamiliar with how the system works or what they have to pay. Next thing they know, the borrower is in more financial hardship than when they started. However, there is a solution to this problem. The solution is All Credit Lender’s open ended Revolving Credit Plan. This program offers a person in need options and flexibility for their short term cash needs. . Stress of the financial hardship is strenuous enough! When looking for economic relief, why continue the constant worry? The process of the obtains a cash advance through a Revolving Credit Plan is easy, quick, secure, and trustworthy. All Credit Lender’s Customer Service Representative for your account will help the customer every step of the way so you get your cash advance fast. All Credit Lenders provides a remarkable service that will make each and every customer feel at easeduring the whole application process. The care towards the customer does not stop there. Each borrower has control when to repay their loan when it is financially convenient for them offering an additional helping-hand in the future. As soon as the customer decides to pay their principal balance, they can re-draw a new cash advance almost immediately, without having to go through application process again! It’s as simple as that! All Credit Lender’s Revolving Credit Plan offers many unique features that other company’s lack. For instance, our customer loyalty program is a great way for our current customers to increase their principal credit limit (loan amount) and lower their existing interest rate. Lowing the interest rate will decrease their minimum payments. All Credit Lender’s Refer-A-Friend Program benefits both the existing customer and new customer, For each the new customer has made their first on-time payment, they will receive a credit from All Credit Lender on their account and , the new customer will receive a credit towards their next payment as well.! All Credit Lenders appreciates feedback from our customers especially when they have been pleased with the services provided to them. The company is excited to be interactive with each individual. we encourage each customer to blog about their experience on our website, after each loan is funded. When a customer posts something, they , automatically are entered into a monthly drawing for the change to win free money.

The company’s goal is not only to aid the customer and provide temporary financial relief. But also to lend a helping hand in the most fair and economically reasonable way to each individual in order to create a sustaining relationship for the future. ### All Credit Lenders PO Box 250 Gilberts Illinois 60136 1-866-414-4702

Difficult times call for open ended credit plans and revolving credit solutions  

In 2012, an interesting study was conducted by the researchers of the series, Payday Lending in America, stating that “twelve million Americ...